ZRX Records 4.5% Surge Since Yesterday; Trading at $0.23 Now

  • ZRX gains community support through consistent upward movement.

0x (ZRX) has got hopes of all traders, community members and crypto enthusiasts. It has been performing well since the beginning and has gained good momentum in the last few months. The current market performance of ZRX looks good.

 ZRX Price Statistics:

As on September 21, 2019, at 12:02:50 UTC, the price of ZRX token is noted to be $0.23 and it’s moving in the upward direction. It has recorded an uptrend of over 4.5% since yesterday rising from $0.22 to its current value. Yesterday, 0x first went up to $0.26, but then started dipping steeply to hit $0.22 again. ZRX has gained some pace since then.

ZRX Price Chart
ZRX Chart By TradingView

ZRX may cross $0.30 mark by the early next month and may even start trading at $0.25 by the end of today. The coin can trade between the range of $0.25 and $0.30 for most of next month.

The highest recorded value of ZRX token is $2.53 and it may start moving above $0.90 by early next year. The coin promises good benefits and has the support of global players and hence, it may prove to be a good bet in the future. To get more insights regarding the coin’s future, do read our 0x forecast post.

Planning long-term investments in ZRX token is the best decision to make as the coin may start giving high profits from next month onwards.

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