Best Bitcoin Live Casino Sites 2023: Play Top BTC Live Dealer Games

About Bitcoin Live Casino and Live Dealers

Bitcoin live casino games are gaining popularity as the government is now legalizing them. Players can enjoy the thrill of playing live dealer casino games using Bitcoin. The Bitcoin live dealer casinos are the ones that use BTC as the primary currency and are relatively new and gaining popularity.

Games like blackjack, roulette, dice, and poker are played with real human professional dealers. Live dealer games typically use a random number generation system to create the game’s outcome for players. You can find and play these games on many top live bitcoin casinos.

Why Play Live Dealer Games with Bitcoin?

Established casinos have started accepting Bitcoin and now offer mobile apps, numerous dealer tables, live dealers, and instant payouts to ensure user convenience. All these different features have made the live casino bitcoin fun and interactive.

Fast Transactions

Live casinos offer the convenience of fast transactions. Bitcoin payments are fast and offer quick payouts.


Reputable and licensed live casinos provide a fair, safe, and secure environment.


The cost-effectiveness in a live casino is an additional feature that allows players to enjoy a smooth casino gaming experience without worrying about their budget. On the first Bitcoin deposits, these casinos have a good deposit bonus.

How Does Bitcoin Live Casinos Work?

To play at the best Bitcoin gambling sites, you will need to set up a secure crypto wallet on your phone or computer and make an account with a live casino. The live games run on the blockchain network, eliminating the need for any third parties. In addition, all of the bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, making this type of online crypto gambling completely untraceable.

Live Bitcoin casinos work similarly to traditional casinos, and players can now connect with other players worldwide through the internet. A cryptocurrency live casino dealer provides information about rules, bets, a deposit bonus, free spins, an available deal, and the fastest payouts for each game as it progresses.

Are Bitcoin Live Casino Games Legal?

Bitcoin Live Casino Games are legal in most countries. There is no law or fact against bitcoin gambling in the US, but there are certain barriers to the permission to make deposits. Numerous live games are not allowed in most states. So, go through the rules and regulations before opting for any Bitcoin live casino in your country.

Tips for Playing with Bitcoin Live Dealer Site

Look For a Reliable Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino

If you are looking for a Bitcoin Live Dealer casino, the first aspect to know is whether it is licensed or not. Some advertisements and promotions of live online crypto games like the welcome bonus can be a scam, and the activities might be a facade for luring a player and scamming the person.

Checkout Promotions

Free spins, deposit bonuses, welcome bonus packages, match bonuses, and other promotions vary among cryptocurrency online casinos. Check out the promotions available on the bitcoin gambling site before you indulge in the most popular crypto casino games.

Leave When Luck Doesn’t Help

If you are getting hit by losses, it is time to leave the online casino. If facing huge losses, it is essential to give up on live dealer casino games. Continuing with losses and no winnings can make you end up in debt.

Have a Good Speed

Immersive roulette and speed baccarat need swift hands and clicks. Maintain a good pace and use strategic moves. Make sure you take every step with care.

Learn Strategies

After you deposit in your account using your Bitcoin wallet, the first step in gambling is learning to play table games, live games, poker, baccarat, lottery games, and other most popular games. However, you must not deal with a game where deposits and information are not clear to you.

Organize Your Time

The Bitcoin casino industry has several variations. Organize your time to make the best moves and earn profit. Live games can cause addiction, so learn when to leave. If you have Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, or any other cryptocurrency to play the games, check if the live dealer casino accepts the cryptocurrency.

Play & Have Fun

Users should have fun while playing the game. Bitcoin casino free spins, deposit bonus, and welcome bonus are provided to the users to help them win and secure Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Live Casino Bitcoin games have no regulatory constraints in various jurisdictions. Dealers are not available on all Bitcoin live casino sites.
Deposits and withdrawals are swift. To enjoy this live casino games, strong internet connectivity is required.
Live dealer casinos accepting Bitcoin offer players live game varieties.
Online casinos offer a secure environment for players to win cash on their favorite games, like cryptocurrency baccarat, blackjack, roulette, dice, and other games.
First deposit bonus cash, free spins, welcome package, and other deposit bonuses are offered.

