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The Theory of Evolution: DASH: Digital Cash

The birth of DASH dates back to the year 2014 when a noted American Crypto Expert Evan Duffield first introduced the DASH coin. Initially, as XCoin, it was a remake or branch of Litecoin to sustain parallelly but soon it was more popular as Darkcoin. This too became history when Duffield decided to route the implementation of this cryptocurrency for making cash payments and christened it as DASH i.e. Digital Cash!

Even though Duffield and his aggressive team-based Dash on the framework of the codebase as Bitcoin, DASH was meant to stand apart with distinctive features incorporated. The Asset underwent several changes before it finally proved its mettle at the exchange. Before we dig into the Dash price prediction, let us have a look at some of the unique features of Dash.

DASH Overview

Cryptocurrency Dash
Ticker Symbol DASH
Price $61.11
Price Change 24h +6.68%
Price Change 7d +3.40%
Market cap $515,668,085
Circulating Supply 11,041,453 DASH
Trading Volume $84,732,208
All time high $19461.07
All time low $0.2139
Dash ROI +21703.51%

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DASH: Understanding the Concept

Times have changed today. Gone are the days when you needed to carry a wallet stuffed with those fiat papers and checking on them frequently so they don’t get stolen. Carrying digital money is way better than cash as it addresses the issue of storage, portability comfort, superfast and hassle-free transactions.

A next-gen payment method, DASH works on a p2p payments network and records all transactions flawlessly on the blockchain: a decentralized, distributed, public ledger.

DASH: How Do I Stand Apart?

Dash network houses Dash for building decentralized applications. The entire framework is based on two nodal elements: 1) Drive and 2) DAPI. These two transform the Dash P2P network into a cloud facilitating a smooth integration with their applications by developers.

Following a decentralized control system, DASH happens to be an age-old concept designed to create a Pandora or Treasury, funded by 10% of the block reward. This is a fusion between the collection of transaction fees and the recent minting of Dash given to miners for securing the blockchain. The voting system on project proposals acts as a catalyst to boost and engage with the overall network and further enhances the inclusion of numerous new projects. This is a major stride that Dash has taken for technological advancement and as a promotional initiative.

Innovative Technology

A plethora of innovations is available on the DASH network in governance like masternodes, treasury system, security (ChainLocks), usability (automatic InstantSend), and scalability (long-living masternode quorums).

Instantaneous Confirmation on Transactions

Transactions are processed on a rapid-fire basis and receipts thereof are sent instantly with no added cost. The Chainlock is highly innovative to make sure transaction security is not compromised. Transaction security and decentralization are not negotiated at any cost. Hence, speed and fungibility are guaranteed. All this comes at no extra cost with complete transparency and safety.


A unique advantage of DASH is the conceptualization of masternode. These are nodes which are entirely different in their function compared to a conventional system of a p2p network wherein nodes share data and network resource without any discrimination. As a rare contribution to the payment network, DASH has worked wonders. It has gone one step ahead and added a second layer to provide better operation in exchange for more compensation. This second layer is what makes DASH the most secure industry-leading feature facilitating instant transaction settlement and usernames.

Long-Living Masternode Quorums

As the name suggests, these are Dash’s long-living masternode quorums (LLMQs) which contribute effectively by staying active for a long time as subsets on the entire node list. Formed by means of a distributed key generation protocol and implement threshold signing of consensus-related messages for features like InstantSend and ChainLocks.


InstantSend is a feature enabled on the DASH payment network in which LLMQs ensure the submitted transaction is genuine and valid. If yes, it would store the inputs to that specific transaction and disseminate this information to the network, ensuring the inclusion of transactions in mined blocks and barring any disqualified transaction within this sphere.


This feature has to do with the acceptance of payments. This works parallelly with InstantSend and builds an ecosystem wherein payments can be instantaneously accepted and all without jeopardizing “Blockchain Reorganization Events” in as little as 1.5 seconds. The platform’s average transaction time is 2.5 seconds — around 4 times faster than Bitcoin.

