Best Crypto Craps Sites 2023: Top Cryptocurrency Craps Sites

What Is Cryptocurrency Craps?

Among the huge and diverse domains of online gambling based on cryptocurrency, traditional casino games have stayed timeless. Online gambling casinos enable players from around the world to take part in wagering and betting games that take cryptocurrencies as deposits. Crypto craps are based on the same principle. Similar to the craps game available at land-based casinos, these games serve as a convenient medium for craps players to take part in their preferred games using cryptocurrency instead of relying on fiat currencies.

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Various bitcoin casinos have provision for craps gaming on their platform along with other betting games such as table games, slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. Being online, any cryptocurrency online casino can be used to play craps from around the world through decentralized assets.

There are several enticing features and promotions that are offered on every online casino to encourage players to join the craps table or other games and have a more pleasant gambling experience.

How Do Online Crypto Craps Work?

The approach and operations of most of the online casinos and the games they offer remain the same as their conventional counterparts. The casinos offer a platform for the gamblers to play and the bitcoin casino acts as the house which takes fees for the transactions made with the platform. The key difference here is that the currency used by the crypto online casino would be cryptocurrencies and the operations would be digital and online. Craps table offers players the option for live deal crap bets and the minimum sit-in amount for the respective craps table.

Individuals can use the funds from their bitcoin wallet or any crypto wallets to deposit money to the account with the online casino and start betting. Perks and bonuses such as free spins can be used to play many games on the bitcoin online casino site. These free spins are awarded as a deposit bonus or a part of the weekly promotions. Spins are also often provided to the VIP players at online casinos as a part of the deposit bonus. These online games are supplied by many software providers, including Evolution Gaming.

Why Play Cryptocurrency Craps?

The best casinos would deliver all the benefits of a physical casino without the limitations of the casino being online. The list of these benefits is different for each platform and is different for every player. The round the clock accessibility is one of the major advantages to play crypto casino online craps games. It is rare to find a bitcoin casino that operates and accepts any deposit in all locations and most tend to be available at a few locations and some countries around the world, depending on the local laws and regulations.

Being based on crypto, one can place craps bets, win and take the winnings from craps bitcoin while staying anonymous. Bets also are among provably fair crypto games on the platforms which also add to their credibility. The licensing authorities behind most of the online casinos ensure the ethicacy of the casino and this includes paying attention to aspects of every game such as cryptocurrency dice combinations in this case.

Another common benefit is the versatility of crypto-currency craps as these casinos have a plethora of games and every game, such as craps, often have many iterations and versions that can be chosen for crypto gambling. Features such as instant withdrawals, fast deposits, and multiple currencies’ support are highly intuitive; coupled with a good user experience it has the potential to transform the entire world of gambling as the conventional means start to fade.

Tips to Play Crypto Craps Efficiently

When it comes to playing craps games efficiently using bitcoin, there are a few factors that are to be kept in mind while playing craps in a casino if one wishes to avoid getting into a losing streak. Bitcoin games like craps bitcoin are prone to the risks of market fluctuations and the change in the value of the crypto might also change the amount of the winnings. This can be efficiently managed by expert traders with the help of swapping crypto among each other and still be able to maintain a good ratio for bets and wins.

A game based on numbers such as craps bet or other bets can be managed with the help of some game strategies. Experienced players have an added benefit that depends on the odds of the game and the dice roll number establishes who wins.  Another tip is using free promotions and bonuses, such as free spins, which can be used to get to play for free that can also give an idea about how the game and bets work.

Types of Bets For Playing Cryptocurrency Craps

A game that is as intuitive as craps has a variety of bets and wagers that can be placed on the game. The types of bets can affect the odds of winning and can benefit the individual in certain scenarios. The following are the type of bets in a crypto craps game:-

Pass Bet
It is the most common and simplest bet. These craps bets are focused on the shooter rolls to win. The play is based on the probability of 7 or 11 being rolled. If this happens then the player wins and if  2, 3, or 12 rolls, also known as point reached, then the player wins or loses the bet immediately if the next roll is prior to 7.

Place Bets
This bet is regarded as some of the least popular ones. A place bet would shoot only for the first place and there would be nothing better. Place bets don’t have similar odds as other bets, which is the reason for the lack of its popularity, resulting in few players placing bets.

Come Bet
Similar to pass bet, the come bet deals with a point. Once the point has been established the player moves as per the number of the roll and the bet would be won if there has to be a second roll prior to 7.

