Best Crypto Exchange for USA 2024

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm; everybody wants to trade cryptocurrencies. The users should need a regulated and safe cryptocurrency exchanges to buy or sell digital currencies and trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Due to the rise in the value of Bitcoin, people are interested in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even though it is pretty intimidating initially. Before choosing an exchange, the user should watch out for scams, which have become an essential aspect of most cryptocurrency exchanges by which the best crypto exchanges in USA will be easy to choose.

List of Crypto Exchange for USA 2024

Binance Biggest Crypto Exchange in USA Leading Crypto Exchange Platform
Coinbase Best Crypto Trading Platform
Gemini Safest Crypto Exchange
KuCoin Largest Social Trading Platform
Fairdesk Experience Smooth Trading & Accurate Copying
Kraken High Level Of Security
Bitstamp Most Trusted Crypto Exchange
Bitmart Leading Crypto Asset Exchange
Uphold Easiest Crypto Exchange
Robinhood Most Popular Crypto Exchange

What Crypto Exchanges Are Available in the USA?

Following extensive research, here is a compilation of the best crypto exchange USA, presented for the benefit of users. Kindly refer to the list provided below.

1. – Biggest Crypto Exchange in USA

Binance.US is the most commonly used crypto exchange for USA, with an extensive list of crypto tokens and rock-bottom transaction fees that make the platform most appealing for traders of all stripes. Binance.US is for US-based traders, offering more than 150 cryptocurrencies for buying, selling, and trading on the go with the new Binance app 2.0. The platform is suitable for beginners, experienced, and institutional traders who can access the most advanced security measures that protect crypto and USD assets. Binance.US supports advanced trading, a rewarding staking program, and OTC trading on its platform.

  • Trade cryptocurrencies with the most professional user interface.
  • Earn staking rewards in crypto.
  • OTC trading offers quotes for large trades.
  • Offers a tiered trading platform with variable transaction fees.
  • Provides relevant educational resources under Binance.US Blog.

Binance US Crypto Exchange

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2. – Leading Crypto Exchange Platform USA is a Hong Kong-based exchange founded in 2016. The exchange allows US-based users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the mobile app. supports more than 250 cryptocurrencies and over 20+ fiat currencies and operates as a marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The online trading platform offers an excellent crypto trading ecosystem that supports margin trading, derivatives trading, and DeFi wallet, and offers important products like the metal Visa cards, Crypto Credit, and Crypto Earn. has more than 80 million users around the world who enjoy deep liquidity in all market conditions. The platform is suitable for both active traders and beginners who can find an enriching educational section offering industry-leading insights, crypto knowledge, product news, and market updates and events.

  • A global leader in securities notifications and regulatory compliance.
  • Offers up to 5% cashback on all spending with the sleek Visa metal card.
  • Crypto Earn allows users to get their assets safely by choosing from more than 40 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
  • Offers 3x leverage for margin trading and 20x leverage for derivatives trading with low latency.
  • Access all DeFi protocols with the browser extension and easily manage DeFi using DeFi or a Desktop wallet. Exchange

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3. Coinbase – Best Crypto Trading Platform USA

Coinbase is the most popular and successful crypto exchange in USA, and offers an extremely user-friendly UI and trading experience. Coinbase offers one of the easiest platforms to buy and sell more than 170 cryptocurrencies. It supports advanced trading tools & features such as limit orders, charting tools, and a live order book. It has more than 8.9 Cr verified users across 100 countries.

  • Offers tips and tutorials, crypto basics, market updates, guides, and explanations to help new crypto traders.
  • Various products are offered separately for individuals, businesses, and developers, including Crypto Wallet, Data Marketplace, NFT API, Wallet SDK, and Cloud Staking.
  • Offers an attractive Coinbase debit card with up to 4% cashback offer on all crypto spending.
  • Provides added security to store funds with vault protection.

Coinbase Pro - One of the High Rated & Best Crypto Exchanges in USA

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4. Gemini – Safest Crypto Exchange USA

Gemini is a regulated exchange for cryptocurrency-based in New York, USA and the Winklevoss twins founded it. Gemini is a legitimate & safe exchange licensed by the New York State Department and Financial Services (NYSDFS). This exchange is one of the safest & best crypto exchanges in USA preferred by buyers and sellers.

Some advanced trading features include institutional industry-standard measures that protect its user’s information, and their funds are stored in the exchange. Some security features are a desktop platform, multi-signature withdrawal process, cold wallet storage, encryption, two-factor authentication, brute force login protection, and allowing listing addresses.

  • Gemini offers a well-designed and simple user interface.
  • Gemini is a US-based exchange for crypto.
  • Offers an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Available in 52 states that, include New York.
  • Gemini offers solid interest rates.

