Quadency Review 2024

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People explore financial assets to invest and make high profits instantly. In their quest, most of them come across cryptocurrency. Crypto assets have been the biggest profit-makers in the recent past. Despite the dip in the cryptocurrency market in 2021, people are looking for better ways to trade and manage their digital wealth.

Quadency Summary

Official Website https://quadency.com/
Headquarters New York
Found in 2018
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency Supports many Exchanges
Trading Pairs 4000+
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Supported Countries Most of All
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees No, fees will be according to selected exchange
Transaction Fees No, fees will be according to selected exchange
Withdrawal Fees No, fees will be according to selected exchange
Application No
Customer Support Email, Live Chat

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Most crypto investors are no longer looking for cryptocurrency exchanges to manage their trade. Instead, they are adopting crypto asset management solutions that are connected with multiple exchanges and a wide range of crypto coins. Quadency is one of the most popular asset management platforms in the crypto space. With Quadency, you can experience the power of automated trading bots for all your exchange accounts.

In this Quadency review, different aspects of the platform have been explored. Based on reliable online Quadency reviews, this article helps understand the trading strategy that runs this platform. As a piece of investment advice, this Quadency review will help you keep exchange accounts connected to trading and enjoy profitable crypto investments.

What Is Quadency?

Quadency is an online platform for managing crypto assets. This asset management platform helps users connect multiple exchange accounts together. By merging these accounts into a single interface, the Quadency crypto trading platform provides a seamless asset management solution for cryptocurrencies.

Quadency creates and delivers an effortless trading experience. The crypto trading platform has a simple, user-friendly interface and robust platform security.

Quadency is designed for beginners but also helps professional crypto traders. It enables powerful cryptocurrency trading tools for technical analysis and market advancements. The platform provides insightful crypto charting software which helps generate insight-driven reports on crypto trading and portfolio management.

Quadency Review 2022 - Platform Interface

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How Does Quadency Work?

Quadency helps with the visualization of crypto asset management. It allows the users to integrate and connect multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. This crypto asset management platform helps in using the best crypto exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini collectively. This creates a holistic representation of crypto holdings and investments across these exchange accounts.

User accounts from different exchanges can be connected with Quadency API keys. Then the platform uses a grid trading bot and market maker bot to enable fast cryptocurrency trading. The platform also ensures customized trades with manual trading features.

Is Quadency Regulated?

To manage the entire portfolio, Quadency gets access to multiple user credentials and handles various market-making tasks. However, cryptocurrency trading bots on Quadency use various methods to protect this data from malpractices.

Despite the unlimited trading options, Quadency trading services are closely regulated by the United States financial enforcement authorities. Cryptocurrency traders do not get direct liquidity on this platform. User funds can be accessed from supported countries only. The platform is not subjected to the same regulatory hoops of an actual crypto exchange. Even so, Quadency maintains full compliance with the US regulatory authorities in all fifty states.

Several online Quadency reviews constitute investment advice which highlights that it is a safe cryptocurrency platform. Quadency does not access client funds on their connected exchanges for withdrawing or depositing funds.

Why Choose Quadency?

This Quadency review finds the platform a good option for investors around the world. Several Quadency reviews online consider this platform for offering the best cryptocurrency trading bots.

While being an automated trading platform, Quadency also provides independent financial advice with data-driven insights. Transferring funds from major crypto exchanges becomes practical with this platform.

Quadency Reviews - Why Choose Quadency Exchange?

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Another reason why people choose Quadency is because of its Smart Suggest feature. It helps experienced traders reach their profit target quickly with the Quadency bot. These crypto exchange accounts are connected with the Application Programming Interface, which makes Quadency the best communication channel for supporting major exchanges.

Quadency displays price data and account balances with a unified dashboard, enabling users to place buy or sell orders directly into different exchange accounts.

Quick Summary of Quadency

The key highlights of the Quadency platform are listed below:-

  • Trading Bot Plugins
  • Multiple Exchange Account Management
  • Unified Dashboard
  • Beginner-friendly UI
  • Best Crypto Wallet Support
  • Crypto Investment Portfolio Management

Products and Services Offered by Quadency

The following products and services on the Quadency platform are reviewed to get in-depth details on how they help professional traders and advanced traders.