Don’t Pass
This is the bet that is more concerned with shooter losing and is opposite of the pass line bet in the casinos’ house edge. Rolling of a 2 or 3 will lead to the bet being won.

Don’t Come
Don’t come bet is played in two rounds and follows a similar approach to the don’t pass bet for the basics. One would lose if the roll turns out to be 7 or 11 but if 2 or 3 are rolled then the bet wins.

Big 6 or Big 8
These two bets are similar to one another and are safe unless 7 is rolled. Big 6 or Big 8 bets imply that the number 6 or 8 would be rolled before 7. And in all the other scenarios, individual losses.

A field bet is suitable for a single roll bet. This betting is usually made on a special field area of craps. It is also one of the more popular bets whether it be traditional or non-traditional ones.

Solid Numbers
The number mentioned in the traditional setup has numbers from 2 to 12. To get the hard numbers is based on solid luck as one has to get the same roll on both die, the four solid numbers are 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Snake Eyes
As the name suggests, these are the bets which refer to outcome 2 as it mimics the eyes of a snake formed by the two dots or markings from each die. This is not as popular as the offering above due to the lower odds of a favorable outcome.

Pros and Cons of Playing Cryptocurrency Craps 

Pros Cons
Online craps backed by bitcoin can be played from any part of the world, often through a variety of devices. The local restrictions make online casinos unavailable for deposits and playing in some regions.
Most of the online casinos have a plethora of options and gaming titles for a player to choose from. The diversity and variety of games might not be the same for mobile platforms as desktop versions.
The support for multiple currencies and payment methods brings an added advantage. The basics of cryptocurrency are mandated to be understood well for a pleasant experience.
Ongoing promotions and bonuses (such as deposit bonus and free spins) are something that was not seen in traditional casinos which benefit the player. The wagering requirement for some of the bonuses (apart from free spins) on select sites can make it much harder to qualify, for example, 70x requirement for the first match deposit bonus.

Difference Between Cryptocurrency Craps and Regular Craps

Cryptocurrency Craps Regular Craps
Cryptocurrency crap would offer more anonymity than fiat variants. Regular craps are the only way to play if cryptocurrency isn’t permitted in a country.
These often have various bonuses available on sites to offer advantages to the bettors. Do not require a thorough understanding of crypto to freely navigate the sites.
Depositing funds through cryptocurrency craps is faster than fiat transactions. Use the money that is usually not lost in a transaction if the wrong bitcoin wallet address is entered.
The licensed casinos have reliable options and offers. And undergoes audits by the firms. Regular craps are still more easily accessible due to the early stages of decentralized financing.

Things to Consider While Choosing Online Cryptocurrency Craps Site

Choosing the best casino from a list of sites can be quite tedious and confusing. The credibility of sites is determined by numerous factors and some of the more important aspects of selecting the online casino for depositing to play are listed below:


The software and user interface play a crucial role in the gambling experience. Most of the casinos have basics covered but it should be engaging for the players and one must be mindful of the gameplay before investing on the platform.


Licensed casinos are generally the more reliable ones and are constantly audited by the firms. While licensing does not assure a positive experience or guarantee a win, it certainly ensures that the platform does not have extreme advantages over any player.


While cryptocurrency does allow for anonymous transactions, most of the sites complete full ID verification before allowing the player to withdraw from the casino. This takes away the privacy aspect and should not be overlooked.


The experience of existing bettors is always useful when making up one’s mind about the platform. The reviews on third-party sites can provide insights into the gambling experience any player can expect from the platform. The reputation of the platform should be carefully examined prior to making a deposit.

Gaming Variety

Not every platform offers a huge range of games on craps, the options can also include other games which might entice one down the road. It is advised to keep one’s options open and consider the platforms with more than one option to place bets.

No Fee Deposits and Withdrawals

The fee associated with some of the platforms can be quite restrictive in its ability to deposit or withdraw money from the casino. Although deposits are free on most of the platforms, withdrawals might come with associated fees or limits. Individuals should check the fee structure of the casino before making a deposit on the site, regardless of the offers.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most overlooked factors of selection. Good customer support might go unnoticed by a bad customer support team and has the potential to ruin the reputation of the casino and the gambling experience for the bettors. Online reviews of the platforms also provide some ideas about the same.

Cryptocurrency Craps Guide: Things to Know Before Playing

The online game of craps does offer many incentives but it can be quite intimidating as well. Before diving into the domain of cryptocurrency and gambling, a few of the things must be well done and understood.

