Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany 2024

Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a buzzword in the global financial sector. In Germany, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos are gaining popularity. This strong demand for cryptos in the German market has led to the birth of several crypto exchanges. Let’s have a look at our reviewed list of the best crypto exchanges in Germany.

Key Takeaways

  • Get a list of the best crypto exchanges in Germany.
  • Explore features, fees, and more for all crypto trading platforms.
  • Analyze the comparison table to make informed decisions.
  • Study the knowledge section for the basics of crypto.


Top Crypto Exchange in Germany Best For
Coinbase Best Platform For Beginners
Kraken Easy User Interface
Bibox Low Transaction Processing Fees
Bitpanda Investment Variety
Fairdesk Best Platform For Copy Trading Has Its Own Credit Card Service
Coinmama Multiple Payment Options Available
Wirex Allows Large Number Of Digital And Fiat Currencies
OKX Low Trading Fees Dedicated German Crypto Platform

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges in Germany

Here are the top crypto exchanges available in Germany that are in the best interest of traders:


Established in 2012, Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchange in germany, with over 130 billion dollars active on the platform. The platform is famous for beginners as it has an easy interface and simple features for trading with advanced tools for experienced traders. For detailed information about the features read Coinbase review page.

Coinbase - Comes in Top Germany Crypto Exchange

Why We Chose It?

Among the other cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase distinguishes itself as the most preferred one due to its excellent security and user-friendly platform. The perfect fit for both newbie traders and professionals, it combines simplicity with a full set of trading tools; thus, it remains a trusted and convenient option in the digital currency landscape.

Key Features:

  • The platform has insurance and compensation features against hacking and fund loss events.
  • The exchange has features and services for individual traders as well as corporate traders.
  • Coinbase allows users to borrow money using Bitcoin as collateral.
  • It offers affiliate programs for the corporate sector.
  • Payment methods for purchases like wire transfers, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets are supported.
  • The best feature of the crypto platform is that traders can trade anytime from anywhere by using the Coinbase app, which is supported for Android and iOS.

Pros and Cons of Coinbase

Pros Cons
A large number of trading pairs are supported Trading fees are high (0.5%- 4.5%) compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges in Germany
The knowledge section is helpful for beginners There is no phone call option for customer support assistance service
The minimum deposit amount is low, i.e., $2
Provide the best crypto app in Germany
Coinbase Prime platform covers various advanced tools for institutions

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Kraken is one of the earliest Bitcoin exchanges to gain popularity, and now it has diversified its selection of crypto coins. The trading platform provides several advanced trading features that make the exchange worthwhile for crypto wallet investors. Refer to the Kraken review page for a more comprehensive understanding.

Kraken - Best Crypto Exchange in Germany

Why We Chose It?

The main feature of Kraken is high-level security, which includes two-factor authentication to protect users’ data and funds. Furthermore, the platform’s educational resources equip new traders with the knowledge of how to trade successfully in the cryptocurrency world, which is quite complex. This security and education consideration makes Kraken a reliable option for the crypto exchange market.

Key Features: 

  • Major services offers:
    – Crypto Trading
    – Margin Trading
    – Future Trading
  • There are two versions of the platform: the Kraken and the Kraken Pro.
  • They provide two-factor authentication or verification processes for account security and privacy.
  • NFTs as digital assets are available to trade.
  • The Learning section is the upper hand for new traders.

Pros and Cons of Kraken

Pros Cons
The user interface is easy and intuitive Comparatively, trading fees are higher.
 The platform provides heavy liquidity to support high trading volume. Does not support credit cards or debit cards.
 Amateur traders can earn interest simply by depositing their crypto assets in the account.
More than 200 cryptocurrencies are available to trade.

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Launched in 2017, Bibox is the first ever AI-powered digital assets exchange platform, with more than 550 online currencies and serving in 160 countries. Bibox is an all-round crypto platform offering various features and services. Explore the Bibox review page to gain better insight.

Why We Chose It?

Bibox is liked for its simple and user-friendly interface, which is easy for both new and advanced traders to get used to. The platform is improved with AI and offers advanced trading tools set to streamline investment strategies, using bots for automation. It provides a comprehensive and efficient experience in digital asset management.

Key Features

  • Some popular features by platform:
    – Spot Trading
    – Leveraged Trading
    – Future Trading
  • It provides features such as an order book and trading history charts for transactions.
  • The platform also has dedicated mobile applications.
  • They have several altcoins besides Bitcoin and Ethereum and report massive daily trading and transfer volume.
  • The platform or site has an internal token called the BIX.
  • The platform also offers a Crypto Lending service.

