VirgoCX Review 2024

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VirgoCX is a trading platform and one of Canada’s regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. It helps to make trading safe, easy, and affordable for users. This VirgoCX trading platform is available only for Canadians and offers a trading experience that empowers its clients through its superior liquidity, exceptional security, and cutting-edge technology. VirgoCX is based in Toronto, and it provides first-class trading experience to both institutional and retail investors through a global network.

This platform can be accessed by Canadians who are above 18 years of age. The users are offered several tools to protect their funds on the platform. This platform safeguards the user’s funds through two-factor authentication, using SSL technology protocols, and through a ledger vault.

VirgoCX Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Found in 2018
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XLM, & more
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies CAD & USD
Supported Countries Canada
Minimum Deposit No
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Free
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 Live Support, Email, Phone & Submit a Ticket

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What Is VirgoCX?

  • VirgoCX was founded in 2018 and it is committed to making crypto trading easy for its users. This platform is Canada’s topmost regulated cryptocurrency platform. It focuses on streamlining cryptocurrency trading to empower its clients through superior liquidity, best-in-class security, and advanced technology.
  • As per our VirgoCX review, VirgoCX is a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Toronto and it is a fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that provides a secure and hassle-free experience to traders. It offers a simple and easy-to-use user interface for both retail and institutional investors.
  • VirgoCX offers some of the most competitive features like advanced trading analytics, multilevel security measures, and several payment solutions that make it different from other crypto exchanges.
  • This exchange also provides reliable payment banking partners and allows secure transfer of fiat money. The best-in-class service provided by VirgoCX are fully compliant and is operated by an international team experienced in capital markets and regulatory background.

VirgoCX Platform Interface

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How Does VirgoCX Work?

As per several VirgoCX reviews, VirgoCX offers a unique fee structure, and VirgoCX charges zero deposit fees, zero trading fees, and low withdrawal fees. VirgoCX is one of the best crypto exchanges in Canada that offers the best buying and selling prices supported by competitive spreads and superior liquidity. It offers dedicated customer support that is available 24×7 and multilingual live chat for users who have queries regarding the platform.

Features of VirgoCX

Here are the important features of VirgoCX:-

  • Crypto traders can buy, trade, or sell some major stablecoins like Gemini (GUSD), Tether(USDT), USD coin (USDC), Paxos Standard (PAX) using the platform.
  • VirgoCX is a fully regulated exchange that complies with FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) rules and regulations. Further, VirgoCX provides its users with complete transparency in its operations.
  • VirgoCX offers the industry-leading technology powered by VirgoTrade. It also offers its proprietary trading platform, ensuring a great trading experience that provides advanced API connectivity.
  • VirgoCX offers an efficient payment gateway for fiat currencies and has partnered with reputed payment partners that help users make fast and seamless international or domestic withdrawals and deposits.
  • Virgo offers a multilingual support team that is available 24X7. It is accessible across the globe.
  • VirgoCX strives to ensure that every user account is safe and all its clients enable Google authenticator.
  • This exchange offers impeccable security and leverages multi-signature and offline crypto wallet technology. Further, 90% of the user’s funds are stored in cold wallets and fiat currencies are held in reliable, trusted financial establishments in Canada and the US.

VirgoCX Features

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Is VirgoCX Regulated?

As per our review, this exchange has been regulated by FINTRAC, and its user base and trading volume have grown exponentially in the last few years. VirgoCX has reported that its total trading volume is more than 300 million CAD. This company is audited externally and it complies with the highest standards of legal compliance, ethics, and business conduct. VirgoCX believes in a strong regulatory structure that will safeguard its integrity as well as stability by offering investor protection.

VirgoCX takes a more proactive approach by complying with regulatory standards and the applicable laws that come with it. This exchange is one of the first Canadian crypto trading platforms to submit its initial application to the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) to be registered as a restricted dealer dealing with crypto assets

