SafeMoon Price Prediction 2024 – 2050

SafeMoon V2 is currently at the #4192 rank in the cryptocurrency market. It had an ATH of $0.007232 on Jan 04, 2022, while the current price is only $ 0.000038, down by 99.41% from its ATH. Has the SFM token lost its charm? Will SFM crypto recover in the future? Find out answers to all these and other relevant queries in our SafeMoon price prediction and much more.

  • Based on our SafeMoon V2 price prediction, the price of SFM will cross the $0.0000884 mark by the end of 2024.
  • According to our SafeMoon price prediction 2025, the future of the SFM token is bright, and it could hit the $0.0001130 mark.
  • Our SFM price prediction 2030 indicates that the coin might hit the maximum price level of $0.0003458.

SafeMoon Overview

SafeMoon V2
ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.000038
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 21,251,290
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
556,617,280,273 SFM
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 42,971
all time high
All time high
$ 0.007232
all time low
All time low
$ 0.0000002149
SafeMoon ROI


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

missionSafeMoon: Going to the Moon

SafeMoon is a digital currency and an emerging utility token used as a medium of decentralized exchange. Safemoon protocol is powered by distributed ledger technology created by BNB Chain, with a market cap of around $35.93M. It is designed for a long-term investment that discourages selling.

That is why many crypto token enthusiasts are optimistic about Safemoon’s future potential. This post will give you an overview of Safemoon with historical price action, technical analysis, and a SafeMoon price prediction. If the Safemoon developers remain faithful to their promise, Safemoon is expected to give more than a 1000% return in the next ten years.

Safemoon developers manually manipulate the coin circulation to reduce the supply and maintain the demand. It was introduced in December 2021, and after that, the SFM coin price surged to an all-time high of $0.007232, but the price fell nearly 96% from its peak.

Many experts think SFM is a speculative asset because it has no intrinsic value. That is why you need to consider some risks associated with the investment, such as:

  • The SFM coin’s price action is extremely volatile, making the SafeMoon price prediction tough.
  • Cryptocurrencies are new, so many people question the sustainability of such a huge number of coins and fiat currencies in the long term.
  • Governments are starting to understand what the impacts could be, so they are also regulating cryptocurrencies.
  • High volatility can be a speculative bubble for investors. Retail investors should be cautious before investing in such a currency long-term.
  • Safemoon promotes the asset as ‘Going to the Moon’ without relying on any underlying intrinsic value.
  • SafeMoon is not supported in the major cryptocurrency exchanges, so liquidity can be a factor, especially for traders.


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

technical analysisSafeMoon V2 Technical Analysis & Past Performance

SafeMoon had a generous price movement at the beginning of last year. However, around June, the Safemoon V2 price formed a lower low, which suggested a long-term momentum change. The SFM price lost a lot of momentum in the second half of 2022, with marginal momentum.

SafeMoon is a volatile coin, as shown by its price action. In the third week of January 2022, SafeMoon prices formed an all-time high of around $0.007232. After that, a downtrend formed, with lots of volatility and big candles.

Do you want savings and safer investments? Is Safemoon V2 the best crypto to invest in for the next ten years? Should you consider adding Safemoon V2 to your portfolio after the huge price movements? In the following sections, you will get all the answers.


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

price predictionSafeMoon Price Forecast: 2024-2030

Month Minimum price Maximum price
July $0.0000339 $0.0000803
August $0.0000489 $0.0000823
September $0.0000609 $0.0000843
October $0.0000823 $0.0000857
November $0.0000803 $0.0000870
December $0.0000830 $0.0000884
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.0000785 $0.0000888
February $0.0000888 $0.0000905
March $0.0000905 $0.0000940
April $0.0000923 $0.0000966
May $0.0000940 $0.0000992
June $0.0000966 $0.0001009
July $0.0000983 $0.0001026
August $0.0001009 $0.0001052
September $0.0001035 $0.0001078
October $0.0001052 $0.0001095
November $0.0001026 $0.0001112
December $0.0001061 $0.0001130
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.0000991 $0.0001122
February $0.0001122 $0.0001144
March $0.0001144 $0.0001187
April $0.0001165 $0.0001220
May $0.0001187 $0.0001253
June $0.0001220 $0.0001274
July $0.0001242 $0.0001296
August $0.0001274 $0.0001329
September $0.0001307 $0.0001361
October $0.0001329 $0.0001383
November $0.0001296 $0.0001405
December $0.0001340 $0.0001427
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.000127 $0.000144
February $0.000144 $0.000147
March $0.000147 $0.000152
April $0.000150 $0.000157
May $0.000152 $0.000161
June $0.000157 $0.000164
July $0.000159 $0.000166
August $0.000164 $0.000171
September $0.000168 $0.000175
October $0.000171 $0.000178
November $0.000166 $0.000180
December $0.000172 $0.000183
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.000161 $0.000182
February $0.000182 $0.000186
March $0.000186 $0.000193
April $0.000190 $0.000198
May $0.000193 $0.000204
June $0.000198 $0.000207
July $0.000202 $0.000211
August $0.000207 $0.000216
September $0.000213 $0.000221
October $0.000216 $0.000225
November $0.000211 $0.000229
December $0.000218 $0.000232
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.000193 $0.000218
February $0.000218 $0.000223
March $0.000223 $0.000231
April $0.000227 $0.000237
May $0.000231 $0.000244
June $0.000237 $0.000248
July $0.000242 $0.000252
August $0.000248 $0.000259
September $0.000254 $0.000265
October $0.000259 $0.000269
November $0.000252 $0.000273
December $0.000261 $0.000278
Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $0.000240 $0.000272
February $0.000272 $0.000277
March $0.000277 $0.000288
April $0.000282 $0.000296
May $0.000288 $0.000304
June $0.000296 $0.000309
July $0.000301 $0.000314
August $0.000309 $0.000322
September $0.000317 $0.000330
October $0.000322 $0.000335
November $0.000314 $0.000341
December $0.000325 $0.000346


