Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), born from the original Bitcoin blockchain, presents itself as a faster, more scalable alternative within a crypto landscape. But where is BCD headed? Are diamonds forever, or just another fleeting sparkle in the crypto market? This Bitcoin Diamond price prediction offers insights, expert opinions, and data-driven forecasts to illuminate the potential path of BCD.

Bitcoin Diamond Overview

Bitcoin Diamond
ticker symbol
Ticker Symbol
crypto price
$ 0.057682
change 24h
Price Change 24h
change 7d
Price Change 7d
market cap
Market cap
$ 10,850,790
circulating supply
Circulating Supply
188,156,898 BCD
trading volume
Trading Volume
$ 33,202
all time high
All time high
$ 104.84
all time low
All time low
$ 0.09716
Bitcoin Diamond ROI


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

introWhat is Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?

Bitcoin’s success exposed limitations in its original design: scalability issues, restricted new user access, and slow transaction speeds. This paved the way for alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Diamond.

Bitcoin Diamond, launched in 2017, sought to improve on Bitcoin Cash by providing faster transactions, lower fees, and a larger coin supply. It achieved this through a hard fork from Bitcoin Cash due to limitations in Bitcoin’s design. As a result, Bitcoin Cash holders received free BCD tokens, creating a more accessible alternative.

BCD’s development is focused on accessibility, targeting a wider audience with faster transactions and attractive fees. This indicates the team’s goal of diversifying user base and increasing Bitcoin accessibility.

Bitcoin Diamond thwarts “replay attacks” where BTC transactions could be copied to steal funds after a blockchain split. By subtly altering its trading format, BCD ensures independence and protects user assets.

Bitcoin Diamond boosts wallet security with BIP44, letting users store just one master key that spawns unique sub-addresses. This minimizes master key exposure and keeps coins safer. It also utilizes SegWit for larger block sizes, handling more transactions and optimizing network storage.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

coin overviewHow Does Bitcoin Diamond Work?

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) transactions are quite similar to Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Diamond share a lot of code from the Bitcoin Core protocol. At the predetermined height of block 495866, the new blockchain is generated as Bitcoin Diamond. BCD miners create a new block using the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and help improve the transaction speeds based on the original features of Bitcoin.

This is not a new blockchain, to be precise. The original BTC blockchain remains unchanged as the new branch of blockchain was created by BCD. As a result of this new creation of blocks, the new cryptocurrency which is created is called Bitcoin Diamond.

The Bitcoin Diamond also uses a Proof of Work consensus algorithm for its governance. In Bitcoin Diamond, only one thousand blocks are to be mined with the Proof of Work algorithm, after which the network will switch to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. The total amount of the BCD token is 210 million.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

featuresIs Bitcoin Diamond Part of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Diamond isn’t a new coin, but an upgraded version of Bitcoin with faster transactions and larger storage (a fork!). It aims to keep Bitcoin’s essence while improving its limitations.

The core issue in computer science: achieving perfect security, speed, and decentralization simultaneously is impossible. Bitcoin faced this, struggling with speed as demand rose.

BCD tackles this by aiming for faster transactions and wider accessibility. It achieves this through larger blocks, faster consensus mechanisms, and an easier mining algorithm accessible to individual users. In essence, BCD offers a more open and scalable alternative to Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

expert reviewBitcoin Diamond Price Prediction: Expert’s Opinion

As per Wallet Investor’s BCD price prediction, the crypto is a bad investment choice for the short term. The price might reach $0.0094 by the year-end 2024. However, in the long run, the bear markets might turn bullish.
Wallet Investor

According to the Bitcoin Diamond price prediction and technical analysis, in 2024 the BCD price is expected to cross an average price level of $0.1260, the expected minimum price value of Bitcoin Diamond by the end of the current year should be $0.1223. Moreover BCD can reach a maximum price level of $0.1514.
Price Prediction

As per the BCD forecast data analysis, the price of Bitcoin Diamond is expected to cross the level of $0.15. By the end of the year, Bitcoin Diamond is expected to reach a minimum fee of $0.0739. In addition, the BCD price is capable of getting a maximum level of $0.19.
Digital Coin Price

The Bitcoin Diamond price prediction for 2025 is currently between $ 0.085869 on the lower end and $ 0.093474 on the high end. Compared to today’s price, Bitcoin Diamond could gain 4.90% by 2025 if BCD reaches the upper price target.CoinCodex


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

technical analysisBitcoin Diamond Technical Analysis

There are many coins in the cryptocurrency market. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, one should get more details about their future trends and possible price actions. This can help them to earn profit by avoiding unnecessary losses.

