Decrypting the Crypto events calendar (2021-22)

Crypto events refer to the various digital (and sometimes at live venues) events organized for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and cryptocurrency traders. These events are usually brought together by cryptocurrency exchanges, platforms, DeFi companies, and other organizations worldwide from any location. This essentially implies digital events, although live events are also getting popular. The purpose of these events can range from generating buzz around any news or update to releasing assets through these gatherings. They also provide networking opportunities for the attendees of these events.

The trend around the world

The event has gained the public’s general interest as cryptocurrency and blockchain become familiar globally. This shift can be associated with the novelty of some of the leading coins and assets that have shifted the global financial systems. Furthermore, these events are important as they educate the general public, make them aware, and help push new and shimmering ideas into the industry as it gets more and more competitive. In the blockchain domain, the entry barriers are increasing, and DAO can be regarded as one of the few places that breed innovations and new ideas.

For a monumental business design center!

The previous decentralized projects have heavily influenced the events because these systems are highly community-driven by their very nature. For instance, users or investors might be based in Shanghai, China, London, South Africa, New York, or other nations. A community event, be it online or offline, would generate a footfall for the services and provide an opportunity for any platform to grow as a whole along with its users. Some of the most reliable players in the cryptocurrencies industry are also the most active and large communities. An analysis revealed that the intra-community conversations have made for a better user experience for any product in all aspects.


Different exchanges and platforms have taken it to higher scales. For instance, the Bitcoin 2022 conference/event will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and the Blockchain Expo of North America will be hosted in Santa Clara. In the past, cities that experience the highest trade volumes have been the host of such events, and the list of these ‘crypto havens’ include Hong Kong and other cities of China such as Shanghai, New York, London, or Santa Clara. New York has sTOKEN2049 hown the highest trades among America and Hong Kong from Asia, whether for the stock market. Several other crypto events are also causing a buzz, and one instance would be the Dutch auction of BIT Tokens through SushiSwap, offered by BitDAO – an online crypto event.

The Buzzin NFTs

The introduction of NFTs has enabled various crypto events to get coverage and public interest. That is a good start for this unique and highly profitable feature of the asset-based out of the Ethereum chain.

These smart tokens have a unique advantage: online merchants and creators can sell/exchange digital assets for NFTs – they serve as proof of ownership. The potential of its growth as serious as the original creator of the NFT might sometimes get profits for each transaction for that NFT across the chain.

In the past, the crypto events mentioned have had some of the largest attending audiences, and the size of the user and investor base and the market cap decide the result.

Case Studies

Blockchain Expo of North America – 2020

This was the largest blockchain conference/event held that year, and the total strength of the audience was in the neighborhood of 12,000. The event was attended by individuals from various age groups (primarily from 21 – 45) with different backgrounds and purposes, such as IT devs, CTOs, investors, leaders of their startups, engineers, operators, traders, and also beginners who were new to the domain and very much interested. For this event, topics included technology, energy, music, government, real estate, etc. These topics were categorized under five main categories: Blockchain, IoT, 5G, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI, and Big data.

Bitcoin Conference 2020

The conference/event aimed to welcome all the members of their active and engaged community while also being enthusiastic about introducing the outsiders who showed interest in crypto. Some of the key highlights and updates were discussed in the Bitcoin event that took place in winter. After the event, a fluctuation was noticed in the coin’s market value and trading volume, which seemed to become stable gradually. Single coin conferences with huge updates often stir the marketplaces and list of their respective trading pairs. However, in some cases, these fluctuations only implied the betterment of the coin and its holders while value increased long-term.

Dubai AIM Summit

This event being held consecutively for a few years, the Dubai Alternative Investment Management Summit (AIM Summit), went under an exponential rise in business investment and attendee viewpoint. One of the world’s financial hubs hosts various other events, but the AIM Summit can be considered the Burj Khalifa of Summits, aptly so.

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events for 2021

Sep 21-Dec 21, 2021 Xend Finance DeFi Hackathon 2021 Virtual
Dec 01-02 2021 FinTech Connect 2021 Virtual
Dec 01-02, 2021 8th Edition World Financial Innovation Series (WFIS 2021): INDONESIA INDONESIA
Dec 02-03, 2021 Customer Experience for Financial Services Virtual
Dec 02-04, 2021 BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021


Hamburg, Germany
Dec 06-07, 2021 Reuters Events Investment Summit Virtual
Dec 07-09, 2021 CoinAgenda Caribbean Caribbean
Dec 08-09, 2021 Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe – 2nd edition Virtual
Dec 13-16, 2021 European Blockchain Convention Virtual
Dec 15-17, 2021 Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit 2021
Dec 16, 2021 Future of DeFi Virtual
Jan 20, 2022 Fintech Asia Summit 2022 Virtual
Feb 16-18, 2022 TradeTech FX US Eden Roc Miami
Feb 23-24, 2022 2nd PPP MENA Forum Dubai
March 02-03, 2022 Cloud & Cyber Security Expo London
March 09-10, 2022 Cryptocurrency World Expo Poland
March 10-11, 2022 GTR Africa 2022 CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA
March 15, 2022 Finnovex Qatar Hybrid
March 22-23, 2022 AIBC Africa Cape Town, South Africa
March 22-23, 2022 Finnovex Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
March 23-25, 2022 Fintech India Expo 2022 New Delhi, India
March 28-29, 2022 Future Tech Expo & Summit Hybrid
Apr 25-27, 2022 Africa Saccos Week 2022 Nairobi , Kenya
May 04-05, 2022 TOKEN2049 Singapore Singapore
May 12-13, 2022 Future of Payments Summit 2022 Lagos, Nigeria
May 19, 2022 EPay Summit Europe Hybrid
Jun 09, 2022 FIX Nordic Trading Briefing 2022 STOCKHOLM
Nov 22-24, 2022 Banking Transformation Africa 2022 London, United Kingdom

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