Bexplus Review 2023: Is It Reliable & Safe To Use?

This exchange has closed down its operation.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Bexplus has suddenly decided to stop service from July 18, 2022 (UTC), due to “force majeure.”

They announced this on their website, “Your assets in Bexplus can be 100% withdrawn. For that, you need to send a withdrawal application email to [email protected] via your registered email and indicate your withdrawal currency, withdrawal address, and address type in the email. Customer service will review and process your request within 7 working days after receiving your request.”

Accordingly, we have marked the platform as “closed”.

To find a reliable exchange where you can start an account, check our best cryptocurrency exchange list, and we’ll help you find the right platform.

Cryptocurrency trading exchange selection is becoming challenging as several aspects are considered, including trading pairs, security, withdrawal fee, charting interface, platform advantages, and customer support. Bexplus, one all-new leverage exchange, is available with a 100% deposit bonus. Although, to know more about the platform, read this Bexplus review thoroughly and start exploring its benefits.

Bexplus Summary

Official Website Business is closed
Headquarters Hong Kong
Found in 2017
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, USDT
Supported Fiat Currencies No Fiat Gateway
Supported Countries Supports all accept China, Cuba, and North Korea
Minimum Deposit 0.001 BTC
Deposit Fees None
Transaction Fees 0.075% to 0.195%
Withdrawal Fees 0.0005 BTC
Application Google Play and App Store
Customer Support Live chat & Email Support

What Is Bexplus?

Bexplus platform is the newly emerged but powerful platform that offers effective cryptocurrency trading since 2017. Its availability is known for Bitcoin’s perpetual trading pairs. The users enjoy the benefits by making accounts without ID verification and trade futures contracts including ETH, XRP, EOS, BTC, and LTC with 100:1 times margin. Similarly, It has countless advantages, which started with a demo trading option, Mobile trading app, a 100% deposit bonus, and many more.

Bexplus Review - Platform Interface

  • It is mentioned with BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, and LTC perpetual USDT pairs.
  • Start and manage positions up to 100 while clouting.
  • Trading charges are 0.195% to 0.075%.
  • Bexplus offers a compatible and manageable interface, including start trading View charts.
  • It provides users with saving account facilities to store funds to earn up to 21% annualized interest.
  • It is available with a mobile trading strategy app for easy procedure.

Additional Features of Bexplus

Charting with Advanced Features

Bexplus Review - Enjoy Bexplus Advanced Features
Although trading platform Bexplus is the emerging name in cryptocurrency exchange, it is available with all new and advanced features like the professional charting suite of TradingView to enrich users’ experience. They can use advanced drawing tools, chart patterns, and indicators before placing any order.  Chart also has a new overlay.

Supporting Trading

Bexplus trading platform that has financial services authority and Bexplus review are available with 100x supporting trade to maximize its users’ profit at small movement. The borrowed funds can be used to enlarge the trading position with any available balance. For instance, if the account balance is $1000, a trader can start a Bitcoin short or long-term to $100,000.

Bexplus Review - Start Trading and Earn Profit

Stimulating Trading

It offers an open trading environment with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency pairing minimum deposit amount that provides risk-free capital. The beginners enjoy 10 free Bitcoins to ease the experience and become aware of the usability of online crypto trading. The margin trading facility is also provided by popular platforms like, Nexo, Bexplus, and more online trading. There is the possibility of earning more than 21% annual interest that is calculated daily.

Risk-Free Experience

It is an open platform to enjoy risk-free trading as it does not cost any real funds. Here the beginners get the complete knowledge of the market by checking closing and opening positions regularly. The information of margin requirements is also available with the details of loss and profit. Advanced features like technical analysis and format are utilized on different portfolios in the stimulator. This is the popular method to sharpen fundamental skills.

Emotion Skill Improvement via Notes

The demos and regular practice help recognize the type of investors that users can adjust with the trade. It helps maintain the stability of one’s mood and attitude in the market, thus improving emotional skills in the trade. In this way, emotion management largely affects experience accumulation. Notes are a great helper that analyses the trade performance and mistakes before investing real money.

Mobile App & Support

Almost all the trade work is completed on desktop, but these days trend is shifting to the mobile app, and the best thing is that Bexplus is available with a phone app with all required features. People are finding it interesting doing their cryptocurrency affairs and investment advice via mobile app.  This app is easily available at Google Play and AppStore.

