Liquid Review 2023

The advent of cryptocurrency has revolutionized the process of economic transactions in the domain of global finance. The commodity market has experienced a perennial influx toward virtual exchange systems, which will ensure exciting times ahead for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The growing need for a compact cryptocurrency exchange platform has led to the emergence of a number of firms. However, very few have actually been able to cater to the needs of the customers.

Liquid Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Found in 2014
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 80+
Trading Pairs 150+
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, HKD, SGD
Supported Countries World Wide Except Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, US, and more.
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Mail, Help Center, & Social Network Support

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Liquid is one of those successful organizations that have rightly guided and served its customers through its well-developed technical infrastructure and financial knowledge. This article is an assiduous review of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Liquid. This review will provide readers with a thorough understanding of the platform’s different trading mechanisms, feasibility, and trustworthiness.

What Is Liquid?

Liquid offers an excellent solution to the contemporary problems of financial traders. It began its journey in 2014, and since then, the organization has provided brilliant services in the field of cryptocurrency-fiat exchanges. The company is based out of Tokyo, Japan under its parent concern Quoine. It was granted an official license from the Japan Financial Services Agency as a virtual exchange platform in the year 2017.

Liquid as an organization focuses on creating a secure crypto environment where each and every trader and customer can enjoy the perks of safe financial transactions and great blockchain technology. Being ranked among the top ten regulated crypto platforms provides a competitive advantage not only to the organization, but also provides a strong platform for its customers to enjoy great services with optimum safety. Through its innovative interface, Liquid has been able to integrate effective features and measures which allow a great experience for its users. Liquid gives utmost attention to user satisfaction.

Liquid Reviews - Platform Interface

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What Is Liquid Earn?

Liquid Earn is an effective tool that helps traders and users to earn from their transactions. The primary motive of Liquid Earn is to provide income opportunities on crypto balance. Liquid Earn offers rewards on crypto transactions and provides a great platform to earn rewards on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currency exchanges.

How Does Liquid Earn Work?

Liquid Earn is a form of passive income given to the traders on Liquid. The organization has developed this tool as a strategy to improve the residual income of the customers on their assets and cryptocurrency. Every trader attached with Liquid has a crypto balance and the organization mobilizes this balance to provide passive income to the traders via their held stakes at Liquid. The organization has partnered with Celcius to streamline this procedure.

Liquid Reviews - What Is Liquid Earn?

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Liquid Features

The crypto environment is significantly competitive. As an organization, Liquid had to work on improving its features for better service and higher customer satisfaction. This led to visionary developments in crypto exchange mechanisms, allowing the organization to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Some of the core features of Liquid are as follows:-

  • Excellent trading environment allowing the exchange of a plethora of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, Ethereum et cetera).
  • Innovative security measures.
  • Excellent fintech innovation.
  • Advanced trading.
  • Great interactive interface with live price charts and analytical tools for professional traders.
  • It is known to provide greater Liquidity and fund control.
  • An easily navigable website which allows information mining in the best possible manner.
  • Smooth Search and surf.
  • The Liquid exchange boasts of strong Liquidity. In the comparison of a 24-hour and 30-day trading volume, the exchange found a place among the top 20 in the latter vertical. It has plummeted to 67th spot in the event of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis from March 2020, yet the 30-day trading volume clocked an improvement at 5.7 billion.

Liquid Review 2022 - Features of Liquid Exchange

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Liquid Services

  • Liquid has strengthened its base as a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform. The primary service provided by the organization is a platform to sell, buy, or exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with or without fiat money.
  • It also allows spot trading on cryptocurrencies as well as margin trading in different markets and conditions. Most of the traders in the current market condition want to earn while they make transactions, and Liquid Earn is a great service that allows traders to make money while they trade in currencies virtually.
  • The “buy and swap” feature is the recent addition to its service portfolio. This allows customers and traders to buy or swap cryptocurrency with a single touch.

Liquid Review : Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The web interface is user-friendly. Lack of dedicated guiding tools.
Ample trading options for the traders and customers. Needs an effective information tool for professional investors.
Large stocks to invest in, both for national and international investors. US investors are not allowed to invest.
High-speed withdrawals. Comparatively higher trading fees.

Get Started with Liquid

One of the major issues with most crypto exchange platforms is the registration process and this is where Liquid stands out. Registering on this platform is a simple task and can be done within minutes. In order to register with Liquid, one just needs to access its website which is accessible on any web browser. The website is user-friendly and allows smooth navigation.

Recently, it has also launched a mobile application which makes the registration process much simpler. A proper and steady internet connection allows the user to complete the registration process faster. As the users land on the home page, they are invited to get started with a small registration form that asks for some basic information.

Once the sign-up process is complete, the users are assisted with their desired currency for trade or exchange, making it absolutely lucid for the trader to understand the process. The account holder is analyzed on the basis of credit score and investment potential.

Liquid Review - Liquid Sign Up Process

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Liquid Fees

The fee structure developed by Liquid is effective as it helps to reduce the trading prices for greater engagement with traders and customers. The trading fees are charged according to the trading volume of the user. The organization waives off trading fees against transactions happening through QASH. It also offers referral discounts for its traders which enhances its relationship with them. Liquid charges a fee of about 0.3% which is reduced on the basis of trading volumes. The platform also waives off charges for traders who trade less than $10,000 on a monthly basis.

The deposits or withdrawals are normally free, however it charges a meager fee of 0.10% on fiat transactions. Liquid also realizes the importance of charging low on cryptocurrency withdrawal. Withdrawal of bitcoin currently costs around 0.0007BTC and for Ethereum it costs around 0.01ETH. Liquid accepts different payment methods. It accepts payment via bank deposits and through credit cards, but this might be accompanied by higher charges. For detailed Liquid fee structure click here.

