VALR Review 2024

As cryptocurrency becomes popular among households, a huge market is waiting to be tapped by the growth of the decentralized currency. People’s interest has grown exponentially, primarily in buying/selling cryptocurrency (or moving towards it completely), a huge opportunity for the leaders in the crypto exchanges and trading domain. While people from all across the globe are trying to wet their beaks in cryptocurrencies, most users tend to go with their nationally verified exchanges.

The result of this was that the users might be on a different trading platform, but they ended up having their own set of options and platforms to choose from. Convenience being the reason.

VALR Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Johannesburg, South Africa
Found in 2019
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 45+
Trading Pairs 70+
Supported Fiat Currencies ZAR
Supported Countries All except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, United States, & Zimbabwe
Minimum Deposit $100
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Maker Fee-> 0.1%
Taker Fee-> -0.01%
Withdrawal Fees R8.50 for ZAR withdrawal
Application Yes
Customer Support Help Center and Submit Request Support

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VALR – a crypto platform based in South Africa – gaining popularity across the African continent, is a perfect example of this scenario as it started to make history. Before we get on with the VALR review and its value, let us have a quick overview of VALR!

What Is VALR?

VALR, as aforementioned, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is based on blockchain technology and strives to provide users with a way to connect their bank accounts (or other deposit methods- an inbuilt feature) to transfer their digital assets or cryptocurrencies to traditional currencies or purchase/buy cryptocurrencies directly.

New users get various incentives compared to their competitors, giving this exchange an extra edge in the deep waters of cryptocurrency with other trading exchanges.

VALR Review 2022 - Platform Interface

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Features of VALR

  • VALR is one to offer a variety of features bound to get anyone’s interest. They include exchanging, selling, and buying cryptocurrency, trading crypto without fee, making payments to different VALR accounts, visiting/monitoring the crypto market (and all the exchanges), and staying up to date with the latest news/information when required. The monitoring can also be done through their website.

VALR Reviews - Features of VALR

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  • The supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash for exchange. However, the exchange offers dozens of cryptos in their catalog when it comes to buying and selling. VALR comes with architecturally secure engineering and keeps all the information of the traders private.

Products and Services of VALR


The exchange brings numerous digital products and services to the markets around the globe, aiming for a complete and ideal experience for the traders and users. VALR Pay is one of their most popular products, and it is the one to provide liquidity.

Through this product, users can deposit funds or assets to the respective wallets of their friends and family, which gives them instant liquidity. Bank transfer also gets simplified with the help of VALR Pay. All it takes is a phone number/email or exchange ID to receive or deposit ZAR, depending upon your account profile.

VALR Reviews - Use VALR Pay and Get Benefits

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VALR also provides an open API for those who can harness the true potential of a live crypto market or stalk the Bitcoin exchange. Operating on various separate blockchain markets, VALR brings the potential of many platforms into one for the world. Carrying on with their unique list of functionalities, one can also block their VALR account via the web in case of urgency and restricted access.

Quick Summary of VALR

Registered in South Africa, VALR is a crypto-exchange and trading platform that aims to provide a way for financial transactions with a borderless handshake. And being one of the renowned exchanges, it manages to make headlines for digital trading, Bitcoin trading (and other currencies), competitive price, immediate support, and investment. Keeping the oneness of humanity in consideration, their team aims to make a financial system that is beneficial and available for every customer who aims to use or deposit ZAR for cryptocurrency, albeit the deposit methods for cryptocurrency can vary.

Growing Users of VALR Crypto Exchange

Being one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the country, they have about 100,000 active users and provide an experience that caters to beginners. With high reviews and easy-on-the-eyes user experiences, it is gaining users regularly. This South African cryptocurrency exchange has been operational since March of 2021.

Special VALR Offers & Lucrative Incentives

VALR is intuitively offering its users various referral awards, aiming to spread their word-of-mouth strategy farther than they themselves can. The referral code is an offer that enables any registered individual to profit from bringing in other investors.

Being intertwined with machine learning, VALR review might lean in its favor. This means the platform can learn from the users and improve its functionality and features.