Bexplus Review: Pros and Cons

It is not easy to make technical applications with complete advantages as every invention has pros and cons. Similarly, the Bexplus review has explained traditional skills with new ones, so traditional currencies are available with the expiry date. In contrast, these seem useless but help traders to hold the profitable position for long. The advantage supports contracts of 5 cryptocurrencies against USDT, including EOS, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP.

Trading combination Max. Leverage Max. Trade Size Min. Trade Size
BTC/USDT 100x 200 BTC 0.1 BTC
ETH/USDT 100x 4,000 ETH 1 ETH
LTC/USDT 100x 20,000 LTC 10 LTC
EOS/USDT 100x 200,000 EOS 100 EOS
XRP/USDT 100x 2,000,000 XRP 1,000 XRP

Users need to be aware of the limit of trading before using Bexplus and go Bexplus review, whether opening a long or short position and start with a deposit, to begin with, a minimum position size that is at least 0.1BTC. This is presently equal to $5,800 and smaller than this is not expectable. This limitation is not so suitable for the starting sometimes as traders with small amounts are also available. The traders with the small amount do not prefer to deposit with this amount to avoid liquidation price. Most of them try to manage the trade risk, so avoid investing the large amount mentioned.

Account Opening Process

Opening a trading account is easy with Bexplus, all you need to follow the steps given below, so further read this Bexplus review:

Registration Process @Bexplus

  • Click on register now, and a form will be open given below.
  • Fill up all the requirements carefully.
  • Click on Sign up.

A help center is available for all kinds of queries. One can get the mobile app with the app store and join there to make a demo account.

Bexplus Fees

Bexplus Trading Fees

The several exchange charges are known as taker fees from the takers and maker fees from the makers. Takers are those users who remove liquidity from the order book. This process needs to accept placed orders. Makers refer to those who are placing these orders. The functionality is mainly designed to get the “flat” Bexplus fees that the exchange charges both, the taker and the maker.

The exchange works for a flat fee of 0.0075% per futures trading. Most of the time, exchanges offering by products of futures trading charge the same 0.075%. Fees are also the same for a maker that is 0.075%. The exchange list also offers many exchanges with discounted maker fees and negative maker fees. It means the user gets paid for trade.

Bexplus 100x Leveraged Trading Platform

Bexplus Withdrawal Fees

There are trading fees of 0.0005 BTC on withdrawing BTC from the Bexplus trade. As for user knowledge, the empirical withdrawal fee was on sometime before. According to this data, this industry average BTC-withdrawal fee counted 0.0006 BTC on one BTC withdrawal fee. The trading fees and withdrawal fees charged by this platform are very competitive.

Bexplus Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Bexplus is the trading account platform that provides secure payment: deposit and payment method to maintain users’ trust. It has included only BTC deposit and withdrawal in the system due to its security features. The platform surely provides trading account pairs, but it counts profit and loss in BTC only.

Bexplus Includes Only Deposit & Withdraw BTC

Its payment method consists of a multi-signature cold Bexplus wallet address that is tamper-resistant too. Although the feature of depositing funds with one Bitcoin address and withdrawal to a different Bitcoin address is available, the transaction of funds cannot be done internally to the user’s Bitcoin wallet as long as they have made another Bitcoin deposit into their Personal Area before. The process comes with the below features:

  • Deposit Fee: Exness: 0%
  • Minimum Deposit: without limit
  • Deposit Processing Time: 1 confirmation needed

Services Provided by Bexplus

A Complete Trading Platform

There are countless platforms available, but the Bexplus review says how this platform offers a complete platform with advanced features with different trading indicators to help analyze charts properly. The user interface is simple to use and understand quickly. It’s a complete trading package that offers different strategies without accepting money loss. It gives a continued detail of the crypto market to stand out in real-time trading.

Mobile Supporting Application

There are cryptocurrency online systems that are not supported on a mobile device. Bexplus review explains this functionality to avoid missing any ongoing trade activity. Users need to check the desktops for technical analysis as the rest of the exchanges are tracked on mobile devices only.

