Cointree Review 2024: Dive into Fees, Features, App, Security & More

Cointree is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their local money. In Australia, the exchange is a well-known and popular digital currency marketplace. This Cointree review will go through the exchange’s features, user interface, and trading costs. While we strive to present you with correct information constantly, we recommend that you review their website regularly in case of modifications.

Cointree Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Australia
Found in 2013
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 160+
Trading Pairs 15,000
Supported Fiat Currencies AUD
Supported Countries Australia
Minimum Deposit AU$20
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees 0.5% & 0.9%
Withdrawal Fees Bank account: None
Crypto: Standard network fee
Application No
Customer Support Mail, phone, help center, submit form and FAQ Support

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What Is Cointree?

Cointree was started in 2013 in Australia to make blockchain technologies and digital currencies more accessible to ordinary people. It is one of Australia’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and has secured a large section of Australia’s cryptocurrency market. The Cointree cryptocurrency exchange is validated by AUSTRAC, the Australian regulatory authority, and is a safe platform for beginners and experienced digital currency traders alike. From its journey in 2013, more than $250 million worth of digital crypto has already been exchanged through Cointree.

Cointree Review - Platform Interface

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Features and Benefits of Cointree

Cointree has been able to successfully enroll 80,000 members in its family because of some of its impressive, unique, and advanced features:-

High Security

AUSTRAC regulates all Cointree transactions. Cointree also follows all international industry standards and provides their client’s data and currency with almost bank levels of security and encryption.

Transparent Quotes

Cointree maintains the highest level of transparency, and all quotes are specified. This is one of the significant differences when we compare Cointree with other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Global Trading Rates

Cointree cryptocurrency exchange has some of the world’s best selling prices for various cryptocurrencies. It offers traders the best crypto exchange rates according to international standards. Deep liquidity from global trading pools and currency sourced from all across the world makes it a formidable competitor among the world’s popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Deposit and Trade Instantly

Cointree users can deposit funds (AUD) in their trading account at any time using their PayID and trade immediately with these instant deposits. Cointree deposit methods maintain complete transparency of all trade quotes. The simplicity of the deposit methods also makes it quick and convenient to move funds in and out of the Cointree accounts.

Use Over 160 Cryptocurrencies

Its users can trade with over 160 different types of cryptocurrencies. Never again will Australians have to worry about missing out on new and exciting coins. Trading is also allowed from any coin to any coin, so there are almost 15,000 trading pairs for users to pick from.

Accessible and Accurate

Cointree review suggests that it is an entirely transparent, safe, easy, and mistake-free trading facility.


Even complete beginners can navigate cryptocurrency trading on the Cointree website because of its easy, simple interface and readily available customer service.

Start in 5 minutes

It takes just 5 minutes to deposit funds and make the first crypto purchase on Cointree. New traders can take the help of Cointree’s customer service team to help them out with any issues.

Efficient Customer Support

It ensures that its customers can access their customer service team anytime. Users can call, send emails or chat with support personnel for more information.

Cointree Reviews - Features

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Services offered by Cointree

Cointree’s large gamut of services makes it a leader in the crypto exchange sector. Cointree has multiple benefits for different kinds of accounts, but an overview of some of their most essential services can be condensed into:-

Free Crypto Wallet

Its users have access to free and top crypto wallets. All kinds of crypto exchanges can be stored in this wallet and then used for trading.

Get Exclusive Advice

It has a partnership with Indica Labs to provide its investors with exclusive trading analysis data to give its users a competitive advantage in the market.

Use Currency of Your Choice

Cointree lets users trade with many different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Traders no longer have to use other crypto exchanges to try out foreign currencies. All popular currencies are available at the Cointree exchange.

Exclusive Updates

Cointree’s trading desk regularly provides users with exclusive updates regarding upswings and downswings in the market.

Investment Advice

Cointree users also get access to patented investment strategies to improve their financial gains and reduce risks concerning their trading volume.

Portfolios for Consultation

The top 100 portfolios on the Cointree dashboard are constantly updated and displayed to users to gauge the history of market trends and improve their profits.

Daily Tracking

It also provides a service where users can track their investment portfolio and trading volume daily and make quick decisions to buy cryptocurrency as and when required.

Large Limits for VIPs

Cointree lets users create VIP accounts that have significantly high limits for investing and transactions.

Cointree Review - Join Cointree Today and Get Benefits

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VIP Managers

Cointree VIP account holders have dedicated personnel to help manage their funds. They are also provided priority customer support for all trading issues.

SMSF Set-Up and Tax

Cointree makes it very easy to set up an SMSF account. They also calculate taxation so that a client’s SMSF is always compliant with AUSTRAC regulations.

