SwapSpace Review 2024 : Is SwapSpace Exchange Safe?

SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where the best trading rates from multiple crypto exchanges of the world are available on one single platform. It was created in 2019 to make cryptocurrency trading time-saving, simple, convenient, and easy to understand even amateur traders are finding it possible to trade successfully through SwapSpace’s digital currency exchanges. Let us review some information about SwapSpace.

SwapSpace Review

Official Website https://swapspace.co/
Headquarters Majuro, Marshall Islands
Found in 2019
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 600+
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies No
Supported Countries WorldWide
Minimum Deposit $2
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Free
Withdrawal Fees Free
Application No
Customer Support 24×7 via Mail, Chat, Social Media Accounts

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What Is SwapSpace?

SwapSpace is identified as an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. As per the reviews, SwapSpace constantly updates its features and shows users the best legitimate trading rates for a particular supported currency pair in different exchanges worldwide. This saves users the time and inconvenience of looking through different exchanges to find the most profitable rate and can help users capitalize on time-sensitive market swings. SwapSpace exchange partners show the prices for more than 600 cryptos and tokens at the most reliable international cryptocurrency exchanges.

SwapSpace Review - Platform Interface

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Perks of SwapSpace

  • Instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator services to instantly swap coins.
  • Users can access some of the best trading prices(fixed and floating rates) in more than 12 different exchanges of the world through SwapSpace.
  • Users can swap in more than 600 different supported cryptos and tokens of the crypto marketplace and swap crypto instantly.
  • Fast process, users can search and exchange crypto without going through a cumbersome registration and account creation process that requires sharing personal data.
  • Offers users 24 x 7 customer support.
  • Offers a simple website interface that is easy to navigate for both amateurs and experienced traders.

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How Does SwapSpace Exchange Work?

SwapSpace cryptocurrency exchange users don’t need to go through a long and complicated user registration process to begin trading and make instant exchanges. They can just open the SwapSpace platform on a device and swap crypto without sharing any personal data.

The below steps are the things to do in swapping crypto:-

Choose the Digital Currency

Users will first have to pick the supported cryptos currency pair they want from a vast list of cryptos available.

Select an Exchange

The user will now see the real-time updated exchange options for that pair across all of SwapSpace’s exchange partners.

The user can pick the exchanges with the best partner rates. Users should also check the exchange’s service fee.

Users must remember that some exchanges will ask them to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML (anti-money laundering) formalities before being allowed to trade.

SwapSpace Review - How SwapSpace Works?

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Transfer Funds

Once the user has picked an exchange of their choice from the various exchange options, they will be given an address where they will have to transfer funds.

Receive Your Crypto

Once the funds are transferred, the user receives their crypto funds in their digital wallet. Users are recommended safe and reliable digital wallets for storing crypto in the crypto marketplace for users who don’t have one. Users choose the top crypto wallets for storing their cryptocurrencies.

The instant exchange is usually completed, and funds are received in just a few minutes. But the time taken for the exchange to be completed depends on the blockchain congestion for that exchange.

Users can even track the status of their crypto exchanges through SwapSpace’s Swap Tracker.

Main Features of SwapSpace

Reliable Partner Exchanges

SwapSpace has partnered with most of the leading and reliable digital currency exchanges of the world. This offers users instant trading rates for different currency pairs on the platform. Users who trade through the exchanges listed on SwapSpace can always be assured about security, accuracy, and data safety.

One-Stop Destination for Best Rates

SwapSpace offers all the top exchange rates for different currency pairs from other exchanges of the world. Users don’t have to spend time looking through different exchanges to find the best rate. All the information they can need is available at one place through the SwapSpace platform. This enables us to take advantage of any market changes very quickly.

No Account Necessary – Does Not Require Registration

Users don’t need to go through a complicated process of signing up for and a lengthy verification process to get started trading on SwapSpace. Users don’t need a SwapSpace account to buy and sell cryptos. But some exchanges may require users to provide information for KYC or AML laws.

