Bitvo Review 2024

Cryptocurrency trading is a trend that has clearly caught up with investors in the last few years. There are new opportunities in the market for traders now, and that has translated into many cryptocurrency exchange platforms for people who want to trade online. Bitvo is one such virtual exchange that provides trading opportunities to users through its platform. As per Bitvo review, we can say that since its inception in 2018, it has steadily allowed investors to buy or sell through its platform with ease.

Bitvo Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Canada
Found in 2018
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, Dash, XRP, and QCAD.
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes
Supported Countries Canada and Expanding
Minimum Deposit No
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Free
Withdrawal Fees 1%
Application Yes
Customer Support Email, FAQ, Live Chat & Phone Call

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What Is Bitvo?

Bitvo Global Inc. is a Canadian online cryptocurrency exchange platform with an international reach. In the realm of the company are financial experts with experience in banking and other financial sectors and knowledge of operating with banks and the financial sector. The site and the related Google App allow traders to work in the cryptocurrency market once the required KYC process is complete and the best crypto wallets are topped up for the exchange.

The company is located in Canada and has limited operations around the world at present. However, it allows users to trade in the international cryptocurrency market. It has been ranked 9th in the world among crypto trading platforms globally and first among the Canadian crypto trading platforms in 2020.

Bitvo Platform Interface

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How Does Bitvo Work?

Bitvo is designed to give a comprehensive account of the cryptocurrency market on a particular day, therefore helping traders to have a fair exchange of their cryptocurrencies. The trading services offered by the site come with several positive reviews, and the reports on Twitter by Canadian investors show positive ratings. Bitvo, like other virtual crypto trading platforms, works toward providing its customers with a detailed picture of the market, which helps them to select the exchange options to gain maximum profit.

All that the Canadian customers need to do is to register on the platform to begin trading. It also provides a same-day delivery guarantee, making it easier for crypto mining investors to reap immediate benefits.

How Bitvo Works?

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Features of Bitvo

While the website works like any other crypto trading site, there are some significant features that make it popular among customers and on social media. Here is a look at the essential features of the website:-

  • Experienced team with industrial knowledge to ensure safe transactions.
  • Fast and error-free registration for instant trading.
  • Deal with major cryptocurrencies in the Canadian market and with international reach for trading options.
  • Bitvo’s same-day guarantee offers immediate fund processing and withdrawals to facilitate customers to get money on the same day through bank account transfers.
  • Secure transactions where the Fiat funds are stored in major Canadian bank accounts that are completely safe.
  • Cold storage options for money earned through exchanges, thereby eliminating the need for bank transfers.
  • The convenient Bitvo Card option whereby one can use the card to withdraw funds directly from the Bitvo account without having to transfer them to a bank first.
  • 24/7, 365 days customer support through telephone calls, emails, and online chat.

Bitvo Features

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Is Bitvo Regulated?

Bitvo is bound by the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it operates. There is a list of legal implications and terms and conditions provided under the ‘User Agreement. It gives details of:-

  • User agreement.
  • Privacy policies, including account details and others.
  • Restrictions and regulations are involved.
  • Legalities and where to contact or whom to refer to in case of legal issue.

The site is designed and operated by financial experts with enough knowledge in the banking sector and legal formalities. The detailed legal information page makes it easier to review and analyze the possibilities and issues before registering or transacting on the Bitvo website or mobile app.

Products and Services Offered by Bitvo

The website provides crypto investors with detailed cryptocurrency exchanges rate around the world. The website offers many services for Canadian customers who want to buy or sell crypto or participate in the crypto boom:-

  • The sale and purchase of various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, BCH, Ethereum, LTC, Dash, XRP, and QCAD.
  • Secure exchanges through a state-of-the-art online platform to make it easier for the customers.
  • Bitvo has gone a step beyond the exchanges of cryptocurrencies on its platform to offer the assurance of same-day processing, a feat not achieved by many global leaders in the same field. So, with this promise, a Canadian investor can register, buy, sell and get access to the money in their account on the same day.
  • With options like storage of the earned cash and availability of a cash card, the website has made it easy for investors to get on with the exchange and not worry about transferring funds to bank accounts or having to wait for the investments.
  • Other services offered by Bitvo include strong customer support for any problems that customers face during the buying or selling process and any other issues related to the transfer of funds. The real-time trends are displayed for investors with a detailed market analysis to ensure they understand the implications of exchanges made through the site.
  • There are always risks involved in cryptocurrency exchange or any financial transaction. Therefore, the trends on the site give a fair idea to customers about it before they decide to sell or buy a particular cryptocurrency.

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Bitvo Review: Pros and Cons

It is essential to understand the pros and cons before investing anywhere or exploring any platform for financial negotiations. With so many websites offering crypto trading services and the abundance of financial scams, it becomes even more crucial to check the prospectus before investing time and funds on any platform. Below is a list of pros and cons of the Bitvo platform that might help users make an informed decision:-

Pros Cons
Easy crypto exchange for Canadian investors. The lengthy Registration process and KYC.
Deal with many primary cryptocurrencies. Limited country accessibility.
Real-time market analysis. May require KYC through Canada Post (in some cases).
Same-day guarantee for registration, exchange, and access to money earned. 1% withdrawal fees.
Easy bank account transfers whenever required.
Zero trade fees.
Money is stored in the account for free, easy wire transfer.
Easy access to money through Bitvo Cash card.
Regulated exchange and safety.
Live 24X 7 customer support, throughout the year.

