AMB Access now supports Polygon PoS

AMB Access, also known as Amazon Managed Blockchain Access, has added support for Polygon PoS. This enables developers to have serverless and instant access to Polygon PoS with no requirement of minimum cost whatsoever. Polygon Labs has confirmed the development, stating that it provides developers with a more scalable, reliable, and cost-effective way to construct their applications for Web3.

The support provided by AMB Access extends to the Mumbai testnet. While developers do not have to fulfill any minimum cost requirement, they may have to incur AWS data transfer charges based on situations where such charges apply. Nevertheless, access is free for public review.

A representative of Polygon Labs has appreciated AWS for constantly expanding its enterprise-ready Web3 infrastructure along with developer-friendly tools. They stated that this enables them to provide consumers with streamlined, secure, and rapid solutions. A representative from Polygon Labs expressed their elation at receiving AWS support through AMB Access, which facilitates the development of scalable and mainstream applications.

Developers can create Web3 applications by collaborating with Polygon JSON-RPC APIs. For projects that interface with Polygon PoS, it provides a predictable pay-as-you-go pricing mechanism. AMB Access Polygon provides support for all types of applications, regardless of categorization. A consumer brand, for example, may use the potential of this invention to reward its customers with an NFT. Similarly, a Web3 game developer can generate native NFTs that players can own and trade in open marketplaces.

Financial institutions can make use of AMB Access Polygon to better enable access to their digital offerings.

AMB Access Polygon provides advantages such as faster time to market, automatic scaling, cost-effective management, and production-grade applications. Developers may get to market faster because there is no provisioning or setup time. Automatic scaling makes it simple for developers to manage their expanding workload. Saving 80% on blockchain nodes helps with cost-effective management. In addition, the nearly 99.99% uptime of Web3 applications renders them unattainable for enterprises.

The announcement has not yet demonstrated its effect on the trading value of MATIC, the polygon’s native token. It was last seen trading at $0.7348, representing a decrease of 2.67% over the previous 24 hours. Polygon crypto prediction estimates that the token could achieve the milestone of $2.38 by the end of 2025. The predicted estimate is based on the assumption that Polygon keeps up with the development for the next 2–3 years.

AMB Access Polygon is supported by existing users such as Magic, Mystic Moose, RecoChoku, and Oasis Pro.


Moving forward, Polygon Labs is collaborating with AWS and Animoca Brands to fuel the rise of Web3 startups. The idea is to support their development and help them build innovative real-world solutions that can be scaled to AMB Access Polygon.

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