Liquid Deposit Methods

Liquid supports wire transfers. It does not support credit card deposits. Liquid is an FIO deposit address-enabled platform, possibly the first of its kind. Depositing crypto into an exchange usually involves typing a somewhat never-ending series of numbers and letters. One cannot negate the possibility of missing out on a number or making an erroneous input. In a deposit address consisting of forty characters, mistyping one character can land the crypto to the wrong address. However, from 13 January 2021, users can register their FIO deposit address. This is just like an email address that eliminates these problems and facilitates a safe and fuss-free deposit handle.

Liquid Withdrawal Methods

Crypto withdrawals are usually a time-consuming affair. Hence, it is advisable to research well before one decides to trade. Fiat withdrawals take upto three working days and for digital assets, it might take two business days from the day the request is lodged.

Liquid Supported Currencies & Countries

In order to compete with some of the global names in the market, Liquid accepts different fiat and cryptocurrencies. The list is given below:-

  • USD
  • EUR
  • JPY
  • AUD
  • HKD

The accepted cryptocurrencies are:-

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • IOTA
  • XRP
  • LTC

Liquid is available in many countries, with a few exceptions. It is not available in the USA, the Bahamas, Somalia, Iran, Jamaica, the Democratic Republic of Korea, and a few more.

Liquid Mobile App

A Liquid review would not be complete if its mobile application is not analyzed. The Liquid app is a user-friendly and easily navigable crypto exchange application that allows traders to access their crypto account in the easiest manner. The application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google play. The application is smooth and hassle-free, which allows excellent trade interactions.

Liquid Reviews - Liquid Mobile App

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Lend Your Crypto to Earn Interest with Liquid Exchange

Most people interested in crypto trading focus on earning the best possible interest through transactions. Most crypto traders search platforms that allow excellent returns on crypto trading. Liquid allows its traders and customers to lend cryptocurrency to earn interest. The crypto balance is invested to provide suitable interest to the clients.

Advanced Trading with Liquid Exchange

Advanced trading is a crucial factor in every financial transaction. Especially in crypto trading,traders need to understand the risks and conditions and market for better decision-making. Through its effective interactive website and consistent customer support, Liquid helps in advanced trading which makes it easier for the traders to make the right decision. Advanced trading is done through a proper interface that allows the trader to understand the market mechanism and value of assets in the best possible manner.

Liquid Reviews - Advanced Trading with Liquid Exchange

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Liquid Security

Every crypto trading platform has to analyze the security threats in order to provide proper service to traders. Liquid implements properly layered security channels to enhance the service level. Some of the major aspects of Liquid security are as follows:-

  • Two-factor authentication (mobile authentication through OTP)
  • Cold wallet and MPC technology
  • Safe storage
  • IP whitelisting
  • Incident response

Liquid Reviews - Liquid Security Features

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Liquid Customer Support

Liquid offers an extremely user-friendly digital help area that is chock-full of articles answering frequently asked questions. If that doesn’t help, they also have an email support service that usually answers queries within a few hours. According to reviews, trading on Liquid is a typically favorable experience. One of the few prevalent concerns is that smaller altcoins do not perform as well as the larger cryptocurrencies. The organization also focuses on imparting knowledge through its academy. Effective email, phone, and virtual support are also available for traders. Customer support reviews of the platform have been good so far.

Liquid Review: Our Verdict

Liquid is a great cryptocurrency exchange software for fintech traders. It caters to every class of traders and customers, right from beginners to professionals. However, it needs to up its game in terms of trading fees and professional assistance tools. Since the race to become the most viable and compact cryptocurrency exchange platform is still on, there’s always room for improvement. It conforms to every key financial rules and regulations, which makes it a great choice.

One of the biggest advantages of Liquid is its corporate infrastructure that allows the organization to trade in a fair manner. In fact, it is one of the first to validate FIO deposits. This is indeed an excellent strategy of the organization as it would help to streamline the exchange of cryptocurrency in the best possible manner. To conclude, it is indeed a great decision to join Liquid for effective financial trading, but one must constantly review their choices before investing.

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Is Liquid Trustworthy?

Liquid is definitely an authentic crypto exchange platform. It is registered with the Japanese Financial Agency, which cements its position in the market. However, financial trading is never free of risks. It’s fair to say that the organization goes to extreme lengths to make sure funds are kept safe in the virtual environment, but no fintech platform is absolutely secure. The platform has all the key tools in place to generate trust among its customers.

Is Liquid App Safe?

Liquid is highly reliable. The platform has never been hacked, and the accounts of the users are protected with the two-factor authentication procedure. However, new users are advised not to trade on high leverage since it involves the risk of Liquidation of the entire balance.They should not deposit funds if there are reservations about sharing their identity for withdrawals.

Is Liquid Crypto Exchange Legit?

The legitimacy of this exchange cannot be questioned since it is licensed and regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency. However, it is essential to gather information through proper reviews.

Can I Withdraw Money From Liquid?

Yes, once user identity has been verified, both cryptocurrency and fiat currency can be withdrawn from Liquid. Users are charged $15 and a fee of 0.10% on withdrawal of fiat currency.

Can I Buy Bitcoins on Liquid?

Yes, it’s easy to buy Bitcoins on Liquid. If one plans to purchase instantly up to a limit of $2000, it can be done through a Visa debit or credit card. Alternatively, it can be done by depositing a supportive fiat currency into the user trading account.

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