Bitcoin Diamond cryptocurrency has marked significant price action since the beginning of 2021. After hitting the $4 mark in January 2021, the BCD coin price faced tremendous correction and it continued its bearish run and fell below $0.15 at the end of 2022. Later, it recovered slightly in the beginning of 2023 and crossed the $0.20 mark  but couldn’t sustain momentum and again fell below $0.1.

The downward journey continued in the ongoing month also. Over the 30 days, the BCD coin faced 26% of downfall in the value. However, Bitcoin Diamond managed to stay above its crucial support of $0.05, which shows it has potential to recover in the fuure.

In 2024, the BCD coin might recover from the losses. So, it might be a good idea to hold the coin for some time and continue monitoring the Bitcoin Diamond price to see any future growth opportunities.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

price predictionBitcoin Diamond Price Prediction: 2024-2030

The BCD price prediction is based on historical data combined with predictive data modeling algorithms. Please note that these predictions should only be interpreted as a suggestion rather than investment advice. It is impossible to predict the price of anything perfectly, and blindly following any forecast leads to the risk of losing all your invested money. Here is our data based on past price calculations and analysis.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2024

As per the past data and Bitcoin Diamond price prediction models, the minimum level of Bitcoin Diamond BCD price will be $0.06. The maximum price will be $0.15, with an average trading price of around $0.1 throughout 2024. This Bitcoin Diamond forecast is conservative for the short term.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2025

According to the technical analysis and BCD price prediction for the year 2025, the minimum Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) price will be $0.12, and the maximum price level will be $0.25. The average price will be $0.18 in 2025. This conservative Bitcoin Diamond forecast suggests that there will also be some Bitcoin Diamond price drop due to volatility.

BCD Price Prediction 2026

The Bitcoin Diamond price prediction models show that the minimum price of the BCD token is expected to be $0.20, and the maximum price will be $0.34, maintaining an average price of $0.27 in the year 2026. The Bitcoin Diamond forecast is conservative for the middle term. However, this crypto can be a good investment for investors who plan to hold the coin for investing.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2027

As per our forecast, the price of a Bitcoin Diamond is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.25. The Bitcoin Diamond price can reach a maximum level of $0.47. The average price throughout the year will be around $0.36. The Bitcoin Diamond forecast is conservative as compared to the other crypto.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2028

According to the forecast for 2028, the minimum price and maximum price of BCD tokens are expected to be $0.36 and $0.55. The average Bitcoin Diamond price will be $0.45 as per our BCD price forecast.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Forecast 2029

Although the coin was stable for quite a long, our forecasts indicate that it won’t be the same anymore. If the current trend continues, the coin will give good returns. The average price is predicted to be $0.59 in 2029, with a minimum price of $0.45 and a maximum price of $0.73, as per our BCD price prediction.

BCD Price Prediction 2030

Based on our Bitcoin Diamond crypto price prediction, the average price of BCD token is forecasted to be $0.92. The maximum price will be $1, and the minimum price will be $0.85 for the year 2030. As per our forecast, the Bitcoin Diamond will see a huge spike in its demand due to technological upgrades and collaborations.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BCD a good investment?

According to our Bitcoin Diamond price prediction, the current sentiment is neutral. Based on the current price action, it’s now a good time to buy Bitcoin Diamond for the long term.

How many Bitcoin diamond are there?

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has a circulating supply of 186.49 million coins, out of a maximum supply of 210 million.

Is Bitcoin Diamond safe?

The Bitcoin algorithms and tokens are safe to invest in but not designed for scalability. The problem with decentralization is that there is never a proper balance between performance, scalability, and security. Since Bitcoin was not prepared for the kind of demand that we see today, a new alternative had to emerge. This is where BCD shines, and Bitcoin Diamond’s features make it very secure. Blockchain technology uses decentralization and cryptography to maintain its safety. So, the Bitcoin Diamond crash will never happen.

Where to buy Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?

You can buy Bitcoin Diamond on cryptocurrency exchanges like Indodax,, HitBTC, and ProBit Global.

What will be the price of Bitcoin Diamond in 2025?

Based on our BCD price prediction for 2025, the Bitcoin Diamond could reach the maximum price level of $0.25 while on the lower end, it might trade around $0.12 during 2025.

What will Bitcoin Diamond be worth in 2030?

Based on our Bitcoin Diamond price prediction for 2030, the BCD coin could reach the maximum price level of $1 while on the lower end, it might trade around $0.85 during 2030.


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

$ 0.057682 Trade Now

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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