Points to Consider While Choosing Best Bitcoin Live Casino

Reliable and Licensed

Casinos attempt to lure you with attractive bonuses, but it can be a scam. So, choose a casino that is reliable and licensed.

Does the BTC Live Casino Site Support Your Country?

The regulatory framework for the gambling industry differs among the countries. The US players may find only a few live online casinos. Your country’s government might not enable you to deal with Bitcoins and live games.

Offers Good Bonuses & Promotions

When you choose a casino, check the promotions and deposit bonuses it offers. The key features of a well-regulated and popular casino are the welcome package, first deposit bonus, free spins, access to odds of free spins, and exclusive online table games like cryptocurrency lottery, baccarat, blackjack, poker, monopoly, and roulette. You can also consult an experienced player to get more information.

Mobile Accessibility

Playing on a desktop or laptop can be inconvenient, so you should choose a BTC casino that supports mobile device accessibility for an excellent live casino experience. You can make your first deposit, place bets, and win a bonus through their apps.

Backed Up By a Strong Software Provider

The online Bitcoin casino software game provider must have an excellent reputation and extensive gambling experience with online casinos. A good software provider ensures that your playing and betting cryptocurrency makes your casino experience smooth and your personal information is safe.

Some reputable game providers who provide games for the top Bitcoin live casinos are Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming, NetEnt, HoGaming, and others. Also, Evolution Gaming is one of the best live casino providers for games and has created great titles.

Offers Streaming Quality Even With a Mediocre Internet Connection

Choose an online platform that allows you to play Blackjack or Roulette wheel games, even when your streaming quality becomes poor.

Various Payment Methods

In the casino industry, choose the ones that accept various payment methods. Cryptocurrency is legal in a lot of countries. Apart from cash, people are also choosing Bitcoins as their mode of payment.

Responsive Support

In the reputable live Bitcoin casino, quick responsive support is required as it can be a life-saver during crunch time.

Online Safety

You should know that it is impossible to withdraw your winnings from the site when you play on an online Bitcoin casino. You have to transfer your Bitcoins from your account to crypto wallets or a crypto exchange.

Bitcoin Live Dealer Casinos Guide: Points To Know Before You Start!

The points to consider before enrolling in the best BTC live dealer casinos are as follows:-

Step-by-Step Guide to Play at Bitcoin Live Casinos

Find a Casino

Search licensed online casinos with safety and security features, device compatibility, bonus terms and conditions, payouts and banking, and customer services. If possible, take the no deposit bonuses for a better casino experience in gambling.

Install Software

First, click the download button on the desired online casino website, then click Run from the small box further to install the software.

Setup a Casino Account

After installing the casino’s software, say yes to the given questions and agree to the terms and conditions. Create your account and provide your username, password, and other personal information.

Redeem Your Casino Bonus

After signing in to the player account:

  • Look for the welcome bonus package.
  • Note the bonus code.
  • Read the terms and conditions.

You can start playing online after making a deposit and entering the bonus code to win free spins and other bonuses.

Make a Deposit at a Casino

First, go to the cashier option in the user interface, scan the available options and select the payment method. Then follow the instructions, fill out the form, check the transaction, and confirm the first deposit. Users can start playing live casino bitcoin games with other players at top casinos.

Selecting Game, Table, & Dealer

The best way to choose an online casino game is to look at the minimum bet. The best bitcoin casino will set your table based on the table games you choose, like American Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, or Blackjack, and then pick your live dealer.

Play & Win Hefty Rewards

Choose the best crypto slots at the top BTC live casino online with a high payout, the right volatility level, and the highest return to the player. To win big rewards, you need to find an ideal forum and optimal games where your chances are high and start practicing with bonus amounts.

