HPX Exchange Review 2023

The HPX exchange is a Melbourne-based platform for blockchain trading. Today, real currency is on the verge of being replaced by cryptocurrency, and the way transactions occur has changed.

HPX Exchange Summary

Official Website http://www.hpx.com/
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria
Found in 2017
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, USDT, ETH
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies RMB
Supported Countries Most of All
Minimum Deposit $5
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Yes

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Therefore, it is time people understand how to exchange companies work. This HPX crypto review discusses in detail how the HPX exchange review works and the major advantages and disadvantages of using it.

What Is HPX?

The HPX exchange is an online trading platform mainly focusing on user experience. Thus, this platform makes user convenience a top priority.

However, it is a company that speculates cryptocurrencies or prices of different types and rates. It is also a platform that assures to give traders considerable returns based on their investment.

The presentation of the company and its platform is top-notch. HRX crypto claims that the range of their return is between 2% to 4%. However, the numbers that they claim are not at all achievable.

However, HPX crypto allows its customers to deal in spot trading through fiat currency like RMB.

HPX Exchange Review 2022 - Platform Interface

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How Does HPX Exchange Work?

This HPX exchange review gives a proper insight into the different ways that this company claims to work. This review is the truest reflection of the real deal regarding HPX.

Is HPX Exchange Regulated?

As of now, the HPX crypto firm is not a regulated one.

Features of HPX

  • The site provides a built-in HPX wallet that changes HPX tokens to crypto.
  • There are administrators for deciding the pairs to be exchanged if one opts for centralized trade.
  • The maximum limit of the transaction is restricted with two parameters, namely, block interval and block size.
  • There are multiple payment options like Wechat and Alipay.

Services Offered by HPX

HPX crypto claims that it is dedicated to building a word-of-mouth name in the field of digital currency trading with the integrated service of its members or workers.

HPX Exchange Review: Pros and Cons

This virtual currency trading company has many pros and cons that make the company unique in its own way. The most conspicuous pros and cons are as follows:

Pros Cons
HPX does not charge any initial deposit fee from the customers. One can make a deposit whenever they want, without spending any extra money. The users have to fill up a KYC form. However, the process is relatively easy. The user only has to submit a copy of their passport or driving license.
The platform also does not charge withdrawal fees. This means the user can deposit and withdraw money anywhere, anytime, at no extra charge. The user has to submit AML- a statement regarding the source of the money that they are about to invest or trade on the platform.
It is a new platform. It has an innovative vision, updated and suitable for today’s needs. The platform only allows crypto to crypto money exchange.
As of now, it cannot produce any proof of reserve.

How to Get Started With an HPX Account?

The interface of the website is quite simple and user-friendly. First, users must log into the website and create an account with the necessary details. The customers have to fill up a KYC.

As proof of identity, the platform accepts a driving license and passport. Users who do not have either of these two documents will not be able to use HPX. The platform has its own mobile app, for both iOs and Android-based smartphones. This makes the platform more accessible for common people. Once users have logged in and created a valid account, they are ready to go.

HPX Exchange Review - Registration Process

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How Much User-Friendly is HPX Exchange?

One of the most appealing things about the platform is that it is extremely user-friendly. Anyone with basic knowledge of the internet and mobile smartphones can use the HPX app. The company claims its primary focus is to look into the comfort of the users. Therefore, it has created an interface that is extremely easy to use. It is very easy to use the HPX exchange app and trade on it. It takes only a few minutes to get started with it. The options are really straightforward. Users who have a general idea about crypto transactions can get going with the HPX app or website instantly.

HPX Trading Platform

However, the name HPX crypto does not ring a bell in the minds of those dealing regularly with digital currency trading. The main reason perhaps lies in the numbers. The platform barely has a digital presence currently. Another reason might be that it has only made its existence known a few days back.