However, in order to avoid blockchain reorganization, multiple confirmations are available and so indirectly a risky transaction or payment is averred. However, this requires time and expertise.


The Masternodes compulsorily have to partake in LLMQs, else they are liable to a penalty. For this intended purpose, a Proof of Service (PoSe) scoring system is introduced so as to encourage masternodes to accord this facility. In the event of nodes not participating in quorums, they are excluded.

As informed by a spokesperson at DASH Innovative Team, “A high level of security is assured as DASH is equipped with more than 4500 servers deployed worldwide facilitating instant transactions anytime anywhere.“

Mass Adoption via Cellular network:

The presence of the Dash Payment network on Cellular devices has been a strong catalyst in enabling user-friendly and has a scalable digital currency platform perfectly. Users are massively benefitted via this system as they can set up accounts, add contacts, and make pay-per-click purchases through websites or mobile apps.

As stated by Coinpedia media personnel, “This revolutionary step creates humongous expanse for development of DASH community helping them to quickly scale up the ladder.”

Decentralized Cloud Storage

Internet comes with overridden scams and frauds. Hence storing your application in the safest and secure manner is a concern, that is addressed by the DASH network perfectly. The entire operation is protected by Dash’s consensus algorithm thereby guaranteeing data integrity.

Reduced Data Silos

As the data input is not governed by any specific regulator or centralized power on the DASH network, you can be assured of its reliability at all times for all stakeholders, be it customers, business partners, or investors.

Client Libraries

Whatever be the language, you have the accessibility and facility blended together on DASH to comprehend blockchain infrastructure. A large number of client libraries eliminate the typical complexities involved in the function of blockchain-based networks.

Instant Data Confirmation

As aforesaid, compared to other blockchain networks, data is stored and confirmed on the DASH consensus algorithm at a lightning speed. Creating a surreal user experience, this platform has the benefits of storage without the intervention of usual UX compromises.


DAPI is an HTTP API exposing JSON-RPC and gRPC endpoints. Through these endpoints, developers can send and retrieve application data, as well as query the Dash blockchain.

Developers enjoy the same access and security of a full node with DAPI without any added cost and maintenance overheads. The conventional APIs have tremendous baggage of complaints including power failure but with DAPI clients are able to link varied instances via a client library. The source for both DAPI and dapi-client is available on GitHub.


Decentralized Storage as aforesaid creates a facility of data contracting so that they can be stored for consensus-based verification and validation of user-created data. Here a data contract is created comprising an application, similar to creating a schema for a document-oriented database like MongoDB. Post verification and authentication against the contract, application data is loaded on the drive.

No wonder all these features add to the popularity of DASH. For instance, in Venezuela already more than 800 merchants have started actively using DASH for payments. Thanks to these features, Dash has become increasingly popular around the world. Also, Zimbabwean start-up KuvaCash, which gained funds on Dash’s decentralized funding system, is also using DASH to offer an alternative to its country’s national currency. In America, DASH has funded Alt Thirty-Six, a platform that facilitates payments for the US cannabis industry. In London lot, many ATMs are in operation hosting DASH. It seems the DASH coin is going to totally transform the global horizon of payments.

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In the DASH Laboratory: Technical Analysis

Like other cryptocurrencies, the DASH coin too is largely dependent on market movement and is highly vulnerable. Experts vary in their opinion and price prediction about the promises DASH holds in the years to come. Hence, the growth rate of the DASH coin makes it highly unpredictable. However, it can not be totally ruled out that the DASH price may show consistent growth over time.

