Zynga to Launch Their First NFT Game

With the rise of blockchain technological advancements, people are now more interested in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. At the same time, some people find it challenging to invest formally, and many have chosen to go for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be earned even by playing games. Now, more game developers exert their best efforts to be a part of this trend, including Zynga. 

As a popular game creator, Zynga has produced several games that catered to the different gaming interests of people of various ages. Since its launch in 2007, this American company has already been known for its creative gaming industry approaches. 

Farmville is known as their most popular game after taking the world by storm, especially in 2009. They have also developed Zynga Poker, which matches what players can find in a Bitcoin casino site. As NFT and gaming get intertwined in the crypto world, Zynga plans to launch their first NFT game.

Zynga’s View on Digital Assets 

The company’s objective is to connect the world through its games, and they were able to deliver that by specializing in mobile games. Zynga also has a web version of its games. To make it convenient for users, the company became the first gaming site that accepts Bitcoin (BTC).

Moreover, the company has partnered with Binance, a popular crypto exchange platform. This ensured their crypto-user players could work well with digital assets and their games. 

Zynga on NFTs 

In November 2021, Zynga appointed gaming veteran and former Electronic Arts executive Matt Wolf as its Vice President for Blockchain Gaming. As he works together with Zynga, the company is set to create games that will function with the help of blockchain technology and use NFTs. 

Now, Zynga is on the run to create games that will use the transparency and security of blockchain technology to build their own NFT game. This way, their old players can still enjoy the same classic game style they provide while still allowing them to take ownership of the games they play. 

Future Plans 

Currently, the team is planning to expand their blockchain staff from 15 to 100 by the end of the year. The company growth will also include more partnerships and potential acquisitions that will soon be announced before the end of the year’s second quarter. With this, the company believes that their next steps will give players an opportunity to play-to-earn games as they step towards the Web3 space. 

So far, no one knows whether or not this game gets launched before the company falls under the umbrella of Take-Two Interactive, which publicly announced a 12.7 billion dollar acquisition of Zynga. 

There are still no clear details about what the new NFT game will look like, but it is said to look similar to their old game Mafia Wars. Now, Zynga players would have to wait and see for the new game’s release to see whether or not it resembles a game that can be found in several Bitcoin casino sites!

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