Deepcoin Review 2024 : Is Deepcoin Exchange Legit?

Are you searching for the best crypto exchange platform? Are you finding it difficult to choose the best exchange platform? Many choices available in the market will confuse users in making the right choice as per the reviews. People often see reviews like a Deepcoin review to judge and choose the right exchange platform. Therefore, the users must go through the Deepcoin review and thoroughly understand its features.

Deepcoin Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Singapore
Found in 2018
Native Token Deep Coin
Listed Cryptocurrencies 80+
Supported Fiat Currencies AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, JPY, HKD, NOK, NZD, RUB, SGD, SEK, USD, etc.
Supported Countries USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, France, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Germany, etc.
Minimum Deposit Variable
Deposit Fees No
Transaction Fees Standard trading fees for takers are 0.10%, and for makers, 0.09%
Withdrawal Fees Variable
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Live Chat, Email, Help Center, & Social Channel Support

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The Deepcoin exchange platform provides spot trading opportunities, mainly in derivatives, to the users. Users can focus more on leveraged trading and derivatives trading, performing various trading operations on the exchange platform. This Deepcoin review will help you understand if this exchange platform will suit your expectations and requirements. So, read this to understand the features, payment methods, listings, markets, etc., offered by the platform.

What Is Deepcoin Exchange?

Deepcoin is one of the famous creations in the crypto exchange world and is also considered one of the smarter trading tools in the market. The platform aims to provide users with long-term and efficient innovative tools to perform leveraged trading, derivatives trading, spot trading, etc. They commit to creating a major impact on the mindset of the users who trade on the trading platform from different parts of the world.

Deepcoin supports many fiat currency payment methods worldwide, where users can buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies directly using the trading platform. They can also perform activities like perpetual inverse contracts, Defi financial management savings, etc. Blending in the top innovation trading tools, Deepcoin strives to build more such innovative applications to provide seamless trading opportunities.

Deepcoin Exchange User Interface

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Deepcoin Origin & Background

Deepcoin was started by a group of senior experts working in the blockchain industry field for years in November 2018. The platform has registered more than 1 million users across 30+ countries and has a trading volume of about 1 trillion dollars.

Working of Deepcoin

As we all know, it is quite hard to obtain cryptocurrencies compared to fiat currencies. Deepcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that helps users obtain cryptos, invest them, and trade them. The trading platform offers many innovative products like Super Saving, Lucky Money, and Options FX.

Most traders can explore opportunities to get returns by making earlier predictions of the price trends. The app, Lucky Money, is one of the best creations by the trading platform that they can use to trade in crypto coins. Another app, Super Saving, is also one of the favorite investment apps that users can download to know more about Defi Financial Management Savings. They can become a member of the VIP-1 level to earn more than an 8 percent annualized rate.

Platform Token DC is another ecological token that the trading platform offers users who can obtain the same for free and get a specific trading fee percentage through efficient mining methods like spot trading, Trading Mining, etc. All VIP level club members and above can trade and get about 5 percent to 30 percent of the fees in tokens.

Deepcoin Benefits

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Is Deepcoin Legit?

Deepcoin is one of the profitable crypto exchanges where users can place trades without worrying about anything else. This trading site gives users more purchasing power and keeps their trading future safe and secure. All the transactions happen online and are quite transparent when executing trades.

This complete exchange platform already has more than 1 million users and about 100+ KOLs worldwide, making it a reliable platform to place trades. As per reviews, they also have recognitions across 120+ media houses and around 800+ affiliates worldwide. Moreover, there is no Deepcoin scam reported yet by the platform users.

What Makes Deepcoin Exchange a Better Place to Invest?

Users must look to hold multiple positions or place bids on open positions using this trading platform for many reasons. Here are a few reasons why you must choose this trading platform:-

Strong, Independent R&D Capabilities

The platform was started by experts who have worked in the financial industry for years; it provides the best R&D solutions to users. As per reviews, it also provides the best trading experience to the users because of its third-generation trading system and usage of many cutting-edge technological solutions to the users.

Top Security

The wallet structure is designed to secure all the assets using high-encrypted dual tools, ensuring the required safety and security to the whole position amount of the users.

Fortified Risk Control Systems

The trading platform’s protection mechanism helps protect all the high-leverage trades from incurring significant losses.

Global Innovative Team

Many global readers and technological specialists are always available to assist the users. As per reviews, users can reach out to the team from their mobile devices to understand more about the crypto exchanges and how it works.

Why Choose Deepcoin?

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24/7 Multi-Lingual Support

The platform follows a one-minute response time to the users, ensuring the good experience that they look for. The dedicated customer support team in this digital exchange platform assists in many different languages as per the exchange review.