Getting Started With Bitvo

As per our Bitvo reviews, If one is looking to buy or sell crypto as an investor, they can do so using Bitvo. However, one needs to sign in or register before proceeding to buy or sell crypto on any such trading platform. Here are the steps to follow:-

  • The sign-up process requires a customer to select the country of origin, email ID, and password of their choice.
  • For now, the registration is restricted to selected countries only. As a Canadian investor, one can use the browser to complete the registration process and do the KYC required to ensure a secure transaction.
  • Since the earnings obtained through the exchange are accessible through ATMs (with the card), or through bank accounts, it is necessary to go through the KYC completely to make all deals secure. In some cases, the KYC might not be complete without a visit to the Canada post, as suggested by the platform. However, it is not mandatory for all registrations. Detailed instructions about the requirements of registration are provided on the website.
  • Once account registration is complete, and approvals are obtained, customers can start the market deals through the platform. Bitvo Same Day Guarantee promises same-day processing of registrations, provided there are no problems in KYC.
  • The whole registration process must be completed before one begins exploring the cryptocurrency market through one of the leading platforms in the country.

Create Your Account With Bitvo

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How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on Bitvo?

Once users have a registered and approved account, Bitvo offers a real-time feature showing all the exchange options for the international cryptocurrency exchanges. As an investor, one can log in with the email address and password and access the buy or sell rates through the network to buy or sell crypto on Bitvo. Depending upon the coin an investor selects, it is easier to review the ascending and descending trends in market rates before transacting in the market. It allows them to buy or sell at a profitable cost.

Bitvo Fees

As per our reviews, Bitvo offers a very detailed statement about the fee structure. There are no costs charged as ‘trading fees’. The only applicable charges are those when a person wants to withdraw funds to their bank or through the card provided as a Fiat cash. A 1% charge is applicable for the withdrawn amount. Since the initial fee is nil, it is an advantageous option for those investors who want to begin their journey into the cryptocurrency market. Click here to get more details about its fee schedule.

Bitvo Accepted Payment Methods

As per the reviews, Bitvo accepts payment deposits from several sources, such as e-transfers, wire transfers through bank accounts directly to Bitvo, Canada-Post loads, and transfers through cryptocurrencies from other wallets. One can use a similar method for withdrawing cash from earnings, although a 1% charge is applicable (up to $15) in such cases. One can use the cash card through ATM transfers or withdrawals using bank transactions to access the funds in their wallet.

Bitvo Supported Currencies and Countries

According to the reviews, at present, the Bitvo app and website are accessible to only limited currencies and countries. It is accessible to Canadian investors but has an international reach. There are foreign exchange fees applicable for those who want to transfer another country’s currency into their Bitvo account for funding the same.

How Is Bitvo Different From Others?

While cryptocurrency exchange platform offers more or less similar benefits and there are many with the same security and support systems, the cash card offered by the website is something that makes it quite interesting.  As for the platform, Bitvo Same Day Guarantee is an additional benefit that it provides to the users.

The Bitvo Guarantee

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Bitvo Cash Card 

The card is accessible in all locations where Visa is accepted, making it easier for anyone to access the amount deposited through the buying and selling process. There is an advantage to the process, even with the withdrawal fee. The card offers unlimited possibilities to investors. With a limited fee of $10 for the first time (and free if one has transacted up to $2500 in a year), the customers can use it in all places where Visa cards are accepted.

Bitvo Cash Card

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Bitvo Mobile App

Bitvo has a mobile app to make it easier for investors. The reviews indicate a very positive response on both iOS and Android platforms. The data shows that the app offers all the benefits of the website, and has all the features to make purchases and sales easy on the move. The links are provided on the support page for easy download.

Bitvo Customer Support

As per the reviews, the Bitvo support team can be accessed through the email address Support@ They are also available on live chat, or one can call the provided numbers on the website to talk to them personally for any queries. Apart from these options, there are FAQs that give a detailed report of all that one might need while starting on with Bitvo exchange. It is advisable to look into these FAQs to ensure one has enough information before starting their journey as a cryptocurrency investor on Bitvo.

Bitvo Customer Support

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Is Bitvo Safe and Trustworthy?

Yes, Bitvo is safe to use, according to the reviews of most customers. However, all financial dealings require discretion and sound judgment on the part of the investors before proceeding.

How Do I Withdraw From Bitvo?

Bitvo allows customers to withdraw funds through bank transfers, e-wallets, and card transactions. Details about the fees involved in such withdrawals are provided on the website.

How Long Has Bitvo Been Around?

Bitvo opened its doors to investors in 2018.

Who Is the Owner of Bitvo?

Bitvo is pioneered by financial experts and banking entrepreneurs with years of experience in the world of finance. Click on Meet the team to know all about the expert team of Bitvo.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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