Gemini - Best Crypto Exchange USA

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5. KuCoin – Largest Social Trading Platform USA

Experienced crypto traders prefer using KuCoin for its advanced features, wide variety of crypto coins, and low trading fees. KuCoin aims to provide digital asset transactions and exchange services in a more convenient and safe way by integrating premium digital assets worldwide. The platform offers basic trading options along with peer-to-peer (P2P), futures, margin, and spot trading. It also provides a trading bot for users to earn passive income without monitoring the crypto market. The platform supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, 20+ global investors across 200 countries, and over 1 trillion in accumulated trading volume.

  • The largest social trading website with over 20 global communities and 20 million global investors.
  • Supports spot trading, margin trading, easy crypto-fiat conversions, and a trading bot.
  • Users can earn through Crypto Lending, KuCoin Earn, KuCoin Wealth, KCS Bonus, Cloud Mining, and Kucoin Pool.
  • A self-custody Kucoin wallet offers a gateway to web3.
  • Features a Beginner Zone to motivate new traders with mystery boxes, hot events, and bonus offers.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange

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6. Fairdesk – US-Based Crypto Exchange

Fairdesk is a secure and trustworthy crypto exchange in USA. It was established in 2021 and has gained a loyal user base. This is not only due to its reputation as a reliable exchange, but also because Fairdesk offers a range of advanced features such as copy trading, a wide variety of crypto coins, and low trading fees. The goal of Fairdesk is to provide a more convenient and safe way to engage in digital asset transactions and exchange services by integrating premium digital assets from around the world.

  • With support for over 200 cryptocurrencies, Fairdesk caters to global investors across 200 countries.
  • The platform offers spot trading, margin trading, easy crypto-fiat conversions, and even copy trading.
  • Trust, transparency, and a higher level of security are key pillars of Fairdesk’s services.

Fairdesk - Crypto Exchange You Must Try!

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7. Kraken – Top Crypto Exchange USA

Kraken was founded in 2011, and it is one of the top crypto exchanges and is based in San Francisco, California, USA . According to coinmarketcap, Kraken is ranked as one of the top five best crypto exchanges based on liquidity, traffic, and the trading volume for the spot market.

Kraken is one of the regulated and licensed overall best crypto trading platforms in the USA with FinCEN. Kraken offers several cryptocurrencies for retail and institutional investors and provides margin and futures trading for its users.

  • This exchange offers trading features, such as margin trading, which appeals to advanced users.
  • This exchange ranks high with cybersecurity features.
  • One of the oldest trading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Offers trust and a higher level of security.
  • Provides a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Kraken - Best Crypto Exchange USA

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8. Bitstamp – Most Trusted Crypto Exchange USA

Bitstamp is a trustworthy crypto exchange software that provides a secure and innovative way of buying and selling more than 80 crypto assets with complete ease of trading, institutional-grade security, and proven reliability. The platform has been serving its clients since 2011. With more than 23,000 retail investors and 5500 senior decision makers, Bitstamp makes one of the most trusted crypto exchanges with advanced trading tools and a perfectly optimized mobile app to allow trading on the go. Bitstamp offers premium access to both individual traders and institutions through reliable trade order execution, constant uptime, and high liquidity.

  • Offers a user-friendly, simple, and intuitive trading platform.
  • Competitive transaction fees start at 0.50%.
  • One of the oldest crypto exchanges proves its reliability.

Bitstamp Crypto Exchange

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9. Bitmart – Leading Crypto Asset Exchange USA

BitMart is one of the leading crypto asset exchanges that offer instant buying and selling of more than 750 premium quality cryptocurrencies and over 800 trading pairs. In addition to advanced crypto futures and spot trading, the BitMart trading platform offers a variety of crypto-earning opportunities through Dual Investment, Staking, and Savings. BitMart also has advanced risk control features such as hybrid cold/hot wallets and multifactor technologies. It has served over 9 million registered users by providing professional, secure, and fast crypto trading services.

  • Convenient and responsive trading experience suitable for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Offers real-time data and charting tools for trading popular altcoins.
  • Charge reasonable and competitive transaction fees, and other remunerations.
  • Features a complete education and training guidebook to help new crypto traders.
  • Launches premium-quality digital projects through BitMart Shooting Star.

Bitmart Crypto Exchange

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10. Uphold – Easiest Crypto Exchange in USA

Uphold has become a pioneer in the global digital trading market, supporting over 250 cryptocurrencies across 150 countries, and has 10+ million users. Uphold is easy to use and suitable for all kinds of traders. The platform offers various other products apart from cryptocurrencies, such as precious metals, environmental assets, limit orders, automatic trading, and staking features. It also has an enriching educational resource platform that provides blogs, news, press releases, and Cryptionary that can be helpful to new crypto traders. The Uphold is registered with FCA, FinCEN, and the Lithuanian Bank.