The company seems to be bizarre. It claims to be of a Chinese origin. On the other hand, the company location is specified as Australia. Another problematic issue regarding this trading platform is that it has a Twitter account that does not mention anyone working there. The Twitter account, created in September 2018, does not have any personal or professional details of the company employees.

This does not allow users to connect on a personal level with the company. As it is only natural, the customers would have to trust a platform before they can invest their hard-earned money on a new platform like HPX. They have to have faith that the company can safeguard their valuable funds and cater to their individual withdrawal needs.

As far as the issue of liquidity is concerned, the platform has a bit of liquidity on it. However, it is mainly through large-cap coins, whereas the actual choice of the coins to trade is really small.

HPX Fees

HPX does not have any deposit or withdrawal fee. However, there is a nominal trading fee of 0.1%.

HPX Deposit and Withdrawal Method

This review makes an attempt to explain the deposit and withdrawal methods on the platform. However, there is nothing particular that can instill even a bit of confidence in the users. There are tall claims about the returns a user can expect. However, the exchange does not specify anything vital about the methodology. The site does not have any details about the parameters or the approaches that the exchange adopts. Further, there is no clear trading history on the online platform.

The company’s claim to give a daily return of 2% to 4% to the users is apparently a good promise. Beginner traders might even say it is achievable. However, if one closely analyzes the yearly data and history, it will be clear that it is nothing other than an absurd claim. The renowned hedge firms make barely 35% to 37% per year. For that, they also charge a huge amount. We suggest that users should not cave in if some random online company claims to do better than all other established companies.

HPX Referral Program

This platform has a lucrative referral program to earn more money without putting in much effort. HPX crypto exchange claims to reward users who promote their business and help them accumulate more money. HRX offers high cash rewards. The users easily fall into the trap and write false reviews and multiple positive comments to attract more people to the platform.

The structure of the workers resembles that of a pyramid. One user brings two more users. Those two bring two users each. Those users, in turn, bring two users each. This way the pyramid continues to grow.

HPX Mobile App

HPX exchange has come up with a cutting-edge app for its users. The good news is, anyone can use the app, as long as they have a smartphone and a stable internet connection. Sometimes, apps are only supported by specific mobile platforms. This restricts those apps from being used widely. HPX has launched its mobile apps for the most commonly used mobile platforms, namely Android and iOs. The users just have to download the app from their respective play stores, log in, and start trading.

HPX Exchange Review - Mobile App

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HPX Security

With the rise of online currency schemes, there has been an increase in fraud. Therefore it is important to get hold of the legal documents of the company before one starts investing in it. Our search for any legal papers of the firm was futile, and we ended up finding nothing relevant. The question is, if a company is unable to provide any legal documents supporting its business operations, how secure can it be?

HPX Exchange Review - Security Measures

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HPX Exchange Customer Support

The customer service area of the firm is also shady. They don’t have contact information or any information whatsoever about the whereabouts of the company.

Thus, users will have nowhere or no one to go to if a problem arises. Given that the field is about money transfer, it is only fitting that sometimes one would need professional advice. HPX fails to meet expectations in this regard.

HPX Review: Our Verdict

This HPX exchange review has investigated the smallest details and the smallest drawbacks of the platform. After analyzing and summarizing the pros and cons of the platform, the way it works, the deals it offers to its users that’s why it is known as one of reliable cryptocurrency exchange for trading. We suggest users hold off investing in HPX. The platform was established with fair intention and it has many attractive offers and features. However, the numbers it puts as its supposed return are not at all achievable. The platform cannot claim to be the best one in the field until it has proved itself completely trustworthy as far as user deposits and withdrawals are concerned.


What Is the Minimum Amount to Invest at HPX?

One can start investing at HPX with a minimum of $5 to $10 dollars.

What Is the Minimum Amount to Withdraw From HPX?

It is not specified on the website.

Is HPX Safe and Legit?

As of now, HPX cannot be said to be legit or safe. It is anonymous and does not provide any free trial for the users.

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