Ukrainian Police unravel cryptocurrency fraud

The Ukrainian Police managed to unravel a cryptocurrency-related fraud that involved the siphoning off of assets from various online wallets belonging to Ukrainians settled in Canada. The fraudsters were carrying out their unlawful activities from two call centers that they had set up in the territory of Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. As per the official statement released by the Ukrainian Police, they were mainly reaching out to the citizens of Ukraine who had settled down in Canada.

According to the investigators in this case, the fraudsters hired fluent English people and made them undergo formal training for hoodwinking the prospective victims. The basic modus operandi was to connect with the intended person and impress upon them the fact that they had obtained digital assets with the aid of bot trading on various stock exchanges.

Once they got the undivided attention of the persons contacted, they would undergo the hard sell of downloading a particular application, which would then assist them in claiming as well as depositing these assets. The minute the victims did what they were asked to do, the fraudsters were able to enter their devices and gain access to all of their private information, such as their crypto wallets, along with their login identities and corresponding passwords. Through this, they were also able to make their way into the details pertaining to card accounts. Finally came the process of siphoning off the required amount.

When the Ukrainian, as well as the Canadian, authorities got a whiff of this, they honed in on the two concerned call centers and took in custody all of the present equipment, including their laptops, as well as their hand-held gadgets, SIM cards, and all other incriminating evidence they could lay their hands on.


What followed were the arrests of the employees, who will now stand trial for their misdeeds and could see a prison term extending to a good fifteen years. At the present moment, the concerned authorities are engaged in bringing out more skeletons from the cupboard and penalizing them for their fraudulent activities.

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