MyCointainer Review 2024 : A Comprehensive Analysis of Crypto

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MyCointainer staking platform was founded in November 2018 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. So Far, being one of the first global platforms using staking, the website offered the PoS algorithm to its users even before Binance and Coinbase did it. It aims to become a universal platform for all the most efficient ways to earn crypto rewards. However, read our MyCointainer Review thoroughly and know the platform in detail.

MyCointainer Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Tallinn, Estonia
Found in 2018
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrencies 100+
Trading Pairs No
Supported Fiat Currencies AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, INR, MXN, JPY, RUB, CHF
Supported Countries Most of All
Minimum Deposit Variable, Depends on Currency
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Variable, Depends on Currency
Withdrawal Fees Variable, Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, Helpdesk, & Social Channel Support

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You might wonder, “Is MyCointainer safe even to start creating an account?” We have good news for you – the financial license in Estonia was obtained right after the company was founded to allow users to trade the coins they earn into fiat currencies and ensure safe and transparent transactions.

MyCointainer User Interface

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Even though many DeFi assets raged in 2021, and now this technology is considered much more progressive, MyCointainer doesn’t limit itself to it. The platform is looking to work with centralized and decentralized actors on the market to ensure it combines both benefits. With official registration and legal approval, the platform assures crypto investors and partners of its commitment to being a secure hub to trade and earn crypto.

Why Should I Choose MyCointainer Over Any Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

But there are so many top cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Is MyCointainer legit compared to them? How does it stand out from the providers I’ve heard about many times? First, with as little as 1 EUR, you can buy some crypto, store it in your best online crypto wallet and get your rewards daily. The reward fee varies depending on the coin you buy, but it’s among the lowest on the market. As you remember, the platform strives to make crypto obtainable for everyone ready to invest some of their time and money to start earning crypto by staking.

MyCointainer Staking Services

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Moreover, MyCointainer is a platform with a wide range of services like cold staking, masternodes, and airdrops. The best way to get a stable income is to have multiple sources, and MyCointainer allows you to do it in one place. For instance, you can earn crypto cashback with its EarnBack browser extension. Everyone loves cashback, right? This add-on allows you to get cashback in crypto when shopping in your favorite online stores. The cashback rates range up to 40% depending on the store and category.

However, the biggest difference between this platform is not the features or the coins it offers but the way MyCointainer values its users. It wasn’t created for a limited circle of “crypto-insiders” but for people like you and me who might’ve never staked crypto before or maybe haven’t invested in anything and doubt if it ever pays off. It’s aimed at shedding light on the crypto world for those who have doubts. With over 150K active users in 2021, it looks like they’re crushing it.

How MyCointainer Works?

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I’m New To Crypto – Is The Platform Beginner-Friendly?

The thing is, MyCointainer was created with the mission to make cryptocurrency available for everyone. Maybe you’ve already wanted to buy some coins, but then you thought: “Okay, crypto sounds all interesting and fun, but it’s too complicated – I’m going to fail right at the beginning and lose all my money.” MyCointainer’s team goes above and beyond to give the ability to those who want to invest in crypto. So the platform is as straightforward as it should be, and you don’t get lost in numerous features and details.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you’re a pro, there’s nothing for you to do on MyCointainer – you’ll benefit even more when you have a deeper understanding of crypto mechanisms. With the wide spectrum of coins and a growing number of ways to earn crypto assets on the website and MyCointainer app, you will no longer need to jump from one platform to another to get the best profits – you’ll have it all here. Sounds like a good place to invest your time and money?

Grow Your Crypto Passive Income with MyCointainer

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How Much Will I Be Charged For Using The Platform/Earning Crypto?

MyCointainer is beginner-friendly not only in terms of user experience but also in terms of investment opportunities, and here’s why:-

  • You can get a welcome bonus once you sign up and create your wallet;
  • You pay the fee only when you earn rewards, so don’t worry – if the coin you bought doesn’t grow, you won’t be charged;
  • The reward fees are very competitive compared to a lot of well-known exchanges – check out yourself on their crypto assets page;
  • Some assets available on the platform are free of reward fees – isn’t it a cool bonus?
  • Not ready to invest your own money so far? Take a look at the available airdrops and giveaways – you can get lucky and start earning completely risk-free.

Would you be able to imagine yourself earning crypto by mining with a minimum investment? Staking on MyCointainer allows crypto beginners to earn with as little as a laptop and the Internet – no costly mining equipment or advanced skills to solve the complicated tasks. That’s when you see their mission of making crypto available for anyone is put into action.

Exchange at Best Rate with MyCointainer

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Okay, I Agree The Platform Is Cool, But What Are They Going To Impress Me With In 2022?

In January 2022, MyCointainer raised $6 million from 12 investors like Mapleblock. Thus, it plans to scale the team from 30 to over 60 people this year. The doubled headcount is needed to implement some ambitious growth plans in the nearest months, so let’s look at what they are.

In the previous year, the MyCointainer crypto staking platform reached the 150K user base, and in 2022, its target is 750K! The number of crypto assets on the website is currently 100+, and the company strives to increase the number to 200 this year. MyCointainer is also actively working towards expanding the range of earning services to become a universal go-to platform that includes the most profitable ways of earning cryptocurrency. For example, it plans to introduce DeFi protocols and more!

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One of the most exciting things is probably the team’s plan to launch its own crypto coin to support the platform’s ecosystem, and we already can’t wait to see it skyrocket!

You can read 5, 10, or 50 MyCointainer reviews, but none of them will give you a full picture of the platform – only your hands-on experience can do it. Go ahead and sign up, get your bonus and take a look yourself. This will give you the best idea of whether this platform appeals to your palate.

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