VALR Reviews - Benefits of Using VALR

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VALR Trading Fees

VALR charges 0.1% for the takers and 0.01% from the makers (for example, you can get paid to trade) for exchange, buy, or sell. The trading fee for simple buying and selling is charged 0.75% on every trade.

Various attributes like handling fees, fiat currency deposits, cryptocurrency deposits, and monthly charges are exempted from any transactional fees or trading fees. The result is a reliable fee structure based on research.

Versatile Apps by VALR

VALR offers its users the option to manage their digital currency via both android and iOS devices. The VALR mobile application is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

An engaging UI and highly convenient features, like VALR Pay, allow the users to deposit funds in the account of their friends and family at no charge. Experienced traders might notice that this is not something you get to see on every platform, making the VALR wallet stand out.

VALR Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The VALR platform is easy to use. Fiat deposits on the platform are limited.
Based in South Africa (for the locals). Applications for PCs and Macs are unavailable.
Allows free-of-charge funds transfer. Only allows converting digital assets to South African currency (ZAR).
Complimentary crypto and fiat deposit (up to a certain amount). Lack of cutting-edge features can limit advanced users.
Available for both iOS and Android.

Registration & Login Process

Account Registration

Similar to sign-in/ login, crypto investors/traders can register with the exchange via their Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. South African or not, anyone can register through their email IDs. After clicking on the verification link (received in the inbox), new crypto investors are all set to get started.

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Account Login

Logging in to your account at the exchange is a simple process; a two-step authentication method has been developed to help the investors decide to maintain a higher standard of safety. In addition to the mobile apps, users can also log in/sign in and review their accounts via web browser on their computer.

Use Existing Accounts

VALR has also provided a way for anyone to sign in via their already existing Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. Getting started has been made easy!

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on VALR?

Bank Account or Digital Wallet

In general, buying cryptocurrency is a seamless process with improved VALR efficiency. Once the user has logged into their account, trading happens at the tap of a button. Users can either use the funds in their best crypto wallet to buy cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) or use their linked bank accounts, depending on their preferences. The overall experience is modest as any bank transfer is quick and reliable and can be instantly done via mobile phone.

The Methods

Users can add value to their wallets through a list of select credit/debit cards or NFT (online bank transfer). As the case of fiat funding (and thus, fiat currency) is regulated, it has to be recognized by an authorized bank. New users can decide their preferred deposit methods as per the trading volumes they intend to deal with, which can significantly affect the trading fee.

VALR Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees


VALR claims transparency and fair pricing as their objective, and their fees serve as a testament to that inclination. There are no monthly or management/ trading fees.

The crypto and fiat deposits, too, are at no cost. As both the deposit methods are not charged for, the users might be pursued to make it their primary digital assets exchange.


VALR cryptocurrency exchange does not charge any deposit fees.


With a fixed ZAR Withdrawal amount of R8.50 and a varying amount of crypto withdrawals, users get quite a reasonable deal. (These variations might also depend on the network, as in the case of crypto, a good connection is a no-brainer.)

Simple Buy and Sell

The company charges 0.75% per trade when it comes to a simple sale or purchase. Traders who might be seeking a longshot can benefit from it, managing the odds through nominal trading fees.

Exchange Buy and Sell

The fee for takers is 0.1% (to the exchange) and -0.01% for the makers (fees paid by the exchange). This implies that the company will pay you if you create new records in the transaction book.

Essentially, more trading is now good market investment advice at any price point. A negative rate is truly one of the rarest and most enticing ways to compensate the clientele. For more details, click here.

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User Interface of VALR App

The iOS Side of Things

VALR application available on the App Store runs natively on iPhone and offers a smooth and easy-to-use digital funds trading cum crypto trading platform. Trading is merely a matter of touch.

Live Widgets

Custom-designed crypto widgets available for the home screen can help the users stay in touch with their money in real-time and monitor and review their Bitcoin/other crypto assets making their latest news.

These widgets are supported across all platforms and can be used to identify any sudden spike in the market. An intuitive user interface can be the deciding factor to increase the usage of a mobile phone application.