Products and Services Offered by VirgoCX

Here are the important product and services offered by VirgoCX:-

  • VirgoCX offers competitive trading and cost-effective services and provides high liquidity to its users. In this way, the users can get optimal execution of prices.
  • The users can trade cryptocurrencies instantly by buying and selling several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Dogecoin, Litecoin, and several others. VirgoCX helps traders to trade quickly and buy cryptocurrency instantly.
  • Users can open a trading account easily; this exchange provides a user-friendly interface and the verification process is automatic, allowing users to open an account within minutes.
  • The trades offered by VirgoCX are commission-free and offer real-time cryptocurrency market updates and opportunities, thereby offering mobile apps that have high liquidity, free deposits, and zero trading fees.
  • It provides state-of-the-art security standards and the fiat currency is stored safely in Canadian banks, while the cryptocurrencies are stored in offline ledger vaults.
  • VirgoCX offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Further, the users can enjoy trading 24×7 and withdraw and deposit fiat currency anytime.
  • VirgoCX OTC(over-the-counter) trading desk for cryptocurrency traders who would like to execute large volumes of transactions on this platform. This exchange provides various cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge, and many more.

VirgoCX Review: Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
VirgoCX is a regulated exchange offering the highest security standards for crypto and digital assets. VirgoCX is not available worldwide.
Lower withdrawal fees. Offers a small amount of liquidity.
Provides a great selection of cryptocurrencies for Canadian traders.
The fee structure includes 0% trading fees.
Hassle-free sign-up process.

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Getting Started With VirgoCX

Creating an account with VirgoCX is very simple, just users have to follow the proper instructions.

Here Are the Few Steps to Get Started with VirgoCX:-

  • The first step is for the user to visit the official website of VirgoCX.
  • Next, they need to click on the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner. After clicking on it, the user will be taken to the user registration page.
  • When they are on the registration page, they need to enter information like name, email address, and a strong password.
  • The password should contain at least 8 to 15 characters with one number, one letter, and symbols.
  • Next, the user should click on “get code” and check their email to access the verification code. The user needs to enter the 6 digit verification code they receive in via email.
  • The next step is to read the terms of service, and privacy policy; the user should ensure they are above 18 years of age and click on the “Agree” box, click on “register” to complete the process.

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How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on VirgoCX?

The user can start trading fiat and cryptocurrencies on the platform after verifying their account and adding funds. It offers two types of trading for new and experienced traders: Quick trade and Advanced trade. Quick trade is designed for beginners and used for small and medium-sized orders.

On the other hand, advanced traders are provided with more sophisticated tools, live charting tools, technical analysis, recent transaction history, order book, etc. which is suitable for them. According to several reviews, this platform does not charge trading fees and the minimum trading size for various trading pairs is 5 CAD.

Buy and Sell Cryptos on VirgoCX

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VirgoCX Fees

VirgoCX offers a good fee structure and charges 0% trading fees on all executed trades. It also offers competitive fees in North America. If the user is interested in funding their VirgoCX account through wire transfer with CAD, VirgoCX charges 0% fees for a minimum transfer of 3000 CAD. For withdrawal fees, the user should pay 0.75% VirgoCX fees while cryptocurrency deposits done are free. Visit the official website for detailed information on its fee structure.

VirgoCX Accepted Payment Methods

The user can deposit money through several ways to fund their user account. As of now, VirgoCX accepts only Canadian and US dollars through Interac, e-Transfer, and wire transfer. Another way of funding the user account is via digital assets. VirgoCX accepts digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and PAXG.

This cryptocurrency exchange does not need a minimum deposit amount. If the user wants to withdraw funds from their account, they are offered two options: one is withdrawing through wire transfer. The funds will be processed and they will be deposited into the user’s bank account within 1 to 3 working days.

The other method to make cryptocurrency withdrawal is to select a cryptocurrency they would like to withdraw and clicking on the ‘Withdrawal’ button. They should deposit the cryptocurrencies and enter the amount they would like to withdraw. A confirmation email will be sent from VirgoCX to their registered email address for the platform to process.

VirgoCX Supported Currencies and Countries

As per several reviews, this cryptocurrency exchange is available only for Canadians currently. It offers easy and affordable access to all Canadian citizens to buy, sell several cryptocurrencies.

List of Some Cryptos given Below:-

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Stellar
  • USD Coin
  • Uniswap and several more.

How Is VirgoCX Different From Others?

VirgoCX takes its security standards seriously. This cryptocurrency exchange verifies its user’s account identity when they conduct financial transactions and it complies with AML, KYC, and anti-terrorist financing policies. The user also needs to opt for two-factor authentication if they hold an account on this exchange.

