Zorrosign Unveils Revolutionary Passwordless Feature for Users

ZorroSign, a highly accomplished blockchain-pegged security solution, has announced the introduction of an array of latest advancements in its existing security and identity protocols and complete product offerings range to enhance the user experience while working on the platform.

Firstly, while replacing its One Time Password feature, the platform has adopted a passwordless mechanism that will allow the users to use multi-factor validation. The users will have to turn on the passwordless feature via the platform’s official mobile app. Secondly, the solution will now facilitate the US-based corporate clients to take advantage of the new exclusive service branded as Knowledge-Based Authentication. The service will be focused on the seamless validation of a user and will be part of ZorroSign’s Identity as a Service offering. Thirdly, the clients of ZorroSign will now be rendered with a feature that will allow them to use innovative mobile biometrics for signing the documents.

The new passwordless ecosystem will help in the elimination of security thefts and will also allow the users to enjoy hassle-free operations without having them to bear the pain of remembering the passwords. The users will just have to scan a QR code on the login screen for using passwordless access to the system. After the QR scanning, the user will be subjected to biometric verification on their mobile devices. An email or text will be sent by the ZorroSign platform to the clients whose mobile devices will not support biometric scanning. The user will be exposed to the passwordless system automatically after the completion of the verification process.

“We are the first to provide our customers with the option to utilize the most advanced security and privacy protocols, which is not a focus area of our competitive landscape. This reinforces our commitment to providing the most advanced, secure, accessible, privacy-focused, electronic, and digital signature platform on the market while maintaining our own digital certificates placed on the blockchain at a competitive price,” quoted Shamsh Hadi, CEO of ZorroSign.

ZorroSign is all set to surprise the blockchain space by launching a digital signature solution that will employ the attributes of cryptography technology for safeguarding the signed document along with the data attached to it. The solution will be entrusted by all Certifying Authorities from around the world. The highly anticipated digital signature product will have digital certificates with no expiration.

According to Priyal Walpita, the CTO of ZorroSign, the first quarter of 2020 will witness the release of several AI and Machine Learning focused solutions by the firm. The firm is planning to use Machine Learning for identification, face recognition, and signature recognition. The firm is also working on collaborations that will allow the platform to compare and identify recent signatures from old signatures.

About ZorroSign

ZorroSign is a revolutionary Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform infused with the excellence of blockchain technology. The firm aims to provide the users to eSign their crucial documents, automate approval processes, create templates and workflows, request signatures on documents, etc. The solution has garnered attention from the users for facilitating secured end-to-end transactions involving signatures in the best possible manner.

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