Pros and Cons of Bibox

Pros Cons
Bibox trading fees are low  A limited number of cryptos like Bitcoin are supported.
24*7 customer support available No fiat deposits are accepted as per their business model.
Through trading bots, traders can automate investing.

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The Bitpanda platform, which began operating in 2014, is a licensed platform with a wide range of offerings and boasts an efficient interface for both beginners and seasoned traders. This platform boasts more than 4 million users and a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade in. The platform is also known for its regular debut of new cryptocurrencies. Take a look at Bitpanda review page to better grasp the concept.

Bitpanda Platform

Why We Chose It?

We chose Bitpanda because of its simplicity of use in conjunction with robust security measures and features to trade in a safe environment. This option indicates our intention to create a medium that assists in the perpetual monetary education and development. Such multifunctionality guarantees a secure and compliant trading environment that is a perfect option for a well-diversified investment portfolio.

Key Features

  • The platform offers trading in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, precious metals, and more.
  • Bitpanda is a European-regulated platform.
  • Allows traders to trade through desktop and mobile.
  • High security over digital assets.
  • Provide a saving plan for Bitcoin and more.
  • Get early access to new crypto coins in the market.

Pros and Cons of Bitpanda

Pros Cons
Easy and short KYC procedure The direct customer support number is not available
New traders can utilize the learning section Doesn’t provide various advanced analysis tools
Various affiliate programs and rewards are assured to traders
Platform API can be used in various business


Founded in 2021, Fairdesk is a relatively new yet fully secure and reliable crypto exchange with a user base from all over the world. This crypto exchange continues to gain traction in the industry due to its services such as ultimate copy trading, wide-ranging crypto coins, and lower fees. Fairdesk is dedicated to making the exchange of cryptocurrencies a seamless and convenient process to the complete satisfaction of its worldwide users.Fairdesk - One of the Most Secure Crypto Exchange

Why We Chose It?

Fairdesk is becoming the preferred exchange in the crypto market due to its cutting-edge features, such as copy trading, where users can mimic successful trades and robust security measures. These attributes offer beginners a stable and transparent environment that simplifies the trading process. 

Key Features

  • Some of the core features of Fairdesk are:-
    – Copy Trade
    – Simulated Trade
    – Arena V2
  • High-performance infrastructure.
  • Trading of a broad spectrum of crypto coins.
  • More than 200+ coins are available to trade.
  • Get Bounce up to $35000, T&C applied.

Pros and Cons of Fairdesk

Pros Cons
Provides high security to user’s assets Relatively New Exchange
Affiliate Programs for users are provided Compared to major exchanges, Fairdesk might have a smaller user base
Reliability and transparency in services, including ironclad security.
The platform offers a smooth web view and mobile

Sign Up Now comes with a power pack crypto trading platform, offering various features and interactive user experience. Launched in 2016 in Hong Kong, and currently serving in more than 90 countries with an 80 million user base. If you want to know more about the platform, you can read our review page. - Germany Crypto Exchange for Beginners

Why We Chose It?

We chose as it offers a wide range of products and services, including various coins, a platform for trading and investment, and a commitment to innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. This platform is the focal point of its vast product range and capacity to serve a wide international audience, making it possible for customers with different backgrounds to have accessibility and convenience. The platform vision is designed to suit our desire to use advanced tech and the process of global financial inclusion.

Key Features

  • Provide Visa card service with many benefits.
  • Major products offered are:
    – NFT Marketplace
    – Margin Trading
    – Derivatives Trading
  • Trade with more than 20 Fiat currency.
  • Traders can easily pay via Apple/Google Pay.
  • Users can earn interest by holding their cryptos in an e-wallet.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
Low transaction fees Discount offers are difficult to understand.
Complete ecosystem of crypto products. Customer service is not strong.
A loyalty program with various rewards for traders
The platform comes with regulation compliance and security certificates

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Coinmama launched in 2013, creating a decade of experience and building trust. The platform serves 190 countries and has more than 3.5 million user base. Coinmamam supports the trading s of various currencies with competitive fees. Head over to the Coinmama review page for a more detailed analysis.

Coinmama - Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Germany

Why We Chose It?

We opted for Coinmama because it offers simultaneous ease of trading and expert trading capabilities, thus catering to a wide demographic of traders in different countries across the world. Its user-centric approach, demonstrated by its determination to make educational materials available and provide personalized support, establishes a secure and empowered environment for beginners and well-established investors. This concept of financial engagement on the global level matches our strategic goals for global financial engagement.

