2 hours ago

    Bitcoin Pumpers Forced to Admit It’s Not Digital Gold – Peter Schiff

    Peter Schiff – economist, stock-broker, and gold promoter –  argued that Bitcoin did not pass…
    Price Analysis
    2 hours ago

    Bitcoin Bulls Weaken as it Hits a 30-day Low; What’s More in the Trunk?

    Bitcoin (BTC) plummets to $9,000 and even below the incredible support at $8,700 over the…
    19 hours ago

    Ripple to Offer Cheaper, Faster Cross-border Payments in Korea

    Yesterday, Ripple announced that it would be partnering with money transfer service providers Sentbe, Hanpass,…
    Price Analysis
    20 hours ago

    Dogecoin Faces a Pullback and Plunges at $0.00237

    Dogecoin, at the time of penning down this article, was trading at $0.00237 and is…
    20 hours ago

    KuCoin Unveils Instant Exchange Service to Speed Up Transaction Execution

    Serving the crypto community with its highly acclaimed trading exchange services, KuCoin has announced the…
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