Stable Operation for 3 Years

This digital exchange platform now provides an excellent opportunity for users to hold positions in the best exchanges to enjoy profits. The cryptocurrency exchanges will hold the security until the period that the users have chosen by charging no money to the users. They can assess how the funds perform over the period and choose to hold the securities to increase the selling price. Moreover, the platform has been in operation for more than 3 years, with no downtime and no lag, making it more convenient for the users to invest for a long time.

20+ Industry Media Features

With more than 20+ industry media features, Deepcoin exchange is widely recognized worldwide for providing great exchange services. According to an exchange review, the exchange platform has fantastic promotions like $300 BTC Pizza Day Extravaganza, Invite Chat and Big Win, etc., that they promote in industry media outlets.

100+ Top KOL Cooperations

With over 100+ Top KOL Cooperations, this Deepcoin exchange platform receives significant funding from various reputed organizations. This makes the platform reliable and capable of investing in various AI and ML technologies to provide great experiences to the exchange users.

Deepcoin Features

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1M+ Satisfied Users

With more than 1 million satisfied users, the Deepcoin exchange website is a widely chosen platform because of the services and products it offers. It allows deposits and provides the right market analysis in real-time, spot trading, derivatives trading, etc.


There are many tools and technologies in the current market that will allow users to increase their profits and diversify their portfolios, reducing risks significantly. The leverage tool or leveraged trading helps make a good amount of money; however, it is also quite risky in the trading industry. Blockchain users can make up to 125x on their investments using leveraged trading opportunities this exchange website provides.

DC Token Details

Deep Coin is the name of this native token that is considered to be a part of a crypto coin. It is used as a token created on the ERC-20 standard and is offered to the people to start trading. They can use the tokens to stake on any exchange site and entirely create a passive income channel. They can also sell these coins or trade them to buy other cryptocurrencies. The price of the coin stands at 0.12 dollars currently. More than 1 billion Deep coins are currently available, and over 30 million tokens are being traded in the market. This accounts for about 3 percent of the overall token supply.

Unique And Impeccable Features of Deepcoin Exchange

There are many features that this site provides to people. They can review these features and make sure to create a dynamic portfolio by using them:-

Robust 3rd Gen. Transaction Matching System

This site is known for providing unmatched transaction management to people with cutting-edge technology. This allows people to complete a transaction as quickly as possible in a secure way.

Smarter Trading Tools

There are many smart trading tools that this site deploys. This includes trailing stop, stop-loss functions, take-profit assessment, and many more tools that make the trading journey of the people seamless and better.

Deepcoin Core Platform Features

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Flexible to Your Strategy

The strategy to place trades on the platform changes as per the market fluctuation. Therefore, the platform is quite flexible to make changes as per your strategy and suggests the best trading pair to invest your hard-earned money.

Deepcoin Exchange Trading View

With a detailed smart chart view and efficient trading tools, this platform also provides the best trading view to the players. It allows people to see different timelines and execute trades based on the real-time data it provides.

Services Offered by Deepcoin Exchange

There are many offerings that this site provides. Here is a detailed view of the best offerings:-

K-Line Quick Trading

  • Select & Trade On Chart
    The site allows you to view the chart and then start trading on the funds you want to trade on. Users can download the app, which has good reviews, to view the exclusive charts, transfer the amount into wallets and start trading without switching between the order page.
  • Complete Position Management
    The site also allows you to create a high-end portfolio by managing your positions efficiently. Some experts are always available to provide free investment advice and ensure that you are on the right track. As per Deepcoin reviews, their complete position management tool has helped maintain profits in the market for years, apart from placing an order quickly.

K-Line Quick Trading by Deepcoin

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Split & Merge Positions

  • Isolate Multiple Positions
    Every user can isolate multiple positions to minimize risks using the platform. According to the reviews, this newly launched platform allows users to restrict the margin amount for each order they place.
  • Merge Positions to Reduce Risk
    As per reviews, this site also allows people to reduce risk by merging positions. They can cap their investments under one umbrella without altering any net exposure and without paying commissions or spreading costs. You can check the requirements by visiting the official website.

Extensive Take-Profit & Stop-Loss Tools

  • Three Unique TP/SL Functions
    Deepcoin offers three different TP SL functions to the people: Position TP SL, Conditional TP SL, and All Selected TP SL on Position. To proceed with the position TP/SL, the user can click on the left-side button, put the trigger rate and order rate, and enter the position amount to confirm. Similarly, to place a conditional TP/SL order, the user can put the trigger price, select the order to trigger the right market rate or limit rate, enter the position amount, and confirm. The crypto user can also select to trigger the entire part of the position.
  • Up to 50 Per Position!
    The user can set up many positions by splitting leverages or merging them, setting upto 50 take-profit and stop-loss order positions. They can hold many positions for free and buy separate ones as per their desire.

