Best Crypto Exchange Indonesia 2023: Top 10 Crypto Exchanges!

There is a growing interest among traders in Indonesia to buy, sell, and trade popular and profitable coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. This article talks about the ways to buy Bitcoins and covers other aspects of Bitcoin trading; if you are interested in starting your crypto trading journey, let’s check our reviewed best crypto exchanges in Indonesia.


Binance Top Crypto Exchange In Crypto Trading World
Gemini Most Secured Crypto Exchange
Bybit 24/7 Customer Support
Bittrex Global Crypto Exchange
Coinbase Most Secure Crypto Exchange in the World
CoinSpot Multiple Payment Options Available
Kraken Innovative and Interactive Interfaces for Crypto Trading
OKcoin Best Liquidity Rates Available
Bitcoin Indonesia Allows Large Number Of Digital And Fiat Currencies
Abra Best Site for Fiat Currencies

Our Recommended Crypto Exchange

The recent craze about cryptocurrencies has given rise to new terminologies and business models. The digital asset exchange sites for bitcoin trading are one such aspect that acquired a reputation recently for providing an accessible way to trade. As more people try to buy, trade, and sell bitcoin and altcoins daily, there is a natural demand for facilitating virtual currency exchanges. Moreover, an exchange also gives people an entrance to a more secure and accessible method to buy bitcoin. These online exchange services are principally similar to an asset exchange, except they deal with crypto coins instead of stocks or forex.

Best Crypto Exchange Indonesia: Top List!

Cryptocurrency trading has become a major business model in Indonesia mainly because the government has realized the potential growth of bitcoins. The recent tenders announced in Indonesia bring all crypto operations within a legal framework. Indonesia is rapidly becoming a hub of bitcoin trading as more people are interested in exchanging fiat currencies for bitcoin. So, several of the most popular crypto firms in the world have opened their exchanges in Indonesia. Keep reading to learn about cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia.


Although relatively new to the field, Binance is currently a big fish in cryptocurrency trading. It holds a reputation for being increasingly preferred by the users due to its high liquidity rate and the low fees for funding when using the site’s Binance coin. Although, to know about the platform more with genuine reviews, click here.

  • User-friendly interface with data-guided tutorials.
  • 24/7 active customer support available.
  • Allows payments through bank cards in selected countries.
  • Binance research for crypto traders with vital statistical insights.
  • Supports over 300 types of coins.
  • Lower processing charges.

Binance - Best Crypto Exchange Indonesia

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Launched in 2014 by the Winklevoss brothers, Gemini has evolved as one of the best crypto exchanges for buying, selling, & holding cryptocurrencies with safety features & ease of use. It is easily accessible on its website as well as a mobile app. It supports various cryptocurrencies and also has its currency named Gemini stablecoin. Gemini is one of the few Bitcoin exchanges with a dedicated mobile app that actively serves over 50 countries, including Canada, the USA, India, the UK, Australia, and South Korea.

  • Gemini is well suited for new crypto investors offering excellent cryptopedia educational resources.
  • Its product, Gemini Earn and Gemini Staking, is also ideal for an advanced trader to delve deeper.
  • Gemini is a top-rated platform supporting both Android and iOS versions, and it is free of cost.
  • Its active trading platform offers 20+ crypto-to-crypto trading pairs making it popular among traders.

Gemini Crypto Exchange

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The Bybit cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2018 that offers a secure, fair, safe, and transparent trading platform. This platform is suitable for trading veterans & those who are ready to move on to more complex derivatives. It is one of the top exchanges having maximum trading volumes in crypto derivatives. The traders can find 24/7 excellent customer service, an ultra-fast matching engine, and multilingual community support. The order book of Bybit allows traders to access the depth of the market and current trading volumes.

  • The KYC process is not compulsory in this trading platform.
  • Its mobile application works with both iOS and Android systems.
  • It features an insurance fund guarantee to minimize and cover losses.
  • Instead of charging fees to Makers, Bybit offers a maker fee (rebate) of 0.025%.

Bybit Crypto Exchange

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Bittrex is a global crypto exchange blockchain platform founded in 2014. This exchange provides more than 440 cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, or trade. Bittrex is a perfect choice for active traders looking for comparatively low fees, numerous order types, and security of the fund. Its charges are a little less compared to other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Traders across the world can access this trading platform except for Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimean peninsula. The exchange provides several measures like cold storage of crypto assets and insurance to safeguard customers’ funds.

  • Bittrex is compliant with US federal laws and also with EU regulations.
  • The features are convenient and have a simple interface.
  • It has significant trading volumes.
  • Bittrex is a highly secure exchange with low transaction fees.
  • Bittrex suits well for experienced crypto traders.

