WunderBit Review 2021

WunderBit was started to improve the trading process for users from every background, and thus, it went live with a list of pretty intuitive features. Some of these features might even be critical in yielding high returns for the users on their investments. Let’s go into the details of the WunderBit review.

WunderBit Summary

Headquarters Estonia
Found in 2018
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, BNB, and XRP
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EEK
Supported Countries It Varies From Payment Methods
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency
Transaction Fees Maker – 1% / Taker – 1%
Withdrawal Fees 0.0005 BTC
Application Yes
Customer Support Mail, Phone, Contact Form, & FAQ Support

WunderBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that focuses on Bitcoin and serves as one of the most advanced trading platforms on the market, with services that can be used without signing up for their paid memberships. WunderBit can buy cryptocurrency through credit cards that make the process easier and faster than only wire transfers or debit cards.

However, the platform still requires the users to complete their verification to maintain a safe and secure environment for the entire user base.

Quick Overview of WunderBit

  • WunderBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a user-friendly platform for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Through WunderBit, individuals can buy cryptocurrency with the help of their debit cards.
  • WunderBit offers advanced features such as an automated trading bot (multiple bots can be deployed) which can execute a trade without any involvement as set by the account user.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange has a thorough verification process that might act as a safety mechanism and other security measures that include source-tracking and other money laundering preventive methods. 
  • WunderBit supports multiple crypto-assets such as Ethereum, in addition to Bitcoin.
  • The fee charges for transactions are low and highly competitive, whereas the membership starts with a free account that is not limited like some other platforms and exchanges.

What Is WunderBit?

WunderBit can be defined as a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to serve both beginners and seasoned traders in the world of blockchain. WunderBit allows the users to start trading through a free account and buy crypto assets using their credit cards. Any trader can complete the verification (up to $300 worth of trader without verification) and start using the platform. As the exchange does not store any of the funds, it seems safer than other platforms, especially those compromised in the past.

WunderBit provides a way to automate the process of trading with the help of a tool that is called a trading bot. A trading bot is essentially a protocol that will execute the trade based on the parameters entered at the time of its deployment.

One thing that sets it apart from the competition is that users can copy the specifications of the best crypto traders of the exchange (the entries and exits). 

WunderBit Review - Platform InterfaceWunderBit Review – Platform Interface

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How Does WunderBit Work?

WunderBit being a cryptocurrency exchange, has similarities in its working and functioning to other platforms. WunderBit charges a small fee (which is lower than the industry average) for transactions and offers various premium packages for the individuals wishing to take advantage of this unique platform in its entirety.

The account pricing ranges from $0 to $44 (approximately). The free account isn’t crippling for users who can then be experienced before committing to a subscription plan for more premium features (which mainly implies a higher quantity of the limited features). Together, these form the primary sources of revenue and profit for the platform.

WunderBit Review - How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card?WunderBit Review – How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card?

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Features of WunderBit

  • WunderBit is quickly gaining popularity due to its lucrative and unrivaled features that have been the cause for user retention and bringing in new individuals. Crypto trading can be automated through the trading bot feature of the platform.
  • These crypto bots are made with specific parameters which decide if the trade will be automatically executed when the requirements of these parameters have been met. The functionalities of crypto bots and APIs can be restricted by the users if they seek to increase the overall security of their accounts. Users can start trading without completing the verification process, although the net amount allowed for non-verified accounts is low ($300).
  • WunderBit has a feature that enables the users to maintain multiple portfolios.

WunderBit Review - Features of WunderBitWunderBit Review – Features of WunderBit

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Services Offered by WunderBit

The catalog of services offered by WunderBit consists of three primary services: cryptocurrency exchange, commerce, and trading. Investors can use fiat currencies and buy crypto assets (Ethereum and Bitcoin) with credit cards (MASTERCARD and VISA) at low prices and competitive exchange rates through the exchange. Through the service of commerce, individuals can accept payments in crypto through email or their website.

This service not only implies that merchants but investors or traders can also use it. When it comes to trading, the service comes with crypto bots and the ability to mimic or copy the entry and exits of the more performing traders of the platform. The platform also has an ambassador program that incentivizes users to invite their family or friends to the platform.

WunderBit Reviews - Ambassador Program by WunderBitWunderBit Reviews – Ambassador Program by WunderBit

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Is WunderBit Regulated?

With its HQ located in Estonia, WunderBit is subjected to local laws and regulations. To comply with the respective regulations of the nations it operates in, WunderBit follows the corresponding guidelines based on the geographic regions. Perhaps, due to these regulations, the verification process is regarded highly and imposed strictly. WunderBit has also employed various regulatory methods and protocols to prevent money laundering and other illicit activity on the platform. This adds to the credibility of the altcoin for the users as the sources can be tracked.

Why Use WunderBit?

Crypto marketplace can be considered one of the most volatile and dynamic marketplaces, fluctuating significantly and operating round the clock. This can be an issue for individuals who do not wish to suffer any loss of opportunity or the value of their crypto assets. To prevent this, WunderBit allows automated trading bots to monitor the market and execute the trade as specified by the users.

These protocols can be modified after being made, albeit the way to do it might not be the most intuitive. New users can also copy the trading methodology of the best crypto traders and try to increase their profits.

WunderBit Review: Pros and Cons

WunderBit offers low trading fees in respect to the industry average.  Some of the more advanced features on the platform are not streamlined, unlike the rest of the platform. 
WunderBit enables the users to execute the trade through automated bots.  The net amount of value that can be traded without verification is not high ($300). 
WunderBit provides additional services such as the ability for merchants to get payments through cryptocurrency.  The list of payments is not as diverse as some of the other platforms. 
WunderBit offers a free basic account for trading. 

