Zuraverse forms an exclusive collaboration with Mantle

Zuraverse takes immense pleasure in announcing the formation of an exclusive collaboration with Mantle Network, which is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. The network provides extra upgradability to Ethereum via the modular way and comes with lesser fees, along with all safety factors in place. As per the agreement, both Zuraverse dApps, as well as dGames will be incorporated within the ecosystem of Mantle in order to bring about further capabilities and availability throughout various platforms.  

There is exponential growth associated with the gaming industry, and it is all headed toward the digital world. Through this, gamers get the opportunity of connecting better with the games themselves, as well as the chance to interact and obtain real-time rewards. Through this collaboration, Zuraverse and Mantle plan to take the all-inclusive gaming experience to the next level. 

Where Zuraverse is concerned, it is a one-of-its-kind, Play-Earn-Conserve version of online gaming that brings together gaming, as well as cryptocurrency, along with environmental management. All of the gamers connected to Zuraverse are able to scour through the vast virtual space, participate in gaming and obtain in-game assets of value. The entity’s incorporation of blockchain technology brings in factors of safety, as well as clarity and identifiable ownership of virtual assets. 

On the other hand, Mantle Network is a blockchain framework provider and delivers a strong base for the development of decentralized applications. It also helps in promoting a power-packed gaming ecosystem. It has been created with the utilization of advanced blockchain technology and offers an upgradable platform to developers for building and positioning metaverse exposure uninterruptedly. The Mantle Network comes with roll-up technology having a decentralized data accessibility layer. This helps in providing lesser fees and quicker finalization. 

Through the formed collaboration, Zuraverse will be carrying out its functions with environmental responsibility, and to achieve this, Mantle Network will be playing a significant role. The two entities together will be involved in lessening the carbon footprint with regard to virtual gaming, as well as furthering sustainability. Gamers will also be in the position of being able to obtain and trade virtual assets and simultaneously take an active part in matters of environmental protection. The ultimate goal of Zuraverse and Mantle Network is to take the online gaming industry to the next level.     

Roxanne Williams

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