CoinField Review 2023

CoinField is one of the most prominent players in the market of cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a fully legally regulated cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange that operates in more than 193 countries. Customers can buy and sell almost all popular cryptocurrencies through the CoinField exchange. CoinField also has its digital currency wallet and crypto to fiat exchange services. And to know more details about its services, read this CoinField review and explore more!

CoinField Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Tallinn, Estonia
Found in 2018
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 20
Trading Pairs 74
Supported Fiat Currencies EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED
Supported Countries 193+
Minimum Deposit $100
Deposit Fees For Cryptos – Free
For Other – Depends on Currency & Payment Method
Transaction Fees Maker -> 0.15% – FREE(Tier 1 – Tier 7)
Taker -> 0.25% – 0.02%(Tier 1 – Tier 7)
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency and Payment Method
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Support Center, Mail, & Submit a Ticket Support

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Quick Overview of CoinField

  • CoinField supports the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Fiat to cryptocurrency exchange options is available.
  • Regulated by the European regulatory authority FIU.
  • Operates in more than 193 countries across the world.
  • Supports six different fiat currencies- EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED.
  • CoinField has a secure digital currency wallet.
  • Adheres to all MLTFPA regulations against money laundering.
  • Fast and secure trading platform exchange with complete accuracy.

What Is CoinField?

CoinField is a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange that has networks in almost 193 countries worldwide. The exchange was launched in the year 2018 with the primary objective of making cryptocurrency trading more accessible and user-friendly for people of all demographics. It is a centralized European exchange that is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FUI).

CoinField not only lets users trade in the most popular cryptocurrencies, but it also has fiat to cryptocurrency exchange services as well as a digital crypto wallet or best crypto wallet. All CoinField operations are entirely legal and adhere to MLTFPA (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act).

CoinField Review 2022 - Platform Interface

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How Does CoinField Work?

  • To get started on CoinField, users first need to register for an account.
  • They will have to put their name, email id and password, and personal phone number. Customers get a confirmation email at the address submitted by them.
  • After that, there is an authentication and ID verification process.
  • Users must submit their ID proof, phone number, and email address.
  • The account is now ready. Users need to deposit some funds into their CoinField account to start trading.
  • The CoinField account can be funded with the six different supported fiat currencies and multiple supported cryptocurrencies like BTC(Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple), LTC (Litecoin), and many more.
  • Once the account is ready and funded, traders can use their CoinField login and start trading through the CoinField exchange.

Features of CoinField

Worldwide Network

CoinField services are available in 193 nations of the world. But it is fully legally certified for all its global operations.

Supported Fiat Currencies

CoinField supports six different types of fiat currencies. Users can deposit USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY, and AED to buy cryptos. They can also withdraw their cryptocurrency in these currencies through the CoinField crypto to fiat exchange service.

CoinField Reviews - Features of CoinField

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Huge Variety of Cryptocurrency Pairs

More than 20 different POPULAR cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more are already available for trading on CoinField. They are also trying to add more coins every month.

High Security

CoinField has multiple layers of encryption on all passwords. They also implement other safety features like cold storage wallets.

Regulatory Compliance

CoinField is a centralized exchange in Europe and is licensed by the European regulatory authority FIU. Their license number is FVT000111. They also adhere to all international MLTFPA regulations.

White Label Services

CoinField offers white-label service for any company trying to open their cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinField white label services can get crypto exchanges up and running within 90 days.

Low Trading Fees CoinField Offers

CoinField withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and trading fees are all competitive and at par with industry average standards. Their fees can go to as low as 0.05% for specific trades.

CoinField App

They have their mobile app platform to make it easy and convenient & great exchange review and trade cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.

CoinField SOLO Cards

This unique feature makes it easy for customers to manage and utilize their digital assets effectively.

CoinField Wallet

They have a secure, encrypted multi-signature digital wallet for users to store their digital assets. The transactions from this wallet can be traced back and verified on the original blockchain as well.

