Best Crypto Exchange UK 2023

Finding the regulated and best crypto exchange for the UK largely depends on the requirements and the digital assets the user plans to trade. Several UK exchanges support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and lesser-known cryptocurrencies to trade through their exchange. To choose the best crypto exchanges in the UK, the user should determine which one best suits their needs and compare features like fees, pros, and cons, of each exchange.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Fee Structure Tradable Coins
StormGain Trading Fees: 0.15% to 0.5% +230 Cryptocurrencies
Coinfloor UK Faster Payments (GBP): £2.50 +5 Cryptocurrencies
Wirex Trading Fees: 1.5% to 2.5% +150 Cryptocurrencies
EXMO Maker Fee: 0.05% Taker Fee: 0.05% +188 Cryptocurrencies
eToro Trading Fees: 0.75% +40 Cryptocurrencies
ChangeHero Trading Fees: 0.5% +100 Cryptocurrencies
PrimeXBT Trading Fees: 0.01% to 0.05% +152 Cryptocurrencies
Revolut Trading Fees: €5.99/£4.99 +30 Cryptocurrencies
Bitpanda Taker Fees: 0.15% Maker Fees: 0.1% +25 Cryptocurrencies
Safello Trading Fees – Minimum – 5% +1 Cryptocurrency
Coinbase Taker Fees – 0.6% to 0.05% Maker Fees – 0.00% to 0.40% +100 Cryptocurrencies

Best Crypto Exchange For UK: List

We have reviewed and offered a list of the top and the best crypto exchanges UK. Even though a few other crypto exchanges are not located in the UK, they provide top-class services to their customers in the UK. So go through the information below to know the details of the best crypto exchanges in the UK:-

1. StormGain – Leading Crypto Exchange

  • StormGain is one of the leading investing cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer cutting-edge features and the latest trading tools. It provides an advanced and very user-friendly platform that permits users to buy BTC using stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.
  • This helps the users to leverage the volatility of the crypto markets. StormGain offers a leverage of up to 200X, and the traders can buy, hold the cryptocurrencies.
  • Also, they can purchase different cryptocurrencies using fiat money that can be stored in the StormGain exchange wallet.

StormGain - Leading & Best UK Crypto ExchangeStormGain – Leading & Best UK Crypto Exchange

Pros and Cons of StormGain Exchange

Pros Cons
StormGain offers a demo account. Trading accounts can be funded only with cryptocurrencies.
Low trading fees and faster trade execution. This platform is not regulated.
This platform delivers trading signals throughout the day regularly. Withdrawals can be made only with cryptocurrencies.
24/7 customer support.
Offers high leverage of up to 200x.

Download StormGain App & ExploreDownload StormGain App & Explore

StormGain Exchange Fees

Fees vary based on the cryptocurrency pairs traded, ranging from 0.15% to 0.5% for each position. The withdrawal fees are 0.1% flat irrespective of cryptocurrency, and a minimum withdrawal amount is needed for every crypto.

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2. Coinfloor – Oldest Crypto Exchange

UK-based Coinfloor was established in 2013, and it is one of the oldest and best crypto exchanges. Users can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with this exchange, which offers GBP Bitcoin exchange services for United Kingdom customers. Its most notable feature is the Auto-buy Bitcoin tool which automatically helps users deposit funds if they want to execute recurring orders.

Also, users can deposit four fiat assets like GBP, USD, PLN, and EUR. Coinfloor supported payment methods are bank transfers, credit or debit card, faster payments, SEPA, and wire transfers.

Coinfloor - Best Crypto Exchange for UKCoinfloor – Top Crypto Exchange UK

Pros and Cons of Coinfloor Exchange

Pros Cons
Coinfloor provides a user-friendly interface platform. Customer support needs improvement.
This exchange supports four types of fiat currencies.
A reputable crypto exchange.
Charges reasonable fees.
Supports SEPA and swift transfer.

