P2PB2B Exchange Review 2024

The P2PB2B crypto exchange is a high-level trading platform that operates good exchange procedures for its clients. To secure reliable and authenticated trades, the platform has all the features that benefit clients. The cryptocurrency exchange runs token sales in the event of encouraging crypto assets. It enables people to fund new coins.

P2PB2B Exchange Summary

Official Website https://p2pb2b.com/
Headquarters Estonia
Found in 2018
Native Token No
Listed Cryptocurrency 80+
Trading Pairs 150+
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Supported Countries Most of All with some exceptions
Minimum Deposit $10
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency
Transaction Fees Maker – 0.2% to 0.01% (LVL 0 to LVL 10)
Taker – 0.2% to 0.1% (LVL 0 to LVL 10)
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Email, Social Media, Support Team

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There are lucrative offerings for users in the crypto community, such as Airdrop, the established gamification experience, trading contests, and the business plan of earning security funds.The trading platform is established with the most reliable protection conformities. It is listed number 12 in the world as the most entrusted platform with core security hallmarks in regard to crypto exchanges. Although read this P2PB2B exchange review, and know everything about this platform in one place.

What Is P2PB2B?

The blockchain company was established and introduced to the crypto community in the year 2018. P2PB2B isn’t just limited to cryptocurrency exchange trades but also extends to business areas such as their Crypto Projects scheme for trusted associates.

The blockchain platform’s marketing initiative grants users various features such as expert advice for different types of trading activities. It assists users with tools to profit their approaches to scale record-breaking rewards, expand their fellowship, and sustain their liquidity valuations.

The cryptocurrencies website encourages buying and selling the most prominent cryptos in the FinTech world, in which clients can deal with a plethora of small altcoins.

It facilitates exchanges with the crypto royalty tokens, such as BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, NEO, and many more. More availability will be provided and added to the site.

P2PB2B Platform Interface

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How Does P2PB2B Work?

P2PB2B employs only high-scale trading activities. The company’s speed can handle 10,000 exchanges per second. P2PB2B trading platform can scale up to bonds of 1,000,000 TCP. The exchange’s KYC verified identification mandates have a lucrative offering by integrating with AI-established functionalities that raise the momentum of the security compliances. Additionally, the live support by the platform is an added leverage point for users.

Facts and Features of P2PB2B

High Use Cases

P2PB2B provides a processing velocity of up to 10,000 exchanges within a second and links over 1,000,000 TCP.

Multi-lingual Client Support

Languages applied on the site for the ease of interaction for assistance are Chinese (Mandarin), English, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

Host of Fiat Money and Crypto Assets

P2PB2B holds over 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat funds, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, and USD.

Liquidity Based Client Interface

The trade webpage has single-page employment on its interface functionality, facilitating active interactions through P2PB2B updates that are content effective.

Features of P2PB2B

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Is P2PB2B Regulated?

While associating with P2PB2B, the client is entirely accountable for the judgment compliances made within the site. The regulations of the client’s country apply to the site, and they need to comply with that.

Each country and respective jurisdiction have detailed regulations on FinTech employed to the client’s associated value in all the product services and content of the P2PB2B site.

Airdrop and Exclusive Airdrops by P2PB2B

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Services and Products Offered by P2PB2B

Airdrop and Exclusive Airdrops 

The verified client accounts have the offer of an Airdrop card where the tokens of PACT are credited within 24 hours.

The P2PB2B associated features warrant access to independent airdrops of famous crypto assets and profitable tokens. Additionally, it also renders an exclusive PACT staking facility for automatic airdrops.

Referral Games

Profit rewards are credited to clients who invite their friends or business associates to the Referral Games product offering.

Referral Games by P2PB2B

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Pros and Cons of P2PB2B

Pros Cons
P2PB2B tools warrant a simplified user interface that is effective for novice customers and benefits technology-misinformed investors for trading opportunities. Clients are mandated to deposit and withdraw assets with the procedure of KYC compliances.
The P2PB2B has an option for some extremely high-level valuations on profitable crypto assets and issues the PACT token for customers’ accounts. The website and social media official pages such as LinkedIn have a lack of debt in regards to the clarity of the overall P2PB2B team.
A reliant and supportive team for customer service. The P2PB2B review on online trading analyst platforms has a contrary stance on the platform.
P2PB2B offers a launch program that grants a host of opportunities for the investor to assist them in their new business projects. The user interface of the website lacks up-to-date trade instruments.
The platform’s services render an option of buy and sell for a host of small and large cryptos. High-skilled traders’ disconnect is due to the restricted admittance grants of profitable benefits such as margin trading and futures.
P2PB2B has the capability of a transaction procedure that can go up to 10,000 exchanges within a second.

P2PB2B Account Registration Process

To create an account with P2PB2B follow the below steps:-

  • The initial step to gain admittance to Estonia’s established P2PB2B site is that the client must select the register button on the trading platform’s home page.
  • The user is then directed to a landing page where they need to submit identification details, such as an email, secure password, and a referral code if available to the customer at the time of signing up.
  • After the mandated details, the client has to select whether they are a resident of the United States. The terms and services of the crypto exchange need to be read, and the Sign-Up button has to be clicked on.
  • In the next step of the registration process, the customer receives a confirmation email. The instructions received via email by the P2PB2B team should be obliged. This completes the user’s registration process.
  • To get the company’s approval, a KYC-compliant license system is mandated for the client. These regulations bring in transparency.
  • The client has to issue their country’s national authenticated ID proof and a passport size photograph.
  • Once they share these formal documents, the further process requires the client to click a selfie with the documents they have provided.
  • This selfie is supplied with a photograph that depicts the client holding a piece of paper that mentions the submission date.