Bittrex Crypto Exchange

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Coinbase is one of the most secure crypto exchanges in the world currently available for users in Indonesia. Moreover, it is one of the highly regulated spots for liquid crypto exchanges. However, get more information about the exchange platform from us & explore.

  • As the bitcoins in Coinbase are insured, there is less risk associated with buying and selling bitcoins on this site.
  • This site understands the risks of crypto trading and provides the best trading environment.
  • Allows users to open a trading account with a comparatively lower fund.
  • The user can access more than 100 coins through Coinbase.
  • Comes with a mobile app that has a highly intuitive interface.


Coinbase - High Ranked Crypto Exchange Indonesia

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Coinspot is an Australia-based exchange that seeks to extend its services to users in Indonesia. Despite being one of the oldest sites, Coinspot is reputed because it has never been hacked since its establishment in 2013. It also proves that Coinspot is one of the world’s best and most secure crypto trading platforms. However, find more about the platform here and explore the benefits.

  • Prompt customer service with a good reputation.
  • Heightened security through two-factor authentication.
  • Coinspot Mobile App to provide higher accessibility towards crypto assets.
  • This site offers multiple payment options, including bank transfers.
  • Easy and instant processing of transactions.
  • An exchange that is highly organized for trading.
  • Insurance for crypto assets.

CoinSpot - Top-Rated Crypto Exchange for Indonesia Users

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Kraken has a reputation for providing innovative and interactive interfaces for crypto trading. The interface is designed to help novice traders understand and reap the benefits of bitcoin trading. Kraken’s reputation also rests on its quick and secure way of accessing bitcoin trading.

Moreover, it is one of the forerunners of crypto trading as the site has been operating since 2011. However, get honest Kraken exchange reviews from our page and know the insights of the exchange in detail.

  • Kraken accepts around 170+ coins and 8 fiat currencies.
  • The charges for currency transfer to and from bank accounts are comparatively fairer.
  • The information provided by the users is kept encrypted and under surveillance.

Kraken - Secure Crypto Exchange in Indonesia

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OKCoin is a decentralized global trading site now available in Indonesia. OKCoin also offers a simplified interface and a friendly outlook to the users. Moreover, its reputation also rests on various deposit options to make the transfers seamless and accessible.

  • The site offers one of the best available liquidity rates.
  • The traders can also access fiat fund deposits and withdrawals.
  • The users incur only a nominal figure for the findings and transfers they make.

OKCoin - One of the Top Crypto Exchanges in Indonesia

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Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin (BTC) Indonesia is a first-rate bitcoin exchange that operates from and is available in Indonesia. This exchange crypto Indonesia adheres to a direct approach to bitcoin trading, and the exchange offers users the option of trading through unverified accounts to help them transact anonymously.

The site has earned a reputation for having the most registered users in Indonesia through advanced features like instant buy and non-KYC accounts.

  • Accepts multiple payment types like bitcoin trading and bank transfer.
  • The site also has a help center to help out users with their doubts
  • Allows deposits through fiat currencies.
  • Users can preserve anonymity through unverified accounts.

Bitcoin Indonesia - Best Platform to Buy Bitcoins in Indonesia

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Abra is another Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange that is available to traders in Indonesia. Its reputation rests on its vision of bringing users a simple and honest financial system. Like many more exchanges, Abra invests much attention into transparency and accessibility.

Furthermore, the whole operation runs in a user-centered approach and has a reputation for bringing long-term value to traders’ money.

  • Abra offers a consolidated and easy means to access both stocks and bitcoin.
  • It is one of the best sites for fiat currencies as it supports more than 70 of them.
  • Abra is dedicated to providing a fast, secure trading environment free from threats.
  • The site itself does not charge for deposits and the spread does not exceed 1%.

Abra - All Time Favourite Crypto Exchange Indonesia

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Why Do You Need Crypto Exchanges?

If you have decided to try crypto trading, an exchange site offers the best way to buy, sell, and trade crypto coins. This is because an exchange trading platform is often the simplest means to acquire the cryptocurrency of your liking.

These exchanges also provide an easy and much safer environment for exchanging crypto coins. Apart from the security features, the user-friendly system on many popular exchanges helps even novice traders participate in the business.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency in Indonesia?

The anonymous and decentralized outlook of bitcoin trading is why world countries have conflicting perspectives on cryptocurrency. While some countries try to curb the momentum of bitcoins, others hope to regulate the market model of cryptocurrencies.

