Best Crypto Bingo Sites 2021: Top Sites To Play Bingo With Crypto

What Is Crypto bingo?

As the name suggests, crypto bingo is the blockchain version of the traditional bingo game. The game of bingo had already been adopted as one of the casino games by most of the best sites for gambling and betting online. The cryptocurrency option for playing bingo is relatively new compared to its simpler digital adaptation.

The new players who are interested in being able to play bingo can do so on any of the platforms that are available and choose from a list of several different versions of the game such as American bingo, ball bingo, etc. Players also have the option to choose from other casino games that are usually also supported by the best sites for bingo as they aim to offer an all-inclusive platform for gambling.

As these games of bingo are primarily available on casino and gambling websites, the bettors have the option to switch the game of their choice and try out other games which usually include titles such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, classic poker, 3 card poker, etc. To play online bingo, players can either rely on the free spins or take part in the bingo by paying the entry fee for having to try out their luck. In some cases, the bingo might have a progressive jackpot and the interested individuals can join those bingo rooms as per their preference.

How Crypto Bingo Works?

The entire operation of the game of bingo is similar to that of the bingo which was played at land-based casinos but the global access and being able to incorporate the benefits of a digital system gives crypto-based bingo an added advantage. These advantages include online promotions (such as a welcome bonus or a comprehensive bonus package with multiple free perks) that are present for most bingo sites and the prizes that some bingo websites offer to the regular bingo players in the form of loyalty bonuses and incentives.

While the traditional form of bingo had physical bingo cards, that too had been digitized now and the players can use the card that is displayed on their screen for reference. The implication would be that these are essentially the same games that are present on different mediums.

However, in the case of ball bingo, some online gambling sites simply reveal the number and do not display the entire process of drawing a ball from the pit. Since the pay-ins and payouts both take place with the help of cryptocurrency, there is some level of anonymity but having to fill in the details before being able to withdraw (for most of the bingo rooms), does take away much of privacy from the corresponding platform.

Most of the platforms that have crypto-based bingo accept bitcoins while on some occasions, one might run into a site that accepts both crypto and real money (fiat currency). Although it is crucial to read all the necessary information in the fine print before selecting the mode of payment that would benefit the most.

Pros and Cons of Crypto based Bingo

Pros Cons
Bingo, based on the financial model of cryptocurrency, is open for bingo players from around the world to play. The lack of a physical setup and a complete digital solution might not be ideal for all players as it requires basic know-how of the digital world.
The support for multiple cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat, is one of the reasons for its growing popularity which also serves as free publicity. The need for a consistent and reliable internet connection is absolutely necessary for being able to play online bingo.
Offers like a welcome bonus, promotions, and other free perks on deposits make it a more cost-effective option. Technical glitches might delay the transactions or in rare cases, might even disrupt them which can lead to financial loss.
Crypto based bingo is usually cheaper to play than other casino games as the rate of payout is different too because of the number of players that can be much higher in a single game. Free spins are not easily achievable and can be a perk with not many benefits other than bringing in new players.

Why Should People Choose Cryptocurrency bingo?

Anonymity and Privacy of Information

Bingo sites do a relatively nice job of keeping all the information protected and it is required to complete the verification before taking the money out in any form of currency. This is not applicable on all bingo sites but it is true for a larger portion of the whole. The players who stick to cryptocurrency only do have an added layer of anonymity to the ones who make use of fiat currency on any bingo site. 

Cheap and Fast Money Transfers

Ever since their inception, online casinos have come a long way and incremental updates have increased the speed of transactions and money transfers. Unlike up until a few years ago, now the money transfers are quite fast and any online bingo site where people can easily play bingo online also adds to the convenience with reliable transactions. These transactions can be as fast as nearly instantaneous in some cases. 

Low Fees 

While not every bingo site charges an additional fee for playing apart from the entry fee for the bingo, even when the platforms do charge a fee, the fee is quite reasonable and generally kept low to encourage more and more individuals to play without having to worry about the charges their prizes will be subjected to. The most common rate for the fees is less than 2%.

Provably Fair Bingo

The functioning of bingo is intended to keep fair and ethical to maintain good odds for the players. Since the ball bingo or most other forms of the game generate random numbers or draw numbers randomly, the operation of online bingo sites is usually provably fair (subject to the claim) albeit there is no guarantee that one might win or not. These are the odds one has to consider if wanting to play bingo on an online casino.

Global Access

The digital and sometimes decentralized nature of these bingo sites and their respective bingo games make them available for having a play from around the world that opens up gambling sites for bettors from any location. It doesn’t only mean a larger user base but also implies that the existing users can still play their favorite games from any online casino while traveling, provided they support in the destination region as well.

Key Factors to Check Before Choose Best Cryptocurrency bingo Site

Fast and Secure Transactions

Unlike most withdrawals from land-based casinos, the transactions from most of the best sites for bingo are something one must consider before signing up with the bingo site. Although most of the sites that have a bingo game keep their security at par with the industry standards, it is still advised to pay attention to the safety measures there are such as two-factor authentication and check the reliability of the bingo site from third-party reviews portals. Having an easy withdrawal option is always a sign of a popular and reliable platform.

Variety of Bingo Games

Bingo games are not short of options despite the simple and easy format of the game. The difference is usually in the bingo card or the total number of digits that can result in a bingo. Some of the common examples of bingo games include 70 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, etc. Not all bingo sites have the same options but popular versions are often commonly found on all leading bingo sites.

