Payeer Review 2024: Is Payeer Safe?

The accelerating user base of digital finances and its scope is expanding the demand market. This has led to an increase in the number of options for digital asset management. Often, digital management platforms enable users to conveniently deposit funds or make withdrawals electronically, utilizing digital or electronic methods.

Platforms like Payeer, now support both fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it convenient for their growing user base. With Payeer integration, users can manage funds across currencies seamlessly. Explore all these features in our concise Payeer review.

Payeer Summary

Official Website
Headquarters London
Found in 2012
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BCH, LTC, ETH, BTC, EUR, and DASH, etc
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, RUB
Supported Countries 100+
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Depends on Payment Method & Currency
Transaction Fees Depends on Payment Method & Currency
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Payment Method & Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Mail & Submit Ticket Support

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Indeed, this Payeer platform review highlights the diverse array of services and features it offers. Users of the Payeer platform can access a wide range of functionalities tailored to their needs. Notably, Payeer serves as a digital wallet for fiat and cryptocurrency assets and functions as a cryptocurrency exchange, providing users with seamless funds management.

The Payeer review delves into its extensive range of functionalities, which have consistently garnered positive feedback. These features encompass cryptocurrency trading across multiple blockchains, asset storage, and rapid payment methods linking the Payeer system to fiat currencies. Moreover, the platform boasts many supplementary support features, such as withdrawal options for Mastercard, Maestro, and more. The diverse payment methods and user-friendly fund addition process make Payeer appealing to those seeking a primary electronic payment solution.

Quick Overview of Payeer

  • Payeer is an electronic/ digital wallet that enables users to store a diverse array of digital assets, including fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Payeer charges lower fees compared to some of its competition, although Payeer can be regarded as an undisputed platform for its list of supported payment methods and scale of operation.
  • Payeer is also a registered cryptocurrency exchange where individuals can trade crypto from various blockchains and store them directly in the top crypto wallets of the platform.
  • Payeer provides digital solutions for individuals and businesses, and this is one of the advantages that has led to significant growth of the platform over the past few years since its inception.
  • The prices charged for the transactions are based on the asset itself and are generally the same for individuals and businesses.
  • Payeer has an affiliate program that encourages users to bring in new individuals through personal reviews and opinions. The referrals provide 25% of the fees charged by the platform from the referred user as a reward to the inviting user.

Payeer Review 2022 - Platform Interface

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Payeer Features

Multi-Currency Support: An impressive aspect of Payeer is its ability to accommodate various currencies, which enhances its appeal for users handling different currencies, particularly those involved in global transactions.

E-Wallet Functionality: A thorough Payeer platform review shows that Payeer operates as a versatile digital wallet, enabling users to store funds securely across various currencies. This wallet serves multiple purposes, facilitating payments, withdrawals, and even the acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

Global Accessibility: Payeer’s online platform allows users worldwide access to their accounts, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions without traditional banking constraints.

Funds Transfer: Sending funds to other Payeer users or external accounts is effortless, rendering it a powerful tool for remittances and swift money transfers.

Cryptocurrency Integration: Payeer facilitates the trading, purchasing, and selling of various well-known cryptocurrencies, allowing users to engage directly with digital assets within the platform.

Instant Transactions: In the digital age, speed is crucial, and Payeer delivers instant transaction processing for seamless fund transfers and payments.

Secure Authentication: In online finance, security is paramount, and Payeer employs advanced measures like two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect user accounts and transactions.

API Integration: Payeer provides an API that developers can utilize to incorporate the platform’s features into their own applications, websites, or services.

Payeer Reviews - Features of Payeer

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Payeer Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Payeer is a multi-currency wallet capable of serving as the only wallet that can help users navigate through both fiat and cryptocurrencies.  The regulations are firm and might not offer the level of anonymity that most users might expect from blockchain and crypto trading.
 Payeer can be transferred directly to VISA, MasterCard, and other international methods and instant payment systems.  The stringent policy system adds to the hassle of the process, and the limit on transactions can be an extra obstacle for heavy users.
 Payeer is available in over 100 countries across the world and offers some of the most cutting-edge and unique features as a platform, exchange, and digital wallet.  Payeer supports several cryptocurrencies, and some assets with small market shares are not on the platform.
 Despite the limit on cryptocurrencies, the platform does offer numerous trading pairs that are commonly used across the crypto market.

How Do I Open a Payeer Account?

Individuals who wish to open an account with Payeer must sign up on the platform. Once the new users click on the ‘Create Account’ button on the website, they must fill out a form containing their details, such as email. After entering the email, users can either enter the verification code sent to their email accounts or skip the step and continue to create a password, account number, and other formalities.

Payeer has a thorough system to prevent illicit activities, and thus, the regulations and requirements vary from country to country. Some nations require the accounts to be connected with government-issued IDs or other identification proofs.

