EOS News

There has been a significant rise in the number of blockchain platforms who are launched with the sole purpose of development of decentralized applications, and EOS is another name in this list. But there are many features which separate this blockchain platform from other blockchain platforms, the most popular one being the fact that the development of decentralized applications through this platform is very easy as this platform provides an Operating System and set of services and functions that can be used by decentralized applications. EOS was launched with an idea of bringing together all the best features of other cryptocurrencies and put them together to create a platform that can develop decentralized applications for the users. Also, this platform offers high-quality security and very smooth process of creating decentralized applications alongside high-speed transactions counting almost a thousand transactions per second. There are many more features like cloud storage, user authentication and server hosting which makes this platform very exciting as well as very useful. A user who is using this platform can also recover his account if they can’t access their account, the restoring of the account can be done through various methods like clouds storage and many others.
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