Rules to Follow While Playing Cryptocurrency Craps

The casino craps are commonly played with two dice and the outcome would be the sum of digits 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12. The game can be used to play on these outcomes with many rules, such as the ones mentioned above i.e. avoiding 2, 3, and 12 as outcomes or being able to move across the field before 7. These bets are not similar to trueflip casino but can be found on most of the platforms.

Strategy of Winning Cryptocurrency Craps Game

The strategy used to gamble or play craps at a bitcoin casino, with or without a deposit bonus, can tip the odds in any direction based on the approach. There are many known and common strategies, some of which are the following:-

Pass Line Craps Strategy

This strategy is among the most common ones other than come bet point. This play is made on the current shooter or thrower. These can prove beneficial even at low house edge rates which makes them more enticing for some players with free spins who are uncertain as to how to pass odds.

Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy

The don’t pass/don’t come strategy for online gaming takes a more reserved approach towards risk. Don’t pass/don’t come strategy is implemented over two rounds of the game. One would lose if the roll turns out to be 7 or 11 but if 2 or 3 are rolled then the play wins for Don’t come and on other hand, Rolling of a 2 or 3 will lead to the betting being won for Don’t pass.

Craps Money Management Strategy

The strategy of putting money in various places can be more beneficial than the welcome bonus or free spins, especially for dice games where shooters start to come out roll. The money can be put in a different bankroll that is to be used for crypto betting points while the remaining can be briefly used to allocate goals for each session to keep a point number track of the funds.

Points to Know Before Playing Cryptocurrency Craps

The game of crap at online casinos and bitcoin platforms introduced many new variables to the gambling aspect and before purchasing bitcoin or any altcoin to get free spins from the casino, a few of these significant points should be followed:-

Number of Dice
While most versions of the game of crap come with two dice, there have been a few online versions with different numbers of dice. It is advised to read the rules of the respective game thoroughly before playing or making a deposit.

Buying Credits
Some platforms offer credits or free bets as well as free spins. The feature to put wagers with zero risks can be quite useful for making a play using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

Table Personnel
As casino craps can also be played against other players as well, it is important to understand the expertise and level of players at the table. Table personnel can greatly affect the odds of taking a win from the wager.

There are several bets on which a wager can be made from the list of outcomes. Offerings like live dealer might not have a great variety but other craps can have a wide range of games that one can place bets on.

Betting Limits
Limits can often become an obstacle for the heavy rollers who are not too concerned about the next roll and gamble high volumes. These can also prevent one from withdrawing money beyond a fixed limit.

The Shooter
The shooter in casino craps is the player who rolls the dice. The dice are random but the strategy of the player can affect the outcome for each of the individuals.

Future of Cryptocurrency Craps Game

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have started getting accepted across many locations worldwide and decentralization is starting to take the next step, the future of cryptocurrency craps looks promising and bright. The legalization of online casinos makes it easier to deposit money and play. The bonuses such as deposit bonus, match deposit bonus, free spins, and welcome deposit bonus continue to be effective measures to grow the user base of bitcoin casinos and bring in more bettors to play.


Cryptocurrency craps are some of the most convenient and advantageous ways to gamble online and choose from a variety of provisions such as proposition bets, come out roll, and come bet point numbers across wagering websites. Interested individuals can simply create an account on the platform, buy bitcoin or any altcoin to deposit, and transfer the money to the casino to get free spins or play without a bonus altogether. The list of features and options provides wide and open access.


What Is the Best Bet in Cryptocurrency Craps?

While there is no best bet for each player, some of the safer bets for deposit include Big 6 or Big 8.

Is Playing the Field in Cryptocurrency Craps a Good Bet?

Playing a bet in a field with or without free spins can be rewarding for users who are familiar with the ins and outs of the game.

Is There Any Skill in Cryptocurrency Craps?

When it comes to cryptocurrency craps, a thorough understanding is the most important skill to have.

Is Snake Eyes in Online Cryptocurrency Craps Good or Bad?

It is regarded as one of the more risky bets as it offers fewer odds of getting a win i.e. 1 in 36 probability.

What Is the Probability to Win in Cryptocurrency Craps?

The probability of having the bet win in craps crypto depends on the kind of bet or wager that is placed post deposit. For instance, snake eyes (with 1/36 odds) is not among the safe bets.

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