Logium Review 2024 : Token Price Investment for Future

What Is Logium?

In the crypto betting industry, hundreds of platforms are making entries daily. However, not every one of those offers attractive features to make users betting journeys seamless. To help the users find the perfect crypto betting platform, we have brought for them, Logium, a decentralized (DEX) market platform where crypto enthusiasts can place bets predicting the price movement of a token in the future. It is the perfect platform for users who want to bet on the price movement of ERC20 tokens available on Uniswap, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows users to be long and short tokens per their understanding of the market condition.

Logium Summary

Official Website https://logium.org/
Found in 2022
Medium Uniswap
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ape Coin, Hex, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Student Coin, & more
Supported Fiat Currencies No
Minimum Deposit No Minimum Deposit
Fees No Charges
Application No
Customer Support Yes

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All the trading segments initiated by the users on Logium are done peer-to-peer. The complete process is transparently executed via the decentralized contract mechanism. The users can open trades directly on the platform using their decentralized digital wallet. It is one of the best features of Logium as it lets users control their assets, which they don’t get on other leading platforms. Opening a new bet on Logium is cost-free, and the users have to pay a small commission only once the bet is completely settled. The commission taken by the crypto betting platform comes from the prize pool of winners. In this Logium review, we will cover all the features offered by the platform.

Logium User Interface

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How Does Logium Work?

Logium is one of the best crypto betting sites globally as it has a sophisticated yet simple working mechanism that allows users to place bets on their predictions of the price movement of a digital asset in the future. The safest crypto exchange uses a peer-to-peer betting algorithm where the bettors can use long and short all the crypto assets available on Uniswap with certain leverage. At the Logium Defi platform, bettors can place bets on more than 500 cryptocurrencies available on the site.

A common question that may come to anyone’s mind after reading this is, what exactly is a “bet” in terms of Logium? Professionally, a “bet” is referred to as the “position/option” and is a P2P binding agreement between two crypto asset holders regarding the price prediction of an ERC20 token. It is called a betting system because the bettors place bets against each other. Under this system, one user places a bet in favor of the token’s price going up while the other places the bet on the same token’s price going down.

The winner gets to win their opponent’s bet’s 100% price share. The bets are placed under fixed periods ranging from one hour, six hours, one day, and seven days to one month. On Logium, one gets two betting options: issue and take. By issuing a bet, one can get it listed on the platform, and then some other user can take it to start the countdown. Numerous players can choose to take a particular bet at once.

How Does Logium Work?

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Is Logium a Legit Platform?

Logium is an entirely legitimate platform as it takes customers’ safety seriously and uses advanced security measures to protect them from fringe incidents. We all know that Decentralized platforms face the risk of smart contract bugs; however, on Logium, the users can limit the number of assets they put at risk. The platform only takes funds from an e-wallet, so the customers have full control of their funds. The only amount at risk here is the amount deposited as collateral to place a bet, and the users do not get this feature on other exchanges.

Moreover, the Logium platform does not levy any negative balance on users if they lose the bet. The entire commission of the site is paid after the bet settlement, which is also from the winner’s side. Logium has created world-class codes that have successfully passed third-party auditing to keep the issuers safe from any potential attack.

In the case of takers, the platform has also placed high-end security codes in place to keep their smart contracts safe from hacking attacks. The platform uses auto-exercise bots to maintain transparency in the process of bet settlement. Furthermore, Logium also complies with the legislation established by the government, and in case of any change in the laws, it is ready to adapt to new regulations.

Logium: Zero Risk with Virtual Account

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Features of Logium

A Huge Selection of Crypto Assets

One of the best features of the Logium online betting platform is that it offers traders a wide selection of crypto assets. If we talk about the current scenario, the digital platform has a collection of 500+ tokenized assets with pools on the Uniswap built on the Ethereum blockchain. As all the tokens supported by the Logium are taken from Uniswap, the platform fixes the price of all the assets as per their listing on Uniswap pools. Whenever someone places a bet, the price is automatically taken from the ending segment of the new block.

Shortly, Logium is planning to increase the number of assets available on the site. To do so, it is thinking of opening a listing system for users where they can put their suggestions about the token they want to be listed on the platform.

High-End Security Platform

Logium provides users with a high-security online platform where they can safely execute trades and earn huge amounts of money. The platform has put high-grade security codes in place to protect issuers and takers from any potential hacking attack on their funds when it is under the possession of smart contracts. The entire security algorithm of Logium has been inspected and passed by third-party auditors, which means it is the safest online exchange platform for users to place bets on their preferred digital currencies. Moreover, the platform does not ask users to deposit funds with them, meaning only the collateral amount deposited by users faces risk, if any.


It is another one of the greatest features of the Logium digital trading platform. It helps the users solve the probability-to-risk problem they face while placing bets against each other. A multiplier allows two traders competing against each other to deposit different amounts of collateral while placing their bets respectively. The issuer gets more multipliers on Logium than the takers, and they can deposit up to five times higher collateral.

Features of Logium

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A Ready-To-Use Virtual Account 

When the players start using Logium to place bets and make money, the entire process could confuse them. Here comes the virtual account feature of the trading site. Logium virtual account is a demo account that allows traders to use the platform to clear their basics about the markets and enhance their trading skills without risking their monetary assets. Once the traders have honed their skills, they can easily switch to a real account. It is the best feature for novice traders who require a lot of practice before they can start making real money on the platform!