Individuals can also open a business account with Payeer and share the company’s documentation. The platform suggests that the business account can be replenished through the company account. After the users have created (or opened) their account, they might also have to enter their debit or credit card details as a payment method if they are paying through their card on the Payeer platform. This is also a way to add funds to the Payeer account of the user, which can then be used for exchanges or other purposes. The platform also enables users with an account to participate in surveys and improve the platform.

 Payeer Review - Sign Up Process

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Trading on Payeer Exchange Platform

Through an intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate application, Payeer has made the process of trading a simple and friendly one. Payeer supports some of the major cryptocurrencies across the blockchain market based on their market caps and users have a variety of trading pairs to choose from within the combinations of exchange assets.

The trading features on the platform have been devised keeping in mind the user needs. Users can trade their cryptocurrency for fiat currencies and purchase or make payments as per their requirements. Trading on Payeer also has the advantage of no extra fees since the platform acts both as an exchange as well as an electronic wallet.

To buy cryptocurrency initially for trading, a Payeer customer can use any payment method that is supported by the platform. In addition to cards, the list of payment systems also has PayPal as a mode of payment and various other countries’ specific local mediums that are recognized by the corresponding authorities.

Users can choose between platform experiences through the mobile app or desktop interface. Notably, it’s important to mention that Payeer and its trading features are unavailable in the United States, prompting US residents to seek alternative solutions for their financial needs.

Payeer Exchange Platform

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How User-Friendly Is Payeer?

Payeer is regarded as one of the most user-friendly platforms to operate on such a diverse scale. The platform offers simple and logical navigation throughout the ecosystem, and the navigation is intuitive. Even beginners would find this experience an easy one.  Payeer supports multiple currencies, it offers the convenience of a unified application capable of handling various financial tasks, potentially serving as the primary platform for numerous users.

Payeer might also cater to advanced users through its functionalities that do not require technical knowledge. Thus, they can harness the rewards of the possibilities of this platform. Reviews from various websites imply that users are satisfied with the app’s interface and admire the team for the easy and seamless application experience.

Individuals who do not prefer a complete desktop setup may also find it a positive experience to access the platform from their mobile devices. This provides a more compact and hassle-free way of using the features of the platform and buying/selling cryptocurrencies or getting funds in the accounts. Additional features such as QR codes for making payments show the extent to which the platform can become second nature for users who make it a part of their daily lives to make purchases across various financial institutions and systems.

Payeer Reviews - Benefits of Using Payeer

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How To Deposit/Withdraw on Payeer?

The users have different modes to choose from when it comes to depositing funds to one’s account on the platform. Users can deposit funds through payment methods such as credit cards or debit cards, bank transfers, or other alternative payment methods that include Advcash, Perfect Money, and QIWI, etc. Once the users have selected their preferred mode of depositing funds into the wallet, they can complete the process and get instant transfers, provided they have completed all the KYC and other formalities that the platform requires.

The platform charges a deposit fee for transferring the funds. This fee depends on the payment system that is being used for depositing. The fees for various methods are mentioned on the website for the individuals to go through before they initiate a transaction.

Withdrawal can be initiated with a few select fiat currencies and modes of funds. The users can either withdraw their assets through Mastercard, Advcash, Payeer wallet balance, or some local banks that are supported by the platform from its geographic region.

The platform has a minimum amount for withdrawal along with daily/weekly/monthly withdrawal limits. While the payments through the platform are instant, withdrawal transactions can take up to a few business days. This is dependent on mode of payment and other variables.

Payeer Fees

Payeer charges competitive fees for the various services and features that it provides to users. The trading fee for each cryptocurrency is different. In some instances, the deposit fee starts from 3.99%, though it is based on the payment system that is in use. Regarding other deposit and withdrawal transactions, the cost is transparent, and the company has mentioned various charges associated with their respective transactions.

While transferring cryptocurrency into the system incurs no charges, a minimum trading threshold exists, akin to a minimum fee requirement. However, depositing fiat currency on the platform is subject to a fee. This divergence arises from the fact that direct digital deposits to the system entail no costs, unlike transactions involving fiat currencies.

Withdrawing crypto assets incurs a fee of 1.99%. Apart from the fees mentioned above, there is no hidden or additional fee (or gas fee) charged from the users. The fee might seem higher compared to some local platforms. Still, Payeer has kept the fee competitive as it offers a more comprehensive package, eliminating the need to pay small amounts to multiple platforms. Thus, users end up paying a nominal amount for a single one. Click here for more details.

Payeer Review - Payeer Fees

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Payeer Mobile App

To add to the user experience and compatibility across devices, Payeer offers a mobile application for its platform, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The mobile application is an excellent feature as every user does not prefer to sit in front of a computer, especially when trading throughout the day or making quick payments.

Payeer Mobile Trading View

The introduction of a mobile application also enabled the platform to add functionalities such as scanning a code to pay. This works through the mobile phone’s camera and would not have been feasible on desktops. The smartphone application is also intended to use the 2FA security method. It also completes the process of verification through the mobile phone.

