Bitonic Review 2023

Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast? Do you seek to make a decent income by trading and investing in Bitcoin? If so, then you are at the right place. The platform of Bitonic is ideal for both beginners and advanced traders. Bitonic enables every user to conduct trading in his style and preference with a highly configurable trading view. The online trading platform facilitates trading in significant cryptocurrency assets and offers registered traders a host of trading tools for convenient and profitable trading.

Bitonic also provides every trader with analytical charts to ensure profits for every trader. If you seek to conduct trading and investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, sign up with Bitonic today.

Bitonic Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Found in 2012
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Trading Pairs BTC/EUR
Supported Fiat Currencies Euro
Supported Countries Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium
Minimum Deposit No
Deposit Fees No
Transaction Fees 0.25%
Withdrawal Fees 0.0005 BTC
Application Yes
Customer Support Email, FAQ, Social Media, & Phone

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What Is Bitonic?

Established in 2012, Bitonic is the platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in significant cryptocurrency markets. The traders at Bitonic can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the stock and then get the assets delivered to their accounts at the quoted price. Registered with Dutch Central Bank, Bitonic ensures a secure trading experience for one and all. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Bitonic offers the opportunity of automated cryptocurrency trading to registered traders. At Bitonic, buying and selling cryptocurrencies and raking in decent profits is easy and hassle-free.

Bitonic Review 2022 - Platform Interface

How Does Bitonic Work?

Bitonic is driven by powerful algorithms that enable users to conduct lucrative trading in cryptocurrencies. The platform offers an impressive array of tools and charts to help traders analyze market patterns. It allows the trader to conduct transactions directly from the bank account to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Euros.

Bitonic Exchange Features

An in-depth analysis of the platform of Bitonic revealed the following salient features of the platform, as elucidated below:-

  • Bitonic is the largest cryptocurrency trading and investment platform in the Netherlands. Since its establishment in 2012, Bitonic has been able to sell more than 500,000 Bitcoin tokens across Europe.
  • The cryptocurrency brokerage platform is known for the transparency and reliability of cryptocurrency trading services. In 2017, Bitonic launched BL3P, the advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that has been successfully operating in the cryptocurrency market for quite a few years.
  • The services of Bitonic include the facilitation of buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat currency, conversion of fiat currency to cryptocurrency by cash out, and provision for merchant services by the acceptance of cryptocurrency at e-commerce outlets.
  • At Bitonic, registration is hassle-free. New users need to verify their accounts with ID proof documents, phone confirmation, and bank account authentication to adhere to the security guidelines of the platform.
  • The payment modes accepted at the platform include SEPA transfer, iDEAL, and Bancontact. SEPA transfer enables international bank payment for buying cryptocurrency with fiat currency. The local bank of the Netherlands is iDeal. It facilitates payment in euros for purchasing cryptocurrency. Bancontact is the local bank of Belgium that allows customers to buy cryptocurrency with Euro.
  • The buying limit for buying cryptocurrency is set at 10-2,500 Euros through Bancontact and MyBank. The limit for purchasing cryptocurrency with iDEAL is 10-20,000 Euros. The minimum withdrawal limit is set at 10-10,000 Euro for acquiring funds from the platform by SEPA transfer.
  • The platform of Bitonic is accessible in only four countries, and these include the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, and Belgium. Bitonic is not accessible in the United States. However, accessing the platform in different countries is possible despite using a VPN network.
  • Customer service is highly responsive and available over the phone, email, and social media.

Bitonic Reviews - About Bitonic

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Bitonic Review: Pros and Cons

In this Bitonic review, we have made a list of pros and cons for the users:

Pros Cons
Bitonic is highly reliable, regulated, and licensed to the Dutch Central Bank, making the platform highly secure. The platform accepts only a few cryptocurrencies.
The service fee is meager. Bitonic is not accessible in several countries.
Deposits and withdrawals are almost instant.
Customer service is prompt and responsive.
The interface is user-friendly, and the trading view is highly configurable.