Extensive Profitable Tools by Deepcoin

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USDT Perpetual

Deepcoin provides endless contract options to people who love to invest and create assets online. They can earn leverage up to 125 times using the USDT stablecoin as settlement currency or margin. By making a minimum initial cryptocurrency investment, they can earn more coins in investing in futures and launched companies. The users can also increase outcomes and split leverages for better profits.

They can invest in two products: USDT Perpetual Pro Contract and USDP Perpetual Lite Contract. They can get into the trading screen, view the chart, create open positions, assess the profit or stop loss points, review risk, and manage positions efficiently. They can also set a partial amount on the trailing stop or TP SL to manage assets on separate ones. The withdrawal fees are also kept minimum to provide the best experience to the users. They can also assess the k-line before making a crypto investment and check the pricing of the contracts. As per the Deepcoin review, they can view charts that Deepcoin provides for free before making any crypto investment.

Inverse Perpetual

US investors can open the Deepcoin app and enter into the same interface to invest in the Inverse Perpetual contracts. Here they can learn how to open positions, close TP SL positions, and manage them efficiently. Once they visit the page, they can select the currency pair, choose the BTC/USD inverse perpetual contract, and view the list of the trading pairs it supports. Click on the search and place order by selecting the order type.

Enter the amount and click on the percentage option to finalize the amount. If they want to place conditional order and limit order, they can visit the order zone page and click on the Merge or Split to do the same. Then, they can set the conditional TP SL and select Buy/Long or Sell/Short to review the details. Moreover, they can also share the profit or profit percentage across social media, adjust leverage, close positions, and review different prices using the platforms.

Spot Trading

US investors can now enjoy spot trading by opening the Deepcoin app and can register on it to enter the spot trading site. People must check the available amount when accessing the site for the first time, and they need to ensure that they meet the minimum amount criteria to deposit funds into the account. Then, they can trade on the currency pair and select the currencies that this site supports.

After that, they can choose to buy or sell the currency pairs, and once done, they can choose the order type and the price before clicking, and the order will be placed. This site currently offers three different order types: limit order, market order, and conditional order. They can review the limit orders, pending orders, and conditional orders by visiting the order history page.

Spot Trading by Deepcoin

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Deepcoin Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Seamless navigation within the website. Stop-loss orders can be managed more efficiently.
Many secured deposit methods. Not user-friendly for all new trading lovers.
Minimal withdrawal fees. They charge fees on holding cryptos that are comparatively high from others.
Efficient crypto wallets.
Quick adjustments with liquidation price and provides excellent crypto risk analysis.
People can register for free and easy know-how of order page.
Great email and live support.
Ability to refer millions and make millions in an affiliate program using the website.
Thousands of crypto investors and many supported coins.
People can access multiple entry points to trigger price, add margin, merge separate orders, and review different leverages.

Deepcoin Exchange Fees

Deepcoin charges a specific fee for every trade that investors place. The actual cost of the crypto orders will be reserved as the taker fees for the transactions investors can place. Moreover, they need to pay a transaction fee after the execution of the order. The transaction is calculated on the actual specific price of the transactions. The formula of the trading fees and order value are:-

Trading Fee = Contract Face Value * Trading Fee Rate/ Order Price

Order value =Contract Face Value * contract size / Order Price

The taker fee is 0.06 percent, and the maker fee is 0.04 percent.

Deepcoin Payment Methods

The site supports deposit methods through wallets and fiat gateway. Currently, the platform accepts Visa and Mastercard payment methods if investors are using a fiat gateway to make deposits and withdrawals. Investors who already possess digital currencies can deposit or withdraw crypto coins using the wallet and site. The transactions will take place only in the bitcoin mobile app for the fiat gateway.

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However, investors can create a Deepcoin wallet account to deposit cryptos using the crypto app and the website. They can explore the cryptocurrency wallets by visiting the official convenient mobile support app functionality and following the guides to make protected investments.

Deepcoin Supported Currencies

Unlike many other financial institutions, this platform is known for 100+ supported coins and many fiat currencies. These are the supported coins that investors can use to make initial cryptocurrency investments, merge leverage, perform same currency investments, split positions, hold the same position, place USDT perpetual contracts or inverse USDT perpetual contracts, etc. Deepcoin currently supports the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Supported Fiat Currency: AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, USD, HKD, NOK, CZK, TRY, etc.

Deepcoin Mobile Support

Many crypto traders are now switching to mobile versions of the platform to perform trading activities. Many investors are now using their smartphones to merge leverage, adjust leverage, know the split position margin, deposit regular cash, split leverages, mark entry points, etc. Deepcoin also has a dedicated trading platform that allows blockchain investors to use the functionalities and features it provides by downloading its app.