Individuals can opt to stop security messages on the mobile app. However, this might decrease the overall security of the account. The Android and Apple app stores mostly feature positive reviews of the application.

The mobile application eliminates the need to remember passwords since most smartphones have biometric authentication features. Individuals can access the platform with fingerprint authorization built into their phones. It is because of these reasons that users prefer the Payeer mobile app.

Payeer Reviews - Payeer Mobile App

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Payeer Supported Currency & Countries

Payeer has grown significantly since its inception. Today it is one of the most widely available electronic wallets and exchanges in the market. Payeer is accessible in over 100 countries and supports different fiat currencies and some local payment systems based on the user’s location.

While Payeer is available in most European and Asian countries, some of its services are not accessible for the residents of the United States. Although the United States has some of the biggest crypto markets, local regulations and compliances have not been worked out in a fashion that could make this platform fully operational within the American market. Even though Payeer is not completely available in the United States, some users have been able to make it work with the help of wire transfers. It also comes with a high fee, which might be one of the reasons why users from the United States are not opting for Payeer.

Lastly, the supported cryptocurrencies are the ones that hold the most market caps and are the most widely known. The cryptocurrencies on the platform consist of BCH, LTC, ETH, BTC, EUR, and DASH, etc. These altcoins are limited but the trading pairs are very diverse and offer distinct ways for the users to sell or buy.

Payeer Security

In this Payeer crypto review, we highlight the platform’s expected great attention to security because it operates across various continents and has an exponentially growing user base, especially with its crypto services. The platform has set up various safety measures to keep user information, data, and privacy intact & impenetrable.

The measures include the 2FA, which can be done once the mobile phone has been verified with the account and would then require a second approval and confirmation from the mobile device before making transactions or using some features of the Payeer platform. Depending on various factors, the verification might take some time to ensure a close-knit and safe clientele. It does discourage some, but it can be a good strategy for having only verified users.

Without completing the verification, the transactions, withdrawals, etc, have certain limits beyond which the users can no longer proceed (for example, 15.000 is the limit for EUR transactions without getting verified and submitting IDs & documented proofs).

For most South Asian nations, Payeer is known to be among the most secure and trustable wallets currently available, and it offers more than a single cryptocurrency. As yet another step towards a secure platform, the users are notified via email every time their account is logged into. This can help them keep track of all the activities within their account and stop a perpetrator in time.

Payeer Customer Support

Constantly helping the users and providing solutions, the support team behind Payeer is known to be prompt and responsive. In order to get in touch with the company, the users can also raise a ticket which would be tended to within 24 hours (as claimed by the company and various users).The company has also provided its address for local users who might need immediate assistance regarding their accounts.

Customer support can also be reached by individuals who seek to get unique solutions for themselves or their businesses.

Payeer Reviews - Support Service

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Payeer Reviews: Conclusion

In this Payeer exchange review, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deeper into why Payeer stands out as one of the most renowned and widely used wallets and exchanges globally. The competitive pricing and a reliable record of operations make it a good choice for thousands of individuals worldwide (barring U.S. users). It is ranked highest in the list of recommendations for electronic wallets and one of the largest crypto exchange platforms for users whose crypto criteria can be met by the platform and those located in the regions where Payeer operates.

Payeer Reviews - Benefits of Payeer

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Is Payeer Account Safe & Trusted?

With hundreds of users joining every day, the platform is known to be one of the most intuitive, safe, and preferred platforms.

Is Payeer Regulated?

Based in Estonia, Payeer operates under local laws and regulations, overseen by regulatory bodies like VFSC and MEAC.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Payeer?

To withdraw money from Payeer, users can go to the ‘Balance’ section and choose the cancel option. Once they have done that, users can enter the amount of funds they wish to withdraw. There is a minimum withdrawal amount on the platform for various currencies.

Is NiceHash Mining Safe?

The platform is designed for miners and helps newcomers become successful in crypto mining. It works as a hash power broker and unlocks BTC, ETH, and other cryptos with GPU mining and cloud mining.

How Do I Transfer Money From My Payeer Account?

When transferring money from the Payeer account, the users can choose the transfer mode. Users can enter the recipient’s details to send money to another Payeer account. QR codes can also be used to make payments.

Where Can I Use Payeer MasterCard?

Payeer Wallet, integrated with Payeer MasterCard, is primarily used for online transactions, ATM withdrawals, currency conversion, and overseas transactions, allowing you to purchase various currencies.

How Do I Delete My Payeer Account?

Once logged in, locate and select the Settings or Account Settings option. Look for the Delete Account or Close Account option in the account settings.

Which Countries And Currencies Are Payeer Compatible?

Payeer charges competitive fees, varying for each cryptocurrency trade, with deposit fees of up to 3.99%, depending on your payment method.

Can I Use Payeer Without Verification?

Individuals can use their Payeer account without verification, but the functionality is limited. Without verification, the users have to face specific transaction and withdrawal limits.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this Payeer review page are subjective and may not represent the experiences of all users. Readers are advised to conduct independent research before relying on the information provided.

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