Instars Review 2023

Earning through data exchange in crypto exchange platforms is something new traders or users have come to realize lately. These crypto websites allow their members to earn digital currency or earn Instar by sharing only required personal information.

One such is the Instars. Since the launch, many Instar reviews by experts believe it is turning out to be the best crypto exchange website.

Instars Summary

Official Website
Found in 2018
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XMR, USDT, BNB
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Supported Countries Most of All
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees
Transaction Fees Depends on currency
Withdrawal Fees
Application Yes
Customer Support Email, FAQs, Support center, Submit Request Support

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Instars review covers all aspects of the mutually beneficial data exchange platform. It will introduce more features for real people and companies in the future.

If users are confident and happy to earn by sharing information, read the following Instar review. The review will cover how users can earn Instar patented tokens.

What Is Instars Exchange?

Instar is a new digital currency or crypto launched in February 2018 on the Ethereum platform by the Insight Network.

It was created to help users keep their information under control now and even in the future. Usually, data collecting firms collect user data for analysis purposes but do not share the profit with users.

Created by Insights Network, the primary future goal of this crypto site is to offer mutual benefit by data exchange between users and firms, helping users understand, decide and earn Instar tokens. It is done using an advanced tool designed by the Insights Network.

By using Instar Wallet, token holders can own and control their information. Instar is a decentralized, delegated proof-of-stake blockchain that runs on the EOS open-source network. According to the team that designed this crypto site, a person participating in the data exchange method does not get enough profit compared to the firm behind it.

So by simply introducing this new exchange platform, companies can ask for specific data directly from the user without involving any third party. Moreover, the platform wants the user to control the data completely. In return, they get to earn tokens into their Instar wallet. Since its launch in 2018, the crypto website has got a complete understanding of the person seeking tokens or rewards. Here, Instar Wallet review plays a significant role.

Instars Reviews - Platform Interface

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How Does Instars Work?

More than $200 billion of data exchanges occur every year by exploiting consumers’ information through unfair models. However, consumers do not earn anything out of it.

To reward its users, Instars offer crypto, which also preserves data. The service is built to have a secured data exchange site. It will enable users to communicate data in a secure, compliant, and mutually advantageous manner.

Instars Review: Features and Benefits

  • One of the advantages of using Instar is that the user has complete control over how much data must be shared. Irrespective of the data size, the user is rewarded.
  • Furthermore, Instar wallet makes the scenario interesting by simply allowing anonymous data input, such that no one knows whom the data belongs to specifically once it is sent.
  • Another advantage of using this currency platform is users get coins instantly once the survey or poll is completed.
  • These features are in addition to the fundamental Instar wallet functions that Instar Wallet provides so effectively.
  • Token transfers within the wallet are now easy, allowing people to use the Instar Wallet’s features right now.

Instars Reviews - Benefits of Using Instars

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Products and Services Offered by Instars

Instar has some consumer-friendly products; a member can get by signing into the site. This will help to receive assets and other easy rewards. One such is to follow the Influencers Incentives Program.

The Influencers Incentives Program offers social media influencers the opportunity to join activities by the organization to receive the mutual data exchange reward.

There are different openings for social media influencers who can apply for other activities. Selected social media influencers will be rewarded in the form of Instar tokens, coupons, and free swag.

Instar Bridge

This cross-chain smart contract named “instarbridge” is built with a partnership with Partisia and Sepior. This development of MPC Oracles will allow non-Ethereum digital currency to access the Defi marketplaces like Uniswap and Balancer.

MPC, known as Multiparty Computation, is the subfield belonging to cryptography and is designed to create strategies for parties. The implementation of Oracle will allow scaling up to other cryptocurrencies.

Earning Tokens

Instar tokens are the biggest products from the crypto site. Post-registering for the Instar wallet, the user gets qualified to participate in many daily polls, activities, and surveys.

Other data sharing methods, such as location sharing and other exciting features, will be used in the platform, and the user will be able to participate.

Members will be rewarded based on the data they submit and depending on the data collecting technique used. Different data seekers will seek other types of data, which will determine the magnitude of the reward.

Price Watching

This is yet another feature from Instar in its Instar wallet review that allows keeping a watch on the amount to improve and get digital coins at times.

Some crypto apps already offer this; nevertheless, Instar Wallet considers it essential to have everything under one roof. It also allows members to get a sense of the market’s trading values, which may assist them in making better everyday decisions.

Instars Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free registration and no purchasing of services. No iOS App, but only for Android users.
Different ways to earn Crypto Tokens.
Interesting potential with a new crypto.
Has Mobile App and Instar Wallet App.
Legit way to earn money.

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Registration & Login Process

One of the very first ways to earn crypto and other users’ benefits from the platform is by creating and verifying your account. Members can create accounts for free and go through a simple verification process. Upon registering, the platform rewards registered members with 25 Instars.

Follow these steps to get started with Instars:

  • Visit the official Instar website.
  • There will be a registration pop-up on the screen.
  • Enter the email address and a password to create a profile.
  • Double-check the email address and sign-in.

Instar verifies its new user through the KYC process. So the user will need to provide a complete KYC process in the beginning. One way of the verification process is by uploading a driver’s license or sharing a selfie by holding a piece of paper of and the date of registration written over it to verify.

The INSTAR wallet user will be rewarded with 25 INSTAR signup bonuses after the profile has been verified and authorized.

Another method to verify your account is through Facebook or LinkedIn. You can log into the wallet account through Facebook or LinkedIn and verify your account.

