Tokenize Review 2024: Your Guide to Fractional Ownership & Alternative Investments

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In this era of modern digital currency exchange, choosing a fiat to crypto exchange is quite challenging. Before trading fiat currency, traders must consider multiple aspects, including features, types, pros and cons, trading fees, and other important cryptocurrency aspects. There are many well-established platforms for crypto exchanges that allow trading without difficulty; one such platform is Tokenize Exchange. However, before diving into the trading zone, it is vital to have updated information and read this Singapore-based Tokenize review.

Tokenize Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Singapore
Found in 2018
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency 20+
Trading Pairs 45+
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit Daily Deposit Limit (20,000 – 200,000)
Deposit Fees 0.55%
Transaction Fees Depending on the Membership Level
Withdrawal Fees Normal – 0.02%
Premium – 0.02%
Platinum – 0.01%
Application No
Customer Support Mail, Help Desk

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Traders now have a good amount of options to trade on currents that would generate profits when the market hits high. Once you have information on these aspects, trading becomes easy.

One way to get in-depth knowledge about this Blockchain technology trading platform is through proper analysis or reading Tokenize reviews. It covers all information that will help you to go ahead with the Bitcoin investment confidently.

What Is Tokenize?

Launched in 2018, Tokenize is the most prominent & one of the best crypto exchanges platform and is the best in the Blockchain technology industry. Founded in Singapore- home to many cryptos, the primary reason to establish this exchange platform is to smooth transactions in crypto marketing and allow traders and investors to exchange and do trading easily. Traders can do trading of around 20 digital assets and deposit digital currencies in the future.

Since its establishment, the crypto trading platform has earned a good reputation in the market. Presently, it holds more than 100,000 investors’ accounts globally and is among the best exchanges in the crypto industry. It offers fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs on the platform.

Tokenize Review 2022 – Platform Interface

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Traders can also engage in ICO offerings listed on the platforms. Due to its straightforward trading method, Tokenize Exchange is now listed in the best 20 major digital coins.

Why Choose Tokenize?

One important reason to choose Tokenize Exchange is that the platform offers to buy and sell digital currency at the most competitive price. Moreover, safety is the primary aspect of this platform because it uses Know Your Customer to avoid anti-money laundering activities.

You can even use Singaporean dollars for trading purposes.

Tokenize Review – Why Choose Tokenize Exchange?

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Features of Tokenize

Tokenize Exchange comes with various features that help investors in many ways.

Optimized Trading

The exchange platform offers easy-to-buy and selling prices for trading purposes. Moreover, you can limit buying and selling of orders. Under the part of optimized trading, you can queue your orders until they are filled.

Fast Trading

Investors can enjoy trading like instant deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin and other crypto coins instantly within a few seconds.

Features of Tokenize Exchange

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Top-Notch Security

The platform offers top-north security for the trading activity for investors. IP allows listing & 2-factor authentication gives extra protection. Additionally, a hybrid wallet mechanism & multi-signature strategy provide the guarantee to register.

Token Store Online

This feature allows users to explore the emerging blockchain innovation. There are regular workshops offline to educate news traders trading cryptocurrency along with investment advice. There are helpful guides that are supported with updated information.

Tokenize Wallet

The exclusive Tokenize wallet allows traders to deposit and withdraw their digital currency.

Explore the Features of Tokenize Exchange

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Benefits of Using Tokenize

Tokenize also offers some benefits for traders to conduct trading on the platform. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Competitive withdrawal fees & trading fee monthly interest.
  • Easy deposit methods.
  • Allows 20 cryptocurrencies to buy/sell.
  • Users can deposit SGC using Xfers and bank transfer.
  • Carries insurance of $100 million.
  • Tokenize wallet can help you to earn interest from 4% to 12% per year.

Tokenize Review – Benefits of Tokenize Exchange

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Services Offered by Tokenize

Tokenize exchange offers multiple services under its cryptocurrency platform. These services help traders for safe trading and get everything under one roof. Some of the services provided by Tokenize exchange are-

Insurance Protection

The Tokenize exchange platform offers clients holding crypto assets $100 million. This is the most critical and significant service provided by the platform. In addition, it acts as the safety net for clients looking for investment in case there is any cyberattack on the platform. Under this insurance coverage, Tokenize clients’ funds are secured.