The vision of DASH stands tall and firm. Leaving footprints on the technological and functional eco-space, DASH nurtures hope along with convenience making the lives of the users worldwide easy. However, there remain multitudinal factors that act as determining factors for the price of DASH. There are factors apart from the above that govern the price of DASH objectively, viz.:

  • Weightage average Indicators: 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day moving averages are among the most commonly used indicators to identify important resistance and support levels. Any DASH/USD price escalations happening above these averages will show strong momentum. Traders also like to use the RSI and Fibonacci retracement level indicators to try and ascertain the future DASH forecast in terms of current price movements.
  • Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX): This index studies volatility and price fluctuations, weighing the deviations. The amount of dynamism or fluctuations determines the performance of DASH. Too much of DASH fluctuations generate fear in the minds of investors and hinder them from purchase.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): This stresses on the bullish recovery from bearing levels near the oversold. RSI reaches the overbought, the buy orders are bound to increase, creating more volume that will support the update in the near term.
  • Associated DASH: The crypto assets which are linked with DASH coin but do not perform well on the exchange independently rule the price of DASH too.
  • Relationship between Supply and Demand which is an age-old phenomenon of contradictory relation of demand and supply works for DASH coin. The more the holders start buying the token on a huge scale, no wonder the DASH price shall go upbringing the supply may come down.
  • Security Concerns: These are bottlenecks which when the act for negative publicity may bring the price down due to mass selling.
  • The popularity of dApps: If the demand for decentralized apps goes up, as it has during the phase of Pandemic, in the future too it shall hold good for this digital asset too.

Apart from CVIX and other aforesaid indicators, the trading volume of DASH is also an indicator to understand its price dynamics and the forecast it holds. Traders come to market with aspirations that the cryptocurrency they hold will promise great returns for the crypto market. However, due to the pandemic investors are compelled to look for alternative options and even hedging.

Currently, the price of $128.84, as shown by DASH, is attractive and opportunistic, but it can shoot to better heights. Evidently, this is the most appropriate time to profit in the Dash market by exploiting your skills as a swing trader. In order to understand the price predictions of DASH better, it would be good to dig deeper into the past chronicle of DASH.

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DASH Price: The Past Chronicle

In order to make the most accurate Dash predictions and technical analysis, one of the most important steps is to analyze Dash’s past performance. Ever since the currency entered the market in 2014, the DASH price has undergone a number of dramatic fluctuations. Let us have a quick look at some of the historic Dash predictions.

Shortly after DASH made an appearance on Exchange in 2014, its first big surge came and between April and May, its price rose from $5.847417 to $15.9679 — a considerable jump that reflected a huge amount of early investor interest. Its growth was much slower for the rest of 2014, 2015, and 2016, with its price generally hovering between $15 and $25.

Unlike many other cryptos, the DASH price saw extreme growth for almost the entirety of 2017. In January, its price was $43.82. By September, it had climbed up to an incredible $50.49, but even that was too pale in comparison to the growth spurt that awaited it. As the DASH market as a whole started to experience levels of enormous inflation, Dash certainly wasn’t going to be left behind. Between October and December 2017, its price leaped up from $50.50 to $61.14 — before dropping back down to $47.26 one year later in December 2018.

Surprisingly in the Covid-19 phase, when all other currencies demonstrated a dismal performance, Dash has exhibited a drastic change fluctuating between $75 to $90. Hence DASH gained investor confidence and saw a great surge in momentum. A lot of transactions transpired and money changed hands. At the time of writing this article, DASH stood at $128.84. Going by the pandemic phase, this can be counted as a phenomenal victory.

DASH Coin Price Prediction: Experts Dashing Their Opinion

Being listed on the majority of exchanges gives Dash a sustainability advantage. The token shows a trading volume of $446,623,207.10. In the last 24 hours, the Dash price marked abrupt changes, and currently, it trades around $128.84. Even though many experts consider it a bullish token, there are many who devaluate this digital asset which is a choice for millions. The techies have the following varied opinions to cite:

Dash would reach a mark of around $247.94 as per the Dash price prediction predicted by Digital Coin Price by 2026. Digital Coin Price

It entirely depends on the competitors’ movement and the market mood. The way in which a number of existing DASH tokens are seated, a voyage of $200 at best can be predicted. Reddit Community

DASH, going by what it was in last July, DASH sounds highly bullish as it has shown a reliable consistency. According to the Dash price prediction by TradingBeasts, by the end of 2022, the coin should easily swing around $133.414. Trading Beasts

