ChangeHero Review 2024

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ChangeHero was established as a non-custodial exchange that does not require registration and helps investors execute their transactions faster. The company behind ChangeHero, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is Herofintechs Ltd., established in 2016, and the ChangeHero exchange started its operations in 2018.

ChangeHero provides some major features for investors who are looking to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. The user does not have to register with an account to use this platform. The transactions on this exchange are conducted anonymously within a matter of minutes.

ChangeHero Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Hong Kong
Found in 2018
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 40+
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, EUR, RUB and many other currencies
Supported Countries 100+
Minimum Deposit No set restrictions for the minimal amount
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency
Transaction Fees 0.5%
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Network
Application No
Customer Support 24/7 via Live Chat, Mail, & Social Network Support

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What Is ChangeHero?

ChangeHero is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and offers a swap service for its users. Users can swap between different types of cryptos using the exchange service, and buy them instantly using credit or debit cards. ChangeHero uses a third-party service known as Mercuryo. Using its service, the users can buy crypto using a credit/debit card and also sell them for fiat currency. This platform supports several cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

ChangeHero provides 24×7 customer services that include chat features on its website. The platform also has a wide range of available payment options.

ChangeHero Review - Platform Interface

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How Does ChangeHero Work?

  • When the user makes a crypto exchange on the platform, their funds are instantly sent to several exchanges like Bittrex. In these platforms, any amount of crypto coins are swapped and then sent back to the account in the form of the user’s preferred cryptocurrency specified in the transaction.
  • At this moment, ChangeHero is the middleman that eliminates the challenges involved in changing the crypto coins. Simply put, through this process the user need not undergo the hassle of signing up with other cryptocurrency trading platforms while making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Several users might find using ChangeHero more beneficial for trading cryptocurrencies. ChangeHero has lower fees and it does not require any ID verification of the user using this platform.

How ChangeHero Works?

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Features of ChangeHero

  • One of the well-known features offered by ChangeHero is its rapid exchange systems through which it processes transactions instantly. Further, the user can remain anonymous while exchanging any amount of crypto coins.
  • The platform does not ask for a KYC documentation process and is well scrutinized by a risk-scoring-based auto system. ChangeHero is a noncustodial service provider which implies the platform does not have access to the user’s money and their private keys. The user has total control over their funds.
  • The user need not create an account or share details for completing transactions on this platform. This implies that the user can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies anonymously through ChangeHero.
  • It offers a support team that is available round the clock to assist users who have any issues regarding the platform. This is achieved through chat or email. The user can go for live chat or send an email.

Features Of ChangeHero

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Pros and Cons of ChangeHero

Pros Cons
It offers a secure platform. ChangeHero does not offer advanced charts and tools.
The user can have access to limitless crypto swaps. No information was provided about the founders of the platform.
ChangeHero allows anonymous transactions. Crypto transactions are a bit expensive.
User registration is not needed. Crypto buying fees are higher.
It provides 24×7 customer service. ChangeHero does not have a mobile app.
Offers non-custodial service. Transactions that have not undergone the KYC process can have a bit of a problem.

Benefits of Transacting Through ChangeHero

Here are the few benefits of transacting through ChangeHero:-

  • ChangeHero offers a wide choice of cryptocurrencies.
  • This platform does not require registration and login.
  • ChangeHero offers limitless and fast crypto swaps.
  • ChangeHero offers low transaction fees and helps users have privacy and anonymity.
  • ChangeHero has received good ratings as a trusted platform and is well-reviewed by users.
  • Offers an interactive, user-friendly interface and offers cryptocurrency prices.
  • ChangeHero has a non-custodial service and does not require KYC procedures for executing transactions; further, the transactions are faster when compared with other exchanges.

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How to Start Trading with ChangeHero?

To start trading with ChangeHero, the user may not have to register on the platform to make crypto transactions; it also offers services with privacy and anonymity. Further, the users are required to undergo AML or KYC procedures if the transactions are red-flagged by the system. This exchange does not ask for any registration and the user can profit from current updates through social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

What Are ChangeHero KYC Requirements?

  • ChangeHero does not ask for KYC requirements if the user is transacting in small amounts. Further, it uses a risk-scoring-based automated system. This system checks for any suspicious activity during the transactions.
  • These transactions are put on hold and flagged by the system if any such activity is detected. At this point, the user is required to perform as well as pass the AML and KYC verification process.
  • It will share the KYC and AML procedure with their legal authorities if a request is presented or any clarification is required.

ChangeHero Reviews - Benefits of Using ChangeHero

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How to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency on ChangeHero?