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

Based on the security, reliability, and own research, we predict an uptrend in the upcoming years. SafeMoon will see a lot of inflows of funds by institutional investors and crypto enthusiasts in the long term.

Due to this recession, inflation, and rising interest rates after the pandemic, the cash portfolio has taken a major hit, and the crypto space has suffered. The price of SafeMoon V2 coin will surge (so the potential ROI) after a few months, and it will be a profitable investment for the long term.

At the time of writing this post, SFM was trading around $0.00003834. The short-term support is around $0.0000216, but after such a long downtrend, it might also break this level. Based on the technical indicators, investors should be cautious about short-term investment because the price might break the support at any time and continue the downtrend.

Based on our Safemoon price prediction, it is not a good time for a short-term investment, but Safemoon could be a less volatile and less risky asset in the long term. Read our SafeMoon price prediction for the long term, so you can buy Safemoon in line with your investment goals.

price predictionLong-Term SafeMoon Price Prediction for 2024 – 2050

SafeMoon V2 Price Prediction 2024

In accordance with SafeMoon prediction, it is estimated that the coin may trade between the range of $0.0000125 to $0.0000884, where $0.0000339 is the minimum price and $0.0000884 is the maximum price. At the same time, there are assumptions that the SFM coin may have an average price of $0.0000505.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2025

The SFM coin is expected to have minimum and maximum prices of around $0.0000785 and $0.0001130, respectively, as per our SafeMoon V2 price prediction 2025. In contrast, the average price might be $0.0000957, with a percentage change of around 40%.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2026

As per our SafeMoon price prediction, the coin may have an average trading price of $0.0001209, with a minimum and maximum price of $0.0000991 and $0.0001427, respectively, for the year 2026. The volatility of the SafeMoon price is expected to be quite less, as per our price predictions.

SafeMoon Prediction 2027

Based on the SFM price prediction, our experts suggest that the cryptocurrency may trade in a range of $0.0001273 and $0.0001833 for 2027, where the former is the minimum price and the latter is the maximum. At the same time, the average trading price of SafeMoon may be $0.0001553.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2028

Our SafeMoon forecast for the year 2028 suggests that the coin’s average price may be $0.0001967, while the minimum and maximum values may be around $0.0001612 and $0.0002321, respectively. At the same time, the SafeMoon technical analysis reveals that the percentage change may be 50%.

SafeMoon V2 Price Prediction 2029

After this volatility, the SFM token price will stabilize next year. The price pattern will remain sideways with an average price of $0.0002353. It will allow the accumulation of more coins for the next few years. As a result, you can expect a price surge next year as per our SafeMoon price prediction.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030

By 2030, our SFM price forecast indicates that the coins potential high maybe $0.0003458, with a potential low of $0.0002402 in the crypto market. The detailed SafeMoon price analysis reveals the average value of around $0.0002930.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030

Our SafeMoon token price forecast for 2035 projects a maximum price of $0.01, a minimum price of $0.005, and an average price of approximately $0.0075, reflecting potential growth in the tokenomics-driven cryptocurrency market.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2040

Looking ahead to 2040, our SFM price analysis indicates a potential maximum value of $0.05, a minimum price of $0.02, and an estimated average price of $0.035, considering the possible expansion of SafeMoon’s ecosystem and use cases.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2050

In our extended SafeMoon coin price prediction for 2050, we project a maximum price of $0.20 for SFM, a minimum price of $0.10, and an expected average value of approximately $0.15, factoring in long-term adoption and potential improvements in the token’s deflationary mechanisms and blockchain technology.