Key Features

  • Smooth and fast transaction of cryptocurrency.
  • Fractional shares are available for Bitcoin purchases as low as US $30.
  • The knowledge section is available in the Basics, glossary, and crypto news sections.

Pros and Cons of Coinmama

Pros Cons
Deposits and withdrawals do not require any fees Limited crypto coins are available to trade
Multiple payment methods are available There is no Coinmama crypto e-wallet
24/7 personal support is available
Through the affiliate program, users can earn commissions

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Wirex, a popular crypto exchange platform, launched in 2014 and now has more than 20 billion in crypto transactions. The platform offers various services with 6 million registered users. Check out Wirex review page for a comprehensive understanding.

Wirex - Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Germany

Why We Chose It?

  • The decision to include Wirex among our platforms is credited to its inventive approach toward integrating cryptocurrency and traditional financial services. This decision reaffirms our goal of being the preferred banking solution, allowing users to invest and spend within the same platform in real-time. Wirex lets you store both regular money (fiat) and cryptocurrency in one place, which makes it very easy to use and the best option for simply managing your money. 

Key Features

  • Through Wirex, you can earn, borrow, invest, and trade simultaneously.
  • With a Wirex card, users can earn up to 8% crypto back.
  • Wirex offers a strong referral program, on referral, on every purchase via Wirex card.
  • Traders can borrow stablecoin at 0% APR
  • The platform provides different user plans according to their needs.

Pros and Cons of Wirex

Pros Cons
It offers competitive fees There is no dedicated customer support phone number
Fiat and digital currency in one single card or crypto wallet
Provide user-friendly interface
Available for trading on desktop and mobile

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Beyond its reputation as a top cryptocurrency exchange, OKX shines as a leader in crypto lending as well. This platform stands out for its unique features, offering diverse order types and intuitive trading bot functionality. Additionally, OKX boasts a wide range of popular crypto coins like Tether (USDT), Polygon (MATIC), and Dogecoin (DOGE), making it a versatile platform for various crypto needs. You can visit OKX review page for better understanding.

OkX - Comes in High Ranked Crypto Exchanges Germany

Why We Chose It?

While providing crypto trading services, OKX is also known for its crypto lending segment and trading bots, which empower users to improve their trading strategies. The platform’s wide assortment of crypto coins and order types, designed for newbies and professionals, promises an all-encompassing and flexible trading experience. 

Key Features

  • OKX has its internal token
  • Crypto-to-crypto trading and fiat-to-crypto trading is available
  • Self-trade prevention helps traders avoid unwanted loss.
  • Provides Trading Bots Marketplace
  • NFT Marketplace is available

Pros and Cons of OKX

Pros Cons
It accepts multiple payment methods (bank transfer, e-wallet, etc.) Withdrawal limits are not too high for different cryptos
Offers low trading fees Withdrawal limitations might be inconvenient
Easy interface with separate mobile app
Demo account available for beginners

Sign Up Now, a dedicated German crypto exchange platform launched in 2011, allows traders to trade various cryptocurrencies. It is the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe, with over 1million  customers. All servers are located in Germany, making it smooth and easily accessible. For a thorough insight, you can visit the review page. Platform

Why We Chose It? originated has become the leading player in the European cryptocurrency market due to its unique safety features, such as the deposit insurance for traders’ funds provided by statutory deposit insurance. The platform’s approach of doing extensive external audits and running its servers locally in Germany is consistent with our idea of fast and reliable service. A secure regulatory framework, together with the fact that it is the choice of the market, makes it a trustworthy trading instrument for our purposes.

Key Features

  • The trader’s funds always remain in their own bank account, covered by statutory deposit insurance.
  • provides ‘Crypto-EURO Marketplace’ and ‘Crypto-Crypto Marketplace.’
  • Through the Bug Bounty feature, the platform updates traders on all kinds of spam and announces safety measures.
  • does regular security audits by external companies.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
Over 98% of the Bitcoin customer portfolios are stored offline For contact support only form submission is available
Various popular trading pairs to trade
Platform API can be used to showcase Bitcoin prices on any other website