Whether they are using iOS or Android, they can download the mobile apps to view the trading chart of the derivatives market, review inverse perpetual contracts, access the deposit methods, contact mobile support, set take profit, assess risk appetite, deposit fiat on-ramps, and perform own research by accessing the resources page.

Many US investors and bitcoin companies are also making investments on the desktop and mobile apps to manage tokens, transfer, assess futures and liquidity processes, control asset management deal, and provide tips to the investors. The ability of these apps has become an important aspect for the investors across different parts of the world like Singapore, the USA, the UK, and many more.

Deepcoin Mobile Support

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Deepcoin Affiliate Program

With more than 200+ BTC commissions and 800+ influencer affiliates worldwide, Deepcoin is one of the best financial institutions providing the best affiliate programs. They offer an affiliate program across 20 different countries. They can enjoy features like 24/7 account manager support, rising commissions, referral incentives, a live commission tracker, and customized marketing support.

The Deepcoin VIP affiliate can earn 35 to 50 percent commissions based on their VIP levels. They can enjoy the Deepcoin marketing support with a professional account manager always assisting them in earning more incentives. Bitcoin investors can access live commissions, regular cash payments, and bonuses. Moreover, they can visit the offline events held by the platform and refer many people to earn lump sum incentives.

Also, they can assess the risk appetite across the cryptocurrency exchanges on their mobile version. In conclusion, beginners can also read the important information and get started with the affiliate program by visiting the official website on their protected desktop and app. Moreover, they can also access the tutorials to find more relevant information on the launched platform, with many professionals from different companies providing valuable tips and tricks to make money.

Deepcoin Affiliate Program

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Deepcoin Security Measures

The Deepcoin platform provides the best security services, whether exchange services, wallet services, or dApp services. Unlike other companies, they offer a cold storage facility to hold the crypto assets and meet all the industry security standards. The website uses 3-tiered authentication and email confirmations to protect the personal data of the investors.

It doesn’t collect any financial information of the investors to comply with all the required regulations and governmental instructions. The bitcoin website also has PCI scanning and a valid SSL certificate that makes them more secure to use for trading activities. They have stringent physical assessment checks and controls on their office premises and files.

Deepcoin Exchange Customer Support

Excellent customer support is an aspect that every trading website focuses upon. Similarly, Deepcoin is also one of the best platforms that provide excellent customer support. Blockchain operators can access their mobile app to contact the customer support team and start addressing their queries and concerns. They have an extensive help center page to help investors clear all their doubts and concerns. There are how-to guides, trading mechanisms, and cryptocurrency trading functions that investors can read through to understand the know-how about the platform.

Moreover, they can also go through the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other resources page to clear all the doubts. If the user faces issues with partial payments, liquidity margin, tokens, asset control, currency fluctuations, depositing different amounts, stop loss management, and many more, they can contact the email support or live chat support team to address their concerns.

Deepcoin Customer Support

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Deepcoin Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, with many crypto exchanges in the current market, it is quite challenging for traders to pick a suitable platform to trade and make payments. However, with our detailed Deepcoin review, you can assess all the details, including the features, currencies it supports, how to trade, and other details, assisting you in choosing the best exchanges.

Deepcoin is one of the famous exchanges worldwide that allows people to trade on cryptos. They can trade on derivatives, leverages, margins, etc. The fee structure is also quite simple, and the platform doesn’t charge any transaction fees when using digital currencies. Moreover, the referral programs help traders earn more commissions and increase their profits efficiently. So, this flexible exchange website is soon on the path to becoming one of the most successful exchanges worldwide.


Is Deepcoin Safe?

Yes, Deepcoin is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges traders can utilize to create a diversified portfolio. With more than 1 million people and 100+ KOLs worldwide, Deepcoin exchange is safe to place traders. As per the exchange review, this website also deploys the best 3-tiered wallet system to the traders to ensure enhanced security.

Is Deepcoin a Centralized or Decentralized Exchange?

Deepcoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange website that allows users to trade in 30+ different currencies and 100+ cryptocurrencies.

Where Is Deepcoin Based?

Deepcoin is headquartered in Singapore.

What Is the DC Coin Price?

The DC Coin price is at $0.12 currently. With market fluctuations happening for various reasons, traders must perform market research thoroughly before investing.

Can I Trade with USDT Stablecoin on Deepcoin?

Yes, traders can trade with USDT stablecoin on this exchange website. They can visit the spot trading and pair trading section on the official website to trade on their desired cryptocurrency.

Can You Deposit Fiat on Deepcoin Exchange?

Traders can trade using fiat currencies on the platform; however, they need first to add money into the wallet. After that, the wallet converts it into cryptocurrencies, allowing you to trade on the funds and margins.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Accepted by Deepcoin?

This cryptocurrency exchange website accepts more than 100+ cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDT, ETH, ATOM, FTT, DOGE, etc.

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