ZebPay Review 2024: Check Features, Fees & More

ZebPay is a crypto exchange platform that first marked its presence in October 2014 with the launch of Bitcoin wallet in India. ZebPay is a popular brand in the crypto space and now features 3 million users (95% from its home country India), $2 billion fiat transactions, and $3 billion cryptocurrency transactions across 160+ countries. The cryptocurrency trading platform enables users to buy, sell, store, and use crypto. Let us look at vital aspects of Zebpay and look forward to the Zebpay review.

As per the review, ZebPay is now one of the world’s most trusted brands for bitcoin exchange. The owner and CEO, Rahul Pagidipati, announced that bitcoin would be around 10 million in the industry by 2030. ZebPay is a Singapore-based platform that prides itself on having its user base in countries like the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Congo Brazzaville, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and India. This review aims to present the key features of the ZebPay bitcoin exchange wallet and cover key development in ZebPay’s journey.

Zebpay Exchange Summary

Official Website https://zebpay.com/
Headquarters Singapore
Found in 2014
Native Token $ZEBRA Token
Listed Cryptocurrencies 20+
Trading Pairs 40+
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes ( AUD, EUR, INR)
Minimum Deposit Depend on the currency you choose
Trading Fees None
Withdrawal Fees Free (for Fiat withdrawals)
Customer Support Support Ticket

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1) ZebPay Review 

ZebPay, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges enables users to buy, sell, and trade-in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and more. ZebPay is available on iOS and Android and focuses on long-term value investment. The cryptocurrency exchange’s app offers a simple, user-friendly interface, and is easy to navigate and well-equipped with advanced trading features. ZebPay has uploaded a bunch of youtube videos in regional languages for beginners. It has recently introduced a referral program to reach the masses.

ZebPay - Overview

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The following information will further guide you to use the ZebPay mobile app. From information about its application to its core compliance value, this review of Zebpay intends to evaluate ZebPay in its totality.

2) How to Register

ZebPay - Sign Up

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Did you know you can start as low as ₹100 worth of bitcoin with ZebPay? All you have to do is fill the KYC with valid information and upload two photographs after you have finished downloading the app. The app will prompt you to register your bank account and deposit the money, and you are all set to begin your crypto journey with ZebPay.

3) ZebPay app: Key highlights

ZebPay - Key Highlights

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  • It follows an unbreachable security protocol.
  • It is easy to use and navigate.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • The transactions are lightning-fast that other exchange wallets do not offer.
  • It is trusted by 3 million users across the globe.

4) ZebPay Payment Modes:

  1. Net banking
  2. UPI
  3. Instant deposit through your bank by way of IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS
  4. Bank transfer

ZebPay - Payment Modes

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You may click the following link to understand how to use these modes of payment for a ZebPay account: https://ZebPay.com/blog/getting-started-with-ZebPay-make-your-first-trade/

5) A Brief Walk-through for Beginners:

Crypto-INR Pair:

  • To trade the crypto-INR, you have to select a digital token like bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc.
  • Swipe up to view trading options and set the buying and selling limit order, and place the order.
  • To view the order details, tap on “Book”.

Crypto-Crypto Pair:

  • To trade the Crypto-INR, you have to select a digital token like bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc.
  • Tap the Crypto-Crypto pair, then select the buying and selling limit order and place the order.
  • The trade will reflect in the book once it is successful.

Click on the following link for more details:


6) ZebPay App Fees

Trading Fees

  • ZebPay currently offers zero trading fees on BNB-INR pairs, so be sure to grab it.
  • If you place the order immediately, you will have to pay the Takers fees of 0.25 %.
  • If you hold on to match the order, then there would be a nominal Makers Fee of 0.10 %.
  • ZebPay charges 1.10% for Intraday transactions.
  • If you are dealing in USDT-INR and Crypto-Crypto, then trading fees are flat 0.10% for Maker, Taker, and Intraday transactions.

Monthly Membership Fee

  • The membership fee is approximately ₹75.
  • The trick to avoid the membership fee is to make at least one transaction every month.

Deposit Fees

ZebPay - Deposit Fees

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  • For Fiat Transactions:
    • Any deposit method other than Net Banking is absolutely free.
    • Net banking is charged just at 1.77%.
  • For Crypto Transactions:
    • No fee is charged for crypto transactions.

Withdrawal fees:

  • Withdrawal fees for fiat transactions are nominal and are approximately ₹ 10.
  • The withdrawal fees for Crypto transactions are variable, and the list is available on their website.

Note: The above-mentioned Zebpay fees may differ from country to country and are subject to change.

7) Is ZebPay Safe to Use in India?

ZebPay - Safe In India?

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ZebPay wallet follows a stringent verification process that authenticates the validation of each of its users. The users are required to submit the KYC to use ZebPay before making any transactions. It has a multi-layered security system that safeguards the information and cryptocurrency exchanges like an army of knights. ZebPay offers two-factor authentication for its OTC trading platform. Approximately 98% of cryptocurrency is air-gapped in cold storage, and the gateway access is off-limits. So, its ecosystem is devoid of a single loophole. The Omnitrix security platform further shields the digital money with its labyrinthine network, and ZebPay’s firewall structure blocks access of any individual, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or employee. Also, it has introduced third-party testing that tests the security system from time to time and rewards those who report bugs in the system. It is worth noting that the ZebPay exchange platform protects its best crypto wallet services just like Templars protect the Holy Grail.