Many Coins: Huge Variety of Cryptos

SwapSpace shows users the exchange rates for almost all popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. The SwapSpace platform aggregates exchange rates for any pair of 600 cryptos. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin are just a few popular currencies among the hundreds available on the website.

SwapSpace Review 2022 - Features of SwapSpace

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SwapSpace Support

SwapSpace has 24 x 7 customer services (email, chat) to support users in case of any problems.

Simple Interface

The interface is created to make it easy and smooth for users to navigate the platform. Amateurs and experienced traders can easily use the SwapSpace exchange aggregator to find the top rates for their trading pair.

Services Offered by SwapSpace

Aggregates All the Top Trading Rates

SwapSpace aggregates all the top trading rates from international crypto exchanges for more than 600 different cryptos.

Fixed and Floating Rates

SwapSpace users can buy or sell at fixed and floating rates.

SwapSpace Tracker

Users are offered a swap service called Swap tracker to track the status of their transactions.

SwapSpace Review - Swap Tracker by SwapSpace

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Customer Service Features

SwapSpace is known for its reliable customer service system that can be availed at all times of the day.

Affiliate Program

SwapSpace has an ‘affiliate program’ that lets users make a small profit using their referral link to get started trading with SwapSpace.

SwapSpace Review - Affiliate Program by SwapSpace

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Opportunity to Earn 50% Commissions

Crypto-related service providers can also earn 50% of SwapSpace’s commissions by integrating SwapSpace into their API.

SwapSpace Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Find the best exchange rates for numerous crypto pairs all in one place. Transactions usually take a few minutes to be completed. Still, in case of large volumes of trade or due to blockchain congestion, the processing speed may be slow, and as a result, the amount funded to the user may be a little different from the initial value displayed on the exchange.
 No account and registration process is needed to exchange crypto, and operates worldwide.  Users can only exchange crypto on SwapSpace.
 SwapSpace does not charge additional fees for transactions.  Users need to have a digital wallet for storing crypto.

Is SwapSpace Safe and Secure?

SwapSpace works as a non-custodial platform. This means that SwapSpace never directly holds any user’s assets. So there is no question of security of assets here. But the different and the top crypto exchanges included and partnered with it are all legally certified, reliable platforms with ensured security features and private keys.

SwapSpace Reviews - Why to Choose SwapSpace?

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How to Swap Cryptocurrency Using SwapSpace?

Users will first have to search for the currencies from the drop-down menus they want. They will choose the currency they wish to sell (‘you send’) and the currency they want to buy (‘you get’). They will also have to specify the amount they wish to exchange. Then the user will have to press ‘view offer.’ They can now see the best exchange rates in the different exchanges partnered with SwapSpace.

Users can search both fixed and floating rates for their exchange. They will have to pick the exchange with the best rate. Below are the terms you should know for swapping cryptocurrency:-

Floating Exchange Rate

A floating exchange rate is the classic form of trading. The market constantly fluctuates, so the actual amount received by the user may be different from the amount shown as an estimate when the trade was initiated a few minutes ago. Depending on market conditions, floating rates may be advantageous (profit) and disadvantageous (loss).

Fixed Exchange Rate

A fixed exchange rate is when an exchange freezes the rate for the user’s transaction for a given period. If the user’s transaction is completed within this freeze-time, the user receives the exact amount shown in the estimate. The fixed-rate freeze-time varies between 15 and 120 minutes, depending on the exchange.

Enter Recipient’s Address

Once the user has selected their exchange rate from the drop-down menus on the website, they will have to put in the address for the recipient they are trading with. The recipient address is usually a wallet address for a specific currency. For example, a user buying Bitcoin will have to put in a Bitcoin wallet address as the recipient address where the funds will ultimately be sent from their chosen exchange.

SwapSpace Reviews - How SwapSpace Works in Swapping Cryptos?

