HedgeUp to conquer the financial industry while Solana losses interest among investors

HedgeUp is set to skyrocket while Solana losses interest

Investors seek profitable cryptocurrencies in 2023 to keep their portfolios green amidst the crypto winter. One such project is HedgeUp, a new project to conquer the financial industry while binding crypto and traditional investors in one of the most exclusive global communities. At the same time, Solana temporarily drops into the single-digit territory, shedding most of its value and leading to low morale among SOL investors. 

HedgeUp Conquering the Financial Industry

The financial industry has traditionally been more accessible to wealthy individuals and professional clients, such as funds or businesses. HedgeUp is changing the reality for small investors by allowing them to invest in rare assets from only $1. 

While investing in digital assets has been profitable for many, HedgeUp is a unique platform that combines both the digital and real worlds. On this platform’s marketplace, token holders find a wide range of asset-backed NFTs. The assets you can invest in include rare collectibles, fine art, diamonds, wine, or liquor. 

Such investments have not been available so far to crypto investors, as this is the first platform in the world to open the door to crypto-based alternative investments. Also, traditional investors cannot invest in private jets or rare collectibles without committing a considerable amount of capital. 

This unique combination of real-world utility with blockchain technology revolutionizes the financial industry, creating an exclusive community that binds together the worlds of crypto and traditional investors. 

HedgeUp plans to go beyond being a mere crypto investment. Instead, the platform seeks to connect and educate the masses about the benefits of alternative investments and make it easy to diversify and hedge against market downturns. 

Bad News for Solana’s Investors?

Solana had a rocky journey in 2022 – and not so profitable for its investors. Recently, the token’s price has dipped below $10 – the first time in many months and has given birth to concerns of further losses. 

Sam Bankman-Fried, associated with the FTX collapse and accused of fraud, was one of the most ardent promoters of Solana. Hence, most of the loss of interest comes in the aftermath of the crash that pushed SOL’s price in a single-digit area – the first time in nearly two years. 

In addition, Solana gained the title of one of the worst-performing tokens in 2022 – some of the main reasons being the FTX collapse, a hack on one of its wallets, and the hawkish Fed that keeps casting uncertainty over the markets. 

Despite Solana’s significant use cases as a unique platform that combines proof-of-history and proof-of-stake (which gives it high scalability and a high number of transactions per second), investors are losing interest. The token price remains far from its glory days, and the project struggles to recover after the FTX collapse, which erased most of its value. 

Bottom Line


If you want to safeguard your portfolio, HedgeUp is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to do so. The alternative investment industry is expected to reach about $18 trillion by 2027 – which is double compared to its value in early 2022. HedgeUp investors stand to benefit from this increase directly as they can own and trade alt investments on the platform using the native token, HDUP, currently in its presale stage for a discounted price. 

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