The Dash forecast done by Walletinvestor indicates that the coin would revolve around $311.060 in the next five years.Wallet Investor

If we look at the Dash forecast, it can be predicted that the coin would sail around a price range of $161. Long forecast

Long Term DASH Price Prediction: Leaving Footprints on Web

Dash Coin Price Prediction

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DASH Price Prediction 2022-2026

On the basis of various Dash predictions, 2022-2026 sounds bullish, too, making it to $201.11. Understandably, many other platforms and analysts seem skeptical of the unprecedented values forecast. They see bears ruling the DASH kingdom rather than bulls driving the DASH cart. However, from July 2022 to January 2024 DASH seems to be taking a bear-break and again continuing to surge, justifying – Nothing stays Permanent.

That said, it can be notoriously difficult to make reliable DASH price prediction as the industry is incredibly volatile. Always conduct your own due diligence and ensure you have an effective risk management strategy in place before adding a new DASH to your portfolio. DASH team will need to expand its horizons by bringing more alliances.

Pandemic has been a true touchstone for fiat and cryptocurrencies. With regulated world economies moving towards recession, it is proved beyond doubt that digital currencies shall rule the financial kingdom. As per the Dash price prediction, the coin is going to be one of the most crucial kings of this wild. Emerging as an extremely dynamic and vibrant force, DASH is going to be the pick and choice of investors especially because it has stood the test of time, and also investors have found a factor of reliability embedded in this token.

Volatility, of course, as conveyed time and again, been the apple of discord but that holds true for any kind of currency wherein factors stated hereinabove influence and impact the price of an asset, Dash coin being no exception either. There are also specialists involved in the analysis of rates and the execution of transactions online. The cryptocurrency is quite capable of generating tangible income, which attracts users DASH community has set higher benchmarks for itself notwithstanding. DASH price shall surpass the expectations of all cryptocurrency investors who have found this platform extremely interactive and uncomplicated.

The gradual but steady rise in the price of DASH may not have won it the topmost cryptocurrency award but smart investors have learned to wait and watch for this asset to perform and work wonders on exchange. More importantly, even though the recent performance of DASH price has not skyrocketed on the exchange rising to glory, one prominent fact that emerges here is DASH coin is here to stay, rise, grow in the markets in full bloom.

The DASH Labs Development, a DASH team of developers, and a positive news background around this blockchain project could give hope for the return to the top-10 by market capitalization. Also, new partnerships and the expansion of the geography of DASH price payments are expected and will have a say in the price of the coin.

With the year over and DASH has had an up and downtime of it, the price prediction for the upcoming years is still quite positive. DASH coin started in its initial years on a bearish note as it was trading at around $35 but was one of the shining lights soon thereafter.

The team is establishing partnerships with payment systems and with small and large businesses. No doubt an easy-to-use DASH is good, it is more functional and promising when it is easy to spend. DASH coin has established a fast reliable network and works with the user experience of the product.

DASH Price Prediction 2022

Now that we’ve recapped how exactly DASH works let’s start by looking at the DASH price predictions for 2022.

Though there are better prospects on the horizon lurking for DASH with companies like LongForecast.com making different stories altogether have gained traction. Seeing not over-the-moon prices, investors may opt to read other predictions that sound more optimistic.

A comparative analysis of various DASH price predictions helps us conclude that DASH may, for sure, give a stupendous performance in the Year 2022. It could be the effect of pandemic settling down or vaccine in place or for that matter, fiat currencies have failed their test.

DASH Price Prediction 2023

Based on the Dash price prediction, it is expected that the coin might reach $202.89 in the year 2023. A vividly visible divergence puts buyers in control of the next direction Dash price will take.

DASH Price Prediction 2024

As per the Dash price forecast, the coin price could hit around $227.91 in 2024. This price rise can be helpful for the traders and the investors.

DASH Price Prediction 2025

According to its Dash price prediction, the coin could hit highs of almost $270.93 by the end of 2025, even though it may see the 2022-25 dip as a potential positive. Technical indicators are following in support as observed with the RSI. The indicator is holding DASH in the overbought region after an impressive movement from levels around 40. The ongoing bullish grip is reinforced as it extends above the midline.

