Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Bitcoin Cash is currently at the #20 rank in the cryptocurrency market. It had an ATH of $4,355.62 on Dec 20, 2017, while the current price is only $230.74, down by 94.56% from its ATH. Has the BCH token lost its charm? Will BCH crypto recover in the future? Find out answers to all these and other relevant queries in our Bitcoin Cash price prediction and much more!

  • Based on our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2024, the BCH token is anticipated to reach $391.83 by the end of this year.
  • The BCH crypto is expected to have minimum and maximum prices of around $384.02 and $586.58, respectively, as per our Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2025.
  • As per our BCH price prediction 2030, the coin will have a maximum price of $1,841.75, while the minimum price may be around $1,205.75.

Bitcoin Cash Overview

Bitcoin Cash
ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 256.84
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 5,044,739,789
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
19,648,119 BCH
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 193,065,383
all time high
All time high
all time low
All time low
Bitcoin Cash ROI

coinWhat is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash’s birth was symbolized by BCH in mid-2017 by a group of developers. They realized that the huge potential of Bitcoin could be further harnessed optimally through a hard fork, thereby increasing the block size limit. So on August 01, 2017, BCH began its life.

The primary objective of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was to address the issues concerning rising transaction fees and controversies surrounding scalability in the blockchain. Keeping in perspective peer-to-peer transactions as the mainframe and security as the pivotal purposes, this BCH was poised to facilitate the increase in block size from one MB to eight MB, thereby achieving an exponentially high speed of transaction process.

Bitcoin Cash is based on cryptographic methods that rely on zero-disclosure evidence and the mathematical consistency of the entire blockchain-enabled transaction, which is cross-checked without revealing any historical data or message on the other party involved in the transaction. Hence security obstacles are arrested first. A salient characteristic of this protocol is that it ensures liquidity and ensures lightning-fast speed of more transactions on the network.

Once BCH made its presence felt and prominent, Ziglu, a London-based digital bank, decided to fund British pounds and many cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and now BCH as well. Users of the digital bank can now make P2P payments over the network or other banks within the UK.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now

technical analysisBitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

The price history of Bitcoin Cash, looking back, has not been promising to the moon. It has remained volatile and strongly linked with the overall market scenario. On December 20, 2017, shortly after its creation, Bitcoin Cash had a value of more than $4000. It looks surprising that the coin started losing money rapidly and saw its price drop from that amazing level today drastically.

Since mid-2018, the BCH price faced gradual correction, and by the end of 2018, it fell below $100. Then, till 2020, Bitcoin had managed to register range-bound trading from $167 to $480. After that, from the beginning of 2021, the price of the BCH coin has skyrocketed and reached $1549.

Later, it faced a sharp fall and retested $100 again. Since last year, Bitcoin Cash has managed to stay above the $96 mark, with a strong resistance of around $300 to date. However, the current price action reflects the possibility that the BCH coin price might recover soon.

Bitcoin Cash Halving 2024

The block-halving events that happen every four years, or 210,000 blocks, are now set to take place in the first quarter of 2024 for Bitcoin Cash. The current reward for a block is 6.25 BCH, while the next block reward will come down to 3.125 BCH.

Traders and investors have their eyes on the upcoming BCH halving since it might significantly impact the price of BCH. The first halving was not profitable in terms of Bitcoin Cash price, as it had fallen drastically soon after the halving. However, market sentiments and current price action seem to be bullish for BCH crypto.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now

expert reviewBitcoin Cash Price Prediction: Expert’s Opinion

Being one of the oldest players in the cryptocurrency market and showing so much promise, it has support from all the industry crypto world connoisseurs who firmly believe that Bitcoin Cash, backed by a fundamental robust algorithmic science and a consistent past performance, can be good investment advice but only if invested at the right time with the right price gauge.

To harness the optimum potential, experts worldwide and die-hard investors have advised sticking to this currency mainly for the reasons of future price escalation expectations. In fact, it has steadily gained and consistently performed, as said before.

