Best Crypto Presales to Invest in for Maximum Gains in 2024

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, one strategy has caught the attention of both seasoned investors and newcomers alike: Best crypto presales. These pre-ICO events offer a unique opportunity to get on the ground floor of exciting new crypto projects, potentially reaping substantial rewards as these cryptocurrencies soar in value.

As we are into 2024, the crypto landscape is as vibrant as ever, with an array of presales vying for your attention. In this guide, we’ll unveil the top crypto presales to keep an eye on this year to make informed decisions in this high-stakes arena.

So, whether you’re a crypto veteran looking to diversify your portfolio or a curious newcomer eager to explore the world of token presales, join us on this journey to discover the most promising opportunities and unlock the secrets of successful crypto presale investing.

Upcoming Presale Crypto List 2024

Crypto PresaleStartEndLaunchpadGoal
BitbotActiveJan 17, 2024TBABitbot$410,000
MOLLARSActiveNov 13, 2023May 31, 2024MOLLARS$2,000,000
BlockDAGActiveJan 18, 2024TBABlockDAG$600,000,000
ScapeActiveJan 9, 2024TBA5th Scape$1,250,000
SURF RewardActiveJuly 25, 2023TBASURF Reward$1,100,000

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A Closer Look to Best Crypto Presales List

We thoroughly evaluated several ongoing cryptocurrency presales and selected the top options based on key criteria. Below are detailed reviews of the presale projects we believe show the most potential:


1) Bitbot

BitBot serves as a test platform and an automatic trading tool for digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which interface with popular exchanges like Bitstamp or Kraken. It is implemented in JavaScript and runs on Node.JS; hence, it’s versatile enough to accommodate different exchange platforms and trading strategies. This means that it can trade on Bitstamp, Kraken, and BTC-E simultaneously using indicators such as MACD, PPO, or PSAR so that you don’t have blind trades when doing any cryptocurrency investment.

Tokenomics Of Bitbot

The tokenomics value of the $BITBOT token is now $0.0171, and it is projected to increase to $0.0180 in the next cycle. In keeping with their plan for tokenomics, the team that created it will have 20% of all tokens minted to continuously develop their project. They have also set aside 14% towards marketing efforts and getting listed on CEXs, while another 3% ensures liquidity on exchanges.

Why Buy Bitbot Tokens During the Presale?

Some possible reasons to buy Bitbot during the presale are:

  • In its presale, Bitbot, an AI-powered trading bot on Telegram, became the first of its kind to surpass $3M.
  • Integrating blockchain analysis tool Gem Scanner with AI development is part of their new product.
  • Now, in stage 12, which has a total of 15, the token launch for BITBOT is just around the corner!
  • They have a community of over 140k strong; they have a presence on X and are very popular on Telegram.
  • By rebranding itself and emphasizing artificial intelligence capabilities, Bitbot has positioned itself as one among many innovative projects within trade technology.


2) Mollars

Mollars, store-of-value crypto on Ethereum, aims to combat inflation and high fees with its limited supply of 20,000 tokens. Dubbed the “Bitcoin” for Ethereum users, it boasts decentralization and no ownership. By integrating with gaming and Web3 platforms, Mollars enhances the token utility and offers passive income to holders. Currently in its presale stage, Mollars aspires to become a global currency empowering people and saving dollars.

Tokenomics Of Mollars

Mollars prioritizes decentralization and community participation with its tokenomics. With a capped supply of 10 million tokens, earning revolves around active contributions and engagement, not just investment. While direct purchase options exist, the focus is on rewarding community efforts through a “merit-based” system. Post-launch, founders relinquish control, entrusting the community with full governance via established frameworks for a smooth transition.

Why Buy Mollars Tokens During the Presale?

Some possible reasons to buy Mollars during the presale are:

  • Mollars is a project that aims to revolutionize the digital payment landscape with a solid foundation, clear objectives, and a dedicated community.
  • Mollars tokens sold at a discount during presale ($0.30-$0.60), launching on exchange at $0.62 for potential profit for early investors.
  • Mollars has a limited token supply of 10 million. Only 4 million tokens are in presale, and 6 million are left for public trading. Limited supply, high demand.
  • Mollars is a Bitcoin-like value token on Ethereum, with ETH security, scalability & smart contract potential.


3) BlockDAG

Inspired by Kaspa, BlockDAG aims to be the fastest and most secure layer one blockchain by improving on proof-of-work through an advanced DAG structure and hybrid consensus mechanism. This enables the simultaneous addition of multiple blocks for faster transactions without compromising decentralization and security.
The robust encryption standards make hashing attacks infeasible while allowing lower mining power consumption than Bitcoin. By adjusting difficulty based on each miner’s computational power, BlockDAG prevents the centralization of mining power. The efficient hybrid consensus protocol, resilience, and inclusivity of the permissionless network seek to overcome the throughput/security tradeoff, setting new benchmarks for scalability, efficiency, and decentralization.

