zkSync faces criticisms for anti-Sybil measures in token distribution

zkSync faces criticisms for anti-Sybil measures in token distribution

zkSync is attracting criticism from across the industry. Many are saying that the layer-2 scaling solution based on Ethereum lacked sufficient measures against Sybil attacks. Allegations have come at a time when zkSync has its focus on token airdrop. The allegation is that while it has listed seven criteria, they are easy to miss by legitimate users and easier to notice by Sybil attackers.

Critics go on to state that multiple wallets may end up accumulating the zkSync tokens unfairly. In other words, those who should be getting their share of tokens may ultimately be deprived of the privilege because zkSync lacks anti-Sybil measures.

Such criticisms started coming on June 11, 2024, when Mudit Gupta voiced his concern. The Chief Information Officer at Polygon did not hesitate to define the airdrop process of zkSync as the most farmable and farmed. Adam Cochran from Cinneamhain Ventures mentioned the eligibility criteria as the root cause. Adam has said that Sybil attackers could easily target those criteria for an unfair token collection.

Cochran clarified that he does have a lot of love for the zkSync team but such a plan for token airdrop goes against the kind of perspective the market has for them.

Ignas, a DeFi researcher, believes that zkSync is deliberately avoiding taking stern measures against Sybils, adding that there is a potential for the exclusion of genuine users via arbitrary filters. Nansen, a crypto analytics firm, has clarified its role by highlighting that it has only provided data on specific wallet segments. This includes known scammers and whales, adding that they have not conducted anti-sybil checks.

It is now estimated that at least 135 million ZK tokens, worth approximately $50 million, could end up in Sybil wallets. Sybil Horror 6, a Sybil tracking X account, has published this number. Sybil Horror 6 and the community members hope that zkSync will revise its eligibility criteria and remove Sybils from the process.

Criticisms like these challenge the fairness of token distribution and further highlight the importance of taking measures against Sybils to prevent potential attacks that affect genuine users.

The development comes after reports that zkSync is expected to airdrop almost 3.68 million tokens to 695,232 wallets in the coming week. This roughly translates to 17.5% of the total supply. Eligibility is said to be dependent on members’ interaction with zkSync Era plus Lite networks ahead of the snapshot date. Every eligible wallet can receive a maximum of 100,000 ZK tokens.


The remaining portion of the supply after the airdrop will support native projects, builders, and on-chain communities hosted by the zkSync ecosystem.

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