Bexplus Mobile App

Bexplus offers a trading facility with a mobile app easily available on the app store and gets a demo account. The users can go for short or long Bitcoin, including all kinds of cryptocurrency, wherein the profit-making process becomes faster with app-like advantages. The app is usable for both bull and bear markets. The trading is compatible with ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, and BTC.

Bexplus App


Bexplus presents registration on mobile apps with mail. The sign-in feature allows trading with mobile devices. The easy procedure to start with the mobile app is here:

Bexplus Fully Functional Mobile App

  • Click on the “Sign Up” option.
  • Next is user registration, enter email, get code for verification, fill the verification code, set a password, and click on sign up.
  • The app users are rewarded with 10 free BTC presets.

Bexplus Security Parameters

Bexplus exchange is a secure platform specifically in terms of exchange. It has the functionality of multi-signature encrypted cold wallet storage. The digital deposit and trade are secure because of cold wallets. There are no chances of hacking because of high security.  The complete protection has been provided against DDoS attacks, including encrypted with SSL, 2FA is also available.

In short, it is a good choice for new as well as experienced users. These user-friendly options are available at a low cost as compared to the options available in the market.

Bexplus Security Measures

Customer Support Services

24/7 customer support is available for technical as well as any other kinds of support. It resolves all sorts of queries on time with live chat functionality. All the doubts can be erased from the mind of users before any market move. Support is also available by email at Bexplus.

Our Verdict on Bexplus

The financial aspect of any trade is most considerable as well as the most popular model. The same situation is in the cryptocurrency market, where some still prefer Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading CFDs, including fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto. Like other platforms, cryptocurrency trading can be complicated for beginners, but Bexplus provides future trading easily and it comes under the best cryptocurrency exchange list. Here are helping modes for the starters to learn trading balance, including BTC, LTC, and ETH features.

Bexplus Review - Working of 100x leverage

The most countable feature of this platform is trading low exchange, and users can use 0.1BTC,1ETH, or 10 LTC to trade for 100x leverage. Whether the user is a beginner or an experienced investor, the Bexplus account provides a flexible platform for all kinds. Here users get the chance to make desired profit with a small amount of capital.


Is Bexplus Safe?

Based on users’ experience, Bexplus has not provided any complications like hacking since the date of launching; since2017 and working as a safe platform for cryptocurrencies. It offers limited and required information regarding the users for security purposes. The users’ account values are secure with two-factor authentication and affect user activation. The system has flexible features of offering complete transparency as well as customer security. It is responsible for all exchange and professional trade factors, so answer every step based on facts, not assumptions.

Is Bexplus Scam or Legit?

Bexplus is related to forex brokers and the production of experts, and the team is situated in the US, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore. It is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, known for its high business functionality, including regulation, taxes, and legal procedures. So for this trading environment, there is a facility of legitimate exchange with progressive trading environment followed by digital currencies with leverage. The users get limited but relevant information on laws and rules for within-country exchange. Also, the address of the given offices is yet to be verified. Users should compare services of top leverage for trust-building.

Is Bexplus Regulated?

Bexplus is not a regulated platform since it launched and registered to jurisdiction as it is not essential to regulate it. This concept can be unbelievable for most traders, but it is common practice that most crypto exchange platforms remain not regulated. These platforms are quite safe to use and in practice for years. But, there can be a fear of money loss since there is no regulation process. For this reason and keeping the security aspect in mind, users are suggested to keep an eye on platform activity or invest as much as they do not fear losing. Any crypto trading can be an example of this.

How Do You Buy BTC on Bexplus?

Trade Bitcoin or cryptocurrency are two popular platforms where users buy BTC on Bexplus. Another popular option of a bitcoin wallet account from a BTC store user holds and financial sector. For first-time BTC buyers, the cryptocurrency exchange platform is the best option and they are providing the best wallets for cryptocurrency or Bitcoin wallets. It supports fiat-to-crypto transactions, which means users have to buy BTC with fiat currency and initial margin.

Buy BTC and Get 100% Bexplus Deposit Bonus

There are majorly 3 steps to buy BTC on Bexplus:-

  • Firstly, open
  • Secondly, tap the user center and select buy BTC.
  • Thirdly, after purchasing, paste the BTC address to the exchange wallet where you bought BTC from and when BTC is credited to your account, you can check the balance column and start trading.

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