Coinfloor Exchange Fees

Coinfloor does not charge fees for storing Bitcoin in its secure vaults; also, registering an account is free. When the trader places to trade with Coinfloor, it charges Maker and Taker fees. It also charges a variable crypto trading fee that depends on the trading volume; if the user is trading less than 500,000 GBP/EUR/USD per month, then they need to pay a trading fee of 0.30%; between 500,000 – 1,000,000 they should pay 20% and more than 1,000,000, should pay 10% trading fees.

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3. Wirex – Best Innovative Application

  • Wirex is an innovative application and Wirex payment card that permits users to send, exchange, receive, and spend a wide range of fiat and digital currencies through the exchange platform.
  • The users can make payments through the Wirex app and payment card, supporting crypto and fiat currencies. It allows the users to store various types of digital currencies, exchange, and trade crypto.
  • The trader can use the services of the card for their shopping needs too. Simply put, Wirex offers its users an array of services where the users can use both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Wirex - A Platform for Buy, Sell, Exchange & Spend CryptoWirex – A Platform for Buy, Sell, Exchange & Spend Crypto

Pros and Cons of Wirex Exchange

Pros Cons
Wirex is a crypto exchange and offers online crypto wallet functionality. Supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies.
Charges lower trading fees. Wirex does not support US customers.
Provides crypto debit card and Bitcoin cashback through their crypto back rewards.
24×7 customer support.

Wirex Exchange Fees

If the trader uses their Wirex Bitcoin buying services, they should pay 1.5% to 2.5%, depending upon certain factors. Wirex Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fees are charged around 1%.

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4. EXMO – Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface

  • EXMO is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms that allows the trading of cryptocurrencies and the online exchange of cryptocurrencies. It will enable the exchange of fiat currencies for Bitcoin on their platform, and the user can exchange Bitcoin for USD and vice versa.
  • This cryptocurrency exchange is based in Estonia. EXMO is ideal for several users looking for a crypto trading exchange, thereby offering a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Both new and advanced traders prefer this exchange, and it has several fiat currencies other than GBP and EUR.

EXMO - Best UK Crypto ExchangeEXMO – Best UK Crypto Exchange

Pros and Cons of EXMO Exchange

Pros Cons
EXMO is the best UK crypto exchange. EXMO lacks sufficient liquidity over a few trading pairs.
This platform is best for new traders. This platform does not offer a live chat option on its website.
Fees are relatively lower and transparent.
It offers several fiat deposits for United Kingdom users.

EXMO Exchange Fees

EXMO charges a maker fee of 0.05% and a taker fee of 0.05%. For Visa and MasterCard, it charges 2.99% plus 0.3 EUR.

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5. eToro – Advanced Crypto Exchange

Etoro is one of the most reputed and global financial brokerages that offer trading platforms and investment platforms to trade markets like Crypto, ETFs, commodities, indices, and Forex. This platform is used by millions of global investors that also includes UK customers.

eToro offers various crypto-to-fiat currency pairs like XRP/EUR, and BTC/USD using market orders. This platform is suited for new traders who would like to do cryptocurrency trading through their user-friendly crypto trading platforms. The eToro app also functions as a wallet to store crypto holdings.

eToro - Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange UKeToro – Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange UK

Pros and Cons of eToro Exchange

Pros Cons
eToro offers copy trading. Offers wider spreads on specific digital currency.
Order positions can be placed through the market and limit orders. Has limited cryptocurrencies.
Users are offered margin trading, and they can use leverage to crypto trade long/short positions. It is difficult to determine the crypto trading cost and has no specific fee structure.

Explore Variety of Cryptos at eToroExplore Variety of Cryptos at eToro

eToro Exchange Fees

Fees start from 0.75%, and long positions are charged additional fees. This platform charges 0% commission on stocks; Withdrawals are charged low fees of $5, and for non-USD deposits and withdrawals, FX rates are applied.

