Margex Review 2023

The crypto derivatives trading platform ‘Margex’ started its humble beginnings in 2020. It can render 100x leverage for all the trading pairs. Margex trading has proven to be a reliable trading platform and provides independent financial advice for beginners. Margex charges low fees, which presents lucrative offerings for crypto trading and makes them stand out from most platforms. The derivatives trading platform Margex has originated the main advantages unique peculiarity of cryptocurrency derivatives, and Margex offers cryptocurrency derivatives of the Bitcoin exchange.

Margex Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Seychelles
Found in 2020
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, USD, ETH, XRP, LTC, YFI, EOS
Trading Pairs 6
Supported Fiat Currencies AUD, New Zealand Dollar, UK (Pound Sterling), Singapore (SGD)
Supported Countries Australia, New Zealand, UK, & Singapore
Minimum Deposit $10
Deposit Fees Low
Transaction Fees 0.19% / 0.060%
Withdrawal Fees Approved Crypto Network Fees
Application No
Customer Support 24/7

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About Margex Platform

According to our Margex review, the trading platform Margex offers state-of-the-art digital asset trading tools on a global scale. Its key features are administering traders in the crypto market an investment platform for their exchanges. The trading platform’s goal is to render a trustworthy, easy-to-navigate trading interface enhanced with exemplary fintech security features for traders and foreign companies. They intend to make the functionalities suitable for trading cryptocurrencies with less complexity for beginners or experienced traders with their intuitive user interface.

Margex Review – Platform Interface

Margex History

The Margex exchange platform was launched in 2020 from its headquarters in Seychelles. The trading platforms originating partners are unknown to the public to constitute investment advice. Margex was chartered in Seychelles, where the Margex platform is not regulated. As the market conditions of the area of Seychelles doesn’t require any permits or ordinance to start trading exchanges.

Features of the Margex Exchange

Equipped for Beginners

The trading website of Margex has an easy-to-use interface for novice crypto traders for informational purposes to start trading immediately. An array of significant reading material like articles, and video guides for trading crypto is rendered to beginners to attain profits.

Deep Liquidity

Margex offers technical indicators for a deep liquidity rate. The liquidity providers of Margex administer multiple liquidity providers, which are more than 12 into a single liquidity provider for a broader order book. This peculiarity warrants crypto traders with the thinnest spreads obtainable in exchange for entry and exit prices.

Affiliate Program

Margex offers traders a profitable affiliate program amongst most trading platforms in the crypto industry. The crypto-founded website renders advanced trading fees that have a 40% cut from the crypto investors’ referrals. With these low trading fees, Margex provides traders with an enhanced referral arrangement which will help them profit instead of rendering high affiliate program settlements on the platform.

Margex Review 2022 – Features of Margex Exchange

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Services by Margex Platform

High Leverage

The trading fee platform is skilled in leverage trading, trading algorithms, and grants of 100x leverage margin positions that are privatized. This enhances the user’s profitability levels. Margex a privatized margin that acquaints the crypto trader with the desired funding fees and liquidation price.

Security From Price Manipulation

Trading pairs with high leverage trading can be a perilous affair due to its extremely volatile nature. An example is the highly volatile asset class is prone to fluctuate in terms of costs, and the pay value can also be manipulated through low liquidity trading pairs. Margex doesn’t render assets that are illiquid and their privately owned regularities for price manipulation scam. This helps the trading platform control the uniformity of rates, for example, through the assistance of its 12 combined liquidity associates.

KYC Not Required

The website for crypto pairs Margex offers an exchange that admits in particular cryptocurrency assets for deposits in BTC tokens. Margex does not permit the exchange of fiat currencies which is a popular factor for many trading platforms. Due to these key features, users don’t have to disclose their identification details to the website.

Margex Reviews – Services by Margex

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Margex Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The platform for crypto trading pairs has high leverage trading and is adaptable to the user’s requirements. Single withdrawal of crypto funds on a given day.
High liquidity trading pairs. Withdrawals on the trading platform are credited only in Bitcoin crypto assets.
The exchanges platform rewards price manipulation offers and fast customer support to its users. The trading platform has a limit of selection opportunities for trading fees.
The crypto trading platform’s leverage trading is at 100x leverage. The crypto platform Margex cannot go to a 5x leverage point.

Registration Process of Margex Account

  • A user requires a legitimate email address and a secure password. After the details are filled in, the user must click the ‘Register Your Account’ button.
  • After the sign-up process is complete, a user receives a verification email and is registered onto Margex. Only when the new user of Margex clicks on the link to confirm the verification do they gain admittance to the platform.

Margex Review – Process to Start Trading with Margex

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Margex Bonuses

The volume of bonus endowments a Margex user earns is directly proportional to each individual branded campaign’s distinctive dictates and requirements, respectively. The Bonus Balance is credited to the user’s digital notecase.

The custom-built trading engine ‘Margex’ offers a bonus to finance trade fees. While closing an open position is complete, the trades financing fees will be contracted from the Bonus balance. The condition has to be that the Bonus is above zero valuation. The primary trade exchange compensation for initiating an open position is remunerated to the user’s balance. This remunerated bonus can be availed for available trading pairs later on.

