BuyaBitcoin Review 2023

BuyaBitcoin is one of Australia’s most reliable sources for all Bitcoin purchases. The main goal of BuyaBitcoin is to make it easy for ordinary people to access the world of Bitcoins. BuyaBitcoin works on the basic idea that Bitcoins can bring about a complete transformation in human lives. They project themselves as ambassadors of the Bitcoin movement in Australia. BuyaBitcoin is a wholly Australian-owned and operated company being run out of Melbourne.

BuyaBitcoin Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Found in 2014
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies AUD
Supported Countries Australia
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Fees vary
Transaction Fees Buyer: 3%
Seller: None
Withdrawal Fees Fees vary
Application No
Customer Support Support Desk, Mail, Live chat, & Submit a Ticket Support

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What Is BuyaBitcoin?

BuyaBitcoin is a company dealing with Bitcoins that makes buying Bitcoins easy and accessible for amateurs and inexperienced cryptocurrency traders. BuyaBitcoin, in its six years of operations, has successfully introduced thousands of Australians to Bitcoins. They make buying and owning Bitcoins quick, easy, and affordable.

BuyaBitcoin Reviews - Platform Interface

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How Does BuyaBitcoin Work?

BuyaBitcoin has an effortless operating procedure. Users first put in the fiat money value they want to spend on Bitcoins. BuyaBitcoin only accepts AUD (Australian Dollars) fiat money. Then, the amount of BTC available for that amount is displayed automatically. Users can even put in the amount of BTC they want to buy, and the fiat money AUD value for it is calculated automatically. The users then put their Bitcoin wallet address where the BTC will be received and select their preferred payment service.

Features of BuyaBitcoin

Some of the most essential features of BuyaBitcoin are:-

Years of Experience

BuyaBitcoin has more than six years of experience in the Bitcoin market. They were one of the first companies in the country of Australia to start Bitcoin mining. Their long years of experience as an OTC trading service have equipped them to handle all kinds of Bitcoin purchase-related problems and queries.

Instant Transfers of Bitcoins

Transactions through BuyaBitcoin are completed very quickly. They use an OTC operating model for constant access to liquidity. As soon as the user’s payment goes through, their purchase is transferred, and Bitcoins are deposited in their chosen Bitcoin wallet address within one hour.

No Extra Fees

BuyaBitcoin users only have to pay the exact amounts shown in the estimated quotes. BuyaBitcoin has a trading commission of 3% for purchases, and it is displayed with the estimated spot quote. No extra money for trading fees, withdrawal fees, or hidden deposit fees is paid afterward from the user’s purchase value.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

BuyaBitcoin is known for its excellent customer service. Support personnel provides prompt replies to all customer queries addressed through email or live chat options.

BuyaBitcoin Reviews - Features of BuyaBitcoin

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BuyaBitcoin Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Very easy to buy Bitcoins. Users can only buy Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are not available.
No account and registration is required. No email id or mobile phone number verification required. Users can only buy coins with AUD fiat currency.
Providing efficient customer service. The limit of orders is within the range of 50 AUD and 2000 AUD.

Getting Started with BuyaBitcoin

  • No account or registration is required to buy Bitcoins.
  • Users can just directly place orders for Bitcoins through their website on their computer or mobile phone.
  • But users need to have existing Bitcoin wallets or crypto wallets where they can receive Bitcoins and store their purchased Bitcoins.
  • Users have to buy Bitcoins of value anywhere between 50 AUD and 2000 AUD.
  • The number of Bitcoins available for that amount according to current market prices is displayed to the user.
  • If the user puts in a specific amount of Bitcoins they want to purchase, the AUD value of those coins is also automatically calculated.
  • If the user is satisfied with the quote, they can just enter their digital wallet address and select a payment method.
  • The purchased Bitcoins will be deposited in the user’s account within 1hour.
  • The user can also use BuyaBitcoins’s live chat and email customer service options in case of any problems in completing transactions.
  • There is also a Sellabitcoin service to help users sell their coins.

Buying Bitcoin with BuyaBitcoin

  • Users just place an order for their chosen value of Bitcoins through the BuyaBitcoin website.
  • BuyaBitcoin charges a 3% commission on all Bitcoin purchases. But this value is calculated along with the spot price when displaying the estimated quote.
  • There will be no hidden extra deductions from the user’s purchase later on.
  • All purchases are instant and completed within a maximum of one hour.
  • The maximum limit for purchases on BuyaBitcoin is 2000 AUD.
  • The minimum limit for purchases on BuyaBitcoin is 50 AUD.
  • Banks and bank branches may charge some additional fees for buying Bitcoins.