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Transfers Funds From the Digital Wallet

The user then transfers funds from their digital wallet to the selected recipient’s address. SwapSpace has a QR code feature on the website to speed up this process. There is also a shortcut on SwapSpace for users with a Trezor crypto wallet.

Allow the Transaction to be Done

After that, the users will have to wait for the transaction to be completed. As soon as the blockchain credits the users’ ‘you send’ currency to their selected exchange service, the ‘you get’ currency amount is sent to the users’ digital wallet. Users can also track the status of their transactions.

SwapSpace Fees

  • SwapSpace exchange aggregator does not charge any additional fees- deposit fee, withdrawal fee, or transaction fee.
  • The platform can be accessed without creating an account on the website, so deposit and withdrawal fees are out of the question.
  • SwapSpace also does not charge any extra trading fees. They get a commission from the exchanges they are partners with.
  • Users never have to pay any extra fees than they would have by trading through the native exchange platform. Users only pay the trading fee for the exchange platform they pick from the SwapSpace list of exchange rates.
  • The digital wallets used by SwapSpace users may have different deposit and withdrawal fees that are not under the purview of SwapSpace.

SwapSpace Supported Countries and Currencies

SwapSpace supports more than 600 important cryptos and digital tokens at present. But there is a minimum trading amount for some crypto exchange pairs varying between 2 dollars to 20 dollars. There is no maximum limit on exchanges through SwapSpace for their supported currencies.

SwapSpace Reviews - Supported Currencies

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SwapSpace exchange aggregator operates worldwide in most countries where cryptocurrency is legal. SwapSpace’s exchanges also allow transactions from many different countries.

SwapSpace Customer Support

As per the reviews, SwapSpace professional customer support team works 24 x 7 to answer all queries and solve all issues faced by users. SwapSpace users can receive more information through email or chat options.

SwapSpace support is also available through different social media platform options like Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Publish, Facebook, and Youtube. Also, get answers to your queries through its FAQ section.

Conclusion: SwapSpace Review

SwapSpace crypto exchange reviews on Trustpilot have an overall rating of 4.5 stars, proving that their service has been found satisfactory by most of their customers. Crypto exchanges are rapidly growing in number, and now exchange aggregator services like SwapSpace are becoming even more critical.

SwapSpace is not a cryptocurrency exchange with an integrated wallet. Find more about exchange with integrated wallets with our Bit2Me review. It is just a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that makes it easy for traders to find different exchange rates all in one place. SwapSpace’s main objective is to save time, the primary capital in all digital trading markets.

SwapSpace Reviews - Roadmap of SwapSpace

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In a market, every second can matter. As a company, SwapSpace cryptocurrency exchange aggregator enables transacting faster and making exchanges profitable. SwapSpace partners are all legally recognized, trustworthy exchanges, but users should still do a little research beforehand to determine the KYC/AML requirements and the transaction fees charged by these different exchanges. This SwapSpace review provided information on the various pros and cons of SwapSpace. The only major drawback at present is that it does not enable fiat currency exchange pairs.


Can US Residents Use SwapSpace?

US residents can access SwapSpace. Cryptos can be exchanged using any exchanges listed on SwapSpace that allow US users.

Is SwapSpace Legit?

SwapSpace is a non-custodial platform, so there is no question of safety on SwapSpace. It is just an exchange aggregator of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto exchanges listed on SwapSpace interface are all legit, fast and secure. Users can do some research about individual crypto exchanges before transacting through them.

How Can I Make a Profit with SwapSpace?

SwapSpace reviews mention an affiliate program and youtube influencer program where one makes a profit when someone uses the SwapSpace service through their referral link. Youtube influencer programs, cryptocurrency blog writers and service providers can also profit if they integrate SwapSpace into their API. In both these situations, SwapSpace shares their commission of 50%.

SwapSpace Reviews - Youtube Influencer Program by SwapSpace

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What are Minimum and Maximum Amounts to Transact in SwapSpace?

For specific crypto pairs, the minimum lower limits for a transaction are between $2 and $20. There are no maximum upper limits on any transactions through SwapSpace.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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