The Android Side of Things

On the Play Store, VALR is a free to download app, similar to Apple’s online store. Most of the functionality is the same as the iOS counterpart, although the start-up and navigation across the application itself are based on the blueprints of Android.

Whether you are one of the beginners or experienced individuals, the application will be well received.

Security of VALR Cryptocurrency Exchange

The entire team focuses greatly on the security front and ensures the clients of their impeccable safety standards. Confidentiality of user’s information is given utmost importance across the exchange.

VALR Reviews - Security Features

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Secured Coin Storages

The South African exchange offers both cold and hot coin storage options through their platform. Being online in nature, hot wallets for coins are multi-signature, which means greater security.

The option to go with cold wallets (or cold storage) gives an added level of security with this offering. They can’t be hacked being standalone from other forms of liquidity, albeit the respective fee might be different for each of the wallets.

Secured Accounts

Encryption is the key to the security and privacy of the information exchange and owners of funds. The two-factor authentication that is turned on automatically is a feature that serves as a secondary wall of verification.

The renewal of verification from every new device and location can keep the intruders at bay. The exchange also claims to maintain the data in an encrypted and safe form, be it in transit or not.

Secured Internal Controls

VALR cryptocurrency exchange restricts any of the built-in procedures online without proper authentication and multiple signatures regarding the movement of funds.

Since VALR doesn’t store cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) at their premises, users can be assured of their security as the entire information is digital and, thus, decentralized and safe.

Secured Finances

Being a full reserve crypto platform, the investors are allowed to trade only with pre-funded accounts. The ZAR (South African Rands) are held in separate accounts, eliminating the possibility of mixed-up live and trading accounts.

VALR Customer Support

After signing in to the platform, users can register a query/complaint/issue via the web. The automated process will help the users reach out to the team, specific to their resolve or review.

One thing to be mindful of is that there is no way to contact the customer support or help center via phone mentioned on the website. This might discourage some users, but the array of positive VALR reviews that it receives leave little to risk about.

VALR Reviews - Customer Support by VALR

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VALR is punching above the competition and offering a truly unique service catalog, especially across South Africa. If you are a resident of South Africa, VALR ought to be included in your considerations while narrowing down the best cryptocurrency exchange. Even for traders and investors located all over the world, VALR can turn out to be a versatile and general solution as it also enables one to operate beyond the horizons of the US’s SEC, and it appears to have put it on the radar in San Francisco along with the Silicon Valley exchanges.

The brand’s popularity and unique features embark them on their envisioned journey of borderless finances, which is something beyond any price.


Who Owns VALR?

The exchange is registered in South Africa as a crypto exchange. The four co-founders of VALR – Farzam Ehsani, Theo Bohnen, Badi Sudhakaran, and Chris Tsimogiannis – were all originally part of the team behind Rand Merchant Bank blockchain. Farzam Ehsani has also worked at Deloitte Consulting as a business analyst.

Does VALR Have a Mobile App?

Yes, the exchange has mobile applications available for both Android and iOS devices. The respective apps are online to download via Play Store and App Store.

You need to be signed in to the platforms to download the app.

Is VALR Regulated?

Compliance Programs like AML and CTF, the exchange intends to prohibit any unlawful activity (including but not limited to – money laundering or funding of terrorist or criminal activities). The guidelines and regulations are extensively followed and are considered paramount.

Can VALR be Trusted?

Being a South African cryptocurrency exchange with the highest level of security standards and transparency in the procedures, VALR has become a trusted name for about 100,000 verified active users. VALR ensures the customers of their highly regarded security protocols and the desire to help mankind as a whole. The support from the team has been consistently appreciated by the clients as the company improvised upon feedback.

What are VALR’s Charges?

Many features come complimentary on the platform. This includes no monthly and management charges and no fees paid for crypto and fiat deposits. The withdrawal charges are variable and might also be dependent on the network. VALR delivers a fair and reasonable fee card to its customers.

The trading fee is 0.75% per trade for Simple Buy or Sell transactions. For Exchange, Buy, or Sell procedures, trading fees are 0.1% for the takers and 0.01% for being a maker. This is done to encourage trades.

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