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FLETA and GeoDB Partner for the FLETA Network Expansion

The world-renowned platform of Blockchain technology, FLETA, has entered into a partnership contract with the decentralized ecosystem of data sharing that is GeoDB. Founded by GeoDB Blockchain Limited, GeoDB is a company based in London. The platform serves as an ecosystem for the exchange and transfer of big data driven by the advanced and decentralized Blockchain technology. The peer-to-peer platform of GeoDB strives hard to eliminate the data sharing inefficiency of the big data industry by the creation of decentralized bridges among the isolated participants of data sharing across vast networks. The partnership between FLETA and GeoDB shall establish a platform based on Blockchain technology that will become a leader in the industry for the commercialization of Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain-based platform of FLETA is known for its low rate of transaction charges, unrestrained scalability, and 14,000 TPS. It is a stellar platform powered by Blockchain technology that seeks to infuse the industry of business and commerce with Blockchain solutions. The platform has also entered into partnership agreements with renowned Blockchain-based projects that include Chainlink, Origin Protocol, Matic Network, Neo, and more.

The partnership agreement between GeoDB and FLETA shall enable the two platforms to come together and partake in sharing their ecosystems and markets of Blockchain technology thereby contributing to the international exposure of the platforms. The platforms are keen on providing assistance to each other for the expansion of each other’s ecosystems through the broadening of influences and networks. The most significant aspect of the partnership agreement would be the development of DApps through joint efforts by the exchange of technologies and infrastructure between the platforms. GeoDB is also ready to share the token of its platform that is the GeoDB token for use in the joint ecosystem of FLETA and GeoDB. The token shall be employed for the creation of a convenient and secure infrastructure that will enable the transfer of value between the shareholders of the platforms. The GeoDB token is a unitary representation of the market value of big data in the ecosystem of GeoDB.

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