DASH Price Prediction 2026

Dash price is predicted to reach $247.94 in the year 2026. Although Dash forecast for the next five years is mixed, the long-term DASH coin price prediction seems positive, with no analysts believing that the cryptocurrency DASH will be worthless in 2026.

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Does Dash have a future?

Dash is one cryptocurrency that is going to have a smart and bright future. Riding the crypto wave, it is going to rule the digital kingdom and so as a means of payment, it would have a long reign.

Is Dash crypto dead?

Dash has certainly died down in its push to be a top cryptocurrency falling to 20th position in market capitalization but going by the use cases, it is just that DASH is more sluggish but surely not dead, which can be proved from the Dash coin price prediction.

Is Dash a fork of Bitcoin?

Dash is technically a fork of Litecoin, but Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin so there are ties between Dash and the original Bitcoin blockchain but it is more closely linked to Litecoin.

Is Dash better than Bitcoin?

When it comes to transaction speed and fees, Dash is certainly better than Bitcoin. The average time taken for processing a transaction by Dash is hardly 2.5 seconds, way ahead of Bitcoin.

Will Dash reach $1,000?

According to some predictions, we could see the price of DASH reach $270.93 before the end of 2025. Till the year 2031, there are very less chances that Dash price will reach $1000.

How many Dash Coins are there?

There is a total supply of 10,638,589 DASH Coins. By the end of 2025, it will reach its total supply.

Is DASH a good investment?

Due diligence is always advisable. There should not be any heartbreaks nor any over joyous explanations required if you invest thoughtfully.

How do I install a DASH wallet?

There are a variety of third-party wallets for storing and sending DASH. When choosing a wallet, you have several options in terms of custody (custodial vs non-custodial), operating system (desktop, iOS, Android), and shielded support.

Does DASH offer complete anonymity for all transactions?

DASH enhances privacy for users by encrypting sender, amount, and recipient data within single-signature transactions published to its public blockchain ledger, specifically for transactions involving shielded addresses.

Is DASH a scam or legit?

Despite all debates and controversies, DASH reveals a very healthy and active ecosystem.

How beneficial is staking with DASH?

People are staking. Observe how it is done by both top holders (light blue), and less active wallets (dark green), are sending their tokens to “staking” (bottom right in orange). Simply put, staking is the act of locking your tokens to receive rewards.

What are the DASH reward programs?

The milestones achieved and achievable by DASH make it an alluring buy. Naturally, the investors and traders around the world get encouraged to invest in the bright prospects associated with it. Surrounded by many alliances, DASH also expands its base with promotional measures.

I am unable to transfer my DASH to exchange in time?

With DASH, you are assured of exchange supporting the migration of DASH. Hence no worries. You would not suffer any losses. Wait for periodic migrations.

How beneficial is staking with Dash?

Dash token holders can stake DASH and earn a plethora of exogenous assets rather than the native asset, limiting the selling pressure from reward earnings. People are staking. Observe how it is done by both top holders (light blue) and less active wallets (dark green), are sending their tokens to “staking” (bottom right in orange). Simply put, staking is the act of locking your tokens to receive rewards.

Where can I buy Dash?

Right now, you can buy DASH at major crypto exchanges, including Binance. Once you have your trading account setup at one of the exchanges that trade DASH, you will need to transfer your BTC or ETH from Coinbase to that specific exchange. This is done via a wallet system.

Does Dash offer complete anonymity for all transactions?

Dash enhances privacy for users by encrypting sender, amount, and recipient data within single-signature transactions published to its public blockchain ledger, specifically for transactions involving shielded addresses.

The cheapest way to buy Dash?

There’s an overview of the exchanges available to you and a buying guide to help you along for easy comparison. Rates are taken directly from each exchange’s official web socket. For fiat exchanges or exchanges that don’t offer web sockets, rates are refreshed every 60 seconds.

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