CoinField Review - CoinField Solo Card

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CoinField Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Available in 193 countries all over the world. It supports only six different fiat currencies.
Very secure exchange service. Account registration and ID verification process are necessary.
Regulated by international authorities. Not all cryptocurrencies are available for trading.

Coinfield Registration Process

  • Traders need to complete the signup process for a trading account through the CoinField website or the CoinField app.
  • Personal information like name, password, email id, and phone number is required. The user’s password is put through multiple layers of encryption for customer safety.
  • Then there is an ID proof authentication process as per FIU and MLTFPA compliance requirements.
  • The account is now ready to log in and fund. Users can start to buy, sell, and trade in different cryptocurrencies.

CoinField Reviews - Sign Up Process

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Trading on CoinField

  • Once the CoinField trading account is set up and funded with fiat or cryptocurrency, users can begin using the exchange.
  • They have a Quick Trade feature that makes it easy to complete the first crypto to fiat currency exchange in just some simple steps that take less than a few minutes.
  • There are also more Advanced Trade options with spot and limit orders and complex and dynamic charting tools.
  • CoinField’s primary objective is to cater to all categories of traders, both amateurs and experienced crypto trading professionals.
  • CoinField has also designed a crypto trading mobile app platform to make it easier for customers to track prices and make better financial trading decisions.
  • Users can evaluate price charts across different time frames to do their research and analysis.
  • The CoinField mobile app also has features to set up price alerts so that users never miss out on any opportunities. Customers will get a notification when prices for a particular pair hit the level they have set the alert for.
  • As a CoinField user begins to build their digital currency portfolio, they can favorite their preferred currency pairs for easy and quick access.

CoinField Fees

CoinField Deposit Fees

They do not charge any deposit fees for their supported cryptocurrencies, but there is a minimum order limit on some currencies. They charge a small deposit fee on most supported fiat currencies. The fee depends specifically on the fiat currency and the payment method being used.

A few deposit methods like bank account wire transfers for US dollars or SEPA transfers for Euros, or Faster Payments for the British Pound are free from any deposit charges. Customers with the CoinField SOLO card deposit methods also do not have to pay any deposit fees.

CoinField Trading Fees

CoinField divides its user’s monthly transactions into seven different tiers, and each tier has additional trading fees. The lowest tier 1 with a trading volume between $0 to $50,000 within 30 days is charged a maker fee/taker fee of 0.15%/0.25%. For the highest tier, 7, with trading volume above $ 5,000,000, the maker fee/taker fee is free/0.02%. But for the same trading volume tiers, trading fees are much lower for SOLO cardholders.

CoinField Withdrawal Fees

SOLO and XRP withdrawals on CoinField are free of any withdrawal cost. There is a small fee for withdrawal of almost all other supported cryptocurrencies ranging between 0.0015 for ETH and 850 for CVC. A withdrawal fee is charged for all fiat currency withdrawals. The fee amount depends on the fiat currency and the payment method being used. There is no withdrawal fee for SOLO card users. For more details on the fees structure of CoinField click here.

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CoinField Accepted Payment Method

  • CoinField accepts many different payment methods. Users can fund their accounts with six different fiat currencies- USD, EUR, CAD, AED, JPY, and GBP.
  • Users can also fund their accounts and buy, sell or trade through the exchange with the help of more than 20 different supported cryptocurrencies.
  • There is another feature available for CoinField users known as the SOLO cards. Users can use their cryptocurrency or digital tokens, or other digital assets as collateral on their SOLO card. This card can then be used for transactions in all places where Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
  • Users can also withdraw cash with the help of their SOLO card from more than 2 million ATM locations in 200 countries that accept Mastercard credit cards. SOLO card deposits and withdrawals do not charge a transaction fee.

CoinField Supported Currencies & Countries

  • CoinField services are available in 193 nations of the globe.
  • Their supported zones are spread over Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa.
  • Their services are not available in only a few countries where digital currency transactions are still heavily restricted.
  • The CoinField supports more than 20 crypto coins that can be put into different currency pairs. More new coins are being added.
  • Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the CoinField exchange are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Digi Byte, and many more.