Fortunately, Indonesia is one of the few countries with a reputation for a positive outlook toward crypto transactions and a legal framework to induce its growth. This means that users in Indonesia can buy and sell bitcoins from any of the registered cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the Central Bank of Indonesia has not declared it a standard commodity, the firms and companies in Indonesia are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency as a standard mode of payment apart from bank transfers.

The Indonesian government also is one of the few countries to build a Bitcoin ATM from which users can buy bitcoin. However, a transaction through this ATM might lose around 5 to 10% in tax.

How to Select the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Indonesia For You?

The trickiest part of crypto trading is to choose a platform that suits your needs. Users must consider several criteria before investing their money in trading. The users must look into aspects like bank currency support, accessibility, bank transfer charges, and the reputation of the Indonesia crypto exchange.

They must understand that cryptocurrency is volatile, decentralized, and anonymous, unlike the standard bank currency. Thus, an investment in it must always begin with thorough research.

Does that crypto exchange support Indonesian Rupiahs?

The users need to look for and choose the exchange supporting Indonesian Rupiah through bank transfer. This is because the easiest method to buy and trade Bitcoin with IDR is to use a site that supports bank transfer deposits. This is because some crypto wallet deposits might incur a processing charge from the exchange. However, setting up a crypto wallet with the exchange would be much more secure as it involves several verification steps.

Fee structure of Crypto exchanges

The users must have a comprehensive understanding of the fee structure of the exchange if they are planning to buy or sell crypto coins. Exchange sites are a business model that emerged along with bitcoin trading, not a service. So, users would be charged for transferring funds from their accounts. Users must compare several exchange points and choose the one that is likely to bring a better profit.

Moreover, the users can choose from one of the few exchange points that offer charge-free deposits, discounts, and offers for promotional reasons. However, one must be concerned about security issues in such cases.

Deposit and Withdrawal Charges

An exchange charges the users for various services, such as deposits, withdrawals, and trading. Quite a few of these exchanges tend to not charge the users for any deposits they make to invite more funds from them. Some of them still charge for such services. However, they make up for it through other features such as safety and trading.

Furthermore, the deposit fees and withdrawal charges incurred would also change depending on the type of coins the users buy. While the less popular coins tend to charge more for processing the funds, the most popular ones, like Bitcoin, charge much less for processing.


Security is one of the foremost concerns of an exchange. Still, crypto wallets are not as safe as bank accounts, and users must consider several security features before transferring the funds to the wallet. Some popular exchanges offer features like cold wallet, two-factor authentication, SMS alerts during fund transfers, customer insurance, periodical audits, and the authorization of fraudulent activities prevention bodies.

Is That Licensed?

A supervisory board exists to oversee cryptocurrency exchange and transactions in Indonesia. Moreover, the legal framework around crypto and bank fiat currency is actively being shaped. So, it is advisable to have an idea about legal tenders around crypto trading and look for exchange platforms that adhere to the regulatory instructions of the supervisory board. The regulations suggested by the board provide a secure environment free from threats and balance the scale between physical and other crypto assets.

Conclusion on Indonesia Crypto Exchange

The perspectives on cryptocurrency are obscure even today. Some people believe the characteristics of bitcoin trading go against the legal frameworks and, at times, their beliefs.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency market shows great potential to become an alternative to the extant investment options. As more people increasingly try to access bitcoin trading, countries like Indonesia are taking a step forward to regulate and make user transactions as safe and easy as possible. The exchange system is ultimately a business model that can appropriate itself per the legal tenders drawn towards cryptocurrency. Moreover, they also can act as a means to achieve a regulated market.


Which Crypto Exchange Is Licensed in Indonesia?

Legislation has been passed to legalize crypto transactions in Indonesia. However, traders can buy and sell bitcoin only from the exchange points with all rights reserved with the Central Bank of Indonesia. Binance, Indodax, Kraken, Coinspot, Coinbase, HitBTC, Bitcoin Indonesia, Abra, Paxful, and Bitfinex are some of the most popular sites for cryptocurrency exchange.

Can You Trade Crypto in Indonesia?

Yes, anyone can trade crypto Indonesia. However, blind investments in bitcoin trading do not ensure any return. So, one must extensively research various types of crypto coins and the features of the exchanges to select the one that would be beneficial.

Is Crypto Legal in Indonesia?

Yes, crypto trading has been legalized by the Bank of Indonesia since September 2018. Furthermore, the Indonesian government has instituted a supervisory body to regulate the cryptocurrency market within the country to provide the users with a secure and legitimate environment for bitcoin trading.

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