8) Is ZebPay Legal in India?

ZebPay’s success was eclipsed by RBI’s ban on cryptocurrency exchange platforms in 2018. ZebPay had temporarily suspended its business operations in India because of the ban around late September 2018. Since the Supreme court has now lifted the ban, ZebPay is back in the race and is legal in India.

9) Can I Withdraw Money from ZebPay now?

ZebPay - Withdrawal

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ZebPay allows the withdrawal of fiat money whenever required but only to your registered bank account. It does not allow withdrawals to any other bank accounts or e-wallets. However, ZebPay has observed that 60 % of users on exchange platforms hold the cryptocurrency instead of withdrawing. Rahul Pagidipati envisions that people will even pass along some portion of Cryptocurrency for their future generations.

10) How to Withdraw Funds from ZebPay:

  • On your app, select “withdraw”.
  • ZebPay allows only bank transfer, so select it.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and hit “proceed to withdraw”.
  • Check if the bank details on the app are accurate and hit “OK”.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm the withdrawal.
  • You shall receive a notification to confirm if the withdrawal was successful.

11) ZebPay’s Educational and Research Tools

  • It has introduced E-book on its website.
  • It has uploaded multiple videos on its website and youtube that are available in other regional languages too.
  • Blogs and information on its social media handles.
  • Daily technical analysis is available on its website.

12) Crypto Ban: How ZebPay Rose like a Phoenix from its Ashes

ZebPay - Features

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ZebPay was a leading brand in the cryptocurrency market when RBI announced a ban on cryptocurrency around early 2018. The ban forced ZebPay to move out of India temporarily that led to the downfall of ZebPay in India. RBI stated that the move was to curb the threat to the central banking system from the unstable nature of digital money. It discouraged e-wallets and banks from participating in any form of transactions related to the cryptocurrency. The then CEO Ajeet Khurana mentioned it had to withdraw from its home country India where ZebPay was popular among the masses. But the ZebPay team knew it was only a bend in the road and met new milestones in the overseas market and focused on the ways they could make this app safe and secured. In March this year, the Supreme court ruled out in favor of crypto trading platforms. ZebPay was ready with its upgraded and secured version of their app and announced the relaunch. The efforts to make ZebPay extremely safe paid off, as it witnessed an increase of user base by whopping four times and active customers grew by twenty times and with this, ZebPay is back on the top in the race of exchange wallets. It broke all records with transactions worth $10 million daily. ZebPay’s success reflects through their increase in manpower requirements, as they are planning to scale it to 130 by next year, and they offer work-life balance too.

13) ZebPay Supported Countries

ZebPay - Supported Countries

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Costa Rica, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Benin, El Salvador, French Guiana, Denmark, India, Sint Maarten, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde/ Kabu Verdi, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Guinea Ecuatorial, Turkey, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Caicos Islands, Åland Islands, Virgin Islands, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Northern Mariana Islands, Congo Brazzaville, Česká Republika, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, New Zealand, Caribbean Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

For more information, you can call on their customer care number or also visit their website and choose your specific country for relevant information.

The Verdict

To conclude our review, ZebPay has proven its worth with $ 3 billion worth of transactions in the cryptocurrency with its 3 million loyal users. It made headlines as it announced the launch of Non-fungible token (NFT)- Dazzle, which is set to carve another milestone. ZebPay is a renowned brand for its robust security protocols, user-friendly interface, and its popularity in India. With this success achieved within months, ZebPay is already on the way to achieve its mission to be one of the best cryptocurrency exchange in India. By building an effective ecosystem with features that facilitate its users to trade effectively through its exchange wallet, ZebPay has been a game-changer. If you are a beginner, you can read ZebPay reviews for more detailed information about Zebpay.


Is Zebpay safe?

ZebPay is totally safe. It follows a stringent verification process that authenticates the validation of each of its users. The users are required to submit the KYC to use ZebPay before making any transactions. It has a multi-layered security system that safeguards the information.

Is Zebpay free?

Zebpay charges monthly membership fees. But you can avoid paying these fees if you trade even once per month.

Is Zebpay legal in India?

ZebPay had temporarily suspended its business operations in India because of the ban around late September 2018. Since the Supreme court has now lifted the ban, ZebPay is back in the race and is legal in India.

How can I withdraw money from ZebPay?

ZebPay allows you to withdraw your money at any time but only to the linked bank account registered with ZebPay. The withdrawal is subject to minimum and maximum limits, which will be displayed on the bank page while withdrawing.

Is it safe to keep Bitcoin in ZebPay?

ZebPay is suitable for buying and selling Bitcoin. Bitcoin security is the first priority of ZebPay & uses the best industry standards to secure your bitcoins. So keeping Bitcoin is safe in ZebPay.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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