BuyaBitcoin Reviews - Buy Crypto With BuyaBitcoin

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BuyaBitcoin Fees

BuyaBitcoin charges a 3% commission on all Bitcoin purchases through its platform. This commission is calculated and included in the spot estimated quote. No additional fees are levied on the user’s purchase beyond the spot quote amount.

Some other payment gateways, banks, and bank branches integrated with BuyaBitcoin may charge a small transaction fee. Still, this charge is also clearly visible to the user before placing their order. BuyaBitcoin maintains complete transparency and makes customers aware of their different fees. Customer service personnel clarify all doubts about transaction fees.

BuyaBitcoin Available Payment Options

To make it easier for users to make cash purchases for their Bitcoins, BuyaBitcoin has introduced several payment methods:-

Post Billpay EFTPOS or in-store Cash

The BuyaBitcoin cash purchase commission remains 3%, but there is a 2% payment gateway charge levied for using this payment method for the transaction to get processed.

POLI Payments

POLI payments can be used to buy Bitcoins through BuyaBitcoin. There is no transaction fee for the payment gateway service, but the cash purchase commission stays at 3%.

Newsagent in-store Cash

The Newsagent payment gateway charges a 2% transaction commission on top of the 3% cash purchase commission of BuyaBitcoin.


Users can buy Bitcoin by using their Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards. The transaction fee will be 1.99% in addition to BuyaBitcoin’s 3% cash purchase commission.

BuyaBitcoin Reviews - BuyaBitcoin Available Payment Options

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BuyaBitcoin Security Measures

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, BuyaBitcoin does not store any of the users’ purchased Bitcoins or their cash deposits in their servers. So there is no risk of losing your investment through breaches at BuyaBitcoin. It is a secure platform. The only security risks for the user are from their Bitcoin wallets. Users should search thoroughly and take expert advice to choose a reputed digital wallet with multiple security measures.

Users should also be cautious not to reveal their digital wallet key to any unknown or untrustworthy persons. BuyaBitcoin does not have any registration process, so there is no risk of personal data losses or privacy leaks of sensitive contact details.

BuyaBitcoin Customer Service

BuyaBitcoin has a very efficient and quick responding customer support service to solve all problems faced by its users. The Below are some of them:-

  • Customer support personnel are available through email as well as live chat.
  • Users can raise a ticket for their issue through BuyaBitcoin’s website itself.
  • There is also a feature through which users can check the status of their tickets.
  • BuyaBitcoin’s website also has answers to hundreds of commonly asked questions by users. In addition to this, to solve your queries you can also check this link.

BuyaBitcoin Reviews - BuyaBitcoin Customer Service

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BuyaBitcoin reviews are usually very positive. The ease of use of the service makes it a favorite among new buyers. BuyaBitcoin and similar exchanges are successfully being able to introducing Bitcoins to ordinary people. Their vision of a globalized crypto-based future is the primary motivating factor behind BuyaBitcoin’s creation and operations. Buy highly volatile cryptocurrency prices are still making some people apprehensive about investing in Bitcoins.

BuyaBitcoin is an Australian bitcoin broker that is part of the cryptocurrency revolution. It is making bitcoins and other popular digital currency options accessible and understandable for people of all demographics and that makes it the best cryptocurrency exchange. Anyone can now invest in Bitcoin and earn lucrative profits. Their technology is removing barriers with the help of global internet connectivity.


Is BuyaBitcoin Legit?

BuyaBitcoin is entirely legit. They have been in operation for more than six years and have already handled large volumes of trade. Their reviews are also primarily positive. BuyaBitcoin is a favorite among Australian Bitcoin brokers.

Is BuyaBitcoin a Scam or a Safe Cryptocurrency Exchange?

BuyaBitcoin is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform to purchase bitcoins. They do not store any of the user’s purchases or their deposits on their servers, so doubts about financial losses are limited. Customer reviews for the company also do not mention any security breaches. The responsibility of keeping their bitcoin wallet safe lies entirely on the user.

What Currencies Does BuyaBitcoin Accept?

BuyaBitcoin is based out of Australia, and it only accepts cash deposits in AUD (Australian Dollars) to purchase Bitcoins. No other fiat currency is accepted at BuyaBitcoin. But users have access to different payment methods like POLI payments, EFTPOS, in-store cash, and cards for their Bitcoin purchases.

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