CoinField Reviews - Wide Range of Crypto Pairs by CoinField

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CoinField Listing Feature

CoinField is always open to hosting new coins and tokens on their exchange. Anyone with a unique token can apply to be listed on the exchange. But their crypto or token needs to have completed all legal and security formalities before being considered for listing.

CoinField Mobile App

CoinField has developed a mobile app platform to make trading accessible for people outside the technical crypto community who do not have time to stare at computer screens all day. Quick data alerts and features to save your favorite currency pair the CoinField app, making it easy for users to capitalize quickly on market swings.

CoinField Review - CoinField Mobile App

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CoinField Security

  • All passwords are protected with cryptographic hash.
  • Inactive users are logged out of their accounts to protect against hackers.
  • Session history is cleared automatically at regular intervals to protect against data leaks.
  • Isolated servers with multiple layers of security.
  • CoinField servers are located in some of the most high-security venues of the world because they contain sensitive information about customers and their digital assets.
  • Secret digital wallet with extremely high levels of security and data encryption to protect client data.
  • Usually, other cryptocurrency exchanges function on single-signature transactions. But CoinField uses multi-signature authentication for their wallets and transactions for an added layer of security.
  • They have different types of digital wallet safety features. There are offline cold wallets, there are hot wallets for high deposit flows, and there are warm wallets to manage daily cash flows.
  • Two-factor authentication with a password and an instantly generated authentication code ensures that unscrupulous persons cannot gain control over a user’s account.
  • CoinField has systems in place to flag suspicious login activity from users. This can protect user’s digital assets from being stolen by digital criminals.
  • CoinField uses the industry’s best CDN to protect against DDoS hacking attacks related to large-scale security breaches.
  • All communication from the CoinField webpage to their server is encrypted with the highest level 256 bit SSL.

CoinField Customer Support

  • Traders can contact CoinField’s customer support service provider team through live chat or email.
  • There is an option on the CoinField website for users to raise a ticket with their specific problem.
  • Customer service personnel get back to the customer with solutions as soon as possible.
  • Customer service team members are available 24 x 7 to solve all trading issues.
  • CoinField is also accessible through many different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

CoinField Reviews - CoinField Support Center

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CoinField Review: Conclusion

CoinField is the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange platform globally, with facilities in nearly 193 nations. Their legal credentials also make them a safe option for crypto community traders. CoinField reviews and ratings are mostly positive and mention their low trading fees CoinField charges compared to other exchange services. Users find it easy to navigate the website and their app platform through a customizable dashboard trading view for a personalized user experience. All types of traders can successfully trade in cryptocurrencies through the CoinField cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinField has been in operation since 2018, and since then, they have dealt with many customers and transactions. CoinField reviews and ratings are generally positive, but some complaints can be found about the slow process of transactions in the case of specific payment methods. But as the entire economy becomes more integrated with the cryptocurrency market, it can be hoped that these transaction times will soon reduce dramatically.


Is CoinField Safe or a Scam?

CoinField is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchange based out of Europe. It complies with all legal and financial rules of the European regulatory authority FIU. They also have various security measures to protect their customers’ digital assets from potential security risk warnings.

How Do I Deposit Money Into CoinField?

Users can deposit supported cryptocurrencies or supported fiat deposits into their CoinField account to start trading. Many different payment methods like wire transfers, credit card deposits and debit cards are accepted for fiat currencies. Users with the CoinField SOLO cards can also use them to fund their exchanges.

Is CoinField a Good Exchange?

One of the major concerns for most cryptocurrency exchanges is with regards to their legality and security features. CoinField has good credentials on both these points. CoinField reviews and ratings shared by customers are generally positive and do not mention any major mishaps.

Can Canadians Use CoinField?

Canadians can use all services available at CoinField. CoinField allows exchanges from 193 different nations of the world. Only a few countries with stringent restrictions on cryptocurrency trading are out of the purview of their service.

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