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6. ChangeHero – Instant Crypto Exchange

ChangeHero, established in 2018, is one of the best non-custodial crypto exchanges in the UK that allow users to convert Bitcoin and 100 other most popular crypto exchanges instantly. ChangeHero is owned and operated by Hero fintech Ltd. It provides major features and functionality for traders and crypto investors who wish to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

ChangeHero - Instant Cryptocurrency ExchangeChangeHero – Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of the best things about ChangeHero is that the users are not required to register with a trading account. The transactions at the exchange are completed anonymously within a few minutes. Moreover, users can convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 100 cryptocurrencies without restrictions or limits. The best crypto exchange UK is recognizably safe for converting crypto at lightning speed.

Pros and Cons of ChangeHero Exchange

Pros Cons
Anonymous, limitless, and safe cryptocurrency transactions and conversions. Relatively high crypto buying charges.
Non-custodial service offers less risk. Lacks advanced tools and charts.
Fastest crypto transactions.
No registration is required.
24×7 efficient and responsive customer support.

Features of ChangeHero ExchangeFeatures of ChangeHero Exchange

ChangeHero Exchange Fees

Changehero’s exchange fees are very low, and it offers one of the best rates, which makes it one of the best crypto exchange options in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform uses the rates from the best cryptocurrency trading platforms at the transaction time. They offer two types of rates while conducting an exchange.

Best Rate: Generally known as Standard or Float rate in crypto. They pick the exchange rate at the time when the users’ funds reach them. The fee for this exchange rate is 0.5%. Another thing to remember is that volatility will impact the conversion rate, and the final amount users receive may vary from the estimate.

Fixed Rate: In this type of exchange, they freeze a good conversion rate for 15 min. Users will get the exact amount of crypto shown in the estimate. This is mainly useful if users want to avoid volatility. The fee for this type of exchange is 0.7%.

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7. PrimeXBT – Best Customer Support

  • One of the leading and best Bitcoin exchanges that provide CFDs and cryptocurrencies for trading is PrimeXBT. This company was established in Seychelles in 2018.
  • Within a short time, XBT has grown exponentially and has clients in more than 150 countries. This platform is loaded with several trading tools that can be used by both new and intermediate-level traders.
  • This exchange has industry-standard security measures on its platform to protect its user funds and their trading activities from cyber attacks. Further, it offers customer support 24×7 and ensures the best customer support to its traders.

PrimeXBT - Best Bitcoin Exchange of UKPrimeXBT – Best Bitcoin Exchange of UK

Pros and Cons of PrimeXBT Exchange

Pros Cons
Competitive fees and cryptocurrency trading conditions. Does not offer a demo account.
The user need not undergo the KYC and account verification process. This platform does not service clients from the USA, Canada, and other regions because of its strict regulations.
Offers 100% anonymous accounts.
Superfast trade execution through superior technology.
Offers 1:100 leverage for crypto assets.
This platform is well-suited for new and intermediate-level traders.

PrimeXBT Exchange Fees

The trading fee for Indices, forex, and commodities is 0.01% to 0.05% for cryptocurrencies. These low trading fees are applied irrespective of the type of trade executed. Although to know the full fee schedule of PrimeXBT, it’s advised to check this link.

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8. Revolut – Fastest Growing Financial App

  • Revolut is a payment card and a banking app used as an alternative to traditional banking products. It is designed to fit people having a global lifestyle and those who would like to have the flexibility that cannot be received from regular banks.
  • Revolut was established in 2015 as a travel card providing cheap exchange rates; currently, it is becoming a bank. Revolut is one of the fastest-growing digital banks, and offers a wide range of features, and it is best for users who travel often.
  • The main goal of Revolut is to adapt to the client’s needs, thereby offering them control. They offer accounts for businesses as well as for customers. Further, it provides global spending, allows international money transfers, and does not charge any hidden fees.

Revolut - UK’s Fastest Growing Financial AppRevolut – UK’s Fastest Growing Financial App

Pros and Cons of Revolut Exchange

Pros Cons
Easy to top up, and it supports several currencies. Due to security reasons, customer accounts can be temporarily frozen.
Provide additional features like disposable virtual cards and crypto trading. It holds a banking license, and there are no current accounts.
Premium subscription plans along with perks like travel insurance. Customer support needs to be improved.

