6 mins ago

    Leading On-Chain Option trading protocol Oddz Finance announces its public distribution IDO on Polkastarter

    Oddz Protocol is a trustless On-Chain Option trading platform that expedites the execution of call…
    Crypto Mining
    19 hours ago

    Iran Lends Plans to Engage in Bitcoin Mining To Avoid International Sanctions

    The Iranian Center for Strategic Studies has released a detailed report highlighting the urgency for…
    20 hours ago

    Evolution Finance Teams Up With PAID Network To Support DeFi

    PAID Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Evolution Finance, a portal for DeFi…
    2 days ago

    Ripple Marches Towards New Project for Central Banks

    Ripple, a global payments solution provider, made an official announcement about its new endeavor that…
    2 days ago

    Chainlink and Smart MFG Build DeFi- Based Supplychain Apps

    Smart MFG Tech ltd and Chainlink have come together to introduce Supply-chain applications powered by…