Update Existing SMSF

Cointree provides services to update SMSF accounts so that users can trade in cryptocurrency as well. SMSFs on Cointree get dedicated account managers.

Free Consultation for Financial Advisors

Cointree provides free 30 minute consultations set up by financial advisors to explain cryptocurrency exchanges to their clients and answer all their questions.

Partnerships with Financial Advisors

Cointree has dedicated teams that work with financial planners and wealth managers to develop crypto trading options for clients. These teams help bridge the differences between traditional finance and crypto trading.

Learn about Crypto

Financial advisors can seek the help of Cointree financial advice services to learn, understand, and become familiar with the importance and benefits of trading in digital assets to convince their clients to trade with Cointree.

OTC Desk

Institutions trading in cryptocurrency can use Cointree’s OTC trading desks that give real-time best international exchange rates for different digital currencies.

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Deep International Liquidity

Cointree cryptocurrency exchange has access to deep liquidity from international pools. National cryptocurrency exchange cannot offer this much liquidity for large transactions done by institutions.

Dedicated Account Managers

Just like VIPs and SMSF holders, institutions get their dedicated managers at Cointree.

Cointree Review: Pros and Cons

This Cointree review suggests the following pros and cons:-

Pros Cons
Easy to open a Cointree account. The verification process takes 24 to 48 hours.
Many cryptocurrencies are available. Only one fiat currency allowed for deposits.
Good customer service. Dedicated account managers only for VIPs, SMSFs, and Institutions.
Very safe. Advanced cryptocurrency trading features are limited.

Registration and Login Process at Cointree

To start using Cointree services, users need to sign up for an account, below are the steps to follow:-

  • They need to verify their details and create a trading account.
  • Once the user has put in their email and other information, they will have to verify a photo ID. After completing the verification process, the user can log in to their account. Users receive a confirmation email when their ID is verified.
  • Users then need to deposit some funds into the account from other cryptocurrency wallets or through bank transfer or wire transfer POLI payments.
  • Cointree supports many different payment options for funding the account. When you link your bank details to your account, you’ll be able to withdraw money from Cointree to your bank account.
  • They are now ready to trade with digital currencies. They can buy and sell through their account immediately.
  • While logging in, after entering in with the email address and password, users will be asked to verify the two-factor authentication code generated on their mobile device.

Cointree Review - SetUp Process

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Buying Cryptocurrencies at Cointree

With Cointree, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly. It makes cryptocurrency exchange inexpensive and straightforward. Traders can buy or sell Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, on Cointree. Besides this, many other digital currencies can also be traded. The platform is very user-friendly, and most of the functions can be performed intuitively. Beginners don’t need special prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading to be able to use Cointree. Once users compare the rates for different currencies and make their choice, the purchased currency is deposited to the user’s Cointree wallet directly. It charges a minimal fee for every crypto transaction that is much lower than the fees charged by other cryptocurrency exchanges.

To buy cryptocurrency with cointree, follow these simple steps:-

  • Log in to your Cointree account by visiting the Cointree website.
  • Go to the top and hover over ‘Buy / Sell / Trade’.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency asset you want to buy.
  • Enter the quantity of bitcoin that you wish to buy.
  • Cointree will compute the amount of cryptocurrency you will get (incl. fees).
  • Select your chosen form of payment (e.g., PayID, POLi, bank transfer, or cash deposit).
  • Fill in your financial information and double-check your order.
  • Complete the transaction, and you will receive the cryptocurrency in your Cointree wallet.

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Depositing Funds at Cointree

Cointree provides numerous methods for consumers in Australia to deposit funds into the exchange, including PayID, POLi, bank transfer, and cash deposit. The lowest purchase amount is $20, and the maximum daily buy amount is $10,000, depending on the bank.

  • PayID is an abbreviation for Payment Identification (Instant). PayID is supported by the majority of Australian banks and financial organizations. Deposits are promptly credited to the Cointree wallet.
  • POLITICS (Instant). POLi Payments is an Australia Post service that enables rapid payment confirmation. It is one of the finest payment options for acquiring Bitcoin as soon as feasible.
  • Bank Transfer (1-2 business days). Transferring cash directly to the account takes a little longer, but most Australians are acquainted with this procedure. To minimize delays, save the reference number with your deposit to be processed.
  • Cash deposits (Instant). Cointree has collaborated with Blueshyft, which offers a network of over 1,200 retail outlets around Australia. This payment option allows Australians to purchase cryptocurrency with cash and deposit it into their Cointree account.