Revolut Exchange Fees

If the user opts for a free plan, then the platform charges €5.99/£4.99 for the first physical card to be delivered. Withdrawal from any ATM is free of charge for up to €200/£200 per month and charges 2 percent after that.

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9. Bitpanda – Best Automated Platform

  • Launched in 2014, Bitpanda caters mainly to the European market that, includes UK customers. They provide an array of services, and the exchange is a one-stop solution for traders who want to access the cryptocurrency market.
  • Bitpanda is a well-known online cryptocurrency exchange specializing in buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. Bitpanda is an automated platform supporting crypto trading bots like NapBots and Cryptohopper and works and works efficiently for processing and confirming payments within a short time.
  • This broker is a trusted exchange in the cryptocurrency space and has won the startup award in 2016 October as the best fintech startup.

Bitpanda - Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in UKBitpanda – Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in UK

Pros and Cons of Bitpanda Exchange

Pros Cons
Bitpanda offers a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use platform. This platform does not provide a live chat option on its website.
This platform has the latest security standards in place to protect its users. This platform does not provide a live chat option on its website
The customer service team of Bitpanda is highly responsive. Transaction fees are not stated clearly.
Customers of Bitpanda can invest in some precious metals like gold and silver as per the investment advice.

Bitpanda Exchange Fees

Bitpanda charges 1.49% for buying and selling cryptocurrency; Further, the maker fee is 0.1%, and the taker fee is 0.15%.

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10. Safello – Swedish Best Bitcoin Exchange

  • Safello is one of the well-known Swedish best Bitcoin exchanges that buy and sell Bitcoin using fiat currency. Currently, this platform operates in 32 European countries.
  • If the user is from EEA or the United Kingdom, they can trade cryptocurrency on this platform. This implies that Asian, South/North American, or African cryptocurrency investors cannot trade on this platform.
  • Safello promotes important features through its platform, the fees being transparent, the transactions being instant, and security being their main priority.

Safello - Swedish Best Bitcoin ExchangeSafello – Swedish Best Bitcoin Exchange

Pros and Cons of Safello Exchange

Pros Cons
Safello is one of the safest and fastest ways to trade in the exchanges in the UK crypto market. This platform charges higher fees when compared with other exchanges.
Safello is a trustworthy and well-known brand.
It offers an excellent user interface.

Safello Exchange Fees

The withdrawal fee charged by the platform is 0.008 BTC, and if the user withdraws BTC, Safello charges 0.005 BTC per withdrawal.

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11. Coinbase – Best Crypto Exchange for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class known for being extremely volatile and risky for investors. Coinbase is the best crypto exchange UK that offers easy access to more than 100 tradable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. Coinbase is one of the most popular UK crypto exchanges, with more than 98 million users and a net asset of $256 billion. Both beginners and professionals prefer Coinbase for their buy or sell orders because it enables quick and easy exchange, purchase, and sale of crypto. Users can also access different order types and additional features through the advanced version, Coinbase Pro, which is available to all Coinbase users.

Best Crypto Exchange UK 2023

Pros and Cons of Coinbase Exchange

Pros Cons
The Coinbase browser site and app are convenient for investors from all backgrounds. Transaction fees can be quite high, especially for beginners.
Coinbase supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies for investment and trading, and the numbers are expected to grow exponentially in the future.
Users can earn interest and get small amounts of new currencies via Coinbase Earn.

Coinbase Exchange Fees

Coinbase exchange calculates trading fees based on the trader’s current pricing tier when an order is placed. The exchange charges a taker fee of 0.6% to 0.05% and a maker fee ranging from 0.00% to 0.40%, depending on the pricing tier.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Exchange?