P2PB2B Registration Process

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P2PB2B Fees

P2PB2B has initiated their trading fees for takers and makers at 0.20% each, respectively. According to the cryptocurrency market trends, the trading fees are usually around 0.25%, making the fees an economical credit for clients.

Regarding P2PB2B withdrawal fees, the site inflicts 0.001 BTC for exchanges in the BTC network. If the client uses a credit card, the trading fees are $10, a 5% commission from the transaction. Click here for more details.

P2PB2B Deposit and Withdrawal Method

As per our P2PB2B review, the site warrants wire transfers as one of the deposit methods. Clients can also deposit through their credit cards. When acquiring fiat currency deposits, a P2PB2B admittance-level trade is actioned where fresh crypto investors can take their initial measures into the profitable digital currencies world.

The withdrawals are made in the usual crypto function by choosing the desired deposit address. Then the currency of the client’s choice needs to be entered on the screen, and the credited amount is generated in the wallet.

P2PB2B Accepted Payment Method

To buy cryptos on the website, clients can utilize credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. It is shielded from hackers by Simplex services. The compensation charge for using credit cards is only 5% (minimum $10 price value). The client’s wallet is credited through credit cards within the time frame of 10 to 30 minutes.

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P2PB2B Supported Countries and Currencies

All major international markets can trade on the P2PB2B. Unfortunately, investors from countries such as Australia, Canada, China, France, UK, and the United States have either partial or complete restrictions of services.

In regards to one of the largest & top crypto exchanges, the prominent networks available on the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether US, Binance Coin, Stellar, ChainLink, Tron, NEO, Ethereum Classic, NEM, Waves, Dogecoin, Maker, KyberNetwork, NeoGas, Golem, OmiseGo, Serum, Curve DAO Token, ZRX, Qtum, Tezos, Balancer, yearn.finance, Compound, BAND, Synthetix Network Token, Numeraire, Wrapped NXM, REN, Loopring, Tellor, AugurV2, and Litecoin.

P2PB2B Mobile App

An enticing integrated P2PB2B application was launched to clients in the year 2019. The app is available for download on Google Play for android clients and Apple Store for iOS. The application is reliant and stores transaction funds in cold storage wallets, shielding itself from illicit trading practices.

The mobile application has accelerated trades, such as up-to-date processing speeds of 10,000 cryptocurrency exchanges per second and rapid order book withdrawal capabilities of 1000,000 TCP connections. A peculiar feature is that the application is authorized to administer trades of cryptos in the EU territories.

P2PB2B Security and Privacy

P2PB2B trading platform is assigned upon preserving and upholding the client’s privacy. This Privacy Policy, along with the platform’s Terms of Use formalities, helps dictate their collection of information, functionalities, and the use of the client’s personal information.

To stay clear from hacker attacks, the Security hallmarks of P2PB2B undertake measures such as safeguarding 96% of the client’s crypto funds in cold wallets. Additionally, the platform has the lucrative offering of facilitating the Web Application Firewall (WAF) that helps identify and prevent all illicit strikes that can occur from hacker attacks.

P2PB2B Customer Support

As per our review, P2PB2B’s support team works all days of the week without any time restrictions. Clients can email feedback at this address: telegram.me/P2PB2B_io, or they can reach out on the official email id: [email protected].

After the suggestion and complaints are received, the customer support team reaches out to the client and resolved their issues.

P2PB2B Customer Support

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Final Verdict

The user reviews trust the P2PB2B trading platform even though it’s a comparatively modish transaction company in the crypto realm. It has accomplished establishing and making a prominent name for itself in the digital currency expanse.

Its high-scale lucrative hallmarks make it an engaging and reliant trading experience for clients who wish to invest in profitable digital token returns.


How Do You Get Crypto on P2PB2B?

To attain crypto assets such as BTC, the client is required to go to the homepage and select the ‘Trade’ option, which is placed on the left-hand side corner of the website. The client has to select the Market option then and find the desired digital currency network they want to purchase. For instance, if it is Bitcoin, then BTC needs to be selected. The value that has to be attained is added in the column. However, clients should not pass the balance in their wallets. Finally, the option Buy BTC or the desired crypto is authorized, and the funds are credited to the client.

Is P2PB2B Safe?

P2PB2B seems a safe option as KYC is compulsory for making deposits and withdrawals. Besides, It offers its users a two-factor authentication security feature.

How to Use P2PB2B?

To avail the effective investor access to P2PB2B, the user is required to select the register button on the home page of the trading website. The client is then directed to a page where they need to submit identification details, such as an email address, password, and a referral code if available to the customer. After the mandated details, the client is required to select whether they are a resident of the United States. The terms and services of the exchange need to be read, and the Sign-Up button has to be clicked on.

Are There Any Transfer Limits?

The trading amount limits vary for each exchange. Clients need to check the exchange restrictions on the trade page when sanctioning the order.

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