2023 is set for Web3 gaming

Web3 gaming had a blast in 2022, with an increase of 94.17% in its transaction count. In other words, players engaged more with the virtual world in terms of registration, purchase, and discovering new non-fungible tokens, among other activities.

A number of developers are now supporting their projects in an effort to base them on blockchain technology by 2023. Without a doubt, NFTs will serve as the foundation for all games, irrespective of their categorization. It could be an RPG or a shooting game, and players would still be able to retain ownership of their virtual assets.

What makes the coming year interesting for Web3 gaming is the high level of commitment by developers like Avalanche and The Harvest.

The Harvest Game is anticipated to debut on major screens during the second quarter of 2023. The community can still interact with the game’s elements by registering for the open beta, which is set to begin shortly despite the game’s release date being relatively distant.

Described as the multiplier online battle arena, The Harvest Game has already bagged Games’ Choice at the GAM3 Awards 2022.

In addition, 295 lucky winners who enter the contest between December 20, 2022, and January 2, 2023, will receive a generous airdrop. The Harvest Game awarded the following prizes:

Category Prizes
Wasder Prizes 200 x 1 Activation Drives, approximately amounting to $50,000

The Harvest Prizes

50 x Steam Gift Cards amounting to $5,000
20 x BUSD Winners for a value of $3,000
25 x Legendary Box Winners for $6,250

The Harvest Game allows players to fight their teammates from another community to gain control of the essence of the universe. It features excellent graphics, an innovative MOBA formula, and fast-paced gameplay.

Battle for Giostone is a blockchain-based Esport MOBA game universe in which players may acquire and trade digital valuables. Town Star is a Play-to-Win game that no one should miss. Town Star, a product of Gala Games, enables its users to construct and expand productive cities.

OpenBlox stars Blox, the in-game character that represents the players in the virtual world where different magical places can be explored for greater achievements. Wizarre is a turn-based game where Wizards engage in some serious fights. Players are tasked with gathering their teams of Wizards and combining different elements for an effective spell. A leaderboard maintains the final score.


Elulands is a player-driven MMORPG game whose economic functions are powered by blockchain. Players can own the in-game resources in the free and modern virtual world.

Web3 gaming, or the gaming industry as a whole, experienced the greatest growth. It is followed by the DeFi and NFT spheres, although by a considerable margin. Integration of NFT with the gaming industry has been successful in the past, and it could soar in the following year.

Trevor Holman

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