Management Services

Quadency has listed its management features and asset allocation tools in an all-in-one dashboard. This dashboard helps in managing and tracking crypto portfolios. On the Quadency dashboard, users can diversify their overall portfolio and ensure high performance while allocating assets to different linked exchanges. Users also use Quadency to add offline wallets and store their whole portfolio under the “Portfolio” tab. This is where more information on portfolio management and crypto asset trading is available, from historical data on trading pairs to an API key for placing open orders with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Using Quadency Exchange

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Trading Products

The cryptocurrency trading platform has multiple official partners for providing crypto bots; Quadency supports 2-factor authentication for its trading services. The Quadency team helps in enabling smart orders for reaching the profit target quickly for every trading pair.

The trading tab can seamlessly integrate charting software such as TradingView. This software has more than 100 technical indicators. With these drawing tools, Quadency helps in easily switching between the exchanges and their respective trading accounts. It is also easy to create market orders and limit orders that can be switched between market pairs.

Quadency Automated Trading Terminal 

Automation with trading bot makes Quadency an advanced charting cryptocurrency trading platform. Quadency has around eleven trading bot in the Pro plan for users. These bots work on MACD indicators and can perform trading strategies such as Grid Trader and RSI. Users can also code their custom trading strategies with Python programming on Quadency.


The backtesting service on Quadency is used for testing the configurations of trading strategies. Quadency drives its backtesting with historical data. This data is available in the “Backtest” tab. Here, the user views the summary of all back-tested trading configurations, along with the expected ROI and Profit or Loss estimates.

Quadency Review - Explore the Services of Quadency

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Quadency Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Quadency has professional-grade tools for crypto trading and portfolio management. Quadency platform does not have a mobile app.
The intuitive UI makes this platform the best option for new traders. Margin trading strategies are not available on Quadency.
It is easy to configure crypto asset management on this platform.
It holds several effective trading strategies in the form of libraries.

Account Registration Process

The registration process at Quadency is simple and easy to follow:-

Creating an Account

To register as a Quadency user, you must create an account on the website. Users should enter their email address, name, phone number, and country of residence in this step. This data gets confirmed by the Quadency team. Upon confirmation, the user has to create a password and agree to the Quadency Terms of Service.

Quadency Review - Registration Process

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Getting Started

An online KYC process takes place after confirming these details. Email, phone number, and crypto-friendly bank account are verified and linked to the account. This verification email confirms the authenticity of the user’s email address and account access.

Account Setup

The user gets access to the Quadency account and can explore different options. In this setup process, the user can click the “Begin Setup” tab and accept the security message to learn best practices. By clicking on “I Understand,” the user can connect the exchange account from different platforms to the Quadency account.

Selecting a Bot

The platform also ensures that the registered users have access to pre-configured bots. From Smart Order and Market Makers strategies to Market Makers Plus, MACD, Mean Reversion, Accumulator, and Multi-Level RSI, these bots can help account holders with different crypto trading techniques.

Quadency Pricing

Quadency pricing plans are available based on the types of traders. The platform offers its services for free to people signing up for a New Hodler account. The free account has no time limit. The Hodler account helps in monitoring an exchange account with cold crypto wallets or hot storage wallets. The account balances are processed with the Quadency portfolio analytics.

A monthly trading limit of $10,000 is set by the Quadency platform. For upgrading and accessing Unified REST & Streaming API, Quadency charges live support fees. These features are unlocked with Quadency Pro, a service subscription at $49.00 per month. Quadency Pro is also available at $39.99 per month with an annual plan. Another 2 memberships are Quadency Unlimited which is available at $99 per month and Quadency LITE which is free of cost. However, to know the full information click here.

Supported Exchanges by Quadency

Quadency supports several exchange platforms and enables trading chart integration for their accounts. The supported exchanges on Quadency are-

  • Kucoin
  • HitBTC
  • Liquid
  • Gemini
  • Poloniex
  • Bittrex

The fully-automated trading features of Binance, Kucoin, and other exchanges can also be also easily added to the Quadency platform.

