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CryptoNewsZ, a leading news and media platform that focuses primarily on cryptocurrency and forex, offers businesses a unique opportunity to advertise and reach a targeted audience. Ranking consistently in Google’s top three listicle pages, CryptoNewsZ is constantly proving its credentials as the go-to platform in the sector.

More Reasons to Advertise with CryptoNewsZ

CryptoNewsZ boasts a highly engaged audience base that is critical for brand visibility, which helps you connect with users with a strong purchase interest, which, in turn, boosts your ROI. We effectively use Geolocation Marketing with relevant and evolving content categories to help your brand connect with specific audiences as per your marketing and media plan objectives.

Wide Reach and Range

get wide reach an range of users

1.5 million + quarterly users with a proven intent to buy
75% of total traffic is organic
95% unique users provide ideal engagement for your branding initiatives

Trusted Brand Reputation

trusted brand reputation

Proven effective SEO strategies to boost your brand visibility
A class-leading Visibility Index of 1.12

Value-additions by CryptoNewsZ

Value-additions by CryptoNewsZ

1. Forecasts & Price Predictions Service

Offer valuable insights and crypto price predictions, appealing to users in search of expert market guidance.

2. Listicles

Get your brand noticed alongside industry leaders in curated crypto and forex-related listicles.

3. Ranking

Boost your search engine ranking for important crypto and forex terms by creating content that gets noticed and attracts organic traffic.

4. Curated Crypto & Forex Articles

Establish yourself as a thought leader and build credibility by demonstrating your domain knowledge and getting featured alongside industry heavyweights.

The CryptoNewsZ edge

The CryptoNewsZ edge

With our tailor-made solutions and advertising packages, your brand can reach the right audience it deserves. So, don’t wait anymore. Advertise with CryptoNewsZ today to connect with a highly engaged audience in the crypto and forex space waiting to hear from you.

Team of Experts

Over 200 experts in digital marketing, SEO, and content strategy and creation give your brand the winning edge.

Event Calendar

Benefit from our roster of top international blockchain and AI-centric events to network and promote your brand.

Meet our Cooperative co-creators

CryptoNewsZ's Cooperative co-creators

Don’t Wait Any Longer – Seize the Opportunity!

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