Margex Reviews – Learn Trading with Margex

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Margex Fees

Competitive Fees are rendered by the Margex platform for cryptocurrency exchanges and market orders. The two mandated trading fees commanded by Margex are done to obtain digital currencies. The Funding Fees imposed by the Margex crypto exchange platform are the interest rendered through the cost of adopting Margex assets for leverage trades. The charges are imposed immediately to the prevailing ratio of Long to Shorts highlighting the market conditions and volatility. The funding fee by Margex for trading is commanded over the user after every 8-hour interval. When a market position is being closed before the time of funding restrictions, there is an exemption from the funding fees.

Taker Fees

Margex exchange charges Taker Fees during the process of withdrawing liquidity from the user’s order book. It does this through initiating an order book that is the Provisional or through the Market Orders. When administered, these market orders are traded into Stop Market Order or a Stop Loss order.

Maker Fees

The maker fee exchange charged by Margex trade is administered when supplementing liquidity to the order book by assigning a delayed order. The market order that is picked is not paired directly on an order book. The Limit orders are positioned below the current valuation for a Buy Order or positioned on top of the current valuation for a Sell Order. All these qualifications for fee structures also incorporate Take Profit orders. Although check the below table to know maker and taker fee:-

BTC/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.26% 0.18% 8 hours
ETH/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.30% 0.25% 8 hours
EOS/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.20% 0.07% 8 hours
LTC/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.35% 0.55% 8 hours
XRP/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.15% 0.10% 8 hours
YFI/USD 0.019% 0.060% 0.30% 0.40% 8 hours

However, to get a full list of Margex charges then you are advised to check its official site here.

Margex Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Methods

On the user’s BTC Wallet landing page location of the Margex trading platform, the ‘+Deposit’ button needs to be clicked to initiate a deposit. The deposited BTC tokens are instantly transferred to the user’s open accounts. The deposit menu on the Margex website gives access to two deposit methods that can be executed for different order types. They are the BTC Deposit method that permits users to deposit funds from their private wallets to the Margex account. Secondly, the Purchase BTC method through the authorization of the user’s bank account card.

Withdrawals Methods

To initiate a withdrawal method on the Margex website, the user has an easy-to-use interface with maximum options to explore. The navigation of the platform is forthright when it comes to withdrawals. With the aid of the investor’s notecase for exchanges needs to authorize the Withdraw Button on the trading site and comply with the mentioned directives displayed on the platform. Users who visit the platform can withdraw funds in exchanges like Bitcoin or fiat currencies. These withdrawal methods are important features for users to profit without any compensation to be processed to purchase bitcoin directly.

Supported Fiat & Cryptocurrencies by Margex

The platform is open to prominent fiat currencies in countries such as Australia (AUD),  New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar), UK (Pound Sterling), and Singapore (SGD). Popular digital futures coins authorized on Margex are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), YFI, and more.

Trading with Margex

New users can start their trade with Demo Trading settings to understand the indicators of the website.  Different order types are issued to users. In a market order, users can customize the order type while exchanging crypto to receive the profitable price available at that given moment. For the Limit Order, they can check the price movements and position themselves above or below the current price chart. Lastly, in the Conditional Order, investors can customize this order type to lock in perpetual futures of price triggers when they occur during price volatility and start investing.

Margex Reviews – Trading with Margex

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As per our Margex review, the important features of Margex are that it grants investors all the trading pairs and competitive trading fees that are modest than other trading platforms that are successful in crypto exchanges. Presently, Margex offers traders a Maker Fee of 0.019% and a Taker Fee of 0.060% for cryptocurrency exchange tokens like Bitcoin (BTC).

Margex Wallet

The Margex ‘Wallet’ landing page displays the user’s prevailing account specifications. The user, through the wallet, can deposit and withdraw funds instantly. The location of the stored transaction history feature permits tracking more information of their previous exchanges.

Margex Security Features

Margex security program has a unique quality of AI-customized MP Shield with data encryption features to protect users from financial risks. The platform also eliminates the issues of not recording crypto assets that have liquidity trading pairs induced by price manipulation. There is a wide variety of account security options for a stability program during withdrawals and deposits.

Margex Customer Support

The custom build trading platform offers crypto investors various selections to get acquainted with the customer care service. All options to reach out to a customer care representative can be found on the crypto exchange’s Contact Us landing page. The quickest method to get feedback is through the feature of Live Chat Margex offers, where the customer responses are under 10 minutes.

Margex Reviews – Customer Support by Margex

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Margex Review: Conclusion

After our Margex review we can say that, Margex is an excellent choice for a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, is an outstanding user interface for the best experience to purchase bitcoin directly. In conclusion, users are offered transparency during trading demand, protection, low fees are issued, and verified trading pair opinions are notified. That’s why it comes under the top cryptocurrency exchange list.


How Do You Trade on Margex?

Users can begin their crypto trading on the Margex platform through a two-step authentication process. After the signup, they can profit from a 100x leverage trading with a minimum deposit of just $10 and initiate leveraged trading exchanges.

Is Margex Safe?

Yes, Margex renders the most suitable protection measures for trading in risky crypto markets. The platform deposits the user’s assets in a frozen state, which is offline, and the accounts can be guarded through the 2FA offering.

Is Margex Available in the USA?

Presently, crypto investors from America are not licensed to have a trading account demand on the Margex platform.

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