Getting Started with Bitonic

It is effortless to get started with Bitonic. Follow the steps below to use the platform:-

  • Register with your name and email address, and log in with your credentials after account verification to start trading.
  • Configure the trading by setting the trade limits.
  • Browse through the charts and graphs before opening a trading position.
  • Use your best crypto wallet and bank account for direct transactions.
  • Withdraw the trading proceeds after closing the trade position.

Bitonic Academy

The platform of Bitonic is more than just a cryptocurrency trading forum. Bitonic is associated with an institution called Bitonic Academy, that is known to organize academic workshops and events for the registered users of Bitonic. The course material of Bitonic Academy primarily revolves around advanced Blockchain technology. The institution also teaches about the working of Bitcoin, security issues and ways to overcome them with Blockchain technology, prevention of fraud in the Blockchain universe, and technologies that are employed by the advanced applications of Blockchain and Bitcoin.

Bitonic Reviews - Academy

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The Bitonic Academy receives rich sponsorships from corporations across the world. This institution of Bitonic is especially renowned in the Netherlands. Through the courses offered at Bitonic Academy, the cryptocurrency trading platform imparts rich knowledge and expertise for educating, supporting, informing private and public organizations about operations with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Join Bitonic Academy of the Platform Today to Participate in the Following Events:-

  • Training sessions on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology based on the courses.
  • Delivery of presentation along with participation at workshops.
  • Acquirement of technical and strategic advice from the Academy officials.
  • Facilitates technical and strategic research about Blockchain technology.
  • Provision of specific training for the exceptional students.

The Course Curriculum of Bitonic Academy Covers the Following Subjects, as Listed Below:-

  • Technological way of working of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.
  • Bitcoin, the anonymity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Security of Blockchain technology and safe use of Bitcoin.
  • Regulation of the cryptocurrencies by world legislations.
  • Help and suggestions with investigative research work at the platform.
  • The acceptance of Bitcoin as a valid mode of payment at the platform.
  • Bitcoin investment strategies.
  • Advanced applications of Blockchain technology.
  • Significant technical developments in the Blockchain world like the launch of Lightning Network.

Bitonic Trading View

The Bitonic trading view is immensely convenient for the users. It is easier to use in comparison to the trading views of other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The best part about the trading view of Bitonic is that the user can configure it according to his trading preferences. A quick review of the Bitonic trading view revealed that the platform considers it essential for traders to consult trading graphs and charts while dealing in cryptocurrencies. The trading view provides every trader with access to various statistical analyses, bars, and charts to be constantly aware of the price trends and fluctuations while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The trading view of Bitonic also shows the order book to help the trader with keeping track of the open and closed trading positions. The order book keeps the trader updated with order history information and aids decision-making concerning trading and investment in cryptocurrencies. You can know more about the crypto exchanges in detail by visiting here.

Bitonic Fees

Traders at Bitonic are charged with two types of fees for trading at cryptocurrencies. The fee that one needs to pay for buying and selling in cryptocurrencies are mentioned below:

Bitonic Miner’s Fee

The miner’s fee is imposed only when users buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Currently, the platform is not charging any miner’s fee, so now would be the right time to sign up with the platform to start trading in cryptocurrencies.

Bitonic Processing/Service Fee

The service/processing fee imposed on the traders depends on the fiat payment mode and currencies.

It can be said that the fee charged by the platform of Bitonic is pretty low and affordable.

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Bitonic Trading Fees

The trading fee at Bitonic is nominal and affordable for one and all. It is charged based on the payment mode and fiat currency. The different percentages of the trading fee charged at the platform of Bitonic are listed below:

  • For the traders who conduct transactions in Euro with Bancontact, the fee is 0%.
  • For traders who pay in Euro using iDEAL, the fee is 0%.
  • MyBank users pay fees while dealing with cryptocurrencies in Euros.
  • Traders receive a commission fee currently set at 0% while receiving money in Euro through SEPA transfer.