Let us have a look at the experts’ take on Bitcoin Cash price predictions:-

According to forecasted Bitcoin Cash price analysis, BCH price might hover minimum price around $172 by the end of 2024 in the few next months.
Trading Education

According to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price prediction, it seems to be showing an upward trend. The bulls will push the price up like other crypto giants, too. it’s good news for its investors. As per BCH price prediction, it can roughly be up to $499.80 as maximum price by 2024.
Digital Coin Price

Bitcoin Cash forecast seems to be showing negative sentiment. It may disappoint its investors sailing barely at $169.11 as minimum price by the end of 2024 in 1 year.
GOV Capital

According to the Bitcoin Cash price predictions, bulls may be back, the currency should end up around $319 by the end of 2024.
Long Forecast

Based on our Bitcoin cash price forecast, it is a bad long-term investment. Your investment may be devalued in the future. By the end of the year, the BCH price might fell to $60.393.
Wallet Investor

Bitcoin Cash is predicted to start 2024 at $140.852 and finish the year at $262.608 according to our BCH predictions. During the entire year, the average forecasted BCH price may be $187.907.
Crypto Predictions

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now

price predictionBitcoin Cash Price Predictions: 2024-2030

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and major price changes can happen within minutes due to factors like regulations, competition, the emergence of new tech, market sentiments, etc. There are some predictions given by crypto traders/enthusiasts and even crypto forecasting websites.

Bitcoin Cash’s price today is trading around $230.18, with a circulating supply of 19,523,969 BCH (while writing). The market capitalization shows a solid $4,493,878,991. Even though the cryptocurrency has weathered some ruffled moves, it is sure to make a comeback, as surmised by experts.

Bitcoin Cash had to make a tremendous effort to fork out of its origin and compete long and hard with its rival cryptocurrencies; it is not long before it would outperform. Most of the competitors of BCH, too, did not mesmerize the traders either.

However, the consistency that the Bitcoin Cash price has tried to show is in itself a unique feature to debate. Its involvement in various adventurous projects has ensured that its price keeps up the momentum.

2024 $207.16 $391.83
2025 $384.02 $586.58
2026 $490.49 $749.21
2027 $626.08 $956.32
2028 $796.25 $1,216.25
2029 $955.50 $1,459.50
2030 $1,205.75 $1,841.75

BCH Price Prediction 2024

For the year 2024, the expected maximum value is $391.83, with a minimum value of $207.16 based on our BCH price prediction. In comparison, the average trading price is expected to be $299.49 for Bitcoin Cash tokens. Your current investment may rise by more than 100%. The advancements in the blockchain may lead to this significant rise in BCH price.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $207.31 $239.20
February $234.64 $259.70
March $243.76 $275.65
April $255.15 $289.32
May $266.54 $302.99
June $277.93 $318.93
July $289.32 $328.05
August $298.43 $339.44
September $307.54 $353.11
October $321.21 $366.77
November $332.60 $380.44
December $343.99 $391.83

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2025

According to our BCH crypto price prediction, the coin will see a rise of around 40% in the entire year. It will trade from the potential low of $384.02 to the maximum level of $586.58. During the entire year, the coin will have an average trading price of $485.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $384.02 $443.10
February $434.66 $459.98
March $443.10 $485.30
April $459.98 $502.18
May $472.64 $514.84
June $485.30 $527.50
July $493.74 $544.38
August $506.40 $552.82
September $514.84 $557.04
October $527.50 $565.48
November $544.38 $569.70
December $561.26 $586.58

BCH Coin Price Prediction 2026

Based on our own research and Bitcoin Cash price forecast, the maximum BCH price for the year 2026 is $749.21. At the same time, our BCH predictions forecast that the token may have a minimum price of around $490.49 and an average price of $619.85.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $490.49 $565.95
February $555.17 $587.51
March $565.95 $619.85
April $587.51 $641.41
May $603.68 $657.58
June $619.85 $673.75
July $630.63 $695.31
August $646.80 $706.09
September $657.58 $711.48
October $673.75 $722.26
November $695.31 $727.65
December $716.87 $749.21

Bitcoin Cash Forecast 2027

According to Bitcoin Cash predictions, the token is expected to have minimum and maximum prices of around $626.08 and $956.32, respectively. At the same time, the average Bitcoin Cash price of the crypto may be around $791 for the entire year.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $626.08 $722.40
February $708.64 $749.92
March $722.40 $791.20
April $749.92 $818.72
May $770.56 $839.36
June $791.20 $860.00
July $804.96 $887.52
August $825.60 $901.28
September $839.36 $908.16
October $860.00 $921.92
November $887.52 $928.80
December $915.04 $956.32