Finding a good UK cryptocurrency exchange might be a bit difficult for a beginner in the crypto domain. Here are a few pointers about how to choose the best crypto exchange:-

  • The user should check whether the platform is easy to use and beginner-friendly. They should also look for a bitcoin exchange supported by the UK that allows easy and quick GBP deposits for trading. Also, the users should check whether they offer a mobile app to buy, sell cryptocurrency, and trade Bitcoin at any time during the day.
  • The next step is to check whether the UK exchange is regulated or not. It is imperative to check whether the platform is trusted and has any negative reviews. Also, the exchange should be held and comply with UK laws. Further, the crypto exchanges regulated and certified by FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) are trustworthy, and it is considered a safe place to buy and trade digital currencies.
  • It is always best to check all the supported cryptocurrencies the exchange offers. There are several thousands of cryptocurrencies and digital coins to buy or sell crypto and trade in the market; not all cryptocurrency exchanges will offer every coin to trade. If there is a preferred cryptocurrency the user wants to buy, they should first check the exchange website and confirm whether the coin is listed and the trading pair is available on the exchange.
  • The user should check the different fees when using a crypto exchange, like depositing fees, withdrawal fees, and trading fees. Also, a spread fee and a Forex conversion fee might come hidden, and crypto exchange platforms might not disclose them.
  • The user should explore the crypto exchange website and find out the methods available to contact customer support. Several best crypto exchanges UK often provides FAQs (frequently asked questions) and how-to guides that are very useful for new traders. The user should also ensure that the exchange has a ticket system to contact customer service directly or a live chatbot to assist the customers.

Is It Safe to Store Cryptocurrencies on an Exchange?

All the cryptocurrencies are held through digital wallets. Few exchanges will offer their crypto wallet that allows the user to control the cryptocurrency in the crypto exchange account. Then, the user can transfer it to their desired cryptocurrency wallets; a few others will ask the customers to have their wallet at registration.

We highly endorse that using an exchange for long-term storage is not recommended. Moreover, the exchange controls the private keys of the user’s wallet, and the user will not have complete control over their funds.

Crypto Exchange UK: Final Thoughts

To conclude, we have covered a list of the UK’s best cryptocurrency exchanges in the above article. We have offered pointers about the exchange, its pros and cons, and the fees of the platform, which will help the users analyze the exchange to make a good choice and start trading cryptocurrency.

Further, the user should keep their crypto assets in their custody and implement some of the best security measures when using any crypto exchange. It is better to do your research and then proceed with investing in cryptocurrency exchanges.


How Does Crypto Exchange Work?

Cryptocurrency exchanges work as a brokerage platform. It offers an effective crypto trading platform where traders can create different types of orders to buy, sell, and trade crypto with other traders. Crypto exchanges are centralized and are managed by corporate authority, while Decentralized exchanges usually distribute verification powers who are willing to join a network, much like cryptocurrency blockchains themselves.

How to Buy Crypto From an Exchange?

If the user plans to buy a cryptocurrency, they need to create an account with a regulated crypto exchange. Also, they should acquire a crypto wallet to hold their cryptocurrencies, or else the crypto exchange will offer one. The user should be cautious when choosing a crypto exchange as few exchanges will provide their wallet, and they will not let the user transfer the funds out of the crypto trading platform, which leads to security risk and losing the funds if the exchange is hacked.

Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have the Most Coins?

Binance exchange is the leading cryptocurrency platform that has the maximum coins that are of high quality.

Are There Any UK-based Crypto Exchanges?

Concerning the UK, and Coinburp are the leading UK-based crypto exchanges.

Which Crypto Exchange is best in the UK?

The best crypto exchange UK right now is eToro, which offers low fees on crypto purchases.

From where can one buy Crypto in the UK?

One can buy crypto in the UK from an online exchange that the FCA regulates.

Which best Crypto trading platforms are legal in the UK?

Some exchanges, such as Coinbase, eToro, and Revolut, are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are legal in the UK.

Which is the best app to buy cryptocurrency in the UK?

eToro is the best app to buy crypto in the UK.

Can Revolut be trusted?

Yes, Revolut is a secure company and a good option for transferring money abroad. The company is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency in the UK?

Crypto assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product with no UK or EU investor protection. It is possible that capital gains tax may apply to profits from cryptocurrency sales.

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