Bitonic Withdrawal Fees

Several Bitonic reviews reveal that Bitonic’s favorable withdrawal fee makes the platform popular among Bitcoin traders. Most cryptocurrency exchange forums charge an amount of around 0.0008 BTC for the withdrawal of Bitcoin. Bitonic charges an amount as low as only 0.0005 BTC as the withdrawal fee. The fee is so low because the users of Bitonic do not actually pay for the withdrawal of funds but only pay for using the Blockchain network to complete the withdrawal transaction. The withdrawal fee is collated to meet the fee payment of the miners.

Bitonic Deposit Fees

Bitonic is quite concerned about the user’s finances, and as such, making deposits at the platform is not charged with additional fees. At the platform, one can only opt for wire transfers to make deposits. Bitonic does not allow the use of credit cards for making deposits. A positive aspect about making deposits at this platform is that, unlike other cryptocurrency exchange forums, Bitonic allows the deposit of funds in the form of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. Other platforms only accept cryptocurrency deposits, which is not always convenient for the users.

Bitonic Mobile App

The mobile app version of Bitonic is highly functional and convenient for cryptocurrency trading on the go. Download the apk file on your smartphone device and install it to get access to the platform. The app allows quick registration and login and provides seamless access to trading tools and graphs. The bitonic app is readily available in app stores and utterly compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Bitonic Reviews - Bitonic App

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Bitonic Security

The platform of Bitonic holds user security at utmost priority. Bitonic ensures the maintenance of strict data privacy by protecting the users against hackers and unauthorized third parties. The platform takes the following steps to preserve the security of the users:-

  • The security department conducts extra surveillance for the detection of suspicious activity at the platform.
  • The users must check and match the first four characters of the wallet address before initiating a purchase transaction.
  • Check the return address in case of sales, order, and stop the sale transaction of Bitcoin if you notice any change in the return address.

Implement a 2FA password in the platform for additional security.

Bitonic Customer Support

At Bitonic, customer support is available during office hours over the phone, email, Telegram, IRC, and Twitter. One can also reach out to the customer help desk by filling in the Contact form. A quick way to resolve issues is to check out the detailed FAQ section at the official website of Bitonic.

Bitonic Reviews - Customer Support

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Bitonic Review: Conclusion

Bitonic is the oldest and the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform in the Netherlands. However, its status being a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry of Holland does not stop the platform from innovating and improving its interface and services.

The review process reveals that Bitonic focuses on developing faster and more transparent cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The platform stands out as one of the most popular choices among Bitcoin traders because of its affordable fee structure.

The users of Bitonic only have to pay the Blockchain network fee to conduct trading and investment across Europe. It is evident from Bitonic reviews that the platform is not only reliable but resourceful as well. Traders love to be a part of Bitonic Academy to learn more about Bitcoin trading. A few improvements that can be implemented include adding more cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to the portfolio, expanding services beyond Europe, and better customer service. Overall, Bitonic is perfect for cryptocurrency trading for both beginners as well as advanced traders.


Is Bitonic Safe and Legit?

Bitonic ensures a safe trading experience by the maintenance of tight security. Moreover, different reviews reveal that Bitonic is safe, reliable, and 100% legitimate owing to its compliance with the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission. Bitonic is a licensed crypto trading platform with reviews at trustworthy forums like TrustPilot that ensure its legitimacy.

How Reliable Is Bitonic?

Bitonic is 100% reliable and is subject to the regulations of De Nederlandsche Bank. Licensed to the Central Bank of the Netherlands, Bitonic enjoys a good reputation as a Bitcoin trading platform throughout Europe.

Why Should I Choose Bitonic?

If you are a newbie at crypto trading, Bitonic is the best choice for conducting Bitcoin transactions safely and hassle-free. The platform’s interface is user-friendly, and the trading view allows the trader to trade in his unique style. The platform charges only a nominal fee for its services and guides the users through successful trading sessions.

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