Tokenomics Of BlockDAG

With a fixed maximum supply of 50 billion coins, Blockdag has implemented clear tokenomics based on community empowerment, incentivizing miners as the backbone of the network with 80% of the 35 billion community allocation.
Another key pillar is enabling early supporters through a 20% presale allocation of 10 billion coins, building the cornerstone community to drive mainstream adoption.

The team receives a transparent 10% allocation, reinforcing long-term vision and commitment to the project’s success. Overall, tokenomics reflects Blockdag’s promise of accessibility, decentralization, and community-first values on the path to cryptographic advancement.

Why Buy BlockDAG Token During the Presale?

  • Launching in just 6 months, enabling early access to next-gen blockchain innovation and gains for early adopters.
  • Hybrid consensus mechanism for faster transaction speeds up to 10 confirmations per second without sacrificing security.
  • Eco-conscious mining optimized for mobile allows wider access and prevents centralization of mining power.
  • Scalability through multi-layered DAG architecture, exponentially increasing throughput to accommodate future growth.
  • Vision to build a holistic crypto ecosystem going beyond just a network, including educational platforms and dApps.
  • Backed by an expert development team rapidly executing on technology deliverables according to the aggressive roadmap.
  • Opportunity to participate in one of the fastest rollouts in blockchain history and influence future development.

SURF Reward

4) Surf Reward

Surf Reward emerges as an ambitious initiative to transform the digital advertising landscape. The project seeks to revolutionize advertising technology (AdTech) by introducing a novel interface connecting advertising partners with end users and consumers.

The primary objective is to deliver targeted advertisements directly to end customers, allowing them to earn SURF tokens for engaging with selected promotions. This innovative approach addresses the prevalent issue of users resorting to ad blockers to escape unwanted advertisements, creating a win-win scenario for users and businesses. Surf Reward envisions a future where digital advertising is targeted and mutually beneficial for advertisers and consumers alike.


Surf Reward comes with a total $SURF token supply of 1 billion out of which 200 million have been allocated for purchase during the presale. 39% will be kept aside for project rewards, 25% for liquidity and marketing, 8% for staking rewards, 6% for development reserve, and 2% for partner and advisor of the project.

Why Buy Surf Reward Token During the Presale?

We have all the good reasons why you must purchase Surf Reward during its presale –

  • SURF tokens are lucrative for every investor as they use a huge part of their revenue from ads for liquidity pools, ensuring a permanent rise in the price of SURF tokens.
  • Four ways to earn free SURF rewards.
  • Offers up to 5,000% APY, allowing users to generate higher yields.
  • Discounted Surf Reward price during presale.
  • Tackling the industry’s prevalent issues, which could translate to substantial price appreciation for $SURF tokens after presale.

What is a Crypto Presale?

A crypto presale is an event used to promote new crypto projects. This token presale event takes place pre-ICO and public launch. It acts as a fundraising event, helping startups find the necessary initial support. Presale is one of the three prevalent methods to raise money for new crypto projects besides ICO and private sale. However, there are several key differences between them.

For instance, a private sale is a fundraising round where only a handful of credited investors can participate. These investors boast massive income, wealth, or stature. Private sales usually offer a discount on the presale token to entice the investors.

Presale also allows investors to buy the next big crypto at an early stage. Investing in pre-sale crypto leads to added discounts, bonuses, and incentives. Moreover, it makes the investors a part of the project, leading to potentially big rewards.

Among all, presale crypto appears to be the best and most secure option since it invites certified buyers.

How Does Cryptocurrency Presale Work?

The crypto pre-sales process is simple, and it follows the given steps:

  1. It starts with the project outlining its technology, goals, and vision, usually in a whitepaper. Investors fund the document and use it as a blueprint.
  2. The next step includes inviting early supporters and institutional investors. They get the best crypto presales at a discounted price.
  3. Afterward, a broader group of investors are invited, including retail investors. The price for retail investors is lower than the public offering.
  4. The project decided how the presale tokens would be allocated among the stakeholders. It includes the investors, the team, and the advisors.
  5. The raised funds are then directed toward project development, marketing and promotion, and operational expenditure.
  6. Once the cryptocurrency presale process ends, the participants receive the tokens in their wallets.
  7. After the pre-ICO process has reached its milestones, the tokens are made available on public crypto exchanges.

The entire process can take months and relies on the support of early investors. Since these investors are always going through a presale crypto list, projects try to offer them the best benefits.

Every brand-new presale comes with equal opportunities and risks, so investors should run thorough research before being involved with the token.