Cointree Reviews - Trade with Confidence at Cointree

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Cointree Fees

Trading Fee

Cointree claims to charge some of the lowest trading fees internationally among currency exchanges. The trading fees depend on the kind of account. The Bronze tier accounts have a 0.25% charge trading fees on a coin to coin trading. The Diamond tier accounts charge 0.05% trading fees on coin-to-coin trades.

Deposit Fee

Users are not charged any deposit fee for cryptocurrency. But when depositing money in AUD (fiat currency) through bank transfer from a bank account, some banking providers may charge customers a minimal fee. Besides Cointree, other cryptocurrency exchange rates usually charge a deposit fee even for digital currencies.

Withdrawal Fee

Cointree does not charge any withdrawal fees for withdrawals of AUD from their Cointree wallet to a bank account. Users can then withdraw or wire transfer cash from the bank account. But in crypto withdrawals, there may be a small mining fee that depends on the blockchain being used and is subject to variation.

Cointree maintains complete transparency regarding all deposit fees or withdrawal fees, or trading fees for crypto. The minimum purchase amount is 20 Australian Dollars, and the maximum for personal accounts is 10,000 Australian Dollars per day, but it is higher for VIPs and institutions. Users can read the various Cointree reviews available on the internet before investing. Click here for more details.

Cointree Payment Method

Cointree users can now use their cryptocurrency to make some everyday cash purchases as well. They have a partnership with Gobill, and they have come up with a cash alternative platform called BPay. BPay lets Australians pay their cash bills using crypto and converts credit card installments into digital currency payments. Depositing funds into your Cointree account is also quick and easy. Australia’s cryptocurrency movement is powerful at present, and most banks and businesses now accept BPay payments. Nearly 19,000 Australian companies are now accessible with BPay. But users need to have an account on Cointree and log in to that verified account to make any BPay payments.

Cointree Security

One of the main reasons behind Cointree’s stellar performance and massive popularity is its care to ensure customer safety and privacy. It has robust security technology to protect the personal information and the crypto investments of its clients from digital criminals.

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Some of Cointree’s Security Measures Include:-

One of the main reasons behind Cointree’s stellar performance and massive popularity is its care to ensure customer safety and privacy. It has robust security technology to protect the personal information and the crypto investments of its clients from digital criminals.

  • A hot wallet and cold wallet system to prevent loss of investments due to hacking.
  • A 2-factor authentication process for all withdrawals is put in place.
  • All traffic to the Cointree website passes through encrypted SSLs.
  • Passwords are maintained in hashtag and salted form even in Cointree databases to prevent data leaks.
  • Database and codebase is kept separated from application credential checks for added safety.
  • All its employees go through rigorous background checks.
  • It uses only closed networks and servers with the highest security.
  • It maintains an internal access privilege hierarchy so that only relevant personnel can access a client’s data
  • It holds regular security checks and training.

Cointree Reviews - Cointree Security & Development So Far!

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Customer Support

Cointree is known for its excellent support to its customers, making it stand out from many others in the crypto exchange sector. A steady professional customer service system has made it easy for many first-time traders to venture into cryptocurrency.

  • VIP accounts, SMSF accounts, and Institutions using Cointree get dedicated account managers to deal with their high-value transactions and large trade volume.
  • For personal accounts also, they have outstanding support staff. Customers can call or live chat with employees if they face any issues to buy or sell while using the platform for their best crypto exchanges Australia.
  • Customer support employees also help financial advisors teach their clients about the applications of cryptocurrency trading.

Cointree Reviews - Cointree Help Center

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Cointree Review: The Final Verdict

Cointree Australia’s past performance reviews show that it is a perfect starting point for experienced Australian investors who prefer trading in digital currencies. Amateur traders can also take advantage of the low fees and multi-currency trading system to expand and diversify their portfolios. So, if you are looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency, log in to its official website now and enjoy a smooth and easy experience.


Are Platforms like Cointree Legitimate?

Cointree is entirely legitimate and legal. It is monitored and licensed by the Australian financial regulatory body, the AUSTRAC, and it has been in operation for more than eight years since 2013.

Is Cointree an Exchange?

Cointree is Australia’s crypto exchange where traders can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies and build impressive financial portfolios. It is registered as a cryptocurrency exchange in AUSTRAC listings.

Is Cointree Safe to Use?

Cointree takes great efforts to make it safe for its users. They use multiple levels of encryption and security training to prevent any privacy or data breaches. Users should also be careful not to share their passwords or send any account details or bank transfer details to untrustworthy sources.

Does Cointree Require ID Verification?

To open an account, users need to get their ID verified. They will first have to put in their email and personal details. Then the process of photo and ID verification begins. Based on the information provided, it takes one to two days for the account to get verified.

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