Commonly Found Games in Bitcoin Live Casinos

Bitcoin Roulette

To play online Bitcoin roulette, you have to place your bets first. Since its inception, roulette has been a favorite game of many online casino players.

Bitcoin Blackjack

The Bitcoin blackjack is an exclusive game of the Lucky 7 genre, where you can use double, split, hit, and stand to beat the dealer. The game features a progressive Lucky 7 jackpot that’s won by holding a card in one hand without splitting 7 diamonds.

Bitcoin Baccarat

The main objective of playing Bitcoin Baccarat is to beat the dealer when you both deal with playing cards. Players can bet on the tie, dealer, or themselves before playing the hand on bitcoin baccarat sites. The winning hand is the one that scores near the number nine.

Game Rules of Bitcoin Casino Live Dealers

The rules for these live games vary depending on the game and website. Bitcoin live casinos operate as independent contractors, so there are no universal rules.

  • You must be 18 years and above to play on a live casino site
  • You withdraw your deposits after 30 days of your winnings
  • There is no maximum amount on how much you can deposit at any given time
  • Keep track

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bitcoin Live Dealer Sites

The deposit and withdrawal process at Bitcoin live dealer sites are as follows:

Deposit Process

The deposit process in Bitcoin casinos is done using the cryptocurrency and blockchain address that is unique to the player’s account. A cash deposit is made by cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers in live casinos.

Withdrawal Process

In Bitcoin casinos, withdrawal is made by entering amounts and copying the Bitcoin wallet address to the space provided in the withdrawal section of the regulated casino site. In live casinos, withdrawal is made by providing a valid photographic ID, credit card, and address proof only.

Is It Worth Playing Games at Bitcoin Live Casinos?

Top game providers powering casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Casino War, Bitcoin Keno, and others are the popular ones that offer most Bitcoins to players. Your chances of winning rise significantly if you know what bets to pull and the odds of the lottery games.

Why are Bitcoin Live Dealers Games So Popular?

Bitcoin live dealer games are popular and ideal for beginners as they are easy to learn and are solely designed for entertainment. Since its inception, Bitcoin has gained popularity by charging low transaction fees and decentralized transactions with Blockchain technology, ensuring that hackers are dealt with. Many people who have invested in Bitcoin have made a huge profit, further increasing its popularity globally.

Future Scope of BTC Live Casino Games

The future scope of Bitcoin live casinos is promising and will change how people gamble online. Some casino gaming companies have taken a risk by investing in this new technology, but they have created some of the best-in-class products in their respective industries.


BTC casinos with live dealers are becoming a popular choice for people that want to play dice online. Many live dealer-based games are available, including live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette wheel, and slots. Make sure you are not betting on illegal sites, as these sites will eventually hack your cash, win, and bonus. BTC live casinos offer several benefits over land based casinos, including cash, win, and bonus.

The best Bitcoin live casino sites are more transparent, trustworthy, and secure and offer higher payouts and a more personal feel than traditional online casinos. The Traditional casino offers less payout. Bitcoin-based live casinos are growing in popularity as they are a more secure and transparent option for players looking for an authentic casino experience.


Are Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino Games Safe to Play?

It provides a safe betting environment and guarantees complete anonymity. The casino’s security is reliable if the gaming provider is licensed in many Bitcoin live dealer sites.

How Much Do BTC Live Casino Dealers Make?

The amount a dealer earns varies. In BTC Live casinos, a lot of factors play a role.

Can I Play Live Casino for Free?

Most popular casino games can be free using some game bonuses like free spins, match bonuses, and more. But many casinos don’t offer those bonuses.

Why Choose Bitcoin Live Casinos Over Normal Ones?

Live casino games offer a highly realistic and interactive casino experience to players. The live dealers have a chat feature, allowing players to ask questions and converse with them.

Are There Live Casino Bonuses Available Online?

Yes, there are live casino bonuses available online.

Can Live Dealers See Me When I Play Games?

No, live dealers cannot see you while playing games.

Are the Live Casino Games Rigged?

No, live casino games are not rigged.

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