Understanding Crypto Presale Phases

Crypto presales normally go through several distinct phases. The initial phase involves raising funds through token sales to early investors and community members. Once the fundraising target is met, then attention shifts to token distribution and listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges. Simultaneously, teams ramp up to community-building efforts through social media, AMAs, and marketing campaigns. Successful presales often witness significant token price appreciation post-listing. However, long-term success hinges on continuous development, partnership acquisitions, and achieving outlined roadmap milestones. Monitoring each phase is crucial for investors to make informed decisions aligning with their investment strategies.

Main Types of Crypto Pre-Sales

Different projects use different methods to conduct the token presale. Here are the most commonly used methods among the top crypto presales:

Private Presale

A private presale is a stage where several high-profile investors get to be a part of the upcoming crypto presale. These high-profile investors include advisors, early investors, affiliated groups, and project founders. Such presales are usually exclusive and require large investments with massive discounts.

Whitelist Presale

A whitelist presale only offers the crypto presale list to a handful of applications. These investors get the right to participate after meeting several criteria. Similar to a private presale, this event includes a limited group with unmatched stature.

Public Presale

A public presale is open to the general audience, letting any investor join. Investors can find such events through the best crypto presale list, which offers special discounts. A public presale reaches different types of investor groups and profiles to raise funds and awareness.

Strategic Partner Pre-Sale

A strategic partner pre-sale is reserved for specific strategic investors and business partners. This event offers a chance to work together with probable partners to gain initial support. A strategic partner pre-sale recruits powerful partners to gain direct promotion.

Projects usually go through multiple crypto presales methods to diversify their audience. The approach varies for projects based on their goals, vision, and community structure.

Why Invest in Presale Crypto?

Investors can reap several benefits by investing in promising upcoming presales. However, are crypto presales worth it for new investors? Let’s address both aspects.

Here are the advantages of enrolling in trending crypto presales:

  1. Discount on tokens: Crypto projects offer significant discounts to investors participating in crypto presales. Sometimes, the discount can go as high as 50% for early investors.
  2. Early access: With new crypto presales, investors get a chance to be a part of upcoming projects that can change the industry.
  3. Supporting innovation: Upcoming crypto projects tend to address the issues faced by existing projects. Thus, investing in crypto presales leads to innovation.
  4. Limited supply: Pre-sale tokens are generally offered in limited supply to create a sense of urgency. That’s why investing in them can lead to higher profits.
  5. Token utility: Some crypto projects allow participants from the crypto pre-sales list to gain unique utility or privilege. This power can increase with the token value in time.

Coming to whether crypto presales are worth it for new investors it always depends on the investor’s research and risk capacity. If the investor runs thorough research and finds the project promising, taking some risk can lead to significant profits.

How To Find New Crypto Projects Before Release?

After deciding to invest in a crypto presales, every investor wonders how to find crypto presales before release. Here are some tips and strategies that can help investors find promising crypto presales:

  • Crypto forums: Join crypto news platforms and forums for new announcements.
  • Social media: Stay in touch with influential figures and developers for exclusive insights.
  • Crypto events: Participate in crypto events or conferences where developers unveil new projects.
  • Launchpad platforms: Find new projects on platforms that host token presales, like Binance Launchpad and Polkastarter.
  • Crypto newsletters: Find email lists and newsletters of crypto projects to get the latest announcements.
  • Crypto communities: Online platforms like Reddit and Discord have dedicated communities specializing in crypto.

Being involved in such activities can help investors determine where to buy presale crypto. With due diligence, users can even identify where to find crypto presales that will skyrocket in the short term.

How to Invest in a Crypto Presale?

Once investors have figured out where to find presale cryptocurrency, the next step is to invest in it safely. Here are some tips and steps on how investing in token presale can be done:

  1. Conduct extensive research: Start by learning about the project, the team, and its whitepaper. Verify all the mentioned experience, accomplishments, and credentials for reliability.
  2. Understand the coin: After the project checks out, start learning more about the token and its utility. How the tokenomics will work and what the token’s use cases are two crucial queries to answer first.
  3. Whitelist & KYC: A project offering a whitelist and KYC is good, so try to register and complete the requirements.
  4. Set up a wallet: Get a secure crypto wallet that supports the token type for added safety.
  5. Verify smart contract address: Checking the smart contract address before sharing funds is a crucial step.
  6. Invest a reasonable amount: Do not go all out while investing in a presale. Only invest an amount you can afford to lose.
  7. Documentation: Record and document every step and transaction for future safety.
  8. Stay up-to-date: Keep up with every project update to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Projects on Presale?

Let’s take a look at the potential benefits and risks associated with investing in projects during presales.

Benefits of Crypto Pre-Sales

  1. Investing in a crypto presale offers early access to a token before it reaches the market. It opens the opportunity to earn massive gains.
  2. Indulging in a crypto presale can also help investors expand their network by connecting with other investors.
  3. Cryptocurrencies can act as a hedge against investment. With presales, investors can reap optimal benefits from the asset class.
  4. The amount of research needed in a crypto presale can help investors learn new stuff about the market.
  5. With a crypto sale, investors can get special privileges and discounts.