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

coinAbout SafeMoon

SafeMoon token is a popular choice for crypto enthusiasts because Safemoon charges 10% of the transaction fee and redistributes 5% to its holders while the remaining 5% is added to the liquidity pool. Safemoon crypto wallet and Safemoon V2 are working on the BNB Chain.

Safemoon V2 Explained

Safemoon V2 offers better accessibility, security, and user-friendliness than the previous version. Here transactions are charged at 2% for transfers between wallets and 10% for buy/sell tax. The distribution has changed with the migration. Among the remaining 5%, 2% of tokens are burned, 1% of tokens are added to the growth fund, and 3% of tokens are added to the liquidity pool of SafeMoon V2 coin.

How to Migrate from SafeMoon V1 to V2 Using Safemoon Wallet?

During the process, make sure you have BNB to cover the transaction fees. The steps are as follows:

  • Install the latest version of the Safemoon Wallet app.
  • To preload the V2 contract address, click the consolidation button.
  • Click Approve!

And that’s it; You are Done!


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

market sentimentSafeMoon: Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment

Based on the technical analysis, SafeMoon’s price is dominated by traders. Safemoon is popular because it offers good returns to some traders. In contrast, it has inflated amounts for others because the value of the SFM coin has decreased in the last 12 months. According to CoinMarketCap, Safemoon’s current ranking is #3592, with a crypto market cap of $23.71M and trading volumes of $47,760.68.

There are multiple viewpoints from experts. Some also forecast the bearish sentiment of their Safemoon cryptocurrency price prediction, which is worth pursuing. As per price predictions by analysts, SafeMoon’s price would not close to a new all-time high level anytime soon with all the resistance for the token and no support. This information regarding the expert’s Safemoon price forecast will help you decide to invest in the SafeMoon token. However, do not take these as investment advice.

Experts of PricePrediction give a SafeMoon coin price prediction that says the token may have a maximum of $0.000078 in 2024. The experts think SafeMoon V2 will be worth $0.000240 in 2027. Its average price for 2028 should be about $0.000308. While according to DigitalCoinPrice, SFM will be traded at as low as $0.0000983 throughout 2025. They are very optimistic about the future of SafeMoon. In 2030, they predict that SFM will be traded for as high as $0.000342 and as low as $0.000308.

According to Wallet Investors SafeMoon price prediction, SFM is not a money-making investment for the next two years because of the negative sentiment regarding virtual currencies in the current situation. Trading in bear crypto market trends is tough. To avoid capital loss, you should wait for the ideal opportunity to invest in Safemoon, especially if you are new to investment.


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Can I make money with SafeMoon?

Yes, but you need to constantly track the price of SafeMoon and do your due diligence on the SafeMoon price prediction for profits. Keep reading price forecasts and check the price of SafeMoon constantly. Analyze your risk/benefit ratio to control your portfolio transactions and trade with confidence to avoid any price losses and get good returns.

Is SafeMoon legit?

Based on a mathematical and scientific blockchain algorithm, it is highly unlikely that SafeMoon’s wallet will get hacked. As owners of SafeMoon, you are masters of your wallet, and hence safekeeping thereof falls in your periphery of accountability.

Is it too late to buy SafeMoon?

It is not late for SafeMoon, but it is risky because SFM is available at a lower price. Based on Safemoon prediction, the Safemoon price might drop even in the next two years. If you believe our realistic price prediction for Safemoon, you should wait for the ideal opportunity or accumulate the coin at this level for the long term.

Can you mine SafeMoon?

SafeMoon runs on a proof of stake consensus on the Binance smart chain, so it cannot be mined. However, there is a huge demand for unminable coins in the industry, so we provide a bullish view of the Safemoon crypto prediction for the next eight years.

Is SafeMoon’s price going to blow up?

There is uncertainty regarding virtual currencies and the broader crypto market, so the value of Safemoon coins has been decreasing throughout this year, and it will continue in the next two years. However, crypto experts’ Safemoon price prediction is neutral. Some of them hold bearish price forecasts, while most of the experts suggest an uptrend. If SafeMoon developers keep their promise, Safemoon coin will provide a good return in the next ten years.

Can SafeMoon reach $1?

Based on our SafeMoon V2 prediction, SafeMoon does not have the potential to reach $1 in the near short-term or medium-term. The price projections state it could reach just $0.0003458 in 2030, and even that is one of the most optimistic predictions so far. Indeed, it will take time for SFM crypto to reach the $1 mark and provide such huge returns.

Is Safemoon a good investment?

Safemoon is a good investment, but the current situation is not favorable for crypto enthusiasts. You can add it to your portfolio and read our Safemoon price predictions before investing in a favorable opportunity.

What will SafeMoon be worth in 2030?

According to Safemoon crypto price prediction, the future token price projection is estimated to trade with an average price of $0.0002930, and the coin can further rise to $0.0003458 in 2030.


SafeMoon (SFM)

$ 0.000038 Trade Now


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