  • The user should go to the website of ChangeHero, choose the cryptos they would like to buy, exchange, or sell.
  • They need to select the exchange rate and deposit address for the funds to be deposited.
  • When this is done, the user should confirm the transaction details. If the user has selected a fixed rate, their transaction will be immediately processed.
  • If the user has chosen the best rate, then ChangeHero will search for the best rate for their exchange, and the exchange process will be completed within 20 minutes.

ChangeHero’s Exchange Platform

It takes 20 minutes to complete if the user makes an anonymous transaction. They need to enter the amount of cryptocurrency to be bought, the wallet address, users then need to check their details, accept the terms and conditions, and ChangeHero will send the funds to the user’s best crypto wallet/account. During this process, ChangeHero offers constant and latest updates on the transaction process and offers an easy and detailed summary.

ChangeHero Fees

With regards to fees, this cryptocurrency exchange charges a very low fee of 0.5% and it provides the best rate when compared with other cryptocurrency exchanges. The rate is very minimal and its charges are 0.5 % per transaction on its platform. But crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto transactions have high transaction fees.

ChangeHero Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

According to our ChangeHero review, this best cryptocurrency exchange UK is a non-custodial platform and does not hold user funds as the purchases are carried out directly with a credit or debit card or through a wallet. The coins that are purchased are directly delivered to the user’s wallet. When the user makes an exchange with ChangeHero, their funds are sent to exchanges like Bittrex and are exchanged and sent back to the user in the form of a bitcoin or crypto coin of their choice.

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ChangeHero Payment Method

  • According to our ChangeHero review, it is the most trusted crypto exchange that offers several coins and tokens that are listed for trading. Moreover, users can purchase something through Visa or MasterCard on the platform.
  • This platform offers standard and fixed rates for the exchanges and also provides the best rate when compared with other crypto exchanges. Users can purchase cryptos or tokens through debit or credit cards.
  • The payments are carried out on a secure platform and it ensures that the card details are encrypted. The user can also swipe their cryptocurrencies on ChangeHero for fiat currency.

ChangeHero Supported Cryptocurrencies & Countries

Supported Countries

Currently, ChangeHero supports several cryptos that are seen on similar crypto exchanges. This platform can be accessed in more than 100 countries globally that includes Spain, France, the UK, and Germany.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Here below are the list of some cryptocurrency that ChangeHero supports:-

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Binance Coin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Digibyte
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin

ChangeHero Mobile App

The major disadvantage is that the platform is accessible only through web browsers and does not have a mobile app. Also, access to the web browser is limited as there is no mobile app.

However, common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge are supported, which implies that users can access ChangeHero through their desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets.

ChangeHero Customer Support

  • This platform offers 24×7 support to its users through a live chat option on its website. ChangeHero also provides additional support through email and does not offer direct phone support.
  • The customer support executive replies within minutes, which is impressive when compared with other crypto exchanges. The user can send an email to [email protected].
  • They can also be contacted via their social media accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • The platform has a dedicated FAQs section through which you can get all your answers to your queries.

ChangeHero Review - Customer Support

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ChangeHero Review: Our Verdict

To conclude, ChangeHero is an easy and simple to use platform preferred by beginners who are new to crypto trading. It’s simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy for the users to get started with buying, exchanging, and selling cryptocurrencies. This platform has received the highest rating on Trustpilot that has several positive customer reviews about its features. It also offers 24×7 support along with a live chat option on its website.

ChangeHero offers several features for experienced traders like non-custodial services that are used for safe transactions and no limits or restrictions on exchange as long as the user verifies their identity. In simple terms, ChangeHero is the safest crypto exchange for buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.


Is ChangeHero IO Legit?

ChangeHero has the best customer rating and several good reviews that indicate that numerous customers are satisfied with the services of this platform. It is often mentioned that the support team of ChangeHero is great. Moreover, ChangeHero ranks at the top when compared with other cryptocurrency sites.

Where Is ChangeHero Based?

ChangeHero is one of the leading and most well-known crypto exchanges based in Hong Kong.

How Much Are ChangeHero’s Fees and Commissions?

This platform does not charge a fixed rate or fees; rather the user needs to pay in the spread. Further ChangeHero charges 0.5% to buy/sell orders, and for crypto exchange or conversion, it charges 0.5 % to 0.7%.

Do I Need a Separate Cryptocurrency Wallet to Use ChangeHero?


Yes, the user should have a separate cryptocurrency wallet to use ChangeHero. It is a non-custodial feature that does not hold the user funds. Moreover, it provides a registration-free service and does not collect personal information from its users.

Is ChangeHero Safe?

According to several ChangeHero reviews, ChangeHero offers non-custodial services where the user has full control over their coins. They can use it to exchange and deposit into their debit/credit card account or to their crypto wallet.

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