Check Out the Support System

Paying close attention to the support system of the bingo sites is paramount because this can result in a big difference in case of any default or unexpected event. The support system of the bingo sites or online casinos is dependent on many factors like the deposit bonuses (on first deposit), features for withdrawal, and the total liquidity of the casino (irrespective of the number of free spins they offer lucratively).

Look at the Bingo Bonus(es)

Welcome bonus or deposit bonus (on first and second deposits) are two of the most common forms of bingo bonuses but the list of promotions and bonuses doesn’t end here. Not only are the players’ needs diverse, but also the casinos’ approach has been significantly diversified to provide an incentive in the form of an offer for the individuals to prefer one best crypto casino over another. These additional bonuses include free spins, a match deposit bonus, bonus on the first deposit, free and regular promotions, and perks for slots players (bonus only for select slots as a part of the offer).

See the Amount of the Winnings Offered

The winning amount or the jackpot of the bingo is something that can not go unnoticed when deciding on a casino or crypto gambling sites and playing bingo online. Online bingo has numerous approaches to offering the winnings and these include having a progressive jackpot (that grows with the number of players), fixed deposit bonus, or a prize pool that fluctuates. The bingo sites deploy their own method to keep the winnings both profitable and enticing for the gamblers who wish to play post making the minimum deposit.

How to Start playing Online Crypto bingo Games?

The individuals who want to play bingo or start with registering for an online bingo would have to first choose from the list of online bingo sites they prefer. Once the ideal choice has been selected from the present online bingo sites, check whether the websites accept bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies (or fiat currency options).

The next step would be to open an account with that particular site and enter the basic personal information that is asked by the platform. Before playing the games, the players have to make a deposit on the platform (the deposit to play is usually in the form of crypto assets) to start their betting experience. The following steps would be to spin the bingo machine and try their luck to see if they hit the jackpot.

When it comes to withdrawing the winnings, fill in the necessary details (if asked by the online bingo sites) and enter the wallet address where one would have their money sent.

Most Popular Cryptocurrency to play Bingo Games online

Bitcoin Bingo

Being the crypto coin with the largest market cap, Bitcoin is the most commonly used coin for playing bingo which is called Bitcoin Bingo, to the point that some regulated platforms only accept Bitcoin. Similar to other assets for casinos, bitcoin transactions are quick and a fast deposit offers the accepted and new players a way of starting gambling right away and avoid hassles without the need for any help or rules.

Ethereum Bingo

Just as the previous option, Ethereum bingo is one where Ethereum serves as the primary and sometimes incentivized mode of payments. While there are some platforms that support both Ethereum and Bitcoin, the exclusive sites do offer some unique benefits.

Ripple Bingo

Although Ripple is also a highly popular coin, the Ripple Bingo market is yet to saturate to the extent that the other previous two already have. Ripple being quite cheaper in terms of fiat currencies, is the perfect medium for buying and betting in bulk because it is much easier to claim hands-on and trade Ripple. Making a free deposit on the site is also a feature that is more common in Ripple while the deposit bonus on the site might not be as lucrative as alternatives offer where individuals can play games.

Guide, Tips and Tricks

Future of Cryptocurrency Bingo

Similar to other online gambling and betting sites, bingo too is bound to grow with them. The utmost simplicity of these games and their highly interactive nature make them a right fit for the expanding crowd that prefers convenience and ease of access over anything else.

What Games Can You Play on Cryptocurrency Bingo Sites?


The game consists of a total of 90 balls which are numbered and are drawn randomly from the pit. The selected number gets then crossed out and if the players are able to cross out their entire card, they are up for the win.


Out of the three, this is the bingo which has the best odds due to the less number of total outcomes of the digits. While there are iterations with better odds still, it is one of the most commonly found and relatively better bets than the rest.


Staying true to its name, 80 ball bingo would select from 80 digits and process to offer the results.

Are There Restrictions on Cryptocurrency Bingo Sites?

Regulated bingo sites tend to comply with the local laws and regulations but it is not easy to get licensed for operating all across the globe. Before registering an account and investing money, it is important to check whether the casino is legally allowed to operate in that geographic region or not. Only in the supported regions is where the winnings will be credited to the individuals and a lack of support might complicate things drastically.

How to Cash Out from a Cryptocurrency Bingo Site?

The process of cashing out from any popular site starts from the step which some might avoid i.e. completing the ID verification along with proof of address. Once logged in, the players would have to go to the withdrawals section of the site and select the asset they want to get paid in. After entering the address of the digital or a crypto wallet, the gamblers can submit their request and expect the transfer shortly as per the pace of the site.


Cryptocurrency bingo is one of the casino games that is hosted by several websites and licensed online casinos (all with their tweaked rules) and bettors can narrow down from a huge variety of options. One must consider all the key points to look for, in order to get the best gambling experience. The rate of transaction and payout rates are also to be kept in mind before enjoying this classic betting game along with thorough research about what reviews have to say.


Is Cryptocurrency Bingo Legal?

Yes, cryptocurrency bingo is legal in many places around the world. The players are recommended to check the corresponding laws in their region.

Can I Win Real Money Playing at Cryptocurrency Bingo Sites?

Although it is possible to win real money with bingo sites, the odds of winning aren’t great considering it a full-time source of income.

Do I Have a Better Chance of Winning If I Buy More Cards?

The randomization of the generation of cards makes it so that the odds are about the unaffected in most popular cases. In case one gets lucky, more cards would serve them better.

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