Easy Sign-Up Process

To place bets on Logium, the users do not have to give any personal information beforehand. As Logium is a decentralized derivatives exchange, it does not require the users to go through a long and hectic KYC process, as done by various other exchange platforms. At Logium, the traders need to connect their dapp digital wallets as it allows them to do long and short trades on the platform.

The Process to Start with Logium

Starting with the Logium betting platform is simple, and one can easily create an account on the betting exchange. Here is the signup process of Logium in detail.

Connect Your Wallet

The first step in the process of starting placing bets on Logium is that users must connect their crypto wallet with the platform. Only after connecting their digital wallets with the platform can the users access the thousands of bets it offers. If the users don’t have an existing wallet, they can download one from the link on the main site.

Pick Your Token

After connecting their wallets with the betting exchange, the users must wait for the perfect market conditions to create new bets and take the existing ones. Before creating a new bet or taking an existing one, the users must thoughtfully predict the future performance of the token chosen by them.

Start Betting

After connecting the wallet and choosing a perfect token, the users are now ready to place bets per the platform’s liquidity. They can also multiply their winnings by rightfully using the leverage mechanism. The Logium betting exchange would help the users in executing successful trades.

Betting with Logium

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Popular Bets Available on Logium

Logium is one of the best crypto trading and betting platforms. One is the availability of a wide range of tradable assets on the platform. The exchange boasts the presence of more than 500 digital tokens on the site. Some of the most popular and profitable digital assets offered by Logium to traders are mentioned below:-

  • STC
  • USDD
  • UNI
  • FUN
  • USDT
  • FTM
  • SHIB
  • AAVE
  • BIT
  • BTT
  • HEX
  • ETH
  • ENS
  • FTX Token
  • LINK
  • APE
  • BTC
  • MKR
  • COMP
  • GNO

Popular Bets Available on Logium

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Things to Take Care of While Making Bet on Logium

Betting is a deceptive practice, and one must use all their wits and experience if they want to make it a profitable career. The best betting tactics that a trader can earn can only be earned after years of investing in cryptocurrencies. We have some betting suggestions in this Logium review for new and seasoned crypto holders to help them become successful traders.

Always Have A Strategy

The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed a major downfall in the last few months, and anything could take place in cryptocurrency markets at a moment’s notice. Therefore, the traders are advised to do thorough research on the crypto asset they want to bet on.

Risk Management

While placing bets on crypto assets, always remember your limits that must be set before you start taking monetary risks. Betting is an addictive activity that can cause more harm than benefit if left unchecked. To avoid facing heavy blouses, the traders must set their limits regarding how much they are ready to invest and lose in the worst scenario. Don’t let yourself be tempted to place bets with an amount more than you can afford.

Keep Your Betting Preferences Diversified

You are advised to keep your betting preferences diversified to save from heavy losses. While issuing and taking bets on Logium, the users must select top performers and then place bets in different assets so that in case of losing a bet, you can have a backup one to compensate for it. It is one of the widely followed rules of the betting world used by seasoned traders.

Logium Customer Support

The Logium crypto trading platform is highly committed to customer satisfaction. The platform is always looking for innovative ways to make placing crypto bets easier and smoother. The platform has various digital methods that the traders can use to connect with them in case they face any situation in navigation or using the online exchange. The three methods are Discord, Youtube, and Twitter. The Logium exchange offers the users an option of joining the Discord platform, where a huge community of users is there to help each other out in case of any queries. The administrative body of the site is also there on Discord to help the users if they face any issues.

The traders can also refer to the Youtube channel run by the Logium platform, where they can access numerous tutorials and instruction videos for informative purposes. Last comes the Twitter page of the exchange, where everything latest related to Logium is posted, and users can also contact them by using the chat option. Their team is always ready to connect with the users. Logium also provides a comprehensive FAQ section in the form of docs that provides all the essential information that one may need to know at the start of their betting journey on the platform.

Logium in the Media

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Logium Review: Conclusion

Finally, to wrap up the Logium Review, we must say that it is one of a kind, decentralized crypto exchange platform that offers some exceptional betting services to traders. In an overview, the platform allows users to place bets against one another based on their prediction of the price movement of an asset shortly.

The Logium DEX platform is highly secure and uses auto-exercise bots to decide the settlement of bets. Renowned security inspection institutions regularly audit its platform. Overall, we highly recommend the Logium platform for crypto holders looking for a way to take advantage of the current volatility in the crypto market. Compared to other crypto exchanges, the platform offers numerous unique features that will enhance your crypto betting experience and make you fall in love with Logium!


Is It Safe to Bet on Logium?

Yes, it is safe to place bets on Logium as it uses high-grade security protocols to keep the users’ funds safe from any potential attack.

Is Logium Free to Use?

If the players use the virtual account at Logium, then everything is free, but in the case of the real account, the platform charges a small commission when a player secures the victory.

Are There Any Risks Involved While Betting on Logium?

There may be minute risks as smart contracts face the risk of bugs, but the platform has executed high-end security codes to minimize the risk factor.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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