CBC.network Price Prediction

The CBC.network price today skyrocketed and came back again. After creating a new high in the last 24h vol, the CBCUSD price is expected to reach even higher in the coming months. But there is so much to be seen about what other developments take place in the CBC.network. The platform is essentially leveraging the NFTs, and integrating that with casino-style entertainment games such as poker.

CBC.network Overview

Cryptocurrency CBC.network
Ticker Symbol CBC
Price $0.03491
Price Change 24H -0.95%
Price Change 7D +1.57%
Market cap $1,188,664
Circulating Supply 155,864,701 CBC
Trading Volume $61,628
All Time High $0.6097
All Time Low $0.00337
CBC.network ROI -98.47%

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However, there are still so many possibilities that can happen. And is it going to be successful, and is any government regulatory authority going to have a problem with this concept? So much is yet to be seen, yet the CBC.network coin holds the rank of #1115 in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Overview of CBC.network

The CBC.network plans on being at the center of the Metaverse trend. It is gamifying the DeFi and NFTs to create the future of entertainment-focused blockchain across a multi-chain ecosystem. On these platforms, IP will be up for purchase. The CBC network is creating a platform for players to collect NFT playing cards by staking the CBC tokens. These NFTs could then be used in another game on Fullhouse.io, where players with the best poker hand with their NFTs, will be paid out in a jackpot. The winner will take all if they have the best hand.

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The CBC.network launched a new PoolTogether no-loss lottery. This game is free to play, and thousands of dollars in prizes are paid out. The core concept of this is a no-loss lottery. Although it is gambling in a broad term, unlike the poker game, there is no significant information to indicate that there is any skill to winning the no-loss lottery.

All the games take place on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing players to participate without huge transaction fees. The focus of the company at the moment is to create world-class casino-style entertainment for CBC holders. These tokens will be usable at their no-loss lottery pools or social casino games.

The company’s NFT based poker game is already available on fullhouse.io. Since the CBC is not interoperable across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, it is only a matter of time that more additions will be introduced in the ecosystem. CBC can also be used for payments on the leading social casino gametwist.com and has launched on multiple crypto exchanges.

CBC.network Technical Analysis 

CBC.network prediction

Since the beginning of CBC token’s listing, the current price of CBC.network coin has been highly volatile without any clear trendlines. In April of 2021, the price surged higher on high volume, increasing the CBC.network CBC price to its high near $0.14. This price was not sustained, and the volatility dropped in the coming months. The Bollinger bands show this volatility decreasing over two months after April 2021. There was a massive spike in November 2021 but than gradually the price started to fall down. Again, there was a slight recovery in the month of February 2022 but it did not remain consistent and fell eventually.

In July 2021, the RSI indicator created an overbought signal, indicating that the price of CBC.network was too high. This was repeated again in October 2021 when the CBC.network price spiked up again, sending the overbought signal again. The CBC.network price has spiked upwards on high volume, each time sending the volatility high, as indicated by the Bollinger bands.

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CBC Coin Price Prediction

The current price is above the 50-day simple moving average. According to the Accumulation/Distribution indicator CBC.network coin has gone down since December 2021. There was a slight recovery in February 2022 but then there was a correction again since March 2022. For now, the cryptocurrency market and price of CBC.network are not trading very well to attract any market speculators’ attention.

CBC.network Price Predictions: 2022-2026

We have used deep technical analysis and price forecast algorithms for CBC.network price predictions over the period of the next five years. Although using historical values to predict the future is not the right indication of where the price will be, it should be noted that this CBC.network price forecast could change.

For the short-term CBC price, it could be well within the CBC.network price prediction ranges. Still, the crypto market is highly volatile, and investors should do their own research before following anyone’s financial advice for deciding to buy or sell CBC tokens.

Investors must understand their risk tolerance and how they want to trade the financial markets. As cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and subject to risks, there always lies a possibility, and the whole thing might come crumbling down. Now, let’s find out and see what CBC.network price predictions are.

CBC.network Price Prediction 2022

As per the CBC.network price forecast, the price of CBC tokens is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.0526. The CBC price can reach a maximum level of $0.0599. The average price throughout the year will be around $0.0564. Hence, according to our forecasts, to earn moderate profits, investors and traders should make an investment.

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CBC.network Price Prediction 2023

CBC.network holds strong potential; by 2023, integrations and technological advancements may reflect direct growth in adoption. This will positively affect the coin value. CBC.network CBC price prediction is forecasted to reach a minimum price of $0.0569, with a maximum price of $0.0663 in the year 2023. The average trading price throughout the year is expected to be near $0.0606.

CBC.network Price Prediction 2024

There might be slight correction in the year 2024 as compared to 2023. The value of CBC.network would trade moderately despite it might register more adoption and collaborations with other networks. As per the cryptocurrency price prediction models, the minimum price level of CBC.network CBC will be $0.0527. The maximum price will be $0.0746, with an average trading price of around $0.0638 throughout 2024.

CBC.network Price Prediction 2025

In the long term, the whole crypto industry may attract more people, and the fundamentals will be quite strong for most coins like CBC.network. As per our price forecast, the CBC/USD price might reflect tremendous growth. According to the technical analysis for the year 2025, the minimum price of CBC.network CBC coin price will be $0.0742, and the maximum price level will be $0.0894. The average price will be $0.0839 in 2025.

CBC.network Forecasts 2026

Minor correction might be seen in 2026 as compared to the year 2025. The data prediction models show that the minimum price of CBC.network CBC price is expected to be $0.0695. The highest price will be $0.0866 while maintaining the average price of $0.0767 in 2026.

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Is CBC.network a good investment?

Yes, indeed. CBC.network is gamifying DeFi and NFTs. Whether this price trend will take off in the future enough to generate good returns and turn into a profitable investment is yet to be seen. That said, this doesn’t mean that it is not a good investment. However, we are not financial advisors, so the price change expected by us may not be accurate since the maximum value of the CBC price prediction is yet to be defined by the future CBC price. We believe it is better to trade rather than invest in CBC tokens.

Where can I buy CBC.network (CBC)?

The official website recommends KuCoin, Bittrex, UniSwap, PancakeSwap for purchasing CBC tokens. The usual mode of investing involves buying another cryptocurrency with fiat currency first and later converting that crypto into CBC tokens.

How much will CBC.network (CBC) be worth in 2030?

At the moment, the CBC tokens have a market cap of $7,261,608.03. The circulating supply is around 155,864,701 CBC tokens, and the max supply of 401,647,958 CBC. According to our CBC.network price forecast, the token might reach $0.21 mark in the year 2030.

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