BCH Price Prediction 2028

Our BCH price forecast for the year 2028 suggests that the coin’s average price may be $1,006, while the minimum and maximum prices may be around $796.25 and $1,216.25, respectively. At the same time, our technical analysis reveals that the percentage change may be 50%.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $796.25 $918.75
February $901.25 $953.75
March $918.75 $1,006.25
April $953.75 $1,041.25
May $980.00 $1,067.50
June $1,006.25 $1,093.75
July $1,023.75 $1,128.75
August $1,050.00 $1,146.25
September $1,067.50 $1,155.00
October $1,093.75 $1,172.50
November $1,128.75 $1,181.25
December $1,163.75 $1,216.25

Bitcoin Cash Predictions 2029

Looking at the BCH predictions, the coin will trade in a range of $955.50 to $1,459.50, where the former is the lowest price for the year and the latter is the maximum price. At the same time, the average price for the entire year may be around $1,207.5 for 2029.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $955.50 $1,102.50
February $1,081.50 $1,144.50
March $1,102.50 $1,207.50
April $1,144.50 $1,249.50
May $1,176.00 $1,281.00
June $1,207.50 $1,312.50
July $1,228.50 $1,354.50
August $1,260.00 $1,375.50
September $1,281.00 $1,386.00
October $1,312.50 $1,407.00
November $1,354.50 $1,417.50
December $1,396.50 $1,459.50

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the token will have grown magnificently from where it stands today. As per our Bitcoin Cash prediction, it will have a maximum price of around $1,841.75. At the same time, the minimum and average BCH prices may be around $1,205.75 and $1,523.75, respectively.

Month Minimum price Maximum price
January $1,205.75 $1,391.25
February $1,364.75 $1,444.25
March $1,391.25 $1,523.75
April $1,444.25 $1,576.75
May $1,484.00 $1,616.50
June $1,523.75 $1,656.25
July $1,550.25 $1,709.25
August $1,590.00 $1,735.75
September $1,616.50 $1,749.00
October $1,656.25 $1,775.50
November $1,709.25 $1,788.75
December $1,762.25 $1,841.75

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now


Undoubtedly, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has great potential and would tend to be one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies mainly because of high transaction security and speed, with high risk, scaling a peak of $2000 for sure on a deeper technical analysis.

What remains to be seen is how the mining gets the attention of governments worldwide and whether they, too, recognize the inherent value of this crypto wallet asset at par with other valuable assets. No wonder the ever-active team of qualified mathematicians and cryptographers is developing and maintaining the cryptocurrency.

Hence it would not be an overstatement to name Bitcoin Cash’s function as a catalyst in implementing smart contracts and transferring funds. The most valuable factors that propel the price of Bitcoin Cash price are the speed and affordability that enable quicker improvements in implementation.

Predicting prices of the novel, highly volatile, and high-risk asset classes is a thankless task – the best answer is no one knows. It is always recommended that investors do their own due diligence and go through the Bitcoin Cash price prediction to make their own wise decisions.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

Yes, based on our investments, Bitcoin Cash is a great investment option. By the year 2025, the token is expected to reach a maximum price of $586.58. However, it is always good to carry out your own research before investing.

How does BCH gain significance in the crypto market?

Being a hard fork of Bitcoin, it is but natural for the Bitcoin Cash price prediction to gain traction in the world of cryptocurrencies. All the more so because Bitcoin Cash has been in constant growth. Given the tough competition from rivals, it is obvious for BCH investors to repose their faith and continue to invest in this prized digital asset.

Where can I buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash, being a popular cryptocurrency, is listed on all major exchanges. You can buy BCH from compliant exchanges. You can also start to mine BCH to benefit from the block reward. Additionally, you can directly trade BCH for fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, etc., or other cryptocurrencies on many exchanges.

Will Bitcoin Cash fail?

No, based on the current price action, BCH price will not fall in the future. However, you need to do your own due diligence. Lack of funds and team draining out could lead to disruption. The longevity of the project depends a lot on the benefactors, viz. Roger Ver and then Bitmain’s Jihan Wu.

Why is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

Advocates of BCH always highlight speed and fees as the major vantage points. However, a lot of development work in terms of these nodal factors remains to be done.

Will Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price crash?

Who would have predicted this Pandemic would change the entire global infrastructure? Like any market, the markets of cryptocurrencies also faced a tremendous crash around March 2020, and no one can predict the exact future of Bitcoin Cash’s price.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$ 256.84 Trade Now

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