Instars Reviews - Registration Process

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Earn Cryptocurrency on Instars

There are multiple ways of earning crypto on the website if interested:-

Upload Photographs of Receipts

Clicking to upload photos of the receipt is one of the ways to earn crypto from Instar. The receipt will have the feedback about the experience of using the Instars app for your mobile device is the easy method to achieve this. Make sure while taking photos the receipt is in good condition at the moment and has the sign.

Each registered member is allowed to upload up to three receipts each day from the previous 24 hours. The business name, date, address, transaction number, and total amount must be properly displayed on the receipt.

Completing Short Surveys and Polls

Paid shorts surveys, opinions, and polls are a common way to earn rewards. Instar offers a variety of tasks to perform, including brief surveys and polls. For each poll result, users will be awarded EOS coins.

By Inviting Friends

Since Instar Wallet is quite new in the game, the crypto site is still looking for new members. This means the user can earn tokens or new digital currency quickly through referral programs or by inviting friends.

Watch Prices

Another way to earn a crypto wallet is by watching the price movements of other cryptocurrencies. On the dashboard, the user will get a pretty good overview of the prizes of other popular cryptocurrencies.

Instars Reviews - Start Earning with Instars

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Earn Free Coins on Instars

Users can earn free coins by learning about cryptocurrencies once completed the INSTAR Research & Learning Tab.

The learning lab will also provide information in the form of a course about digital money and blockchain technology. However, there are not many resources available in the form of videos. New joinees can check Google.

Offers & Discounts by Instars

There is a separate ‘offer’ section where the user can purchase many items and take a huge amount and rewards in digital assets.


INSTAR Token is a digital currency or model that registered members can earn instar through online surveys, referrals, learning about crypto, etc.

To date, INSTAR Token is already paid out to more than 200,000 people across 166 countries for the consensual data.

Software Survey By Instars

Instars survey software is designed to deliver blockchain-powered surveys for users to earn crypto prizes. The survey software helps to create higher quality online surveys at fewer prices. Participants benefit from targeted surveys created using the survey software.

Every month organizations pay recurring survey fees, which can cost high. With the survey software from Instars, companies do not have to pay any extra. The money spent on surveys generated using Instars Survey Software goes straight to survey participants but not to the greedy software firms.

Instars prioritize survey creators and respondents. Instead of paying around $468 per year for the limited view and extra fees, survey authors may earn 3.23 percent interest by staking 5,000 INSTAR tokens as completely refundable collateral.

The reason for using Instars survey software is the complete privacy value. The one-time pad encryption offers a high level of privacy to users’ insights and data. Therefore, registered members do not find problems in taking the service.

Thanks to the smart contracts operating and Instar Blockchain, the website allows mutually beneficial data exchange between data requesters and suppliers.

Instars Reviews - Software Surveys By Instars

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Security Offered by Instars

Since Instar is a mutually beneficial data exchange platform, even a little safety of users’ data is a high priority. Preserving your privacy is vital. The INSTAR token earned on the platform is safe in the wallet.

All INSTAR coins are kept secured in the wallet and securely transferred to other wallets upon others’ requests.

Moreover, to ensure no hacking or third-party access to the account or wallet, the registered member needs to provide KYC details. In the future, the site might come with more security in this volatile web world.

Is Instars Legit & Safe?

Going through the above Instar review, its features, security, and practice, the website does not look like a scam. Moreover, it gives the user complete authority in choosing how much information should be provided.

This isn’t a typical survey or receipt-generating software. Instar offers a good chance to earn digital assets by the parties involved. Moreover, the company’s intention is user-oriented, where it wants to have a marketplace for users to make data exchange.

Instars Customer Support

Instar has pretty good customer support for its members. There are different ways they can be reached. Whether the user needs developer support, media inquiries, general inquiries, or is interested in becoming a partner, the user can send mail on the given id for the respective issue. There will be no financial advice or opinions at the same time. The team will read and connect back instantly via email for questions and explain the query and opportunities to the user.

Solid customer support and developing trust are vital in this volatile blockchain-tech industry. Whether the user wants to know about the business opportunities, Insights network, earn Instar coins, Instar wallet, earning token, or other things. The customer support team will assist in all areas irrespective of country.

Instars Reviews - Customer Support by Instars

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Instars Review: Conclusion

Based on this review, it is safe to conclude that Instar is quite an impressive digital cryptocurrency exchange platform for users looking to choose, earn crypto and continue to grow. Instar has already demonstrated that it has brought change and a better knowledge of what the user wants from a Bitcoin rewards program. Experts’ opinion towards it is quite positive. So a person can create a profile conveniently.

When members choose to browse on the smartphone, it is only available to Android users. Once it improves its mobile strength by developing an iOS app, it will receive good results.

As a result of the increasing number of people joining Insights Network, Instar is launching several reward programs with attractive pricing incentives in the near future.


What Makes Instars Different From Others?

One thing that makes Instars different from other crypto exchange platforms is it has multiple options to earn crypto or rewards and advanced technologies.

How to Earn INSTAR?

A user can use Instar Wallet on a desktop or mobile computer to earn crypto on INSTAR. Here are some of the most effective ways to acquire INSTAR:

  • Users can earn using the Instar Wallet to participate in daily activities like polls, surveys, and other data exchange.
  • INSTAR Referral Program: Users can invite friends to join using your unique referral link.
  • Bounty Program at INSTAR.

How to Earn Crypto on Instar?

By joining surveys, selling information, learning about blockchain technology or Bitcoin topics through a learning lab, and other ways.

Does Instar Have a Referral Program?

Yes, the INSTAR referral program helps registered members to earn INSTAR for successful recommendations to friends made via account.

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