Further, this exchange encrypts the user’s sensitive information like names and passwords through several layers of security measures so that there is no sensitive data leakage. VirgoCX keeps a small part of the client’s deposited funds in a hot wallet for regular withdrawals and trading. The majority of 95% of the crypto assets of the platform is transferred to the cold offline wallet.

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VirgoCX Referral Program

VirgoCX offers a VirgoCX referral program. When the user introduces their family or friends to the platform, the user earns $30 for each reference. Using this method, users can earn several dollars as referrals.

To Use this Referral, the User Should Follow Below Steps:-

  • Log in to the user VirgoCX account.
  • Click on the ‘Invite’ button in the navigation bar.
  • Find their unique referral link.
  • Forward the referral link to their friends.
  • When the family member or friend signs up using the link and makes their first fiat deposit, the user will earn $30 as a reward.

VirgoCX Referral Program

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VirgoCX Affiliate Program

VirgoCX offers a VirgoCX affiliate program in Toronto, Canada. To offer this program, the platform should be reliable, safe, and easy to understand. The VirgoCX affiliate program offers rewards to the users who sign in with the exchange using the affiliate link.

VirgoCX Affiliate Program

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VirgoCX Mobile App

VirgoCX is available through a VirgoCX app which the traders can use to trade crypto on the go. They can navigate cryptocurrency market updates, live streaming prices for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or use USD and CAD to place trades. It also offers funding options like wire transfers, Interac, and e-transfer.

The users can access crypto funds seamlessly through the mobile app. They can also access all-powerful trading tools, live price streaming, and funding options through the app. This app can be downloaded from Google play store, app store, and Android.

VirgoCX Mobile App

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VirgoCX Security Measures

VirgoCX is a fiat-to-crypto trading exchange based in Toronto, Canada. It is powered by global crypto trading technology. This platform has been registered with FINTRAC and provides services to institutional and retail clients. The traders can exchange fiat and cryptocurrency legally. It offers the best class user experience and the users can rely on liquidity, competitive pricing, and institutional class-custodianship.

VirgoCX’s long-term goal is to become the world’s leading and the most reliable crypto exchange trading platform, thereby engaging trusted third parties for conducting regular audits for security purposes.

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VirgoCX Customer Support

As per several VirgoCX reviews, the customer support offered by the VirgoCX platform is knowledgeable and dedicated. It also offers live support 24×7 and has multilingual support channels to address user queries. The live chat support team is always available and supports its traders with quick answers.

VirgoCX Customer Support

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VirgoCX Reviews: The Bottom Line

To conclude, VirgoCX offers sellers and institutional buyers deep liquidity by providing a bigger trading volume for cryptocurrencies to its traders without any price slippage. This cryptocurrency trading platform offers a dedicated VirgoCX OTC trading desk, account managers, and provides people with personalized services from beginning to end.

This platform is committed to making trading easy and safe for Canadian traders. Moreover, it is a regulated trading platform and offers a seamless trading experience. It also empowers its customers by offering higher liquidity, security, and world-class technology.


Is VirgoCX Safe?


VirgoCX offers a safe platform for Canadian citizens to buy, sell, and trade cryptos easily and safely. It uses advanced technologies to secure its user’s information and funds. Investors can also buy crypto easily.

Is VirgoCX Legit?

As per our reviews, it is a top-regulated trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It was established in Canada and it aims to make cryptocurrency trading safe, easy, and affordable for its customers. This exchange aims to simplify the trading experience and also empowers its clients by offering superior liquidity pools, exceptional security, and cutting-edge technology.

How Do I Withdraw From VirgoCX?

To withdraw currencies from VirgoCX, users should select the cryptocurrency they would like to withdraw and click on the ‘Withdrawal’ button. They also need to paste the address to which they would like to withdraw. The user will be sent a confirmation email to their registered email address.

Is VirgoCX Trustworthy?

As per our VirgoCX review, this exchange takes security seriously. It verifies the user’s account identity while conducting financial transactions. This platform also complies with the KYC and AML processes and anti-terrorist finance policies.

How Do I Get Dogecoin on VirgoCX?

  • The first step is to register an VirgoCX account through their website or via the VirgoCX mobile app. Next, the user should scan the QR code and click on it to get started.
  • The user needs to undergo a verification process, thereby providing a few basic information like name, contact number, email address, and it is verified immediately.
  • The user needs to fund their user account to purchase Dogecoin. When the account is funded, they can proceed to buy Dogecoin.

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