Creating an Account With WunderBit

Individuals who wish to sign up with WunderBit can create their account using their email, phone number, etc. Creating the account does not end at the basic setup for the users who wish to trade more than $300 as they would need to go through the verification procedure (and that requires an official ID that consists of users’ faces).

The users are advised to set up the account with a strong password that follows suit with the guiding norms for password strengths. Post creation of the account, individuals can log in with their account credentials.

WunderBit Reviews - Sign Up ProcessWunderBit Reviews – Sign Up Process

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Buying/Selling Cryptocurrencies With WunderBit

The process of trading cryptocurrencies on WunderBit is a very intuitive and seamless one. Starting with buying cryptocurrencies, individuals can deposit money through their credit cards. Individuals can buy up to 17 tokens on the platform right away after logging in or signing up on the exchange.

When it comes to selling crypto assets, the feature of cryptocurrency trading bots has made the process a hassle-free one. The dynamic aspect of the market is no longer a point of concern for selling as these automated bots can execute the trade in the market.

WunderBit Reviews: Buy/Sell Cryptos With WunderBitWunderBit Reviews: Buy/Sell Cryptos With WunderBit

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What Can You Trade at WunderBit?

WunderBit allows the users to trade several crypto assets (through about 17 fiat tokens). These assets include LiteCoin, Binance Coin, Stellar, Ripple, etc. The platform also supports two of the most prominent altcoins on the crypto marketplace (ETH and BTC). WunderBit supports an impressive array of registered exchanges to trade, with more exchanges added shortly.

WunderBit Fees

The platform offers two kinds of fees, trading fees and membership fees for the user account. The trading fees are low and thus, inspire the users to trade without paying a high amount to the platform. For most purposes, the fee by the platform would be around 1.00%, and the bank transfers would be free of cost. The membership fee has four total structures and starts from $0 and goes up to $45 (estimation). Any investor can start with the free account and switch later when they wish to deploy more bots or other premium features. Check out the official site for proper details of the fees structure.

WunderBit Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Depositing funds to WunderBit can be achieved through credit cards (MASTERCARD & VISA). Other payment methods are Skrill or SEPA bank transfers. Each of these payment methods has its charges that the individuals would be subjected to. There is also a fee associated with withdrawals for withdrawals, and for Bitcoin, it is 0.0005 BTC, whereas the industry average is 0.0008 BTC.

WunderBit Supported Cryptocurrencies & Countries

WunderBit is accessible in numerous countries and provides various cryptocurrencies supported by the crypto exchanges on the platform (such as Binance, FTX). The case of countries supported would be a little more complicated. Various countries support different services and payment options, and on the other hand, Skrill is supported in some additional countries. The list of cryptocurrencies and countries can be checked from the company website. Some countries have been banned for virtual currencies (e.g., Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, etc. ).

WunderBit Trading Platform

WunderBit is one of the most cutting-edge and leading platforms for trading crypto and connecting with crypto exchanges. WunderBit’s trading fees are also lower than most of the other platforms. The platform also aims to provide the best interest rates and competitive prices for various crypto assets. This platform is an exceptional choice for users who are pretty comfortable with technology.

WunderBit Mobile App

A mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, and the platform can also be accessed through their website. Through these applications, the users can reap the same benefits and functionalities as the website.

WunderBit Security

WunderBit is a relatively safe platform with various security methods. One of these measures is 2FA (two-factor authentication). Furthermore, the platform does not store funds and thus, tends to be more secure. The funds are held with the exchanges or the wallets that users have chosen.

WunderBit Customer Support

WunderBit has been able to uphold a reputation for a platform with prompt and excellent customer support. WunderBit reviews aggregated from different rating sites imply that the brand’s support team is very efficient and helpful in solving customer issues.

WunderBit Reviews - WunderBit Customer Support TeamWunderBit Reviews – WunderBit Customer Support Team

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WunderBit Review: Conclusion

WunderBit is on the bleeding edge of technology as a platform that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies through different digital currency exchanges. For the investor who wishes to use every moment to maximize the return on his investment, WunderBit is a platform that can help achieve that goal with its tools that include a crypto trading bot.


Is WunderBit Legit?

WunderBit has built its reputation as a reliable and legitimate platform for connecting to various cryptocurrency exchanges and starting crypto trading.

Where Is WunderBit Based?

Based out of Estonia, WunderBit is one of the most successful EU startups and has already begun reaching a vast user base through its lucrative features and unique services that make trading easy and more profitable.

How Much Is WunderBit Trading?

The platform charges 1.00% as a trading fee, and the rates of exchange from the crypto exchanges and withdrawals are subject to their respective modes of payment.

Is It Possible to Open a Business Account at WunderBit?

Yes, the platform does allow individuals to set up a business account. However, to set up a business account for Bitcoin trading, the users would have to complete the full verification of their accounts.

How Does the WunderBit Make Money if It’s Free?

Even though it’s a free membership tier, the platform can generate revenue and profits with the help of transaction fees that WunderBit charges. It has other payment models that aren’t free of cost but offer more scalable features.

Is WunderBit Safe?

WunderBit has portrayed itself as one of the safer platforms for cryptocurrency & social trading. Since the platform does not store the funds itself, it would be better to consider the security of wallets and the exchanges in question. The platform does offer a 2FA authentication method that adds a layer of safety. Any WunderBit trading review is usually found to be praising the security of the platform.

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