Token Store

The platform provides complete insight into the crypto exchange and methods to trade without any problem. Clients using the Tokenize exchange platform can use the ‘Token Store’ to offer profound metrics and analysis about various digital coins. Traders trading will also get updated information about the market sentiment to help make more profits and get experience. Although check this link to know the full list of tokens.

Token Store by Tokenize Exchange

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Referral Program

Like other exchanges, this platform runs a periodic referral program allowing its clients to earn extra money besides trading. The percentage on each referral varies from batch to batch the next, and the reward is paid directly credited to the wallet.

Monthly Interest

Tokenize Exchange offers the best interests to its clients in the annual percentage yield (APY) format of about 18 of the 20 supported cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Investors earn APY interest of around 4% to 12% on selected coins available or stored in the wallet.

Tokenize Review: Pros and Cons

Like every Bitcoin exchange platform, Tokenize has its pros and cons, which you need to know before trading. Some of the pros and cons are mentioned in this Tokenize exchange review are:-

Pros Cons
Charges minimum withdrawal fees. There are both trading fees and withdrawal fees.
Has $100 million insurance for trading. No advanced trading and risk management tools.
High-end security platform including the 2FA. Fiat to crypto exchange is limited to Singapore only.
Supports around 20 crypto coins for transaction purposes.
Offers referral program opportunities.
Mobile trading app.
Complete price chart.

Tokenize Registration Process

  • Account creation in Tokenize Exchange is easy and fast. First, visit the exchange’s website, where you will find all the registration steps. Then, click on the “Sign up” button, which will open up the registration page where you can choose the type of account; provide all your details with username, email, and password.
  • The minimum age to join this platform is 18 yrs. Creating the account is entirely free and will take only a few minutes. The platform is particular about the verification process.
  • The 2 step verification process, along with the KYC, is the best feature of the site. The website ensures every user completes the verification process before trading, selling, and buying various cryptocurrencies.
  • Under the KYC process, the exact verification process, traders will be required to submit residence proof and proof of identity. This is for countering terrorism financing. Once any of these documents are provided and processed, it will take two business days to verify.

Process to Get Started with Tokenize

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Steps of Registration and Opening of Account

  • Head to the Tokenize Exchange account and click on the signup button. It is free.
  • Provide your active email address so you will get the verification mail. Click on the verification link to activate your account.
  • Once the process is done, you need to verify your identity, which can be done through KYC. Knowing your Customer is an integral part of the verification to avoid any kind of money laundering activity.
  • If you are a Singapore resident, you can verify by linking with MyInfo- a digital service enabling citizens to manage their data.
  • Once logged in, you need to submit all your personal information, including your name and address, to tally with documents.
  • Submit your proof of address which includes your utility bill, which should be three months old. You can even submit a passport copy.
  • Once everything is verified, you will get a verification mail.

Tokenize Fees

Tokenize Exchange platform offers a proper membership program for primary, platinum, and premium users. Once the users open the trading account, they will be assigned the basic free account. For a premium member, the fee is 160 TKK, and for platinum users, the pricing is 800 TKK.

Members having a platinum membership account can enjoy a platinum trading rate. Premium holders cannot.

Each membership account comes with incentives and rewards that include discounts on trading fees and withdrawal fees.

How Much Are the Tokenize Trading Fees?

The Tokenize trading platform has a flat rate fee structure for trading fees. Tokenize charges a trading fee of 0.25% on every trading done by the trader on the platform. However, the platform implies that it doesn’t split its trading fee with the takers’ fee as the charges are the same for takers and makers as per the market.

These are the most competitive fees for the trading purpose as the platform follows suit, with the industry’s average fees being roughly 0.20% – 0.25%. However, due to the new exchange platforms and coin emergence, many services charge the lowest fees, about 10-15%.

Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fee for trading in the Tokenize exchange platform isn’t specific. Fees are entirely on a percentage basis. The withdrawal fee is 0.02% on every withdrawal made by the trader. However, this withdrawal fee is never lower than 0.0005 BTC.

Since the exchange charges a specific percentage for withdrawals purposes, it implies that you will need to pay higher percentage fees if the amount is significant for withdrawal. So you need to calculate the fees you need to pay for the amount you are withdrawing.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods of Tokenize

There is a specific amount to deposit in every exchange platform to be made that will bring enough profit to you later. Once you have registered yourself with the Tokenize platform, you need to deposit some amount as the initial investment.

Investors and traders can take advantage of various digital coins in the crypto market with capital deposits. The primary aim is to venture into the crypto market that will maximize profits.

Exchange platforms from the crypto industry do recognize the reality of providing different payment methods. This allows traders to deposit and withdraw money easily.

Tokenize exchange platform follows a similar suit by offering two other payment methods- Crypto transfer and wire transfer.

Traders trading on this exchange website can deposit and withdraw in Singaporean dollars and US dollars using the wire transfer. Unfortunately, there is no access to debit or credit card transactions on the website.

For Premium and Platinum Tokenize Members

If you are a platinum and premium member, below are the steps to follow:-

  • Go to the wallet on the platform’s landing page, scroll down to the Fiat Balance, and click on the “+” for depositing the fund.
  • Here you will find three options to deposit money methods- Deposit via Bank, Xfers Direct Transfer, and Swap from XSGD.

Buying Crypto With Tokenize

Traders using the Tokenize platform can buy crypto using Singaporean Dollars (if Singapore resident). There are options of 20 different crypto coins to select and buy. The platform also supports DeFi tokens like COMP, Sushi, and AAVA.

TKX ICO (Tokenize Xchange)

Tokenize Exchange is a Singapore Digital Currency Exchange facilitating the sale of various new digital currencies. Using this TKX ICO, traders can buy and sell listed digital coins at the best competitive rate.

Tokenize Privacy and Security

One of the major concerns for traders to invest in is security when it comes to crypto trading. Many exchanges are facing hacks and cyber attacks, making it difficult for traders to save digital assets. Keeping this in mind, Tokenize Exchange offers high-end security and trading success.

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Tokenize has two-factor authentication (2FA) as a secondary measure to verify the user’s identity before login. The platform is integrated with modern security technology regulation, which also follows government policies for easy access.

IP Safelisting

This security feature helps in controlling and limiting access to the platform only to registered users. This ensures there is no access by unauthorized third parties on the platform.

Multi-sig Authorization

The multi-sig authorization will provide traders extra security of cryptocurrency funds. This is to ensure their digital wallets are safe.

Two-Factor Authentication

Like the above two, the 2FA ensures no unauthorized third party will access the platform. The 2FA assists in securing sensitive data like deposits, withdrawal,depositing-in details.

Tokenize Reviews - Two-Factor Authentication

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The Malaysia cryptocurrency exchange conducts self-review or audit against the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guidelines.

Tokenize Customer Support

One of the pillars of Tokenize Exchange is strong customer support. The company is backed by intellectual customer representatives ready to assist. Moreover, traders can reach out to representatives via mail, live chat, and phone call.

Tokenize Reviews - Customer Support


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Tokenize Reviews: Conclusion

Although it is pretty new in the cryptocurrency exchange platform industry, Tokenize exchange has earned a good reputation. It is backed with reasonable security measures, customer support, and multi-crypto options. However, the platform has a long way to go, as many new exchanges will get introduced with emerging digital currencies.

Before you make any investments or start trading, it is best to read this review of Tokenize exchange.


Is Tokenize Exchange Safe?

Yes! Based on Tokenize reviews, with the integration of multiple security measures and KYC verification, Tokenize Exchange becomes safe to trade. We have covered other aspects of security in the above Tokenize exchange review.

Is Tokenize Exchange Regulated?

The platform follows Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing- the AML policy. Moreover, it conducts self-assessment in the lines of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Which Countries Are Supported by Tokenize Exchange?

It is a global crypto exchange platform. However, the Fiat-to-crypto exchange is only available to Singapore residents.

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