  • Offers a simple and quick registration process.
  • Features top-notch security measures with sophisticated encryption, protocols, layered defenses, bug bounty program, and two-factor verification methods.
  • Users can stake their eligible crypto in their portfolio in exchange for earning tokens as rewards.
  • Uphold MasterCard rewards debit cards and offers 1% cash back on fiat currencies and 2% on digital currencies.

Uphold Crypto Exchange

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11. Robinhood – Most Popular Crypto Exchange USA

Robinhood is a popular crypto exchange that started as a disruptor in the brokerage industry. It has an easy-to-use mobile app designed to reduce market barriers, in addition to its low fees and bare-bones user interface. Robinhood allows crypto trading without any commission fee and a small deposit of just $1. It has a retirement program with IRA (individual retirement account) that offers a 1% match on all contributions. The Robinhood cash card is also worth mentioning, as it offers weekly rewards on spending. It also offers protection from unauthorized activities using multifactor authentication on all trading accounts.

  • Robinhood IRAs offer a 1% match on all contributions.
  • Does not carry any contract fees.
  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly streamlined interface makes convenient trading experiences.
  • Offers completely free crypto trading with utmost reliability.

Robinhood Crypto Exchange

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Types of Best Crypto Exchange USA

There are numerous best crypto exchanges in USA available for traders. There are two types of leading crypto exchanges: centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges include trading volume, and decentralized exchanges are more like marketplaces. Several new centralized exchanges are cropping up every day. Let us look into the types of global crypto exchanges:-

Fiat To Crypto Exchanges

Fiat-Crypto exchanges allow users to purchase cryptocurrency directly using their fiat currencies. These are highly popular among users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies as they will enable them to purchase their preferred cryptocurrencies without any problems easily.

Crypto To Crypto Exchanges

Crypto to cryptocurrency exchange allow users to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies using different cryptocurrencies. This implies that the user can buy bitcoin and crypto using fiat in a fiat-to-crypto exchange. They should store it in a crypto wallet of the best crypto exchange before they proceed with exchanging another crypto coin.

Peer To Peer Exchanges

Peer-to-peer exchanges match a buyer with a seller to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. One example of peer-to-peer exchanges is Localbitcoins, where a buyer will check with a seller, thereby offering the best price for their coins. This type of centralized exchange typically provides an escrow service by reducing the counterparty risk for buyers & sellers.

Our Criteria to Choose the Best Crypto Exchanges in USA

Choosing a suitable cryptocurrency exchange in the USA can impact the trader’s crypto investment portfolio. Here we have given a few criteria to select the best crypto exchange:-


When searching for the best crypto exchanges in USA, users should keep in mind that they should research any fraud or scams with their preferred exchange. They need to check for hacks if the exchange support has already been undergone in their earlier years.


Trader should do their research when it comes to choosing a top crypto exchanges in USA. They should check the exchange’s reputation before registering a trading account with them and thoroughly research the reputation and the reviews posted by other users.


The users should check the trading pairs and the transaction fees offered by the potential exchanges. The user should compare several fees like trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, etc. they should also check whether the exchange charges any hidden or additional fees for their services.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, advanced crypto traders would like to trade crypto with their preferred exchange that provides different trading types like market orders, limit orders, prevent the risk of loss, and required margin. Further, users should check whether the cryptocurrency exchanges provide the margin they want or are still evolving in the United States and if the exchange supports crypto assets. Suppose the user is looking to buy bitcoin or cryptocurrency; in that case, they should look for an easy-to-use platform and check whether the exchange provides educational resources, how-to guides to understand the cryptocurrency market, trading fees, etc.


How Did We Choose the Top Crypto Exchanges in the USA?

We have researched different exchanges to find various options concerning low fees, cryptocurrency availability, exchange account security, mobile access, and user interface. Also, research has been done on these exchanges; whether they provide services to institutions or individuals, major crypto exchanges offer options regarding margin trading support for stablecoins and rewards.

Which Is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for USA?

Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the most popular, licensed, regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. According to coinmarketcap, it is ranked in the 5th position per its services. Also, Kraken is licensed with FinCEN and is a highly rated Bitcoin-based crypto exchange.

Which Is the Safest Crypto Exchange in the USA?

According to research, Coinbase Pro is one of the safest crypto exchanges that powers Coinbase. Both Coinbase Pro and Coinbase offer the most secure crypto exchange and safest platform in the USA.

Which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA?

There are various crypto exchanges, but Coinbase Pro is the largest and first cryptocurrency exchange in the USA, trading more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

How can one open a cryptocurrency exchange account?

One can visit the exchange’s website or download its app to create a crypto exchange for beginners’ accounts. Each exchange has a different registration process. Here, one can buy, sell or trade small amounts of crypto without verifying one’s identity or providing much information.

How many crypto exchanges are in the USA?

There are nearly 600 exchanges currently, of which Binance and Coinbase are the biggest.

Risk Disclaimer – The users are advised to invest the amount of money they can afford to lose, as cryptocurrencies are subject to market risk.

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