Risk Associated with Upcoming crypto Presales

  1. Startups can fail to deliver on their promises, leading to excessive losses.
  2. The ever-changing regulatory environment around crypto can affect emerging projects.
  3. Fraudulent crypto projects tend to take advantage of investors using presale events.
  4. Cryptocurrencies are highly susceptible to market volatility.
  5. Presale tokens can take time to gain liquidity.

Mitigating Risks in Crypto Presales

Crypto presales inherently carry significant risks. Mitigate exposure through rigorous due diligence, scrutinizing project fundamentals, team credentials, and market potential. Set strict investment limits, allocating only a portion of your portfolio to the crypto presale. Diversify across multiple promising projects to hedge against potential failures. Monitor projects closely post-investment, adhering to predetermined exit strategies. Consider investing through reputable launchpads or platforms with vetting processes. Maintain a balanced portfolio by complementing presale investments with established crypto assets. Consistent risk management is crucial to navigating the volatile and often unpredictable presale landscape responsibly.

What to Do Once You Have Entered a Crypto Presale?

After investing in a crypto presale, it is advised to secure the tokens in a secure wallet. Keeping records of the entire process, participants, wallet addresses, etc., is also a smart move.

Other than that, investors should stay in touch with the project officials and social media handles. It will help them gain quick updates on the project’s progress. Understanding the lockup period or vesting schedule can also save investors from losing profit on the token.

Above all, it is suggested to plan the long-term goals to ensure investors get out at the right time.

Strategies for Managing Multiple Presales

Diversification into multiple pre-markets can reduce risk, but it requires careful management. Prioritize projects based on thorough research and assign large investments to strong opportunities. Maintain a balanced portfolio by limiting yourself to any one presale. Stagger investments to ensure enough cash to pre-sell profits in the future. Check and rebalance assumptions regularly as projects progress. Implement a strong capital structure by using pre-sale investments and separating them from earnings. Use tools like spreadsheets or portfolio trackers to track investments in multiple pre-sales. A disciplined approach to assortment and capital management is key to fulfilling multiple pre-sale commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Presale Cryptocurrencies subject to vesting periods or lock-up periods?

Presale Cryptocurrency may have vesting or lock-up periods. In which Vesting ensures gradual token release, aligning with long-term goals and incentivizing commitment. & Lock-ups prevent immediate resale, fostering stability. Review tokenomics and presale terms for vesting/lock-up conditions to evaluate liquidity, transferability, and investment strategies.

What should I do if I encounter issues during the Presale of Crypto?

While Checking for Upcoming Crypto Presales Contact project support channels promptly, providing detailed information. Check official communication for updates addressing concerns. Collaborate with the community and seek experienced guidance. Timely communication and proactive problem-solving ensure a smoother presale experience and confident participation.

What Happens After a Crypto Presale?

After a crypto presale ends, the project launches its main ICO for public participation. The tokens are distributed with initial trading restrictions and then listed on exchanges. Funds are utilized for development and promotion. An active community is built, with project updates shared. The token enters the market with its value influenced by multiple factors.

Are Crypto Presales Legal?

Crypto presales’ legality varies based on project compliance with regulations and jurisdictions. While utility tokens have fewer guidelines, security offerings have strict requirements. KYC/AML procedures are essential for legal presales. With no global framework, users must exercise caution when finding legal presale opportunities.

What steps should I take to ensure the security of my investment in a presale?

To safeguard your investment in a presale, adopt a multifaceted security approach. Conduct thorough due diligence on the team, project details, and security measures implemented to verify the legitimacy of the project.
Share private keys or sensitive information with caution. To mitigate potential risks effectively, update your software regularly and stay informed about security best practices within the crypto community.

How are Crypto Presales investments taxed?

Participation in Crypto Presales may trigger tax implications—consult tax professionals. Meticulous recordkeeping of transactions, contributions, and token receipts is crucial. Comply with tax obligations to avoid penalties in your jurisdiction regarding presale income or capital gains.

Are Crypto Presales Safe for Beginners?

Crypto presales are generally not recommended for novice investors due to potential issues like unethical projects, market volatility, and regulatory challenges. With uncertain outcomes, presales offer an unfavorable entry point. Thorough due diligence, expert guidance on secure presale opportunities, and understanding market dynamics are essential before investing in these risky projects.

Can I participate in multiple presales simultaneously?

Participating in multiple crypto presales simultaneously requires strategic planning, thorough research on each project’s team, technology, market conditions, and aligning with investment strategy. So, Prioritize quality over quantity, considering vesting periods’ impact on liquidity and avoiding resource dilution.
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