Quadency Reviews - Sign up at Quadency for Latest News on Trading

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Quadency Trading Assets

Quadency enables the trading of several financial assets. Users can trade any crypto-asset with the connected exchanges on Quadency. Quadency users can trade more than 800 cryptocurrency pairs with this single platform based on these supported exchanges and their crypto coins list.

Quadency Market Overview

On the ‘Market Overview’ page on the website, Quadency gives a trading summary for top crypto coins. It shares the total market cap in US Dollars and provides information on the last 24-hr volume, remaining circulating supply, and trading graph. An integrated market screener is available for live, high-quality data streaming, making Quadency an impactful crypto charting package.

Quadency Automated Bots

Quadency has several powerful tools for automating crypto trading services. It helps in improving the exchange’s crypto portfolio by using trading bots supported by most top trading exchanges, namely

  • MACD
  • Grid Trader
  • Market Maker
  • Market Maker Plus
  • Multi-level RSI
  • Bollinger Bands

The users can execute unique automated trading strategies and apply algorithms across the linked exchange accounts. Nearly 10 pre-built trading strategies helps Quadency users with best trading automations.

Quadency Review - Quadency Bot

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Quadency Security

Quadency provides exceptional security features. It ensures that users’ personal information and their funds stay safe from hackers and crypto malpractices. The top safety measures on Quadency are:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  2. Encryption of Sensitive User Information.
  3. Multi-layered Encryption for User Passwords Storage.
  4. Multi-layered Encryption for Storing Exchange API keys.

Additional Security Features

Quadency also protects the data with multiple layers of 256-bit encryption for all accounts. It uses Amazon Web Services to mitigate potential DDoS threats. The rate limits and ReCaptcha issues are fixed to prevent automated scripting attacks with brute force. Admin panels on the platform are also not exposed for public access. Only a few authorized stakeholders at Quadency have access to it, besides the users.

Quadency Reviews - Quadency Security Measures

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Quadency Customer Support

Quadency is a good provider of customer support services. The Support Center on the website has several user guides and research articles. The FAQ section on the platform is quite helpful for beginner traders. The support team also helps in maintaining official blogs for detailed solutions on user issues. Twitter accounts and Telegram groups are also available for connecting with the technical support staff. 90% of the custom support operations on Qaudency are conducted via live chat and email conversations.

Quadency Reviews - Support Center by Quadency

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Quadency Review: Final Thoughts

In the Quadency review, we explored several benefits of these automated trading platforms. Its capabilities can help traders maximize their crypto investment opportunities. Quadency comes on top as the best crypto asset management platform to capture and maximize trading possibilities.

The clean UI of this platform is quite useful for beginners. The Quadency dashboard has a great appeal to novice crypto traders. Incorporated TradingView charts are also making the platform productive for professional traders. Ample resources from Messari and other plugins help in making the Quadency user experience best-in-class.

Quadency has a good range of trading bots available. They help in following straightforward rules as well as customized strategies. Traders can use Technical Analysis with these bots and run pre-configured trading methods to test their TA-based strategies.

In addition, Quadency enables the complete configuration of bot services from scratch that makes it the best cryptocurrency exchange. The platform also has an experienced support staff to solve technical queries. The Quadency Holder account is free and quite beneficial for internal crypto marketplace activities. To sum up, Quadency emerges as the most successful crypto asset management platform for the world.


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Is Quadency Platform Safe?

Quadency is a safe platform and has legit regulatory authority to run its services. The Quadency team has been running this platform since 2018, working 24/7 to provide the best trading bot software for investors in the crypto space.

Does Quadency Have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, Quadency is not available as a mobile trading app. There is no Quadeny mobile app for iOS or Android devices. The web version, however, makes the site a fully responsive web app on a mobile browser. This allows users to access the platform from their mobile devices or tablets and use it completely.

Does Quadency Have APIs?

Yes, there are reliable, fast, and unified APIs provided by Quadency.  These APIs are used to access data from the cryptocurrency market and perform trade orders across all supported exchanges.

What Are the Trading Fees of Quadency?

No, Quadency does not charge like other crypto exchanges. Unlike Coinbase or Binance, Quadnecy simply connects these crypto exchanges and offers a powerful trading experience with bots and automated tools. However, the platform is available at a monthly subscription plan.

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