Comparing the Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany

Exchange Logo Available Coins Minimum deposit Fees (Maker and Taker) Unique Features
Coinbase Crypto Exchange 250+ $2 0.40% & 0.60% Best Platform For Beginners
Kraken Crypto Exchange 240+ 0 0.25% & 0.40% Best Crypto Wallet Germany
Bibox Crypto Exchange 300+ Not Clear 0.1000% & 0.2000% Low Transaction Processing Fees
Bitpanda Crypto Exchange 300+ 10 EUR Not Clear Investment Variety
Fairdesk Crypto Exchange 150+ Vary from coin to coin 0.1% & 0.1% (BTC) Best Platform For Copy Trading Crypto Exchange 350+ $1 0.0750% & 0.0750% Has Its Own Credit Card Service
Coinmama Crypto Exchange 100+ $0 0.99% to 3.90% &
0.99% to 3.90%
Multiple Payment Options Available
Wirex Crypto Exchange 150+ 0 Not Clear Allows Large Number Of Digital And Fiat Currencies
OKX Crypto Exchange 300+ 0 0.080% & 0.100% Low Trading Fees Crypto Exchange 9 Not Clear 0.5% Dedicated German Crypto Platform

*Disclaimer: The fee structure may vary based on trading volume. Rates are subject to change and can fluctuate according to market conditions.

Basic Cryptocurrency Law and Regulations in Germany

In Germany, the BaFin, which is the federal financial supervisory authority, is responsible for the regulation of cryptocurrency. The BaFin classifies cryptocurrencies as financial instruments. This regulation extends to cryptocurrency companies such as exchanges and wallet providers and they are mandated to be licensed and to comply with the AML and KYC laws. 

In addition to the German law, these entities are obliged to follow the operational standards and security procedures in order to protect consumer assets. BaFin’s approach matches with international practices by ensuring the crypto market operates in a transparent and secure way, thus providing a safe legal environment for crypto investors and service providers.

Our Methodology

Here are some common points that we have considered for creating the best crypto platforms for traders:

  • Platform Usability (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Basic And Advanced Trading Features
  • Trading Fees and Withdrawals Fees
  • Safety and Security Measures
  • Educational Resources
  • User Feedback


These crypto exchanges in Germany have ways of blending top-level security with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, several payment options, various trading services, & rewards like low transaction rates and high processing speeds to increase trading volume while maintaining their reputation.

This guide has explored some of the top German crypto exchanges, highlighting their features and services. With this knowledge, you can choose the platform that best suits your individual needs. For more information about crypto exchanges, our in-depth reviews (linked within each platform introduction) provide a deeper dive into each exchange’s specifics. Take control of your crypto future. Choose your platform wisely and embark on a secure trading experience!

Why Do You Need Crypto Exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are gateways to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These platforms allow you to convert your regular currency into crypto and vice versa, making them essential for anyone looking to participate in the crypto market. The crypto exchange is a separate financial field for earning passive income, and it comes with high growth potential and higher risk.

How to Select the Best Crypto Exchange?

There are several crypto exchanges in Germany from which traders can choose. But before making a choice, an investor must consider a few points carefully:

a. Crypto Exchange Should Support EURO
Prioritize exchanges that support Euro deposits to avoid conversion hassles.

b. Fee Structure of Crypto Exchange
Compare transaction fees, especially if you trade frequently. Lower fees save you money in the long run.

c. Deposits and Withdrawals Charges
Be aware of any deposit or withdrawal fees associated with different payment methods.

d. Security
Look for exchanges with strong security features like 2FA, cold storage, and SSL encryption to protect your funds.

e. Crypto Exchange Platform Should be Regulated
Choose an exchange that complies with German regulations to ensure a safe trading environment.


Which crypto exchange is best in Germany?

The top 10 crypto exchanges in Germany are:
  1. Coinbase
  2. Kraken
  3. Bibox
  4. BitPanda
  5. Fairdesk
  7. Coinmama
  8. Wirex
  9. OKX

Is crypto trading legal in Germany?

Yes, Bitcoin and other similar types of money are considered private money in Germany. Corporations in Germany are liable to capital gains taxes, just like in many other cryptocurrency-friendly nations.

Is Binance Allowed in Germany?

Binance has withdrawn its license and closed its operation in Germany due to increasing regulatory tension in Europe.

Is Germany Crypto Tax-Free?

All cryptocurrency transactions, such as buying, selling, and trading, are subject to taxation in Germany. If the crypto gains are less than 600 euros and the holding time is more than 1 year, then they are considered tax-free in Germany.

Is It Safe to Buy Crypto Currency in Germany?

Since Germany has implemented numerous regulatory frameworks to oversee cryptocurrency activities, it can be considered safe to buy cryptocurrency in the country. However, it is always recommended to choose safe and reputable crypto exchanges for any type of crypto transaction.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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